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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Haimei, Daichi (finished)

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PostSubject: Haimei, Daichi (finished)   Sat Mar 26, 2011 9:22 am

Basic Information

Name: Daichi Haimei

Real Age: 173

Appeared Age: 23

Gender: Male

Division: 3rd

Rank: Lieutenant

Organization: N/A

Daichi’s overall appearance is quite meek, to say the least. His sad brown eyes are but a glimpse of his personality. He usually stares at the ground longingly with them; waiting, for something. The disappointed look reflects itself in his mouth’s posture as well. Smiling is a rare occurrence for Haimei; especially if you were to only consider the smiles that meant something rather than the polite ones. His shinning white teeth represent the brighter side of his personality because of the fact that even though they are a light in the darkness they can rarely be seen. The boy’s skin is a mild tan as if he had spent too much time in the sun.

The Shinigami’s bright hair also brings a look of hope to his personality; spiked into huge towers of blonde hair that pierce behind his head. Despite the length his hair never drops to below shoulder level. His eyebrows are a deep ebony color revealing his hair’s original coloring

Haimei wears the usual depressing Shinigami outfit; black and white. Boring colors really so, when this Shinigami gets the chance he changes everything. Whilst, in the Human Realm he wears a blood red t-shirt with a dark purple skeleton’s head in the centre. Blood is shown dripping from the skull’s eye socket. With that he wears classical, painter blue jeans and bright, white skateboarding shoes. Daichi also wears sunglasses with purple edges and legs. In the centre of the glasses are the pitch black shades themselves.

Personal Information

Likes/Dislikes: (Refer to personality)


Hoho: Daich has had to battle many times and because of his below average swordsmanship, he had to become good at something involving combat. So, he focused his training into Hoho instead. His speed is perhapse the only thing other than his abilities in Kido that has kept him alive thus far.

Kido: When in the academy Haimei found he was always the top of his class at Kido. It seemed to be a natural thing for the Shinigami and so he focused some of his training into the skill. The only reason Daichi did not join the Kido Corps was because the Third Division had come to him first. Because of his shy nature he did not want to insult the Third Division and he could not find the courage to attempt access into the Kido Corps.

Strategic Intelligence: Daichi thinks unknowingly in combat. Without even realizing it he can access the possibilities of a situation and work appropriately. This knowledge was gained from many years spent in battle throughout training and his time in the war

Shyness: Haimei has always been a shy person even avoiding people when he can. This has often caused him to miss several oppertunities and not be able to voice his opionion as much as he would like.

Zanjutsu: Even though Daichi has fought with a blade many times, his abilities with one could never match most Shinigami’s. The only reason he has survived thus far in combat with swords is his faster-than-normal speed.

Social Skills: Because of both his shyness and his fear of people, Daichi is not one for social interactions. He often avoids talking to other people as often as possible and doens't despise social interactions but, he doesn't enjoy them either.

Daichi is usually quite and shy; almost to an extreme but, not quite. As long as people give him room he can normally handle having people around him. It’s the large in-your-face crowds that annoy him. Daichi’s heart begins to race and his blood begins to circulate faster and faster. Often he will have to excuse himself from such situations and to avoid breaking down in front of his superiors. Haimei doesn’t like this particular aspect of his personality however, he knows that you cannot have the good parts without the bad ones so, he lives with it. He has begun trying to make himself better in public but to little prevail.

Haimei also always wants to please his superiors. He hates to be the one who they don’t like and judge because he is so insecure. Daichi thinks that unless his superiors love him they’ll hate him; that there’s no middle ground. So, he always tries to hide his defaults and express his better qualities which, often contradicts with his shyness. The man hates the shyness the worst and thus it is the one he tries to change the most so when he is looked over him they will look with approval not disappointment. If Haimei ever did disappoint a higher ranking person it would absolutely devastate him. His shyness and embarrassment about nothing would sky rocket and he would curl up into a ball never to see the outside world for a long time.

The most dangerous and possibly most helpful aspect of Daichi’s persona is that when his shyness and embarrassment reach a certain level and he can’t stand it any more; he goes into a kind of berserk mode where for an amount of time based of how high he is, he will kill however or whatever stands in his way. This most often happens in battle which, would both hinder and help the operation. If he is working in a group he could try to kill them as well but, if he is alone all his rage would be forced upon the opponent which is why he prefers to operate alone. While, he is aware of this aspect of him, Haimei doesn’t remember everything that happens while in it. It’s a kind of blur to him and then he wakes up often with limbs and blood scattered around him. All he normally has to go on is that he has done something wrong or that he has a feeling of happiness and his blurred vision.

