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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Sashinga Tenge

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PostSubject: Sashinga Tenge   Thu Mar 17, 2011 5:46 pm

Basic Information

Name: Sashinga Tenge.

Real Age: 169 years old.

Appeared Age: 17 years old.

Gender: Male.

Division: 7th Division.

Rank: Captain (he wanted to be only a 3rd Seat though...).

Organization: Onmitsukido.

Appearance: Since there's only the picture of the face, description is directed towards clothing style and physical traits.

Tenge wears the regular Shinigami uniform, the white Captain Haori most of the time wrapped around his right shoulder. He's average in both height and weight, the only trait missing about him to make him completely normal is the hair and eye color, being blue and red. Tenge carries his Zanpakuto across his hips, the sword easily topping the distance between one to the other. When drawing it, the handling form is as if holding a thief's knife, the blade facing the arm rather the opponent. One weird trait about him, as well, is the scar he has on his back - that being the shape of a perfect 'plus' sign.

Personal Information

Likes/Dislikes: Tenge is a Shinigami who would gladly accept any kind of sweet food and reject anything too spicy or hot. He likes fooling around with his work, not really enjoying doing all this paperwork all day long although selected to be a Captain. The lad prefers meeting with his squad members for a party or something similar, pretty much inviting anybody who's really willing to join in the party - even if it's a hollow of some sort, or a stranger human that the man shouldn't get involved with. Heck, he would even allow any sort of animal to join the celebration if he can.
Tenge appreciates a good fight, always. He might be a captain, but he still has some ways to go in-order to compete on equal terms with the Captain Commander - something he awaits.

Strength/Weaknesses: In a slightly comical yet ironic way, Tenge's largest weakness is his own Zanpakuto spirit - Fuukugani. Their opposite ideologies and difference in ways of using the sword, aside for simply the way of living concludes with the boy developing a serious grudge to his spirit. Whenever they would clash opinions, Tenge's berserk mode will activate. He cannot focus correctly when it comes to fighting his own spirit, neither can he focus when such an eyesore is standing in his mind, taunting his every move.
Nothing in particular strengthens Tenge aside for the faith other Shinigami (might be) have(ing) in him.

Personality: Tenge is a more cheerful type of person, believing that in the end - everything will be alright. He's sometimes energetic, but sometimes he's going to be too lazy to even get out of bed. Making him depressed isn't an easy task, mainly because at the state he is currently - flooded with paperwork, there's not really anything too serious that can make him depressed. Anger will be expressed, especially if one of his own squad members is going to be attacked. Tenge doesn't like being lonely, another reason why paperwork is annoying: no one's with you. He will always prefer partying over anything else, unless he has certain duties that has to be taken care of. If anything, the man is devoted and incredibly loyal, promising to accomplish whatever task he can take on. The Shinigami's attitude towards helping others is most likely a result of his past.

Tenge's motto would be "Today is Tomorrow's Yesterday", an odd way of saying that thinking about the future too much is a waste of time. His comments and expressions are sometimes misunderstood, more than a regular person is, simply because of his habit to speak in riddles. In general, he's a happy person which tried to enjoy life while he still can: the job of Captain not only puts him at risk when a great threat approaches, but it also puts his entire squad in danger for not having a capable captain. Tenge can't bear to admit failure when it comes to protecting his teammates, swearing to never even think about performing an execution himself. Then again, his loyalty to the duties he's required to do stops him from not performing any, and if the Captain Commander says 'kill', 'kill' shall happen. Even though he's lazy with work, he will finish it no matter what. That's what captains do, after all, they need to lead in a way.

Sexual Orientation: Tenge is straightly bi.

Relationship Status: Single, looking!! (denies his engagement.)

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Fuukugani ("風九我鬼", literally translated as "Ninth Wind Self Demon").

Zanpakuto Looks: In its sealed form, Fuukugani is a large sword, leaning more towards the regular samurai Katana - being almost as high as Tenge himself. For that manner, the sheath has a thin hole in it, directly for the purpose of Tenge drawing his sword instantly instead of taking it out first and then swinging. Because of this, the way its held is like a thief's knife.
Fuukugani's hilt is golden colored, like most hilts, and is shaped to an endless '8' shape, showing the 'infinity' sign. The blade shines in silver while the handle is wrapped in blue bandages.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: "Mezame, Fuukugani!!" ("めざめ", literally translated as "Awaken".)

