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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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    Basic Information

    Name: Zouma Kousaru Zanteku

    Actual Age: 480

    Appeared Age: 19

    Gender: No determination can be precise; But his feminine stature deviates the assumption of male, but he is indeed considered himself; Male.

    Appearance: When one looks at Zouma Kousaru, the very first figure seen is someone that is powerful. Zouma Kousaru, by all appearances, looks extremely strong. Every little detail of him is crazy strong. From the hair to the eyes, from the clothing to the body type, from the hands to the numerous scars and tattoos on his body. Zouma Kousaru is the absolute pinnacle of a man that looks strong. When one looks at him, underestimating his power is impossible. He is simply too strong in looks, and even in reality, for anyone to dare to underestimate him. The very first noticeable part of Zouma is the eyes. His eyes are deathly crimson, and gaze out at adversaries with apparent coldness, an icy torrent that hits enemies like a sudden blizzard. Just looking into Zouma's eyes is enough to release fear into an enemy. The look is of someone that has been through immeasurable pain, that has developed hatred and anger, negative emotions in a storm of feelings unlike anything that anyone has ever seen before.The feeling is otherworldly, cold, powerful. The eyes really do belong to someone that has been to Hell and returned from it. Zouma's eyes inspire such fear in people, that just looking into them really can cause an immobilization at times. It comes also with some arrogance in the eyes, since, after all, Zouma is rather cocky due to the fact that he is very powerful. His strength is not something to be taken lightly, that much is said already by his eyes, which can never be forgotten once they are gazed into.

    His hair is something that has changed over the years. Before, it was a medium length, unruly style which had the hair drop to the first circular bone in his neck, marking the beginning of the spine, the first notch. Now, he has cropped it. It's a long, spiky emo bang. Still white. Put simply, he shortened it for battle purposes. For the purpose of killing. Zouma's body is also in utmost good shape, unbelievably athletic. Whereas before it was still very athletic, it has come to the point where it truly is an unbelievable phenomenon to behold when one looks at his body. It is a pale toning, with only a slight tan. But, this is enough to still make it very attractive. It glistens, since Zouma shaved off most of his torso hair and leg hair. The only hair really on his body are the crotch area pubes, and the hair on his head and face, though he cannot grow a beard, or even stubble. His muscles are very well toned, and very, very tight. They are tight, and a medium size. He trained to constrict them so that his appearance wouldn't be overly bulky, and he is broad shouldered on top of that. Zouma has the appearance of a middle class body builder, though his muscles are much tighter than one. His arms and legs are solid like steel, or beyond steel even, some would compare it to diamond. His eight pack can take one hundred punches before he grows tired of the hitting, and his back is well exercised, as are his hands and feet.

    Moving to the hands and feet, these are quite odd. The feet are perfectly normal, it is the hands which are odd. On the right hand, Zouma's hand is totally normal except for the lines on his hand. Most people, on the right hand, have a 'VI", roman numeral six created by the lines. But Zouma has an "XIII", the roman numeral for 13. It isn't certain why he has this, but in no way is it good for his foes. It signifies his hellish attributes, signifying also that Zouma has developed powers directly from Hell. The left hand doesn't have the "IV" pattern that most have, which is the roman numeral for 4. Instead, Zouma has an "IX", the roman numeral which signifies the number 9. Zouma isn't certain why it is this way, but he believes that it is because he was in hell, and so his hands have changed, his whole body has changed, and become otherworldly, completely demonic. It is something that doesn't scare him in the least, because he has grown used to it, accustomed to his vast stores of power. The markings and scars on his body, the tattoos, all tell a story. Zouma is not one that gets injured too often, and most of his scars are from training rather than battles. However, one battle scar that he does indeed have is a wide gash across his back, inflicted by a slashing chain whip when he battled his rival at the Shinigami Academy. The scar is something that has been left on Zouma for the rest of his life, and left an impression on him as well. This is accompanied by six very minor scars on his back, two on his chest, and a few on his left leg. All in all, not too many scars.

    There is a black ink tattoo over Zouma's heart, however. The tattoo is a circular swirl, and contained in it is the number 6. This tattoo was imbued on Zouma only recently, as a result of some very harsh training that he had to undergo. It is something that he despised going through, and it isn't something that he would want to go through again. The tattoo glows white whenever Zouma activates his Shikai/Bankai, or his Maks/Ressurection. It never disappears or changes other than the glow, ever. Zouma's outfit is the next thing. He has changed it up only slightly in coming years. His pants are long, smooth black skinny, fancy type. This is very comfortable to Zouma in battle, and it goes well with his shiny black boot. They are actually sneakers, but there is some kind of permanent illusion over them which makes them appear to be dress shoes. Zouma's lower half clothing is of course a full black, because black is his style when it comes to clothes.The upper body clothing is also black. He wears a very dark black t-shirt, which tightly reveals his muscularity on his body. Over this, he wears an unzipped, long sleeve, pointed collar black coat. The coat tail reaches down to the joints of his legs, and it is made of what appears to be leather. It is adorned with several square type runic lines running across it in a silver etching pattern. Overall, it is a very dramatic outfit and look that Zouma boasts, which really shows just how strong he is. And also a black trench coats with a greenish vest on it.

    Personal Information

    Dislikes: ( Having no interest of liking anything.)
    1. Weakness - Zouma dislikes weakness of all kinds. This is just one big dislike, which branches off into several sub dislikes. Out of everything that Zouma hates in people, weakness is probably the biggest one of all. It is weakness which makes people so very pitiful, which makes them perform some of the most hated things of all time.

    2. Predictability - What good is a predictable enemy? They die in a little under six seconds, without ever posing any threat. It isn't that Zouma likes threats, it's that he hates when things are far too boring. If it becomes routine to cut down a group of foes with ease, then it is far, far too easy, and too lame.