Daichi is not as much a neat freak as one would presume. As long as he can find what he’s looking for he is okay with any mess. He calls it his “neat mess” which, although contradictory describes his situation quite well. Haimei likes his little bit of chaos and he thinks it adds a little bit of personality to the room. Likewise, if his room was neat and tidy he would think that it looked like any other room and had no personality and he would never be able to find anything.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single and not looking

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Sono Senkensha (The seer)

Zanpakuto Looks:
Daichi’s Katana is like most others but it has several distinct differences. For one both the sheath and the hilt are grey. The side facing the wielder is a dark grey almost black and the side facing the opponent is a light grey. At the end of the sheath it almost transforms into leather. The guard above the hilt is a perfect square with four exact 90 degrees angles. On the blade itself is the Zunpakuto’s name written in Japanese. The engraved letters are polished more so than the blade making it so they almost glow in the direct sunlight.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: See Through All Lies, Sono Senkensha

When Daichi actives Sono Senkensha he can see through a person’s cloths and flesh as if he was looking through an x-ray picture. Except that with this x-ray picture he can see all the organs and even notice the heart beat. Haimei is also, able to notice any injuries that an x-ray would be able to detect. He can also detect any cancerous or infected organs within the body as well.

Chinou Modifai (Brain Modify): Shinjou twists his fingers in a circular motion while pointed at the head. By doing this he can tamper with the Amygdala specifically, memory consolidation. By doing this he slows the memory consolidation and is able to change the emotional response towards a certain event or temporarily change that memory slightly. The longer he tampers with the memory the longer with will implant itself in that person’s brain. The control lasts for one post for every one post he maintains concentration. Concentration can be broken by making Shinjou drop his rotating hand or by causing him to move and such a way that he moves his hand out of the rotations. Cooldown 3 posts.

Hone Modifai (Bone Modify): Shinjou lifts his open hand with his palm facing the sky. He then concentrates on a particular bone in the opponent’s body. This causing the bone mineral density to decrease, from this decrease the bones are almost twice as easy to break or fracture after the one post charge. Charge one post. Cooldown 3 posts.

Joukei Inta-seputo (Sight Intercept): Shinjou lifts his closed hand up with the back of his hand facing the sky. He then extends his pointer and index finger while keeping them slightly separated and pointing them at the opponent. By doing this Eiki is intercepting the electrical signal that the eyes send to the brain causing them to go temporarily blind. The blindness stays for one post for every one post that Eiki holds his fingers in this position. If he has to move his hand in a way that intercepts the concentration the technique is disabled immediately. Cooldown is 3 posts.

Released Zanpakuto Looks: In Senkensha’s shikai he is transformed into what Haimei describes as a bone blade. The blade itself is made out of metal like most blades but it is the handle instead that is bone. The bone which makes up the hilt is always cold to the touch for some reason. The original black hilt shows in the gaps between the bones. The blade is a quite unusual shape. It starts off almost like a scimitar then finishes with a rapier point.

Other Techniques:
Shunpo Expert: A movement technique that allows the user to move faster than the eye can follow. The focal point that determines the basis of this technique is speed. As speed is the main point of the technique the method is best characterized by how fast one can get from point A to point B in the least amount of steps. Training and skill are what determines how fast a user of Shunpo can move; those of little skill in the technique or those who haven't used it an extended amount of time would obviously be out of practice, causing those individuals to be considerably slower, which requires the use of more steps to move the same distance and become winded far easier in a shorter amount of time

Kido Master: Throughout his training of the style and almost exclusive battles with it, Daichi has learned to use kido to its utmost strengths. Haimei is exceptionally good at Hado, because of he often uses it more in combat

Bankai Information
This applies to captains only.

Do you want your character to have bankai: (Yes or no)

Bankai Description: (What happens when you use your bankai, and what abilities go with it)

Bankai Looks: (What your Zanpakuto looks like in Bankai state.)