Shikai: Special Ability: Force Density. Tenge holds great skill in unarmed combat, without the need to use Fuukugani. With the ability to control inner density to a certain limit, the Shinigami's powers increase dramatically. The powers of the Shikai allows Tenge to make his blade lighter or heavier by will, even without holding it, to a certain degree. This deed could allow Tenge to make his blade light enough for a swift swing, creating a vacuum air wave capable of slicing, or make his blade heavy enough to drop on an opponent with massive force. But that's only the passive ability of the Shikai, as the real power comes in the form of unarmed combat: this special ability also allows Tenge to make certain parts of the area around him, including himself, heavier or lighter by will - even if for a second. Such an ability ensures much more powerful unarmed attacks, making the limbs heavier if even for a second to launch an extremely heavy punch or kick, or a much lighter body, allowing the effectiveness of Shunpo to increase drastically.
Sentakushi, Shoukin ("せんたくし, 小禁", literally translated as "Alternative, Tiny Ban"): An alternative form of Fuukugani's Shikai, also an alternative technique effect. At will though only once during a release period, Tenge can swap his original Shikai form with this one - a tiny, completely white blade attached to his middle finger. This blade might be small, but this one focuses more on Reiatsu rather than physical power and Reiatsu: the ability this form holds focuses more on the usage of wind/air power, capable of creating small impacts of wind or quick air currents - giving the opportunity to attack from a distance. These currents might last for a short time, being only currents of wind or slicing waves, but are still capable of defeating several opponents at a time. An additional way of using this form is to actually stab an individual with it, releasing the current inside the opponent's body thus creating a turmoil inside. The human body is made of 70% water, therefore spinning air inside and mixing everything could cause a fatal injury even if not seen from the outside. The same thing could happen if the air is used to slice up the opponent's body, using air blades. These currents of air are also capable of reflecting in a way several attacks, such as a certain level of Hado.

Released Zanpakuto Looks: As ridiculous as it is, Tenge's Shikai is an enormous ninja knife which holds a certain power over the density of things, to a degree of course. The ninja 'Kunai' is held in the large circle and is wrapped in the place the handle should normally be in white bandages, capable of stretching - something that allows ranged attacks. The blade, although being enormous, is sharp from all 4 directions, the front and back being a bit less sharp and more focusing on the size. The entire knife is Grey colored. The size of the Kunai is compared to Tenge's size, times 1.2. It is estimated that the large size is due to the owner's hatred towards the blade.

Other Techniques:
  • Shunpo Master: Although not as great as the captain of the Onmitsukido's, Tenge is considered incredibly fast using Shunpo, a high speed movement ability. Due to past events and training sessions, aside for potential, Tenge's Shunpo capabilities are getting close to the best. His goal is to one day learn a double Senka from the 6th Division Captain (just for the fun of it). The distance he's capable of traveling one at a time is far greater than the average, speed being one of his main sources in combat.
    Utsusemi (空蝉; Cicada, referencing their molting): Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihou. It allows for a movement at great speed, leaving at least one tangible after-image behind. As weird as it sounds, he believes that he invented this technique for figuring out alone how to use it - only late realizing there are 2 known characters to use it as well, before him. So far, Tenge has been seen creating 4 afterimages using this single technique.
  • Hakuda Master: Despite being younger than most captains known to date, Tenge is a great user of hand-to-hand combat, worthy enough of being one of the better Onmitsukido players. He shows great skill when fighting unarmed, showing speed and strength combined.
    High-Speed Combat: Fusing his Hakuda mastery and Shunpo mastery, Tenge is capable of fighting at extremely high speeds, landing several blows at a time on an object or organism. While only a single hit is seen, perhaps it was 2 or 3 hits simultaneously, or an instant swap of attack to defense. Using this combat style, Tenge is capable of taking out many opponents all at once.
  • Immense Strength: Despite his human structure, Tenge's physical power is immense, beginning to close in on the previous captain of the 7th Division while at it. This is described in the manner where in records, Tenge was shown to rip a Menos' head barehanded. If compared using estimation, Tenge's strength would be on equal terms with one using a mastered Shunko.
  • Enhanced Durability: As a result of being assaulted multiple times when he was younger and by withstanding his Zanpakuto's takeover every single time he uses Bankai, Tenge has shown to be a resilient man. He can withstand many blows and move almost freely even if poison will run through his veins, ignoring pain and instead focusing on the target. Exhaustion doesn't quite affect him as much as it affects regular people as well.
  • Immense Spiritual Power: Being a Captain of the Gotei 13, Tenge boasts an enormous amount of Spiritual Power. He's capable of withstanding the highest of amounts of Spiritual Pressure (namely the Captain Commander) without budging almost at all and maintain usage of his power for an unbelievably long period of time, increasing durability mostly - something he needs to improve.
  • Kido Expert: Though not all Captains show to have this skill, Tenge owns great skill over Kido usage. His current level has been shown to be Destructive Spell 84, with an incantation and Binding Spell 81 without one.
    Taiho: An exclusive Kido spell Tenge developed. Often used as a distraction or a prank, 'Taiho' is an unnamed Hado/Bakudo hybrid-type spell which has its power varied from how much Reiatsu the user currently contains, meaning only on 100% will this technique be at its strongest. It can also be used not just for damage, but also for a smokescreen.
  • Master Swordsman: Being a Captain of the Gotei 13 and relying on Zanpakuto as another source of combat, Tenge is highly skilled in swordsmanship to the point of being able to sheath his sword quickly and return it to the scabbard in an instant, successfully cutting a desired area.
  • Keen Intellect: Although sometimes his words can't be expressed, Tenge has been proven to be a capable man when it comes to his mind abilities. He has been shown to work best when he has to think quickly of a plan in battle, or when he's mostly stressed in other times. He's cunning and resourceful, well updated of the current state in Soul Society and the World of the Living. He excels at math for no special reason, easily managing to solve difficult problems regarding distance, probability or other useful mathematical matters that take place in battles. The only thing stopping him from showing how great his intellect really is, is without a doubt his attitude towards studying.