    3. Lack of control - If an enemy can't control their own power, then what good are they? Suppressing and killing an out of control enemy or even an ally is simple enough, but it's a hassle, a pain. It's a pure demonstration of just how weak many people are in the long run of things.

    4. Lack of emotional control - This is one of the larger ones. When people can't even tame and command their own emotions, they become the tool, the subject, the slave of their own emotional state. Emotions can be used to aid in battle, but not as the slave. The emotions are the tool, not the commander.

    5. Slow or weak allies - If an ally is too slow or too weak, then what good are they? If all they can do is hold you back, they're no good. Zouma saves his comrades yes, he likes his comrades yes, but he dislikes when they are weak, and slow him down. Luckily, he has no comrades like that.

    6. Rain - It reminds him of many things, many things that he doesn't want to remember, and many things that he flat out hates. With Zouma, it is rather simple. He hates rain, and it brings out his more negative emotions, makes him use his anger, and his hate in battle even more.

    7. Noon - It isn't that he dislikes the time in general, he just dislikes that the sun is highest in the sky. Zouma's greatest powers work at night, not in the day. Though his powers during the daytime at great, Zouma's powers in the night are even greater. And so, he despises when the sun is strongest, as it doesn't allow him to bring out his greatest strengths.

    8. Crowded places - Zouma hates being in crowded places. He wants to be in solitary places, to be left alone. Unfortunately, he oftentimes isn't, and this is why he hates crowds. Another thing he learned that he hates throughout his experience in the human world, elevators. He hates elevators, especially under one particular circumstance.

    9. Elevators filled with fat people - Why the hell are there so many fatasses in an elevator? Why the hell are they crushing all the non fatties? Who knows?! It's just that fat people in an elevator suck, and Zouma hates it when they are in the elevator. He wants to kill all fat people that dare to occupy elevators.

    10. Lack of knowledge - Zouma hates not knowing things. If he doesn't know something, he hates it automatically, no questions asked. He will beat anyone he sees fit to into submission until he learns what they know that he doesn't know, and he isn't too modest about the beating either.

    11. Technological advancements - Zouma is a fan of technology, but he hates the arrogance that comes with technology. People are misguided in their belief that their new, more advanced weapon or spell or tool, will grant them victory. In reality, it is the one behind the weapon, not the weapon itself.

    12. Misguided Arrogance - Zouma can't really hate arrogance, because he himself is incredibly arrogant. But, he hates arrogance that is misguided and totally can't be backed up. If someone is too weak or pitiful to back up their own cockiness, or if they act cocky without first gauging their foe, then what the hell are they doing?

    13. Oceans - It's just water for hundreds to thousands of miles all around! There's nothing cool or exciting at all, just water! Worst of all, there are countless evil evil creatures lurking in water for Zouma to fend off. Evade the ocean? Yes, any day! The ocean sucks, who needs that?

    14. Giant monsters or enemies - Really gigantic enemies suck. Why? Because they take so many hits to kill. It's a slow, boring, and irritating process. Especially when all they have is brute strength, and all it takes is an hour of landing small hits. It really is just a waste of time to face enemies like that.

    15. Suffering - Zouma hates suffering because he's suffered enough as it is. He's tired of suffering, he's tired of feeling pain. He will never suffer again, he will never be the victim again. Zouma will always be the strong one, the one looking down on the weak, forever.

    16. Naive Preaching - People who are so naive that they don't even realize what a rut the world is, they're idiots. Zouma hates hearing them talk about the potential for good that humanity has, that people have. He hates hearing them talk about the things that are apparently bad. They don't know what they're talking about, plain and simple.

    17. People who talk too much - Why can't they just shut up once in a while? If they talk too much, it means they're just ADHD faggots in Zouma's mind. If they would just shut up, that would be a lot better.

    18. Loneliness - Why does Zouma hate this? Because he went through it for a long time, well over a century. For a long time, the only companions that he had were the corpses of those that he slaughtered, the corpses of the predators that he had to eat, that he had to kill.

    19. Recklessness - People that charge in recklessly without gauging first their own power, and then the other person's power. What good are they? What good is someone if they just get killed right off the bat? It's so pointless to have them around, and Zouma would just finish them if he learned how weak some of them are.

    20. Fear - Why do people have to be afraid? It immobilizes them, makes them weak. To be enslaved by fear is the ultimate weakness, the ultimate lack of power. In Zouma's damning eyes, anyone that is subject and slave to their own fear, is nothing but a pitiful worm.

    21. High ranks - They think they're so strong, they think they can't be beaten by an outcast like Zouma. They think they're tough just because they rank high. Well that's useless. If they're weaker than him, they're weaker than him, and that's all there is to it.

    22. Slow music - It drives Zouma crazy. He will destroy any source of slow music that he hears, because he just can't stand it. If it moves too slowly, it's dull and dreary and annoying like a buzzing fly. Music should have a nice, normal to fast pace.

    23. Soul Society - Zouma hates Soul Society, particularly Seireitei. It is because they cast him out. It was as a matter of events beyond his control, and they outcasted him for it! He had to leave them, he was forced out. They tried to kill him even, they would have killed him if not for his power. And...they slaughtered not just his Shinigami comrades, but some of his Vizard comrades as well...

    24. The Captain Commander - This is the man that Zouma blames for everything that happened to him. He was forced out of Soul Society, he became an outcast, and many of his comrades died. All at the whim of the Captain Commander, all by his orders, all by his command. This is the object of all of Zouma's hatred, this man, whom he has sworn to kill even if it costs him his life.

    25. Sweets - Zouma just hates sweets. They don't taste good at all to him. He can't stand them, plain and simple. He just doesn't like sweets, and so nobody can make him eat them.


