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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Yayoi Koe ~ Division 12

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PostSubject: Yayoi Koe ~ Division 12   Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:01 pm

Yayoi Koe
Maybe it's a dream, maybe nothing else is real
Basic Information
Real Age: 801
Appeared Age: 20
Gender: Female
Division: Twelfth
Rank: Captain
Organization: N/A


Hight: 167.6 cm {5'6"}
Weight: 52.6 kg {116 lbs.}
Eye-Color: Mix of a light lavender and blue
Hair Color: Scarlet Red
Body Build: Slender looking frame but quite strong.

Personal Information
(+) Learning
(+) Music
(+) Calm People
(+) Respect
(+) Hard Work from Others

(-) Obnoxious People
(-) Idiotic people
(-) Disobedience
(-) Messy Environments
(-) Water Tribe Members

❚ Ambitious
❚ Energetic
❚ Trustworthy
❚ Friendly
❚ Strong Willed

❚ Easily Annoyed
❚ Loud
❚ Outspoken
❚ Questioning
❚ Lazy at times

Yayoi has been known for having a split personality to her. The side of her when she is working and the side she shows when she is finally taking a break. When working, she becomes very strict and practically rude though she tries to also be nice when doing so. Her temper easily flares when there is an assignment to be done or when she is dealing with paperwork.

When not dealing with work and finally relaxing, Yayoi can be found in the lab still looking things up but instead things of interest. She becomes more bubbly and outgoing, as well as a bit more talkative. Those that are close to this young captain tend to see her being more of a friendly and open person than when she is rude or mean.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single

Zanpakuto Information
Unreleased Zanpakuto:

Zanpakuto Name: Chishio

Zanpakuto Realm: Chishio comes from a world of chaos and disaster. The skies at which rain blood from the inner sadness or torment of the zanpakuto's wielder. With Yayoi, this world seems to rain at a pattern.

Zanpakuto Personality: Chishio is a very edgy male. First impressions stick to him and when he does not like someone, he tends to make sure it is shown to everyone. There are very few people who he is nice to, including Yayoi and any other zanpakuto that can show him they are worth his time. Chishio tends to be easily annoyed at everything and is not afraid to speak his mind on any subject, even if it means that he is causing someone else pain. For him, another's pain is his enjoyment.

Zanpakuto Looks: A large smiling cat, much like the Cheshire-Cat who

Shikai Information

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Strike fear into the minds of all, Chishio!
Shikai Release Appearance:

Other Techniques:
Boiling Point: When using this, of course, Yayoi's blood would need to enter the body of the enemy. When she does this, if she is angry, the body of the opponent will slowly begin to heat with her anger. The body of the opponent will only rise to a maximum of about 105 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning that it will, at most, cause them to faint from dehydration and not kill the opponent. She can only use this once in any fight but, if she does it between two fights in a row, she will pass out with her second opponent.

Bankai Information
Bankai Looks:
In bankai state, not only does Yayoi's blade change but so does her over all outfit. Her hair turns a short black color as her clothing changes to a thing but skin tight, almost leather-like, material. This is made for more defense as she gets up close and personal with her opponent. Also, a helmet that looks much like that of a human's motorcycle helmet appears over her face with a black tinted lens that makes it hard for her enemy to see her eye movements.

Bankai Description:
Blood Control: In order to do this, once again, Yayoi's blood must enter that of the opponent's. As this occurs, her blood will begin to tamper with the blood of the opponent, changing the blood flow from each location. In doing this, it can cause the opponent's body part, at which the blood had entered, to be Yayoi's puppet for two posts. When regulating the blood, depending on the amount of blood in the muscles will change the movements of the bodypart as well as the tenseness within the opponent's body part. Whether this attack proves successful or not depends on how strong a level of reiatsu her opponent possesses. This attack does not take control of the mind whatsoever, so if her opponent possesses a strong enough will & threshold for pain they can try & move. Also note: She can only control her opponent to a certain extent, i.e. not shikai powers etc..

Cellular Regeneration: When using this, Yayoi is able to speed up her cell generation and heal her wound much faster than they normally would, depending on the wound. If she was to lose her arm, it would take 5 days to a week in order to form it completely. For a minor wound, the wound would take about 2 posts but for more major ones it may take more than that, possibly reaching 6 posts. In order for this to happen, however, she must use her blood to do so, slowly eating away her blood in order for it to break down into the proper cells to form her lost flesh or muscular tissue. The next time she can use this is when her blood replenishes itself which may take a long while meaning, the entire time she would have to remain in her bankai state. Not only would this eat away at her blood but her reiatsu as well.

