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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Mayhem in a Crimson Town

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PostSubject: Mayhem in a Crimson Town   Wed Dec 22, 2010 2:34 pm

[ BGM ]

The sun was still shining bright in fiery glare as it was descending towards the horizon. Its warmth was also still quite hot despite the upcoming nightfall. Far above, the sparse clouds were standing still, unmoving due to a total lack of wind today. Bathing in the dimming sunlight, they were tainted by the red-orange of the lowering sun offering for all to see the beauty of the coming sunset.

-"So, what do you think of this?"
-*Wasted time, but reminiscent of good things for some reason.*
-"Hehehe... I knew you'd say something like that.~"

This sky, no matter how beautiful, could only be observed in full from a place like the central park. Elsewhere in the downtown, the lights of the city would simply interfere and ruin the sunlit skyline. It was for this reason. Amidst the greenery of the immobile seas of green leaves, eventually brushed ever so slightly by small, minor breezes, was standing a quite interested person. Leaning lazily against a high bike rack, her feet slightly forward were crossed, her legs slightly inclined forward as she was gazing upwards. Her arms were simply resting on the warm steel of the perpendicular edge of the bike rack.The young girl was wearing fairly common school garments but it was not it of any school in the area. The blazon on the left of her chest was proudly wearing English letters of a renaissance font, hinting to an oversea student.

-*It kind of reminds me of an--*
-"Ocean of blood. I know right?"
-*hahahaha, damn right. Speaking of which it's been a while since we last spilled it.*
-"It has, are you growing impatient?"
-*Bored, is all.*

The girl's lips were moving very faintly as the whispers escaped her, one could only notice her apparently speaking to no one if observing from very close. From a swift move of her left index, she replaced her copper-framed glasses on her nose of a small poke to the center. Another thing of hers that was hard to notice was leaning against her left side, around the hip. It was not hard to notice because it was small or concealed, but simply because in this day and age it was so uncommon that the normal human's brain simply skipped it as if a figment of the viewer's tired imagination. On her left side was a sheathed sword whose hilt was crowned with a crimson ruby.

-"Yeah, I can feel it too."
-"And besides, I heard from Urahara Soul Society's getting pretty upset about something going on around. 'Might be worth meddling with~"
-*Damn right, this place should become much more... worth my while.*
Although the girl was still gazing at the skyline, her eyes were not seeing the descending sun anymore. Although her soft smile and gentle eyes were still set high, it was only misleading. She was actually putting her spiritual awareness to the maximum, analyzing the surroundings in order to try and find someone... or something... of interest...
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PostSubject: Re: Mayhem in a Crimson Town   Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:43 am

Eyes of a crimson hue would sweep silently over the downtown area. A few passerby, one girl leaning agaisnt a bike rack. That was all to be seen within this place. It was like a small park, but could not entirely be seen were it not for the fading sunlight. The hues of which were looking around belonged to a man in an all black suit, excluding a crimson dress shirt. The tie itself was black as well, but only half of which could be seen from the jacket which buttoned up over said tie. the man in the suit himself was slightly paler than most would be, but gave off a radiant aura. He wore a dissarming smile of pearly whites, matching the bright blond hair upon his head. The only offset would be the crimson eye colors that would usually be blue.

The male seemed so...Artificial. And for good reason. This was merely the gigai hiding the Vizard known as Folemy Amenta. Though hiding wasn't the right word to use. As his spiritual pressure would easily be detected. Mainly for the reason that he was never very good at disguising his spiritual pressure, nor sensing it. So he didn't bother scanning the area for it. The man walked silently with all the regular humans, smiling to a few that would acknowledge him, but otherwise keeping to himself. He noticed the female on the bike rack and smiled to her as well.

"Evening, Ameno Fiore."

This was said in a sort of italian accent, as to disguise who he was. He would seem simply an off-shore business man to most, but he knew this wouldn't help upon a spiritual level. Not letting what he thought phase him, he continued walking. In his mind his spirit began to laugh silently, speaking to him.

"Seriously Foly-Chan? All you could think of was 'Lovely Flower?' You need to work on your italian my friend."-
"Well it's been a while..Just forget about it. And the laughing isn't helping either!"-

Clearly annoyed, it showed outside of his thoughts while the spirit laughed at Folemy's line. It was obvious to Folemy that to actually be able to be taken seriously he would have to get his spirit to respect him. Shaking his head, only cursing under his breath as he walked, Folemy tried to brush off a feeling of suspicion he was getting.
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Mayhem in a Crimson Town
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