History and RP Sample

Daichi grew up in Nagoya, Japan. It was small at the time; not the bustling metropolis it is today. He lived as an only child with his mother. Their family was exactly middle class. They had none of the luxuries of the upper class civilians but, they had enough food and a roof over their heads however, they were happy. Haimei showed progressing martial arts abilities and had won several tournaments with his fighting. The only thing that was holding him back from really making a name for himself was his shyness. From what his mother had perceived his shyness was because of the car wreck four years before Daichi enlisted in gimu-kyouiku. He was only one at the time so he wouldn’t remember anything but; she thought it had left an impact on his subconscious. Even though he couldn’t remember it she could remember that night vividly.

The family which at that point had consisted of the mother, father and three siblings; two boys and a girl were walking home from a show. Their father was a famous doctor and their mother was a home worker so, this wreck was going to take away more than their loved ones. A wealthy man was also going home but he was in a car and he had been drinking. The man went into the wrong lane and when he swerved to avoid an oncoming vehicle, he drove onto the sidewalk hitting the entire family. The next thing they remember they were all in a hospital and only the mother and one son survived. Because of this accident his mother was partially disabled and it was hard to find work for her.

Haimei was fairly good in gimu-kyouiku and achieved mid-ranks. He had to postpone his martial arts for studies because his mother was not pleased with his current work level so his stress started to build up. As a result Daichi began to get into fights and because of his martial art upbringing he won most of the battles. Even though he was shy when picked upon he went into a rage and attacked the person; often winning. One event was worse than the others both Haimei and the other kid were sent to the hospital and Daichi was expelled. He refused all allegations and thus his mother had to kick him out onto the streets so she wouldn’t lose her job. Reputation was a big part of live and if they found out her son was expelled she could get fired.

It was 1937 two years before the war broke out and Japan joined the Axis powers. Now almost a man; Daichi was quick to join the army and learn how to use weapons whilst, expanding his homeland. He just passed basic training in time to take part in the Nanking Massacre on December 19th, 1937. Haimei was used to blood and battle but, not to killing. The bloodshed was massive and on the sixth day he took his first life. It was a Chinese man in his early twenties. Artillery had shot as his position and he stood up to find them when Daichi noticed him. At first he couldn’t let himself fire at the man but, he knew his was his civic duty to do so and he slowly pressed harder on the trigger. He could feel his throat go dry and his heart sank as the man dropped his gun and feel to the ground, dead. Over the next few weeks of the Massacre he took two more lives and each was as hard as the first but, he managed to do it faster.

When he finally returned to his hometown of Nagoya, he had changed. Haimei was even shyer than before and his sudden bursts of rage became more frequent. Like most soldiers he couldn’t function in everyday life and soon returned to the army in 1939 and was stationed in Manchukuo. He and his platoon were sent to kill rebel groups massing there. It was a cold night when he arrived in the city and his car was immediately sent to the outskirts to set up camp in an old abandoned farm house. Five hours after they arrived and set up, rain begun and not two seconds after the down pour started, bullets could be heard. They set up a defensive line as shots were exchanged. There were at least two hundred rebels; way too much for their small group. There numbers were quickly dwindling and their artillery had already been killed. Daichi ran to the artillery gun while firing towards the enemies but he was shot in the leg before he made it. Presumed dead the rebels turned their fire back upon the farmhouse allowing him to crawl to the gun and somehow manage the strength to arm it. He fired off on shell killing twenty or so of them before a bullet hit him in the chest; killing him instantly.

Haimei awoke immediately after and rose to his feet. He looked down at his chest and the bullet hole was gone but, it was replaced with this chain. He followed the chain until it led him to his body at which point he fell back to the ground in disbelief. The shock scared him so much he let out a scream but yet the soldiers who had survived paid no attention. Once again he tried to get their attention but to no success. So, he began to wait for someone or something to come and help him. Daichi was never the adventurous type and he wasn’t in the afterlife either. Then, out of nowhere a man appeared. He was perfectly calm and dressed in black and white with a katana by his side. The man looked down upon him from his astonishing height and drew the blade. Haimei withdrew in fear but the man placed his hand on his shoulder and comforted him. Then he bunted Daichi with the back of his blade sending him back into unconsciousness.

The now soul emerged from his slumber with a scream, that could be heard in the depths of Soul Society. The straw bed he was placed in exploded as he burst onto his feet. As Daichi looked down upon himself he could see the tattered garb and open toe sandals. Then his eyes turned to the lodgment around him; the old wooden walls with clear separation between them, the half a roof shielding his head from the weather and the windows without class revealing the world outside.