    Personality: When it comes down to it, Zouma is a very negative person. He is based fully around the various ways that he has been corrupted. His love for his comrades, his arrogance, his anger, his hatred, his urge for revenge, his need for power, and most of all, his bitterness. Zouma is in no way a man that can be socialized with anymore, he has already gone past the brink. He has become a man torrent of nothing but pure hate, of nothing but negativity. And so, nobody can dare try to befriend Zouma at this point. Only his fellow Vizards can try to reason with him.

    A few years ago, Zouma loved and cherished his comrades above all else, above anything. Even when he returned from Hell, even when he was cast out of Soul Society, that did not change. His hatred and anger and rage, his bitterness and inner darkness, these did not overlap his love for his comrades. He was contented to forgive and forget as long as he had his comrades, as long as Zouma could continue to live with his comrades, to be happy with them. But, alas. With changing times, with changing circumstances, Zouma was brought to a scenario where he became consumed by his corruption.

    Now, Zouma doesn't care. His mind has become twisted by darkness. He still cares for his comrades, but his caring is slowly diminishing. Soon, there will come a time when he will no longer consider them needed, and will abandon them if they become unnecessary burdens, if they become weak or useless. Zouma's negative colors bind him now, they have sucked him in, they have made it so that he can only follow them now, can only follow the darkness, and the path of evil that he has been led through.

    Arrogance. Zouma didn't have much of this back a few years ago. He was confident, with only a little bit of hubris, a chip off of the whole wall. It came because he was strong, and didn't fail missions. He wanted to put up a strong front in addition to that, to give his comrades some good emotions too, to have them feel positive when in battle with him. In tough situations, they got hope. In seemingly impossible odds, they had the will to continue on, to press forward.

    But now, his arrogance really has taken root. Zouma is cocky, he knows that enemies are weaker than he is. They're not strong compared to him at all, and so he doesn't have to worry about any adversaries whatsoever. In the long run, they're nothing but worthless animals, pitiful little maggots to his power. Zouma really doesn't see any way that he can truly be beaten. He is strong, that is that. He is powerful enough to accomplish any of his goals, to defeat enemies, to win and destroy.

    Anger, this is something that Zouma used well, always. He didn't always use it during battle of course, but he still used it during battle sometimes. He never used it outside of battle, and he still never uses it outside of battle. Battle is where anger truly belongs. The anger is something that assisted, and still assists Zouma in battle. It is a fine point tool, sharpened and readied for battle. It is used merely to increase his aggression, to make him seem stronger, faster, when really his style is all that has really changed.

    Before, Zouma did not let his hatred get to him, he did not allow it to consume him. But now, he has allowed it to twist his mind. Before, Zouma held his hatred back, kept it in check even during battle. Even in the fiercest of times. Zouma has become strong, and was strong even when he had less control. Before, Zouma feard his hatred, however. It was something that made him a darker person, completely dark, and stopped his care for his comrades, which were most precious to him.

    But now, Zouma is totally overrun by his own hatred. He is corrupt, twisted, and evil. His care for his comrades has gone down, almost completely disappeared now. His hatred is a tool just like his anger is, but much stronger, much darker. It isn't something to be taken lightly when one fights Zouma. His anger cannot be outmatched easily, and his hatred seems to make him unbeatable, invincible, godlike.

    Not too long ago, Zouma did not really care about his revenge. Sure, he wanted the revenge, but his love for his comrades kept him from seeking it, from going after the prize that would mean the death of the Captain Commander, maybe even the death of Seireitei, of Soul Society. Zouma was happy with the Vizards, and he was contented to just stay with them and live out his life. Unfortunately, he was corrupted by the darkness, and so even this aspect of Zouma changed completely.

    His hatred became far more dominant. Now, he is a torrent of revenge. His revenge must be exacted, he wants to exact it. He lost some comrades, and now his revenge is one of the largest and most important things on his mind. There is really no substitute, no comparison. Zouma wants to exact his revenge, and he wants to kill Seireitei, to bitterly punish and destroy all of the Shinigami, especially the Captain Commander, and even the central 46.

    Power. Before, Zouma didn't really care about power. He was just strong on his own merits. He didn't give a shit about needing power. He was with his friends the Vizards, and that was enough, he didn't need anything else to be happy, to survive. But then, tragedy struck, and some of those comrades died, just like others that Soul Society, and the Captain Commander, had taken from him, had taken from Zouma. And, with this, Zouma became more and more entangled. He became more entangled in a need for power. To accomplish his newfound goals, power was required

    Zouma needed that power, desperately. It was just one thing that he couldn't stand not having anymore. If he wanted to stop being victimized, if he wanted to get his revenge, he had to get more power than he already had. He was already pretty strong, but he had to get even stronger. Zouma really is the peak of wanting power by now. Power is everything to him now. Nothing matters more than power, and more than his revenge. Zouma will destroy anyone in his way, destroy anyone that he has to in order to both obtain power, and use that power to exact his revenge.

    Bitterness. Zouma is the last person that people would ever imagine to come out bitter. And yet, here he is. Zouma has become bitter. Bitter about his entire life. His earliest memory dates back to the human world, to his human family being destroyed by a hollow,. More of his memories date back to having and loving friends in Rukongai, only for them to be eaten by a hollow. Then, Soul Society. He made comrades, and became a Captain. He went through an incident, and came back. His friends were killed for it. And then with the vizards, more friends were killed. Zouma is bitter, hateful, angry. And, he has come to a realization. It isn't just Shinigami that he hates, but Hollows as well. He will destroy both Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, for that is his goal. Zouma Kousaru, the Vizard Leader, will overcome all odds, all obstacles, and destroy both, completely wreck them!

    Despite all of this, Zouma has a firm understanding of the world around him, of how it works, of the way everything runs and the way everything is. He understands the concepts of love, justice, hatred, war, humanity, what it is to be alive, what it is to be human, what it is to be good or evil. Zouma understands these things, and holds a negative viewpoint about the world and its humanity. Beyond his own revenge, beyond the vengeance he wishes to take on, Zouma has one more wish, a wish that he will accomplish under all circumstances. Zouma wishes to change the world, and erase this feeling of hatred forever.

