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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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PostSubject: former Primera (Finished)   former  Primera  (Finished) EmptyFri Dec 03, 2010 3:21 pm

[center]Basic Information

Name: Xion Akishiya

Real Age: 2,300

Appeared Age: 17

Gender: Female

Rank: Former Espada

Number: 1

Hollow Hole: under her left foot.

Mask Fragment: she has no mask fragment, she disposed of it a long time ago.

Number Tattoo: on the small of her back

Appearance: former  Primera  (Finished) 27828anime_vampire

Personal Information

Likes/Dislikes: Xion likes the night, fighting, and drawing and dislikes fighting without a purpose.

Strength/Weaknesses: like any espada, Xion is very powerful. not as strong as a leader though strong enough to hold her own. she is able to fight close range or far range. However her disadvantage is that she is blind. so she cannot see her opponents. so if someone hides their presence from her she cant see them.

Personality: Xion is a quiet, and serious girl that rarely shows any emotion. she is sarcastic and quite cunning as well as mischievous and teasing. She is also quite laid back. not willing to use her full power on anyone unless she finds it necessary. She is not arrogant or over confident in her abilities. She does not trust shinigami or Vizards to an extent but will not attack them without reason. She is also quite cold towards people and rarely shows any warmth in her smile. Though she has her moments of friendliness and somewhat kindness. She is also somewhat violent and masochistic. Enjoying a good fight and becomes what people would call "stab happy" especially when she is bored or she wishes to get her point across.

Though she was never always this way, When she was a child. She was a happy down to earth little girl that learned to appreciate everything and everyone through feeling or hearing. Though it ended as she got older. For she wished to see the world with her eyes. Because of her sight loss, she is cold towards people.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Resurrecion Information

Name: Despair,"sombra"

Represent: Fallen angel

Family: Reiatsu

Looks: former  Primera  (Finished) 95520527329DarkAnimeAngel2


Name: Double cero

State: Both

Description: Xion can absorb a cero and shoot it back combined with her own cero. she can do the same with a gran ray cero.

Name: Spiritual awareness

State: both

Description: Xion can sense one's presence from 10 mile radius and even when they are hiding their spiritual pressure. Kira can still sense it without any effort at all. This ability also gives her an awareness of how powerful her opponent is.she can also find weaknesses in attacks made up of reishi and can also sense when and which direction they are coming.this giving her a slight advantage in battle.She can also clearly see the person based by their spiritual energy.

Name: Heirro

State: Both

Description: Being the cero espada, her heirro is strong enough to be able to block a shinigami's zanpakuto bare handed or deflect ceros without she goes into ress form, her heirro is much stronger. She can use her spiritual energy to strengthen it.

Name: Telekinesis

State: Ressurrecion

Description: Xion has the ability to move matter by using her spiritual energy to either use them as attack,defense,or binding. For example she can shift sand into a shield,send fire flying towards her enemy,use vines to bind down her enemies,ect.

Name: Power Nullification

State: Ressurrecion

Description: She can absorb the spiritual energy within an attack/defense,weakening the attack's power to a point it will not cause much damage to herself other than a small gashes. As she absorbs the spiritual energy within her self. It boosts the power of her attacks 2x plus giving her enough stamina to fight twice as longer as a normal espada.
It takes her 1 post to absorb the attacks spiritual energy.and it takes her 5 posts to be able to reuse this ability due to use of her own spiritual energy.

b]Name:[/b] Spiritual power copy

State: Ressurrecion

Description: Her zanpakuto can absorb her opponents spiritual energy. (takes 1 post to charge) Allowing her zanpakuto to copy the abilities of other zapakutos. However she can only copy the power that she herself has witnessed.

Name: Strength

State: Both

Description: is able to channel her spiritual energy throughout her limbs. Allowing her physical attacks to be strong enough to cause craters in the ground or wall surface. And she is capable of killing a menos grande with one punch or kick.

Name: Sonido master

State: both

Description: Due to being the former primera espada,xion is the fastest of the espada besides the cero.her sonido is soundless and almost teleportation like,it's almost as if she disappears and reappears. She also leaves after images behind to confuse her opponents.

Name: spiritual energy

State: both

Description: Due to being the former primera, her reiatsu is powerful enough to destroy the fort of las noches. the color of her spiritual energy is violet.

Name: Cero Oscuras

State: Both

Description: When using this technique, Xion concentrates her vast spiritual energy with only her index finger into an condensed white Cero with great might. The result of being used in her released state is a much greater Cero, exceeding even Gran Rey Cero, the ultimate Cero, and has been referred to as "an Espada's fully-powered Cero." The Cero Oscuras's range is vast, and is mighty enough to completely shatter Ichigo Kurosaki's Hollow mask (something Gran Rey Cero couldn't do) Shown by Ulqiorra , critically injuring him in the process, and strong enough to destroy half of the dome over Las Noches. Since Xion's normal Cero was stronger then the original so is her Cero Oscuras. But she can only use it twice in a fight due to its over powerful damage.