Bankai Information
This applies to captains only.

Do you want your character to have bankai: Yes.

Bankai Description: The release phrase for the Bankai can be triggered in both Shikai form, and is "Gi, Raijin Fuukugani!!" ("欺, 雷神 風九我鬼", literally translated as "Deceive, Thunder God Fuukugani"). Bankai is absolutely Tenge's last resort in battle, since after a short while of activating Bankai - the Shinigami and his spirit will clash - resulting in Fuukugani taking over the captain's body. The only reason this is happening is because of the two's complete incapability to cooperate with each others' opinions. Therefore, Tenge controls the body for as long as Bankai isn't activated. And because the body shouldn't get too much injuries, Fuukugani takes careful care of it too - deactivating Bankai and allowing the original host to take his place back. Nobody really knows when will this problem be fixed.
Special Ability: Dense Spherical Air. Once Bankai is activated, Tenge doesn't only gain a new weapon and appearance, but also a new automatic ability engulfing him. Around Tenge's body, a large amount of air spins in tremendous speeds to form a huge sphere, mostly dense around the man's body. The wind spins fast enough to be able to alone, chop off a rock only by the user getting close enough to it. The cutting spinning shield also gives the Shinigami a great manner of defense, easily being able to deflect certain attacks directed at him without even moving. She sphere moves along with Tenge, but can also be moved telepathically and its form can change form a sphere to a current, and back to a sphere. This is called 'Infinity Atmosphere', since in this situation nobody can seize control over the sphere except Fuukugani - which takes over Tenge's mind.
Special Technique 1: Sakakou (逆効, literally meaning "Opposite Benefit"). This special technique is simply a variation of the abilities of the Bankai: using the ability to move the spherical air around, Tenge will give his defenses away and throw them to his opponent instead - then decreasing the density within the area to almost nothing. The air current or sphere is locked on a single target area, therefore will move along with the opponent as well - weakening their attacks quite drastically while the captain's power remains the same. In addition, the user also gains a certain immunity to the spinning of the air and can simply cut through it, reaching the target without too much effort. This is simply because Tenge's mind is what's controlling the sphere's movement and shape.
Special Technique 2: Kurogane Hen (黒鋼変, literally meaning "Black Steel Reform"). This ability basically focuses on the blade on Tenge's arm, rather on the spherical air around it. Instead of using the air for strikes, Tenge himself will rush at his opponent with his enhanced strength and speed, supported by the force of the air's density behind. When close to the opponent, what would seem as a miss would actually be a hit - as the blade itself is sort of 'reformed', lengthened. So it would seem to a naked eye, but the truth is - for a second, the captain detaches the blade from his arm if even for a second, only to bring it closer to the opponent and actually bending its form a little to either make it a little thinner and longer, or rounder (as the blade is completely straight). The blade returns to the captain's wrist after touching anything - even if the attack itself misses anyway, or parried/caught. If Tenge was to make fun of this technique, he will most likely shout "Rocket Punch" when shooting his blade and returning it.
Supportive Trait: Physical/Reiatsu Enhancement. Just like all other Bankai, this one as well increases its user's Reiatsu by quite a lot, almost tenfold as stated. But the Bankai's increase in Reiatsu doesn't only increase the sheer pressure, but also balances out Tenge's capabilities. In free Bankai form, he would be able to pull off Destructive Spell 90, for example (obviously being strained later on). His speed increases unbelievably, as well as his physical force. The power to control the weight of objects around him and himself also increases to a degree where the entire area of the air sphere is affected by the density control - while still being able to change shape or move freely.
Presumption: Although hating his spirit, the Shinigami hopes to one day unite with his partner and get to peace terms with him. Only this way, the Bankai's full potential will be released - and the lad would learn to use the technique he dreams of: Hakuteiken.

Bankai Looks: Raijin Fuukugani in his Bankai form appears to be a dark blade growing out of the male's right arm, just on the wrist area above the knuckle - as if a part of Tenge. He gains crimson eyeliners under his eyes and a simple new type of clothing, being a long cape tied to his waist. The cape is black colored as well, almost looking as if his Kosode changed form. Like all regular Bankais, this one as well is enormous in size, that being the almost invisible strong currents of air - all spinning around the captain. The name "Raijin", although having almost nothing to do with electricity, is given due to the speed the sphere spins at, being nearly 'lightning speed'.