Haimei slowly made his way through the double doors that guarded what he now knew as a barn. The outside was bustling with people moving back and forth about their daily business. Thousands of questions were fogging his mind and his shyness was getting the better of him. The soul froze in spot once he exited the building, unable to move a single muscle to respond to the motion around him. Terrified with fear, he couldn’t move until, he was knocked back to the ground. Daichi looked up to his assailant, to see it was but a harmless child who had kicked a soccer ball to him. The momentum had knocked him off his feet and out of his paralyzes. He moved back to his feet and steadily kicked the ball back towards her with a slight smile. After the soccer ball had reached the small lady, he made his way away from the barn to further explore this new world.

The man found himself in the midst of a large gathering in no time. He had seen them from a distance and noticed that they were looking upon something in amazement as if they had just seen a celebrity or a war hero. So, his curiosity overcame his shyness and he made his way into the crowd. Not being as aggressive as the rest of the people he could barely make out the white coat the women was wearing. Soon after she moved through the crowd it slowly dissipated and Haimei was better able to make her out. The women had dark spiked hair running through the middle of her head with deep brown eyes centered perfectly below her forehead. Every feature of her seemed perfect and she was emitting something that made him almost sick; as if there was something pushing against his chest. After what seemed like hours he managed the nerve to go and talk to the lady and ask a few questions.

What he soon found out to be the Captain of the Tenth Division of the Gotei Thirteen protection squads was quite nice. Although, Daichi himself could not tell, the lady was testing him. She did this to the most inquisitive person she meet whenever she exited the Seireitei. She did this because to her understanding even those who can’t necessarily make their way to Seiretei still deserve to be there; at least some of them. Luckily, for Haimei he passed the test and with the Captain’s recommendation he was soon accepted into the academy to learn the ways of the Shinigami.

Once in the academy Daichi did not fit in as well as he would have liked. His shyness kept him in solitude for the majority of his training although, that was both a curse and a blessing in this situation. Haimei had no reason or need to socialize much so his attention was spent on training and studying. Always seen with a instruction booklet in hand, he was quickly identified as a weakling. Most Shinigami ignored him and the very few that teased him did so in a minor manor allowing him to keep control of his emotions. Daichi graduated from the academy at the normal rate but, he had learned quite a bit more than normal. Haimei was quickly accepted into the Third Division after his graduation. He was now a full Shinigami ready to take on the world.

With his knew knowledge Daichi hastily learned even more about himself and his Zunpakuto. It was he was still an unseated member in the Third Division that he learned of his Shikai. A small squad of unranked members and the current Lieutenant at the time were sent into the Human World to investigate a mob of Hollows. Several reports of deaths had preceded the investigation making this a top priority mission however; it seemed easy enough for lower ranking Shinigami to handle. As he entered a large open field following the leader of his small group, Haimei finally found what it was he was sent there for. A giant group of Hollows stood in front of the Shinigami. Although, there was clear fear in the air, the warriors charged into battle fearlessly. Most were slaughtered instantly by the Bala. They had clearly underestimitated their opponents.

The Lieutenant stood in sheer horror in the middle of the field; paralyzed by fear and guilt. That was when the battle really began to go downhill. Daichi was angered so much and felt so much guilt that he could not protect his comrades he blacked out again. This was different was usual, in most he would loss complete control on reality but this time he could hear a voice. Haimei could not recognize the voice and he could barely understand it however, it continued to repeat the same message over and over again. When his blade came to the first Hollow he finally understands the voice. It was his Zunpakuto and it was speaking its name. He felt as if a huge weight had been placed upon his lips and it took every ounce of strength he had to speak. Then all of the sudden he awoke from the blackness with all the powers he now held in Shikai. Quickly, he dispatched of the remaining Hollows but, he did not have very long to celebrate. Once he had finished with the scum he turned back to his commander to see him lying there dead. Daichi could not remember if it was him who killed the Lieutenant or the Hollows however, he had a feeling somewhere deep inside him that it was him. No one could pin the murder on the Third Division member and so instead of being penalized he was congratulated. Throughout all of his congratulates he couldn't enjoy them; his guilt was surpassing what little joy he felt.

RP Sample:

Openning Post:

Usual Post:
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Looks Good...

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Haimei, Daichi (finished)
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