    Sexual Orientation:

    Relationship Status: In spite of his spontaneous frenzies which obliterates vicinities proximate to his influence; He is concerned and often exhibits anxieties of the members of; The Kindred of Vizard and doesn't hesitate to interact with the fraternity of abominations. This speculation may be abstracted as a fraction of the desire to gain "Power" to protect; Like his relative counter part; "The Madness of Vizard"; Which details the striving for power to safeguard what you cherish, even if the cost is grave.

    Mask Information

    Name: Revolucion Ken'O

    Manifestation: The ultimate form of Zouma's power. His skin turns deathly white, and black flame patterns form all across his arms and legs. His muscularity tightens even more, and black fur forms on his feet, which become clawed. His hands also become clawed, and his mask becomes his entire head, sealing itself there as long horns elongate, growing out of his head. His eyes become a solid black, with the iris being gold, and the pupils being black. His mask mouth becomes the used mouth, and on his wrists, black fur forms. Large wings of black fire materialize on his back, and spikes form on his shoulders. It's a truly ultimate form, one that should never even dare be messed with. Nobody will ever survive such a powerful figure as Zouma if they face this wrathful form, if they face his Ressurection, which is known as Revolucion Ken'O.

    Unique Ability: The wings are able to extend, to burn, to incinerate enemies. Also, the stats that Zouma possesses magnify. His aggression augments almost naturally, almost as if he is completely unable to stop the aggression from magnifying. He is really someone that that has truly become one with his inner hollow when it comes to this power. He is very hollow-like, aggressive. He doesn't show any mercy. It is also very typical of his powers to belong to his hollow, for they are what the hollow would use to eradicate foes. Other than controlling those wings, and having massively powerful stats, there is one last ability to go with the Ressurection. He is able of generating darkness over his palms, which form large spiraling blasts that can be controlled. They do not end until the user wants them to. They are simply there to consume, and to utterly destroy every last bit of the enemy.

    Hollow Mask Appearance:

    Vehemently Vizard ( W.I.P ) KenO

    Duration: 2-3 Hours coherently the maximum time of his mask.

    Zanpakuto Information

    Zanpakuto Name: Shinsei Inryoku

    Zanpakuto Looks: Shinsei Inryoku resembles a honjo masamune, an elegantly forged, high durability, and extremely sharp katana that has a blade length of at least 45-inches long. The sword is a very custom type Katana. It has a completely straight, black metal hilt. The hilt can accommodate a two handed grip, but it's better suited for a one handed grip, perfect for Zouma's style. It has two white lines over the hilt, just for decoration. It doesn't have any cloth or anything like that wrapped around it, and no bottom decoration. The hilt is perfect for the custom grip that Zouma employs, which allows him quicker, smoother, more efficient slashes. The blade is long, and black as well. It cannot glint, making it perfect for a battle at night, very stealthy. The blade is particularly sharp even for a katana, capable of cutting through bone like butter. It is 80 CM in length, an average length. This katana is particularly good for a long term battle.

    It is built in the assumption that a battle will be long and drawn out. Zouma will actually be using Shikai or Bankai or even his Vizard powers in a long, drawn out battle, but he fashioned the blade for long fights anyway, just in case. It's better to be prepared, better to be safe than sorry. The handle is expertly wrapped in black dragon's beard, deftly patterned to produce the signature diamond patterns on the handle. Handle base has a white color, which allows the emphasis on the diamond patterns. The dragon's beard coils from the top of the handle, touching the Tsuba, all the way down to the pommel, where it is capped off by an obsidian pommel-cap. The pommel-cap's surface bottom has the kanji for "Destruction", written and embossed with a layer of black strokes.

    Zanpakuto Description:

    Released Zanpakuto Description: Zouma runs two fingers across the flat of the blade, drawing it over as he whispers "Avenge...Tenkai." And as his fingers run across the blade, it glows blue. Once he has finished, the blade is left in a completely blue glow. In glowing red, symbols form on the glowing blue. The blade is very ominous in appearance, and it's a very powerful blade anyway. There are all sorts of hieroglyphs on the blade, and that's what the sword looks like. The hieroglyphs are very, very odd.

    There are markings all over the blade in decoration. 12 in total on each side. On one side, the markings are in a dim gold, on the other, in a bright silver. Though both are highlighted by the red. The gold markings go in this order, from top to bottom of the blade. First, there is a squiggly line. This represents courage, or something along those lines. The second is a square with four dots inside of it, and a bunch of spikes on the outside, to represent life, painful chances. The third symbol is a tarantula outline, the representation is probably venom or something along those lines. The fourth symbol is a pig with horns, and wings. A devil and angel in one, most likely. The fifth symbol is a rabbit, a pure, innocent rabbit, surrounded by the sun. Not sure what that represents. The sixth symbol is rather fun, it's a large whirlpool type thing, like what would appear on a map if someone charted a whirlpool. It's to represent chaos, most likely. The symbols all have random meanings, nonrelated most of them. Such as the seventh symbol! This is a falcon. What does the falcon stand for? No idea. The eighth symbol, ironically, is the number 8, but in a more ancient term, and with some kanji as well around it to form SEVERAL number eights. The ninth symbol is a wheel barrel. Representation? Unknown. Really, Zouma himself hasn't even deciphered all of the symbols. The tenth symbol is a piano. This represents music, something that he loves. The eleventh symbol is the number 12. Why? No idea. The 12th symbol is three squiggly lines, representing a river probably. The flow of life maybe?