History and RP Sample

NOTE: History is written in gaps of human age year, but obviously things take more time. These age years noted are only a way to determine how old Tenge looks at this point, while things take a lot more time.

Most spirits are sent to the Soul Society via the use of Konso, performed by the Shinigami - Death Gods, in charge of sending the spirits to the Soul Society so they could live in peace. In fact, almost every spirit is sent to the Soul Society via any kind of usage of the Zanpakuto - the device the Shinigami use to cleanse the soul so it could pass on easily, whenever it was swallowed by darkness or remained in the world for no particular reason that we should meddle with. A spirit - a Plus that is sent via cleansing is moved from the world of the living to the Soul Society through what appears to be a glowing blue portal, sending the soul somewhere else. When a spirit swallowed by darkness - a Hollow is slashed by the Zanpakuto, its body is freed from darkness and it appears as if shattering down to pieces while actually being sent to that wonderful place. A spirit cleansed with the Zanpakuto or that moved on due to events happening on the living world lives in the Soul Society almost for eternity, happily ever after.

Tenge's story didn't go like that. Tenge was born in the Soul Society.

Born to an abusive father and a tyrant mother in Rukon District 79 - Kusajishi, the childhood of this person was horrible in the fact that every time he did something wrong his parents would scold him either physically or using words until the boy cries and stops to cry as a result of more scolding. He hated the house he lived in and hated the life in that dreadful district, the abusive father caring very less about his family and only using his money so he could gamble more with the other thugs from the district. His mother was a bit more protective about the house, but her tyrant personality didn't allow the small child to live with freedom even for a moment, for when the selfish father went out to 'drink' with the ladies, him and his mother stayed home in charge of chores, the mother trying to teach her child to put up with everything although the hard times. He was in a way miserable, and even as a small child only looking as if 3 years old - he desired to end it all already. But at least with things as they were going, Tenge and his mother got some money from the selfish father so they could live somehow too.

It all became much worse when the father was discovered to have a disease, most likely from all the drinking games he dealt with friends. Great, now a 3-year old (appearing) child and a tyrant mother which went crazy thanks to this one man's death are going to be alone in the world, without any capability to get money: the woman went completely nuts while the boy was simply too young to start working. And without much choice, they had to find a way to survive in Kusajishi - an extremely violent district of Rukon. At first, the mother tried asking people for money, desperately, until she was beat up by the aggressive men of this awful district. Tenge couldn't just sit back and watch as his mother constantly tries to save her only son, trying to do things for his mother as well. He practiced for a long while and eventually managed to do it - he stole money successfully using greater speed than the Rukongai citizen. But glory was short, almost the entire Kusajishi district men went out and chased the little boy after stealing, wearing him off and beating him up later. Being only 5 years old, Tenge was already close to death - away from the Kusajishi district, unaware where he is or what's going to happen to him. Oh well, at least now everything's going to be fine...

While he was half-dead, unconsciousness and constantly losing his life second after second, a certain voice in his mind shouted out loud that he doesn't want to die. He doesn't want to end everything now. He can't die in a place like this, because his mother is working hard enough as it is - seeing her boy that severely injured or even thinking about him disappearing would kill her. Desperate to survive, Tenge developed an alter-ego that controlled his body while his mind was too fragile to survive in the lonely area - but it was only in command for a short time, allowing the boy to crawl a little until some building is seen and then leaving the boy's body to its limits. That alter-ego sounded eerie, evil and manipulative but at that time Tenge knew nothing but those things, growing up with the worst pair of parents he could ask for at the moment, so this looked usual for him. He never imagined to later on discover that alter-ego has his own history as well, sort of.

The next thing Tenge can remember is waking up in a peaceful room with the sunlight reaching his face through the windows and a small candle lighted in the corner of the room. There wasn't much to the area, just that the small child was in a Futon bed, laying on his back with injuries he received all wrapped up in bandages and cloth. He also apparently lost the piece of cloth he called a shirt. When trying to move, the boy figured out he's pretty much unable to move at all, and therefore fell to sleep again. That was when he first made a conversation with his imaginary alter-ego, which said some really nasty things that Tenge couldn't quite agree with. While he heard the voice before, this was the first time he replied to him. Truth is, what happened while he was unconsciousness was actually a small save from the alter-ego, a passenger passing by while the boy 'shouts' to him. The old passenger decided to leave the boy alone, being as a jerk as he is, until the small child said he'll do anything so the man would take care of him. Faith in the boy's words, the old man took the boy in his home.