History and RP Sample

History: Xion was born as a blind child. Living her life constantly under the over protectiveness of her parents. However as a child she was blessed with the ability to see people through their spiritual energy. This allowed her to see souls and hollows much easier than normal super humans. She had to learn to appreciate the world through what she heard and felt. However as time passed by and she fell in love. Xion felt sad because she couldn't see things the way people could.And she would never be able to see the face of the person she loved. Thus fell into her own despair.she went up to her parents room and found a gun in their dresser drawer. she put the gun to her temple. Said a simple prayer and pulled the trigger...

Xion opened her eyes. to her dismay she still couldnt see anything. She wandered around. not aware of the chain coming from her chest. By the time she realized she could see herself as she had spiritual energy of her own. a hollow came upon her and ripped out the chain in her chest. Pain rippled through her body as she felt something from deep within take over her body. transforming her into a creature.

She became a hollow. and to its dismay it was very blind. She opened a garganta and escaped to hueco mundo. there she ate hollow after hollow for hundreds of years until she became a menos. she feasted upon the flesh of menos until all she needed was one more source to move on to the next level. She came across an arrancar. she could smell that he wasnt an espada. though she couldnt see him she managed pretty well against a fight. As the arrancar began to grow exhausted. She lunged forward and snapped her jaws around the arrancars neck. Snapping it instantly. After killing him she then devoured him. After he was gone by the last bite. Her body shifted and started to glow a light violet color. The light flashed brightly then died revealing a beautiful girl with long silver hair, violet hazes over eyes with slotted pupils. She had fair skin and a slender figure. To her dismay she was still blind and she was naked on top of that.she felt a small remainment of what was her hollow jaw on the base of her jawline.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a man named aizen came up to her and offered to put her in the primera seat. He also told her he would make sure to fix her eyes to end her blindless. Desperate to learn how to control her own power and be able to see again.when she got there. They dressed her in some clothing and gave her a zanpakuto. And for many years she trained with arrancars and occcasionally some espada.Aizen took notice that she had potential. Thus planned on making her the trump card in battle.During this time She also fell in love with a man named Kaname. For he understood her pain when it came to blindness.however when the war between aizen and the shinigami came. Kaname had been killed in battle. Finally when aizen gained the power he needed and plan to dispose of the rest of the arrancar. Xion felt betrayed and angry at kaname's death. When she lunged to attack he slashed his zanpakuto down at her face yet missed as it was countered by a orange haired boy (ichigo) soul reaper's attack.

Xion Could hear the screams of the dying hollows and arrancars as she fell. Aizen believed she was dead. as she hit the ground.As the battle went on. No one realized that xion's spiritual pressure had spiked up to it's full potential .the first espada spot. When the war was over Zion took the position of the first espada. However she grew tired of just sitting around and waiting for something to come up. So she walked out of las noches. Not caring about the rank she left behind.
RP Sample: see kuraiyama

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PostSubject: Re: former Primera (Finished)   former  Primera  (Finished) EmptySat Dec 04, 2010 4:19 pm

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Malicia Nephilim

Malicia Nephilim

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PostSubject: Re: former Primera (Finished)   former  Primera  (Finished) EmptySat Dec 04, 2010 4:49 pm

Regarding the powers:
- You forgot to edit the hierro description from cero to primera (detail)

- To what extend can your telekinesis control things? what maximal weight can it move? how far? can it work on living/sentient beings?

- How much power exactly can Nullification neutralize? Does it replenish her energy and if yes to what extent? is the cost in spiritual energy great enough that she can't just use it to completely regain all her energy in a few turns?

- Power copy WILL need to absorb a good deal of spiritual energy to work. This will also require contact seeing as even Quincys who are adept at it need the Seele Shrieder to soften their ennemy's reiatsu before they can steal it.

Story incoherencies:
- You say she learns to get used to and appreciate the world, then instantly after she decide to commit suicide.

- You say she was "still fairly weak in spiritual power" yet this is applying for Primera Espada.
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PostSubject: Re: former Primera (Finished)   former  Primera  (Finished) EmptySun Dec 05, 2010 9:36 am

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Malicia Nephilim

Malicia Nephilim

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PostSubject: Re: former Primera (Finished)   former  Primera  (Finished) EmptySun Dec 05, 2010 12:03 pm

- Again, you still didn't precise the limits of your Telekinesis.

- x2 for Power Nullification is too much, you should only have a boost that is relevant to the amount of energy absorbed.

- You still need to find an explanation for your Reiatsu absorption since even the Quncys who are masters at using Reiatsu need to injure their ennemeis with a Seele Shreider to steal theirs,
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PostSubject: Re: former Primera (Finished)   former  Primera  (Finished) Empty

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former Primera (Finished)
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