Blood Implosion: With this move, Yayoi is able to cause a blood vessel within the the opponents body and possibly cause a blood clot which also can possibly and slowly kill the opponent, depending on the area at which the clot is caused. In order to do this, Yayoi's own blood must enter the location at which to cause the clot. This would require her being harmed, cut in an area where she can use motion to send her blood into the opponent's wound. As the blood enters the opponent's body, it has approximately 1-2 posts to enter the location that the clot is to occur. The implosion will not work if her blood does not enter a location that is pumping with an immense amount of blood. The next time she can use this after using it her first time is 5 posts later.

History and RP Sample
Yayoi was what was considered 'ordinary' during her human life. She was the usual fortunate child of an everyday middle-class family. The only shocking thing about her was that she was always able to see spirits and weird creatures as she looked around her. This scared her parents because they could not see them but that never stopped the child from continuing with her curiosity and talking to the spirits of the never resting dead.

Her life completely changed when she walked toward the old cemetery to meet her old friend of hers who she had been visiting since she was ten. The 17 year old Yayoi walked toward the large lake that was located near where she was to meet her friend when she noticed a large and horrifying creature. It seemed to be completely black in its figure besides a white and red skull shaped mask for a face. The creature had noticed her and shifted its body, revealing the injured soul of her friend and immediately, Yayoi ran toward the large creature, prepared to attack it.

Yayoi was far too weak to fight off the creature and instead it harmed her greatly, with many gashes along her body, including a large bite mark where the creature had tried to bite into her leg. The leg would was bleeding immensely as well was a large gash in her stomach where the creature had clawed at her. Soon, Yayoi passed out and soon fell into the grip of death. When she came to, she was now a spirit and looked up at a man that seemed to have slain the beast that had killed her. The man introduced himself as a soul reaper and then brought her to piece as well as her friend, sending them to the Rekongai District.

Once in the Rekongai District, Yayoi was inspired to become a soul reaper herself and once being adopted into a soul family, she went to the Soul academy, her friend by her side the entire time as they worked in the school on everything together. Yayoi worked harder and harder as the days went on, soon the years went on and she continued to practice everything she learned at the academy. When she graduated, she was among the top 10 in her class, giving her a guaranteed place in the Gotei 13.

Because of her fascination with everything around her, Yayoi joined squad 12 and became what was called a "24 Researcher" meaning that she was one of the people who never left the lab and was always at work, researching on everything and everything that was needed throughout the Seiretai. Soon, Yayoi began to climb the ranks in her squad, quickly making her way as the prior captain's left hand woman, meaning she had become 3rd seat of the squad. Once the previous captain had left then soon the lieutenant, Yayoi was appointed captain of squad 12 and she took this title with delight.

RP Sample:
There was a sudden loud crashing sound that seemed to echo from the training grounds behind squad 11's barracks. The sound came from the falling of multiple pieces of a large oak tree that fell in front of the squad 12 captain. Yayoi immediately turned around and faced her Zanpakuto who had switched into her spirit form. Yayoi's eyes glistened with delight once she hugged her beloved friend and laughed. "Kagiri you were amazing!" Yayoi said, enjoying her time of training with her partner. Alas, the sun had begun to set and it was time to head back into the Squad 12 Barracks and continue with her research. Immediately, Kaharinai-Taiyou changed into her unreleased form as Yayoi returned her companion to her sheath.

She began her pace in a jog, leaving the tree where it was in order to mess with the squad 11 captain, heading back to her home, teh Squad 12 Barracks. Upon reaching the barracks she opened the door, calming her slightly quickened heart beat which helped her to continue her jogging. She walked into the barracks and past the other shinigami in the way as she walked toward the back black door of the building.

Yayoi opened the large black door which lead to a flight of steps, heading below the barracks and without any hesitation she continued. This location being the one area where she was most comfortable. She quickened her pace as she realized that things were still urgent. She pushed herself off from the third to last step, causing her to hop, as she landed gracefully on the ground floor of the basement level. She turned to her right and walked to a large group of large computer monitors, taking her seat in front of the main screen which held the information she had been working on. Why is this happening? When has it started? When will it end? How do we open the gate? were all that she would think of.

Yayoi's fingertips moved quickly and gracefully over the keys of the keyboard before her, the soft plastic clicking as she pulled her slender fingers off of each key after applying pressure. She began looking for any reason why there was a sudden lock-down of the soul society from the human realm. Was this the plan of the Arrancar all along? She began to analyze the information she had gotten from the other squads of the Gotei 13. She stood up frustrated as she placed her Zanpakuto down in her seat, beginning to pace from left to right as the thoughts fluttered through her mind.)
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PostSubject: Re: Yayoi Koe ~ Division 12   Sun Dec 05, 2010 2:51 pm

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Yayoi Koe ~ Division 12
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