    On to the silver symbols! The first of these is a crossbow with a flaming sword in it, and directly next to that, the second symbol, is a sinking ship beneath a crescent moon and surrounded in a gigantic galaxy-type symbol with suns all around it. Together and paired, they represent destruction, and abstractness as a couple. Next off, there comes the third symbol. The third symbol is rather special, for it appears only at night, and when it appears, it glows red, but the glow is visible only to the user. It's just a simple X. The fourth symbol is a full moon. Representation? Well, it probably flat out represents the full moon. What else is there to represent? The fifth symbol is a dragon coiled all around itself to form a sort of galaxy or universe type image. The sixth symbol is a remote control. What does this mean? Well, it means technology has a symbolic existence too. As for the seventh symbol, this is a hollow's mask. The eighth symbol, ninth symbol, and tenth symbol are all hollow masks as well, but all three of the masks are strikingly different. It isn't certain what they all mean, or why they're there, they just are. The eleventh symbol is an elephant. It elephant. There's really no other meaning to an elephant than an elephant, except maybe silence since elephants take soft steps, but in that case the symbol would be a blank space. The twelfth and final symbol of the silver side is what appears to be a diamond. It may represent beauty? The sword DOES look pretty good.

    In shikai, he also gets a new outfit. His previous outfit is replaced with a long-sleeved, ankle-length white coat (or shikakushō) with black lining that is closed at his chest, then left to flare out into ragged ends.

    Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Avenge, Tenkai/Bankai. Tenkai Kyuushuu.

    Released Zanpakuto Looks: Day Phase:

    A dark, grim outfit is given to Zouma now. His Shikai outfit changes to become black, and his hair becomes white, as do his eyes. His skin tans slightly, though remaining a good amount of pale, and his sword changes to become white. The glow is no longer there, and the symbols remain. The symbols however, have swapped sides. What is significantly odd is that in Bankai, Zouma's hair grows back out to an unruly and medium length, which is the way it was styled before his change.

    The aura that he emits is calm, controlled. It is a strong, and powerful aura. This is something that doesn't go away no matter how long he fights. It's quite odd, but at the same time quite normal for someone like Zouma. It is just that his enemies will be completely annihilated once they start facing him.

    There's a thin red silk ribbon tied around Zouma's right wrist, though nobody but Zouma himself actually knows what that is. It's something that has to do with his past, which is what it represents. Zouma's ribbon also seems to elongate based on his increasing strength, eventually coming to coil around the arm.

    Night Phase:

    Zouma's outfit remains black, except that now his hair also turns black. In addition to this, his skin turns some kind of odd chalky gray, and an evil, sinister aura comes from his zanpakutou, emanating from the power that he releases. His eyes glow a deep, dark red. The string that's supposed to be around his wrist is black rather than red, and shadows surround his body. It's not just from this, but from the sword's change in appearance also.

    A guard forms on this one, with five sharp prongs pointing upwards, and the blade elongating by two full inches. The markings glow a deep crimson, the gold and silver colors disappearing just like that. It's around this time, that one can really see Zouma's power. He is evil. Absolutely evil. There's nothing about Zouma that doesn't scream evil when he uses his bankai in night phase.

    History and RP sample

    History: ouma knelt in front of all of The Captains of The Gotei Thirteen as a young girl placed a white robe over him. "Zouma Santeku. Your Captain has stepped down, and we present to you this honor, the honor of becoming the Captain of Squad 5." Zouma stood up after thanking her, and took his place in the two parallel rows.

    Zouma was surrounded by his comrades of Squad 5, his blade was drawn. They were hacking at hollows. Rein, Udon, and Kuroi were all aiding in this, along with the new Vice Captain. "Vice Captain Rohi!" Zouma shouted, "Good work!" They dispatched many hollows, some being adjuchas, others being Gillian. Some weren't even Menos. It didn't matter which hollows were killed, just that the teamwork that accomplished it with solid, the feeling a bond of comradeship, of friendship, of ties to each other.

    The party celebrated their most recent victory, cheering. "Three cheers for our great and beloved captain, Zouma Santeku!" Everyone agreed. Zouma was potentially the most loved figure of Squad 5.

    Zouma and his comrades were injured, and behind a large stone covering, which was taking blasts of Bala and Cero, which were powerful hollow attacks. "GO!" Zouma shouted. "I'LL HOLD THEM OFF!" "BUT YOU'LL DIE!" Rein shouted back. "WE WON'T LET OUR CAPTAIN DIE!" Kuroi seconded. "Unlikely that I'll die", Zouma said with a grin. "I'll take those damn hollows out. I don't want you caught in the blast. NOW GO!" Suddenly, Cold Fire blasted all of his comrades away, and then formed a dome over Zouma and the hollows. It seemed as if he was going to take them all out.

    "We would like to give Zouma this commending and award for the bold sacrifice he made, nearly giving up his own life, but actually pushing back an entire army of hollows, which could have invaded Seireitei!" Everyone cheered, not just from Squad 5, but from all Squads. And none cheered harder than Zouma's own Squad, those of Squad 5.

    Five years of Zouma's excellent campaign as a Captain passed, and it was during that time that he and his squad members destroyed countless hollows, until at some point, it was unheard of for hollow to venture out, they were so fearful of Zouma and the powerful strategies Squad 5 employed. Those five years were prosperous, and everyone loved the Captain of Squad 5. However, horrible things would soon transpire, things that would lead to events which Soul Society would eventually mark down in history as the most horrifying things ever to occur in Seireitei's walls.

    Zouma and his squadron were out hunting hollows one day, when they happened across a fairly odd Adjuchas. It was a frog-like hollow, a completely white frog's body with white armor scaling, and a mask that looked like a lion's skull. The beast roared, and rushed forwards. Zouma, in an instant, had his Zanpakutou drawn. He was fast, and his normal, average speed was almost as fast as a Shunpo Flash Step. Soon, the adjuchas could no longer move, all it could do was shift it's arms around and use it's massive claws to parry strikes. After several minutes of this seemingly pointless, and not to mention endless sparring, Zouma hacked off the hollow's arms. He cut the head off for the coup de grace, and realized something, but only too late. "GET BACK!" Zouma shouted. "IT HAS A CODE 7 ABILITY!" This was something he had taught everyone in Squad 5. Each code represented something, 1-10. Code 7 represented an ability that only took effect after the death of an individual, or an ability that involved self destruction. Zouma took only a couple of steps back, when the body burst apart, revealing a glowing orange circle of flames. It was pure white in the center, not an empty ring. Zouma felt his body being yanked. "SHIT!" he shouted. In an instant, he was pulled in, and the circle closed.