The old man apparently was an ex-Shinigami, knowing the way of Destructive and Binding spells and looking quite capable. For several years, Tenge lived with the man, searching for information about this socialized identity without any succession - except for one part: a sword was shown to be held at a corner of his house, a katana-looking sword which was pretty worn out and looked like it's been through a lot. When the two began bonding, Tenge was already near his 11 years - only seeing the man working alone without speaking a word to the young child. He simply waited until the 'offspring' will be old enough to understand what and how does this world work, according to the man's ideals of course, and that was simply the following: the jungle rule, the strong ones survive. The child learned the hard way that what's he dealing with is an ex-Shinigami, often making openings on him while trying to make him stronger. Several destructive spells, binding spells and Hakuda attempts all built up the great ability he has - a stronger body with the ability to endure hits and speed capable of running away when a crazy old man like that attacks.

But assaulting the boy wasn't all this man did. Taking responsibility for some reason on the child, the man made sure ever since he took him in to feed him well and serve him a good place to sleep in. After he turned 11, they began speaking to each other on equal terms, the little boy finally feeling as if he belongs somewhere again. All this time he was alone, the old man refusing to even budge when Tenge tried communicating with him, often developing the habit of speaking to himself to keep himself company, or try and befriend whatever's around - yet another failed attempt. He never really realized how big his Reiatsu really was, but the fact he could stand against the old man's continuous Destructive Spell 33 with only a few burn marks at the age of 11 proved him to be quite powerful - not even being an official Shinigami yet. One day, after watching multiple times how does the old man use his spells, Tenge tried practicing alone at night - and for three days straight, he ignored every assault he received from the old man Raftel, and every source that could slow him down, such as exhaustion, tiredness or hunger. Tenge managed to eventually develop his own Kido technique, being just a prank but proving to be extremely useful.

The test was against Raftel. After the very first shot and use of Hakuda, Tenge sent his hands forward and shouted the keywords for his spell. A blue burst of Reiatsu was shot at the old man and he fell to the ground, defeated at last. The spell was actually a small burst of Reiatsu, the child called 'Taiho'. Upon tasting defeat with only 1 strike, after seeing for so long how this boy doesn't want to fight back, Raftel sent Tenge to the Shinigami Academy, so he would become a high-ranking Soul Reaper, probably a seated officer. With joy, Tenge accepted the task the old man he bonded with so much through fighting and through talking gave him. It's odd, Tenge bonded with this man not like a friend but more like a parent during the years they spent together, the boy getting used to the daily assault and the ill food, the conversations the two arranging being quite enjoyable for the boy. And with all the gratefulness, Raftel actually held something he wanted from Tenge to do in return for sending him to be a Shinigami and for taking care of him for so long. Perhaps that's what convinced him to take in the boy.

Tenge's tests results were of certainly high level, despite being only 12 years of age. It's been only a single year (Spirit-wise) for the boy to graduate, easily making it into the seated officer ranks at such a young age. Tenge was assigned to the 6th Division, 4th Seat, the division led by Kuchiki Byakuya. In his first years as a Shinigami, the male was devoted, extremely loyal and tried doing whatever he could in-order to help the division - and from time to time, he returned to Raftel's house to see how is his old man doing. Apparently, Tenge was a skilled Shinigami although being unable to use Shikai quite yet - something that put him a level below Lieutenant level, still wanting to be a 3rd Seat as the task his old 'father' gave him for him was a first priority that comes beyond anything, even if he is fit to be something greater than that. As things were now though, he was disappointed at the fact he only reached 4th Seat. He tried the best he could to improve his skills in-order to move up in the ranks, to get to the rank he always wanted to get to - unfortunately receiving a large surprise.

Two, quite shocking events occurred to Tenge in his 13-14 years. They were unexpected and much less wanted, basically because of the fact things weren't supposed to go that way. On a certain mission involving the pursuit of a wild Hollow nearing his Gillian-class level, Tenge and 2 other Shinigami were sent to hunt down this menace before it gets worse. When arriving on Earth land, the group was surprised to see not a single soul was to be seen - the town they were sent to was completely empty, no sound coming from nowhere and only winds blowing around the garbage paper scattered around. The group split up to search for the Gillian-nearing Hollow, Tenge covering the most space thanks to his skillful Shunpo mastery (an advantage he received from running away from the father so many times, developing Hoho techniques quite greatly). Even so, the group couldn't find anybody in town, not even living humans. Then, one of the group noticed something strange at the top of one of the streetlights.

Although all were shut off, this one was active, lighting the street corner below it. Going to investigate, as soon as he entered the lighted area he vanished. Seeing it to be strange, Tenge and the remaining soldier followed into the light - seeing it as if they were absorbed by the ground itself. The 3 were in a state where they can't move, a purple liquid engulfing them. It was the Hollow's special ability to create illusions, making them believe in a minor illusion that there was nobody in town - even if people tried speaking to them. It all made sense now, their contacts from the Soul Society never said a word to them ever since they moved through the Senkai gate. The Hollow was already at a full Gillian level, achieving Menos Grande level. Even when they were 3, they couldn't stand a chance against this kind of menace - a Menos being a type of Hollow only the higher ranked Shinigami can take care of (especially now, when not even one of them can call upon their Zanpakuto). Tenge had a flash in his eyes just before the Hollow devoured the group, seeing a world of complete darkness on one side and of complete light on the other.

