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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Utaka Li [Finished]

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PostSubject: Utaka Li [Finished]   Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:07 am

Basic Information

Name: Utaka Li

Real Age: 617 years old.

Appeared Age: 17

Gender: Male

Rank: Espada

Number: 5

Hollow Hole: The whole his just slightly to the right of left hip.

Mask Fragment: His mask fragments appear to the sides of his head almost looking like ears.

Number Tattoo: A small five is located on his right just below his collarbone.

Utaka has a small frame of 5 foot 5 inches and 102 lbs which makes his body seem to look frail and weak. His amber eyes rarely are able to be seen as he hinds them behind his snow white hair. The chances of seeing his eyes are very slim unless he wishes to engage in battle with you. As he has concentrated power held into his eyes.

His attire is something to be lacked of he is usually in a half disrobed kimono that is exposing his bare chest and half his left arm till his elbow. He wraps a small sash around his waist to stop over exposure tho he doesn't seem to care as his bottom of his kimono is wide open up to three inches from his crouch. This kimono is very thin and is never worn with any other layers as he likes to take place in rather sexual activities he likes something with easy access. He never has is or willing to follow the dress code of the Espada's he finds it dull and boring. Not only does he not follow the usual attire he insists on walking around barefoot.

Utaka Li:

Personal Information


Plants: He is has a plant based Ressurrecion From so he kindly enjoys plants as his tower is covered in the inside with them.

Weak / Slow Opponents: He likes to finish off his prey fast so that he doesn't have to get blood on his hands or kimono as he believes blood is unattractive.

Being Able To Do What He Wants: He really likes having free time being able to do what he wants which consists to taking care of his many poisonous flowers in his tower.

Unnecessary Violence: Utaka considers himself very civilized and likes to avoid direct conflict unless his life is threaten he doesn't want to dirty his hands he usually sends his subordinates do the dirty work.

Strong Opponents / Lengthy Battles: He just hates dirtying his hands and kimono so strong opponents he just dreads to fit as the stronger they are the longer they will have to fight and the chances of his kimono getting damaged are greater so he tries to end it as fast as possible.

Being Told What To Do: As he considers himself a elite he strongly dislikes being told what to do.

Composure: Utaka always keeps his calm composure as he is afraid that showing any other reactions to his opponents might give the opponent a glimpse of hope and power.

Being Strategic: Utaka tho he is physically lazy he always has a strategy and plans his moves two to three steps ahead.

Charm: Utaka is a expert charmer as he charms his opponents to a relaxed state of mind so he can take the time he needs to release his Resurrecion form and destroy his foes.

Speed: As he is not bound with layers and armor his in most natural state being so his speed is greatly high as he is almost able to dodge and move his opponent throws at him.

Self Aura: As he claims that he holds the mighty spirit of Gaia (Mother Earth) he can adapt to most surrounds he is around.

Small Weapon: Unlike most other Espada his sword isn't much of a sword it is more like a dagger he keeps in hidden most times in his sash so no one can see it most times he states he doesn't have one.

Neat Freak: He doesn't preferable like to get his hands dirty unless he needs to but he usually just tries to kill his opponent as fast as possible.

Personality: He always maintains a calm and peaceful personality so that he needed not dirty his hands. But he is blood thirsty if someone comments negatively about his outfit choice or ruin his kimono. Most times he comes off flirty when he is with another male in his attempt to seduce them he does this to men that he is interested or male / female opponents to throw them off his game.

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual (uke)

Relationship Status: Single and looking

Resurrecion Information

Name: Paradox of Gaia

Represent: A Venus Fly Trap / Ivy.

Family: nature

Looks: Utaka disrobes his chest fully letting his kimono fall down exposing his chest. All he does then is utter the word Paradox and his mask fragments turn into what looks and appears to be a Bishop's Hat or Crown. Vines then extend from his back fiercely growing to never ending lengths he then ensnares his opponent in the vines not letting them go and pulls them inward towards him and he makes there bare skin touch the bare skin of his chest as he then absorbs them like a plant would absorb water. Once absorbing them if the opponent was not in any serious damage but seems to be in good health he gains healing properties and is able to heal himself.