    Zouma found himself in possibly one of the worst places imaginable. It was huge, with countless large stalagtites and platforms suspended in mid air, floating above a gigantic river of lava. A river of black water was visible, floating above the stalagtites, parallel to the lava river, and somehow not a drop falling. The platforms and stalagtites each contained either menacing looking beasts, or gruesome tortures, with people being flayed over and over, people being eviscerated, people being burned, people being forced to play poker with a losing hand while they bathed in oil. All sorts of things were being done, and the worst of them impossible to fully describe. The scene was horrible, chaotic, and overall it was evil. Zouma could scarcely believe his eyes, and he did not even want to believe it. Zouma had, as it seemed, been sent by that odd Adjuchas' ability straight into the depths of a place that some did not even believe existed. Zouma was in Hell. He looked around. While there was a river of lava, and the place appeared to be in some form of underground, it was ice cold, frozen, menacing. Zouma shivered, and he found that it was difficult to move. Zouma looked behind him, and suddenly realized that he was standing on the edge of a gigantic land mass, the only significant one that extended out of the lava river. It was split at the center however, a gigantic crack in the ground visible, leading into an infinite void of endless blackness. Zouma was stuck in the worst, most miserable place on earth. There was nothing worse then this, absolutely nothing. Zouma had been separated from his friends, from his loved ones. He'd been separated from Seireitei, from everyone. He'd be lucky to see Hollows down here. It was horrible. Zouma brought his head up into the air as he took the scene in. He inhaled, and then he screamed.

    100 years later…

    The beast lurked through the depths of hell, through the evil, and stalked it's prey. It was a powerful beast, powerful enough to hunt other, lesser beasts. The beast moved onto all fours, and lashed out. It grabbed the prey, and quickly ripped out and devoured the heart. The beast roared with it's satisfaction, and kept moving. A century of being in Hell had reduced it to instinct, to this. It was a strong beast, this was undeniable, but it was uncertain which mind in it's body ruled it. One was dormant, but forever stronger than the conscious, menacing, and laughing one. Both were learning the same skills, but one of them had better instinct, and was simply more naturally adept. The beast came across a puddle of cool water, clear. It was the first true water it had ever seen. The beast looked over it, and noticed it's reflection.

    Zouma recoiled. His entire body was white, and covered in red flame tattoo patterns. He had three spiked tails, and bat wings. He was clawed on long feet and muscular legs, and moved on all fours. His hair was long, and spiked black. His eyes were solid black, and his face was covered by a wolf skull mask. He opened his mouth, the mask's mouth being his own, and roared. He couldn't remember much. Only who he was, who he had been, and the fact that he was no longer perfectly sane. Zouma…Santeku…Me…Zouma…Santeku… Zouma could not believe it. He was a beast! A monster! And you've been this way for years…. The metallic voice spoke, revealing that Zouma was fully conscious, the only way to truly have a conversation with the metallic voice. He was speaking to his inner hollow with conscious thought. "What has happened to me?" he asked. Survival instinct… the voice replied. Zouma cursed himself. Suddenly, his will was roaring over that of the hollow, and the two of them were in Zouma's inner world. Their blades clashed, revealing the hollow to be a black and white version of Zouma, and his blade to be a white sword with black hieroglyphics when in Shikai. Their battle was fierce, their clash short however. Zouma, in a stunning onslaught of swordplay and ability, demonstrated his dominance, and defeated his inner hollow. "You will fight for me like a slave when I let you out", Zouma said. "I have dominated you. I am your master and god, and you will obey me without question." He slammed his foot down on the inner hollow, digging him against the ground. The inner hollow grunted and nodded, revealing that he was indeed ready to accept his master.

    Outside of that scenario, the entire monstrous form shattered, revealing Zouma. He was naked, but this did not phase him at all at that moment. He put his hand to his face, and the wolf mask materialized there. He had command over the hollow's power. The power that had originally made him so strong, given him that fiery feeling, was his, not the hollow's. He owned that power. Zouma's mask shattered, revealing an actually grinning face. He was also bald, he noted. It was like coming out of the womb again, being reborn. In his time in Hell, it seemed his tan had faded. He was a pale white, and his eyes were no longer brown, they were crimson red. Zouma inhaled, and then exhaled slowly. He would have to find his way out of Hell.

    Zouma quickly looked around. He was on a large landmass. In fact, he was on the same one that he had started at. Now however, he was very powerful, and had no worries, not to mention being used to Hell. He could rationalize, think properly. Zouma looked around, and noticed something he'd never noticed before. "Seriously?" he demanded. "STAIRS?" There they were, large, stone steps that led out of Hell. Zouma scaled them quickly, not wanting to waste time. As he reached the very top however, it became clear that there was some kind of test to be served by any who wished to escape from Hell. Standing in front of Zouma, was a sight that he would never forget. "Damn…" he muttered.

    It was what appeared to be a Gillian, but with a small body. The Gillian had a very humanoid body, though all black, and with the traditional mask and head. It held two swords in it's grasp, and seemed poised to kill Zouma. "This may suck", Zouma said, drawing out his blade. He moved into a defensive stance, and prepared to fight off the Gillian, which would most certainly defeat him if he was not careful. Zouma had to be cautious, or he would be defeated. Zouma crouched down, and lashed out.