This was no illusion, nor was this caused by Lustra (Hollow's name, was named 'Lustra' because he can create illusions that pretty much 'illustrate' images). There, Tenge saw a single identity: purple skin and a demonic structure, crimson red goat horns and silver hair. The eyes colored in a black filling and a yellow pupil, wearing a long, white kimono that makes him look almost like a ghost. Tenge has seen this already once. Yes, that was the form of his alter ego - also, now figuring out, his Zanpakuto. That form was the result of Tenge's desperation to live, the Zanpakuto name being 'Fuukugani'. Saying he'll lend him his power once if he promises to get stronger and stay alive, Fuukugani revealed itself to the young boy - in the actual battlefield, the Zanpakuto releasing for the first time. The gigantic Shinobi Kunai wasn't just extremely heavy, but also almost impossible to swing. Yet, Lustra was close enough for the ability to work. Tenge doesn't remember what happened after that, but Fuukugani does: the demon took over the boy's body and made the blade light as a feather, his own muscle power as heavy as could be - swinging the blade once, creating a vacuum air wave that sliced the Menos' head.

A year has passed since then and Tenge, 14 years old, mastered the usage of his Shikai. Visiting his old man once more, Raftel apparently had visitors (and insanely fancy-looking ones while at it). A beautiful woman and an old man with a long beard, almost reaching the floor were sitting next to the Shinigami's old man, sipping from their tea glass. Then, the man revealed to his 'child' what the "I'll do whatever you want" part comes off as: being very young, his marriage life was already decided - and Tenge was to marry the girl sitting there right now and quit being a Shinigami. This way, Raftel will have much more money and he could live happily any way he wanted, with all the funds coming from both sides. This was quite a surprise for Tenge, now hating Fuukugani for making him do such a thing - and on the spot, he refused. He wasn't let off too easily though, as a chase opened right away after the escaping boy. This caused quite a large fuss in the Soul Society, making the Gotei 13 try and prevent the bounty from working on the 4th Seat, soon to be a Lieutenant substitute without having any idea so. While being hunted down with the case not closed even today, Tenge continued to serve the Gotei 13 as a 4th seat until his promotion day arrived.

A single day, still on his 14 years, Tenge got a letter specifically from an agent, the letter's containing information about one of the special forces of the Seireitei, the Onmitsukido. Thinking it being perfect for his style of fighting, Tenge gladly came to the area where the 'meeting' was supposed to be held, only to realize later this was all sort of a prank to keep him closed in one area. Obviously, the cover wasn't blown, and several Onmitsukido members were present at the place once the new recruitment arrived, only to realize he has been invited by the 13th Division Captain to be a lieutenant substitute for the while, until they can find a proper lieutenant. Tenge, thinking he'll be reduced in ranks later to 3rd Seat or something, gladly accepted - as well as the invitation to the Onmitsukido Special Forces, agreeing to follow Captain Soi Fon's troops and perhaps learning a thing or two. His Shunpo abilities were already on par with at least a Captain's level anyway, what bad could possibly come from it? So he thought at least, but it turned out that the lieutenant substitute soon got yet another raise in rank shortly after revealing his true abilities and learning the usage of his own Bankai.

Being sent as a lieutenant to a mission in Hueco Mundo itself, a special mission given to him specifically in search for a certain item (a file of documents) stolen from one of the troops attacked by Hollows, presumed to be hiding somewhere in that region. With the man's Shunpo abilities and the low chance of risk thanks to his Shikai, the boy agreed to take the mission and set out as soon as he finished his (perhaps last) Onmitsukido training. Strangely, there was no one in that place, not a single hollow in sight. Perhaps the file was hidden somewhere under the ground? And thus, using his abilities, Tenge threw his sword after releasing it in its full weight down to the ground with the tip of the blade facing the ground, piercing a hole in the sand and quickly ducking in - only to figure out he's completely surrounded by Menos Grande. Gillian, Adjuchas, and hundreds of them while at it. Seeing a Shinigami enter their territory didn't make them feel good at all, and with his experience in fighting Menos the size of Gillian only - Tenge underestimated the Adjuchas-class Menos and was utterly wounded, near being devoured once again. That was when the boy lost his consciousness completely, and Fuukugani took over.