Ressurecion Form:


Name: Absorption of Gaia
State: Ressurrecion
Description: This technique can only be used in Utaka's Ressurecion form he pulls the foe with his variable wines that differ in width and strength that are sprouting from his back to his chest once the foes skin touches Utaka's chest he starts to absorb there energy. Secretly they are very thin and flimsy but the amount of vines confuses the foe to think it is impossible to cut but they cut rather easy.

Name: Cero
State: both
Description: Utaka shots a powerful lavender beam from his right index finger causing a huge blast.

Name: Tempo
State: Normal
Description: This technique is only able to be used in his normal form all that the he has to do is to exchange a look with his enemy this causes the enemies speed cut in half.

Name: Extrasensory of Gaia
State: Normal
Description: As Utaka likes to walk bare foot he can channel his powers into whatever he is walking on and warping it to any way he wants. He has the power to change sand into spikes piercing through the ground to a wall barrier he has the power to do this on where ever his feet are placed all to keep his hands from getting dirty.

History and RP Sample

History: When Utaka was a Adjuchas he was a solitude creature as he seduce anything that came near him absorb them when absorbing them he gained strength and health easily he easily tried to join groups pretending he is weak. Needing help but as the slept he released his vines unto them absorbing them. Utaka easily passed the Adjuchas level easily and without trouble. Aizen had be observing him to see if he was a worthy being to become a Arrancar to his surprise he saw Utaka absorb on day 20 other Adjuchas withing a hour. Aizen then approached him offer to make him a Arrancar curious Utaka took is offer and once turned into a Arrancar he unleashed his own vines upon Aizen calling him a foul to give him such power and that he was a idiot for even coming to Las Noche's and that he predicted Aizen's fall. Aizen barely survived Utaka's attack. He used Kido to seal Utaka. Utaka was sealed in a chamber for many 100's of years until the day came when the Espada's at the time had died or believed to be dead. He stop trying to to break out 200 years before but this time he released his vines and they easily broke the chamber with ease. The years of being in there helped him manifest his powers without any distracts and he had surpassed and Arrancar's powers and became a Espada. Once leaving the chamber a 5 started to appear on his body not knowing what it meant he found a Arrancar and asked what it meant and the Arrancar told him that he was a Espada and he was number 5 making him rather strong. Utaka was surprised he was a Espada and was rather happy and as a reward he absorbed the lonesome Arrancar and went off to claim his new home.

RP Sample: Utaka awoke one afternoon at 2pm having slept for 14 hours. He arose half awake with his kimono all messy and wrinkled. He stared at his kimono and went to get changed placing a powder blue kimono on. He was dressed perfectly in his kimono. He groaned he hated it being so form fitting to his body so he loosed his kimono and decided to wear it the way he always worn it loose and the left side slung down out his elbow. This was a calming feeling to him he can now enjoy the breeze the wind made upon his skin. Once he finished his preparations he went outside his palace and looked at the vast desert and sighed "One day I would love to see a difference in this stupid desert."

Utaka took a step down from his palaces stairs onto the sand tho he hated the desert he wouldn't argue that the sand was so comforting upon his bare feet. The warm sand filled him with a longing sensation of warmth and happiness emotions that he rarely had.

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PostSubject: Re: Utaka Li [Finished]   Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:54 pm

Re-edited everything I hope its better now.
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PostSubject: Re: Utaka Li [Finished]   Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:43 pm

Great App, we just need to discuss one thing before you get approved:

Absorption of Gaia: Your opponent needs a chance to fight it. Meaning you can't just wrap your vines around them and absorb them in one of your post.

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PostSubject: Re: Utaka Li [Finished]   Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:51 pm

Edited and fixed
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PostSubject: Re: Utaka Li [Finished]   Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:56 pm

Looks Good...

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PostSubject: Re: Utaka Li [Finished]   Wed Mar 23, 2011 6:00 pm

Power Level: B-3
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PostSubject: Re: Utaka Li [Finished]   

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Utaka Li [Finished]
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