Bleach Integrity

A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Dark Hero...The Red Hunter's return

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PostSubject: Dark Hero...The Red Hunter's return   Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:35 am

Darque knew a killer was on the loose and what he couldn't understand the murders were happening around the Karakura housing district. He couldn't let anybody know it was him so perhaps replaying the role of the Red Hunter would be a good idea. For the time being, Darque went back to his home and suited up getting his red hunter's attire from his closet it was a long time and everybody thought this dark hero was dead. The news reports spoke of the Red Hunter dying in house fire while fighting off against some drug dealers but those rumors were so false. He survived however he does have the battle scars from that battle but it was time to put his plan into motion. Darque puts on the clothing and then finally placing the red mask back on as looking the mirror everything looked good still the attire was in great condition.

He opens his weapons cache getting a few items that might help him in battle a few ninja stars, grappling hook, smoke bombs, brass knuckles, a stun gun and two handguns. The guy was ready but while leaving his home the night would bring some big ass surprises, he got on his motorcycle and drove off on the hunt. For a few hours, Darque saw nothing everything seemed quiet however people were dying from some unknown killer this maybe a shinigami gone rogue or this arrancar for a good killing thrill. None of the weapons wont even hurt this being if that true maybe his reiatsu powers this might be a fight that Darque wasn't ready for however the killer must be dealt with. Something catches his attention then he circles back just to make sure some hard ass thugs were picking on two teenagers a boy and a girl. He sees a knife which might turn into a bad situation which had to be disfuse right now, Darque pulls out a gun and shoot one round up in the air. The thugs turned their attention to the Red Hunter then one guy thought this couldn't be possible the guy died in that fire. "Oh shit, I don't believe this it can't be that Red Hunter dude but isn't he supposed to be dead or something" A thug yells out. Then his two buddies think they could take the guy and perhaps drive off with his motorcycle then the thugs started running over to the motorcycle. The Red Hunters gets off the motorbike cracking his knuckles getting ready for a fight the big thug makes the first move going for a punch luckily, Darque dodges it. He slams his elbow into the guy's face. Another thug leaps into the air with the knife hoping to slash the guy's neck, Darque saw a opening and hits him with the brass knuckles where the sun doesn't shine at all. Darque then bodyslams the big thug to the ground. One thug remains and this guy was holding a gun directly to the girl's head telling the hero to back off quickly Darque throws a ninja star slashing the thug's wrist then he makes a run of it. Normally, Darque would run after but he needed to see if the victims were alright he sees to the teenagers if they needed some assistance. "Thanks man, I thought you died in that fire years ago but it good to know your still alive thanks for helping us out" He said. Darque thought it was good hearing that helping the citizens of Karakura town was kinda his business but their was murderer on the streets. He needs to get back to work "Call the police and tell them what happen here, there still a murderer on the loose you know so please get to safety immediately" He said. The Red Hunter gets on his motorcycle and drove off continuing his search for this unknown murderer but unknown to the human those two innocent victims were what they seemed to be. They were calling the soul society reporting in "Hello, Central....we were attacked by some humans but we have some information that Captain Soi Fon might find interesting her enemy the Red Hunter is back....he dealt the with humans bothering us too".

Darque hopes he could find this unknown murderer in time who knows when this killer could strike maybe on someone he cares about too.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Hero...The Red Hunter's return   Mon Mar 28, 2011 12:10 pm

This was getting him nowhere driving for hours and then nobody will utter gawl to fight maybe this was way out of league the guy needs more training. The thing was that he always trains with Urahara or Uryu perhaps this was something to do on his on his own. The best way for him to start training was on hollows that how it worked the last time for him but still no hollows in sight. Then he sees a quincy putting out some hollow bait then some hollows were coming out and this was the chance he was looking for to boost his powers. He got off his bike and yelled "Sword of Amerasu flame" then appeared his sword still the two other forms were taxing on his reiatsu powers. Darque charged at the hollows with brute force managing to cut off an arm of an hollwows then the second one sees what happen going on the offensive and attacks the young hero. One hard punch from the hollow lands on Darque's face slamming him into the wall not what he's been expecting at all. Still more hollows were coming for these black holes which wasn't good at all leaving the hero with a big job on his hands.

The hollow kept punching at Darque until enough was enough the hero yelled" Mega Shoriyoroi no Amerasu" quickly the hero transformed into his white armored form. Still he had little time before the form dissapates and leaves him a mess. The hollow was getting ready for a big punch and suddenlt, Darque manages to grab it summoning up his spear lance cutting the hollow half. Then he turns his attention to the other hollow quickly powering down from his mega white armor as turns back into the Amerasu sword. Darque was wondering how should her deal with the bastard.
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Dark Hero...The Red Hunter's return
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