The Shinigami woke up in his own home with his 'fiancee' waiting for his recovery, sitting right next to him. Upon seeing her and knowing perhaps he was caught, Tenge quickly ran out of the house, then seeing how injured he really is - collapsing to the floor the moment he exited to the outside, bumping into his old master - Byakuya Kuchiki. Perhaps out of fear or shame, the boy stood up as quickly as he could, greeting the Captain with a nice, usual and formal 'good morning, Captain Kuchiki'. Escaping the woman and her angry father, as well as his own angry father had to come after the person passed him, and just became incredibly easy as a letter arrived at his door thanks to the identity's passing. Tenge was summoned to the 1st Division Squad House, to see the Captain Commander herself. There, accompanied by the Captain Commander, to sum things up, the boy was ordered by the Central 46 to be one of the 13 Court Guard Squads' Captains, specifically the 7th Division. At this point, the blue haired Shinigami realized he will never be a 3rd Seat, unfortunately. As devoted and loyal as he is though, he tried talking his way out of this - trying to remain as at least Lieutenant Substitute of the 13th Division but to no avail: the Central 46's words were more powerful and he eventually accepted the task.

Ever since then, for the past years until today, Tenge was leading the 7th Division as Captain and a member of the Onmitsukido. He has never been to a noble family and yet has learned several techniques only several Shinigami can perform - just by looking at them. He was to be tested as a boy genius, although becoming Captain and nearing his adult years. He currently awaits the day the marriage deal will come off, simply by looking for a bride himself. In such a desperate situation, even a husband might do.

RP Sample: Don't hate me please. The following sample was taken from a thread (unfortunately never ended) in a certain Pokemon RPG the site has recently asked to affiliate with.
He let out a sigh as he just recently woke up, feeling a bit cold from this night. Sleeping outside is no easy deal, especially when you're continuously moving whenever you want to or not - in this case, the will swings towards the "want to" part. Gazing at the sky while waiting for the 'train' to reach its next 'stop' could have lasted forever, but the man had to jump off the vehicle at some point. It is possible the drivers don't really know they have a stranger on board, under all that luggage carried on the back of the truck. Seems like hitch-hiking really is the best way to travel, except that you don't know where you're heading. Or if it's safe. Or if you might get your 'pride' revealed any second. But other than that, it's completely cool.

Jacques' destination was anywhere where he could get a good enough kick for a start, beginning his journey to be a Pokemon Trainer with the right foot properly instead of on his face. The earlier night, walking around - still nearly starving only because the latest meal wasn't enough and was 2 hours ago, the man could spot a certain truck parking along the side of the road. In a large series of unlucky events, the ending was this one truck with the large enough luggage to hide at least 3 persons inside. Not thinking twice, he made his way swiftly to the back of the vehicle and somehow squeezed inside without making too much noise - unaware that people are still in the front, driver seats.

Eventually, Jack could spot a sign at the middle of the road showing the entrance to a place called 'Seashell Town'. Probably some town with a famous zone inside, like a star's crater or a Pokemon farm, but who knows - it's not like he's fond of Magnolia or anything. Also a reason to hitch-hike, seeing the unknown. Soon, the truck stopped near a house on what appeared to be a small ridge, like several cliffs around. The house was near the road enough for a parking to take place right near the house and still be considered on the road. It wasn't isolated, but still a bit far away from the town's sign the car just passed.

"Alright man, get out." After several sounds of the vehicle's engine stopping and a door opening, a big man with a beer gut and a hat lifted a small part of the luggage to reveal the hitch-hiker that just hopped in without thinking twice. They knew for quite a time he was there, the man only being able to smile stupidly and make his way out of the truck's back. "... Well, uhh... Thank you for the ride I guess." The man glared at Jack, throwing towards him a small part of the stuff packed, the same stuff he was 'buried' under. It was obvious, and without asking - the 15 year old boy began working. He was going to pay the driver and his partner, yet to be seen, by helping them carry the weight. The destination was no other place than the house they just stopped near, with the young teenager having not the slightest idea this place could be the start of his long journey.

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Bump. Sorry for spam.
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Approved -eyes bleeds-
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PostSubject: Re: Sashinga Tenge   Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:38 pm

I'm not trying step on your toes Heishi, but this isn't approved. His zanapkuto has a few issues that need to be fixed.

~I'm all for your shikai having an alternate form, but it can't be a totally different power. So either go with the gravity control or the ground spikes.

~Your Bankai also has some issues, I'm not getting how spinning air gives you lighting strikes. I'm also not getting how you get a Bankai dealing with air and your shikai deals with ground spikes or gravity control.
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PostSubject: Re: Sashinga Tenge   Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:44 am

I'd like to point out in response, Nishi...

~Shikais has been seen to use several abilities. An alternative form with a different type of power would probably make sense, simply because it's alternative. How about I make gravity reverse in 1 area, thus creating the ground spike effect?
Yeah, been scouting and saw people controlling several Elements - that aren't quite the same. Therefore.
(Last excuse: Tousen's sound-dealing abilities also has one that grows many blades. Can I have a different ability too please? :P)~

~As for Bankai, see first example: Soi Fon. Her Shikai is deadly poison while her Bankai is a freaking rocket. Am I the only one that can't see the full connection? XD
Second example: Ichigo. While his Shikai seems to be only brute force or Reiatsu boost or whatever, his Bankai enhances speed and his abilities with darker colored Reiatsu.
Basically, I'm a freak of wind-type abilities, that's why the air currents were inserted. So see for it too, gravity control is active in the entire spherical area = enhancing the Shikai ability and adding an extra.
As for static, it's not created by the air current - but engulfing it instead. Sort of like a layer on a layer.