    Zouma rushed forwards, but something was wrong. His enemy was slow. Too slow. Zouma slashed, but the Gillian seemed to be far slower than anything was supposed to be. Odd, because everything had been normal until the battle started, until Zouma went into his designated "combat mode." Why was the hollow so slow? Zouma then considered another, much more likely possibility as he adjusted his slash just a fraction of an inch. His blade slid down the left blade of the Gillian, and rushed down into the elbow, hacking the arm clean off at that joint. The Gillian wasn't too slow. Zouma was extremely fast. Both in body and mind, he'd become faster then he'd thought possible. His mind quickly analyzed his movements. Within a few moments, he had a good estimate of his own speed. He moved on average, at about the speed of the hollow technique Sonido, which was the equivalent of the shinigami flash step, shunpo. Sonido was faster than Shunpo, and it was faster than sound. This meant that Zouma could move faster than sound. It was a good speed. People could still see Zouma moving, but it'd be unlikely that they could react fast enough. Zouma, in a series of quick flicks, carved the Gillian up into little pieces, letting those pieces fall to the ground in a heap.

    Zouma quickly rushed past the body, his combat high still active. He moved through several narrow corridors and passage ways, until he exited through a large black hole in the air. An instinct, some kind of distinct smell, told Zouma where to go. His instincts had greatly improved in Hell also. When Zouma made it through the hole, it became apparent that he was in a gigantic gray cave with trees all over. A forest inside of a cave. Zouma was in Gillian Forest. Zouma immediately noticed that he was at some kind of camp, and he also found a Shinigami Robe. It didn't quite fit, but he had to put it on anyway, since he needed clothing. Zouma donned the robe, and sheathed his Zanpakutou, which he'd been holding ever since defeating his inner hollow. Zouma quickly continued his journey.

    20 years later…

    Many years passed with Zouma in Gillian Forest, never aging due to being a Shinigami. Zouma became a master swordsman in various styles, and simply a flat out master of hand to hand combat. Fighting the Menos of Gillian Forest made him strong, and it made him a force to truly be reckoned with. Zouma fought always with one goal in mind. He had to get out of Hueco Mundo, for that was indeed where he was. He had to get back to Soul Society, back to Seireitei. He was uncertain exactly how much time had passed, this was impossible to keep track of. He'd kept track of time using the enemies he'd killed. Zouma searched the memories of his hollow, taking into account every defeated enemy. The total measurement was 16,542 enemies defeated. Zouma could only estimate that many years had passed, and that it was possible Seireitei wasn't anything like how it had once been. Hopefully, it would be exactly the way that it had once been, with everyone still in it.

    Throughout the years spent in Gillian Forest, Zouma also honed techniques, forging his Reiatsu differently, making it dark and cold, but also able to handle Hollow Techniques. He learned to use techniques belonging, or based off of those of The Hollows around him, simply so that he could combat them with more efficiency. Eventually, he even learned and mastered something else, a Ressurection. [Author's Note: To those who don't know, the Ressurection is the Hollow Equivalent of a Zanpakutou Release. Vizards can perform Ressurection when wearing their masks, and they gain a completely new ability. It's almost like a second Bankai to them.]

    Zouma rarely needed to use it, but on occasion he did, and the power that came with it was tremendous. Zouma, over the course of the years spent in Gillian Forest, reached a level that rivaled even that of Tamajosho Aryuusai, who had been in command of the Gotei 13 for over 1000 years. Zouma one day happened across a large hole in the cave ceiling, and looked up. It was an exit! Zouma leapt up high, and left Gillian Forest, making it into a large, endless white desert. The desert was barren; completely devoid of any and all life. A few dead trees could be seen, with some dried up rivers as well. The sand was pale white, like salt. The area was plunged into eternal night, with the full moon hanging over the entire area. Zouma looked towards the moon, and roared.

    5 years later…

    The years in The White Desert sharpened Zouma's skills even further, until he even became adept at tracking and gauging, and even predicting abilities. Eventually, he located another hollow with a portal type ability, this one leading out of Hueco Mundo. Zouma made it back into Seireitei, falling from the sky, down to his fate.

    Zouma landed back in Seireitei, amid a large hay stack, scattering the hay, and revealing Zouma. He felt a large amount of hay stuck in the long mess of his hair, which had grown out very much over 25 years. Zouma crawled forwards, and two Shinigami instantly gasped, staring at him. There were two, a male and a female. The male looked at Zouma. "Who are you?" he demanded. Zouma looked up tiredly, and his reply was a whisper, his voice not yet back to full strength for little need of talking. "Captain of Squad 5…" he said, "Zouma Santeku." The two shinigami gasped. They both ran off, yelling out. "CAPTAIN YUSHIKI! CAPTAIN YUSHIKI! CAPTAIN COMMANDER! CAPTAIN COMMANDER! EVERYONE! IT'S CAPTAIN SANTEKU!" Someone stepped up in front of Zouma, and he looked up.

    The outfit was the black shinigami outfit, with the classic Captain's Robe. The symbol on it revealed the person to be the Squad 6 Captain, as did the Kuchiki scarf. Zouma looked up further, expecting to see the face of Ginrei. Instead, he saw a young man with long black hair that had plenty of decorations, and the Kuchiki hairband. He had piercing blue eyes, and a cold, arrogant stare. "Who are you?" Zouma asked. "Where is Ginrei?" The captain before him waited before replying. "Ginrei has retired from his post as Sixth Division Captain. I am the new head of the Kuchiki House, as well as the captain of Squad 6, Onuya Kuchiki It has been this way for over 40 years." Zouma stood up on shaking, wobbly knees. "You are the famed Captain Santeku?" Onuya observed. "How exaggerated the stories are. You can barely stand. Your return after 125 years, and you can barely stand." Zouma waited for proper feeling to return to his body, and then he fortified himself. He was still incredibly weak, but he would not let Onuya know this.