Hope that would be enough... ^^"~
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Byakuya Kuchiki

PostSubject: Re: Sashinga Tenge   Wed Mar 23, 2011 3:47 pm

I'm going to wait and see if Nishi thinks this is acceptable, but in the mean time, would you like a certain rank in the Onmitsukido? Which Onmitsukido division would you like to be in?


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Tomorrow was too late
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~You are correct in the fact that Shikai's have been seen to use different abilities, but those different abilities were lesser or more powerful forms of their original ability. I'll use your example of Tousen.

Benihikō which is the ability you are referring too is not an ability at all even though they classify it as one. Benihikō is actually a technique or would be classified a technique in an RP. His actually ability is the sense control which becomes even more evident when he enters bankai. In Shikai Tousen uses sound a sense to knock his opponent out. In Bankai he takes over all the senses except touch cause he wants you to feel the pain. The point of this was his Zanpakuto even though it may seem like it has 2 abilities only has one. And that one ability stays the same just gets better in Bankai.

It was told to us the readers and watchers that Bankai is the true form of a shinigami's zanpakuto and powers. How can you have a true form or power if you have multiple things as a power?

If you reverse gravity in one area its not going cause spikes to rise from the ground. It's going cause you and everyone around you to float. Not only that but you can't control the gravity of an area. What you stated above was you could control the gravity of an object or yourself. And actually your power has nothing to do with gravity at all. Your power is really to change and alter the density of items because gravity doesn't actually control how light or heavy something is density does.

You could make it an attack. Example: you change the density of you of you fist making it really heavy. You then slam your fist to the ground causing spikes to rise and attack your opponent.

~ SoiFon's shikai does deal with poison but the main thing with the poison is death in two strikes. If she onlt hits you once your good but if she hits again in the same spot you die. Her Bankai is basically a bigger version of this ability. If SoiFon had fought against any other espada and used her Bankai she would have one hit killed them which is what her Bankai is suppose to do, but because she fought Baraggan and his power to age everything around him it looked liked she failed.

Ichigo is not the best person to use as an example because he is the main character and is therefore unaffected by the laws of what should actually happen. But i'll use him as an example.

His Shikai doesn't grant him brute strength or a reiatsu boost. In the first episode and all throughout the first season it was noted that Ichigo had an abnormally large reiastu especially for human so he always had a reiatsu boost. His strength came from training and that large reiatsu. Ichigo's Zanpakuto abilities have nothing to do with those two things.

Ichigo's Shikai only grants him one ability and thats Getsuga Tenshō which would actually be clarified as a technique. You're right his Bankai does increase his speed, but again his Bankai only has one ability and thats the enhanced black Getsuga Tenshō.

There are so many examples I could give of shinigami whose Shikai are just a watered down version of their Bankai, but it's take too long. If you which to keep things as they are then I'd suggest going with the density thing and turning the other stuff into techniques.
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... O__O"

I know when I'm beat (utterly). Sorry for trying to excuse this out.


Also, I'd like to be in the Executive Militia.
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PostSubject: Re: Sashinga Tenge   Thu Mar 24, 2011 12:36 pm

~You still have the ground spikes as an alternate form instead of a technique. A technique has usage limits.

~Your bankai still has the other abilities. if your going go with the density control in Shikai then stick with it in Bankai. The air thing could possible work but thats a stretch, but the electricity can't work.

This is what my mind registers when I read you Bankai. You basically gain two additional elements: an air sphere surrounded by electricity. this by itself isn't bad, but its the fact that your Shikai deals with density, so im not understanding how your Bankai deals with air and electricity. If you really want your Bankai then change your Shikai to minor air control instead of density.
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PostSubject: Re: Sashinga Tenge   Thu Mar 24, 2011 5:23 pm


Fixed again.
Thanks for bothering to help, I appreciate it. ^^"
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You still haven't picked one power.
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PostSubject: Re: Sashinga Tenge   Fri Mar 25, 2011 6:04 am

I've decided to use Air and Density, instead of Air, Thunder and Density.

There are Zanpakuto that control other types of elements (Wind/Ice) (Water/Ice)...
I'd suppose that's not alright, although "The air thing could possible work but thats a stretch", so requesting please.
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Because you''ve been open to everything I have suggested I'm going go ahead and trust that you won't be cheap. Please don't have me regret my decision.

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Good profile, sorry for delay.

Power Level: B-2
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Sashinga Tenge
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