    At last, other Captains showed up. One of them was incredibly short, with spiky blue hair, and a young face. He was nothing more than a child! "I am Hitsugaya Keita, Captain of Squad 10", he said. Captain Juushiro Ooza, Captain Yushiki, Captain Commander Tamajosho Aryuusai, Captain Urya, and four captains that Zouma did not recognize were also present. "Captain Kenpachi Shousen of Squad 11" one of them, a big man grinned. A man with a fox-like humanoid appearance spoke, "Captain Sozogaya of Squad 7." An odd, seemingly deformed or beastly man with a white and black face spoke, "Captain Heihachi of Squad 12." A small woman with a flat chest, and in a black sleeveless garb spoke. "Captain Gen Son of Squad 2." Zouma nodded at them. "Lots of new Captains", he noted. Tamajosho looked humorlessly at Zouma, almost as if gauging him. "Seize him."

    Zouma gasped. "What?" he demanded. "You have faced Hollowfication, and gained powers no Shinigami can ever have! I sense your aura, I know what you are like now…" Zouma drew his sword. "I've done nothing. You have no charges against me!" "We have enough to go on", The Captain Commander countered. Instantly, all of the Captains were surrounding him, all nine of them. Zouma noted with interest that there were no Captains for Squads 3, 5, and 9. He fought well, warding off blows, and not taking many hits, but Zouma could not combat 9 Captains at the same time without using his powers, which were severely drained at that point. Even with his powers, it was unlikely that he could combat them and win, for they were Captains after all. Within a mere minute, Zouma was held in shackles, and he was shrieking in rage. Another part of why he could not fight was his reluctance to face former Comrades, hoping that perhaps this was some sick joke. "Enough…", he hissed. "ENOUGH!"

    Zouma was held in shackles, and stripped naked. He was on his knees with his head bowed, and faced Tamajosho Aryuusai and the other Captains. "ZOUMA! OH MY GOD ZOUMA!" Rein shouted. She rushed into the room, screaming. Udon and Kuroi were there as well. "There are his comrades from years ago! DETAIN THEM!" Tamajosho Aryuusai shouted. Within an hour, twenty members of Squad 5 were in the same situation as Zouma. All of those from his days as a Captai. Tamajosho Aryuusai was unfazed. "Execution." He said. "Reduce all Creation to Ash…Ryuujin Jaka.." A large burst of flames materialized out of nowhere, the flames moving to consume and incinerate. Zouma called up his Reiatsu, which had been slowly regenerating. He didn't have much, but he had enough. "Eviscerate, TENRAI!" Cold Fire erupted out of nowhere, consuming the flames of Tamajosho Aryuusai for a few bare instants. Then, since Zouma was weakened, his flames were overtaken and he had to use the remnants to destroy his shackles. He stood up, his flames roaring up. "I'LL KILL YOU! ALL OF YOU!" he shouted. His mask exploded onto his face, but shattered, showing that he was unable to properly use any power. A burst of flames hit Zouma, but he shielded himself with Cold Fire. He was blasted from where place, sent flying out of the room, hallways, and walls, out the building. He landed, and cursed. Quickly, Zouma struggled away, trying to escape. He knew that it was futile to try anything.

    He heard the screams of his comrades, and put his head down. Zouma would not sleep that night. He struggled out of Soul Society, hiding, until he found the Gate. He quickly entered it, getting out of Soul Society and into the Human World. There, Zouma found clothing, and donned it, also cutting his hair. He had medium length unruly black hair, with a black t-shirt and matching black pants and boots. He wore a long black coat, and his eyes were glowing red. Zouma slept in places for days, stealing food here and there. Eventually, he was back to full strength. Zouma dropped down, and cried out in fury. His Reiatsu exploded out all around everywhere, eventually attracting the attention of hollows, which he mercilessly slaughtered. Eventually, it also attracted the attention of an odd looking shinigami. "Arashi Manako", he said. "Former Shinigami."

    "Zouma Santeku", Zouma said. "Not really sure what I can call myself anymore." He drew his blade out, pointing it at Arashi. "Lower your blade or face death", he said. "You're an enemy?" Arashi asked. "That's too bad." He rushed forwards, slashing forwards. Zouma moved, being obviously faster than Arashi. He blocked the strike, and carved towards Arashi. "GATSUHO!" Arashi shouted, a burst of Reiatsu exploding out in a crescent shape, and causing Zouma to hack through with his strength, flying back. "Not bad.." Zouma said. "You don't know the half", Arashi replied. "BANKAI!" A black reiatsu surrounded Arashi for a bare instant, and faded, revealing him to be in a newer outfit, and holding a new color katana. He was suddenly gone, and Zouma immediately realized the ability. Incredible speed was given, but Zouma could win if that was hit. "Eviscerate Tenrai." Cold Fire flooded out, and rushed all around. A burst of black reiatsu fired off towards Zouma, and the flames consumed the reiatsu, deflecting it. The flames instantly roared into the source, and damn near consumed Arashi from the looks. Steam was released, covering where Arashi had been.

    "Is it over?" Zouma asked. "Is what over?" Arashi's voice, but with a synthetic twist asked. Zouma gasped as the steam cleared, revealing Arashi with a skull-like mask on his face, a black X visible on the mask. His eye whites were black, and his iris were gold. Arashi was suddenly gone. "Insane speed…" Zouma muttered. "He's just like me…" Zouma's mask exploded onto his face, and he was instantly aware of Arashi's location. He whirled around, blocking a strike from Arashi. He quickly charged a black Cero while Arashi charged something else. "CERO OSCURAS!" Zouma exclaimed. "GATSUHO!" Arashi shouted. The two blasts struck each other, roaring off of each other as shockwaves exploded all around. The two of them brought their blades together again, clanging. "How do you have a Vizard Mask? Arashi demanded. "That's what you call it?" Zouma asked. The two of them stopped fighting, backing away from each other. Both of their masks shattered. "We have a bit to talk about", Arashi said. "I guess we do", Zouma replied.

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