Bleach Integrity

A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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     Inna Jeanna

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    PostSubject: Inna Jeanna   Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:26 pm

    Basic Information

    Name: Inna Jeanna

    Real Age: 180

    Appeared Age: 18

    Gender: Female

    Division: 13th

    Rank: Has not been ranked yet.


    Appearance: Inna had long brown hair and brow eye, but she waears blue eye contacts at times and coloured hair extentions too. She has a height of 168 centermeter and has a weight of 45 kilos. she has three sets of tattoo located on her body. The first one is on the back of her neck, which is a moon. The second set is located just under her thumb on her left had, which are two small stars. and the last set is the same as the second twoo small stars which are on her ankle of her right foot. She also has a scare on that led which goes from her hip and just below her knee. Another scare is on the left side of her neck.

    When she goes to the world of the living, she will noraml where a blouse and black dress pant of shorts with any shirt, with both of thoses ourfite she will would wear large hoop earing and knee high boots, some times she will also wear red lipstick and pain her nails red, as well as glass at times. she doesn't need to wear them, but the make her look smarter, so she wears them. She has two sets of glasses one have a black frame and the other pair has red frames, she will noraml wear them with the blouse and dress pants.

    In Soul Society she wears the shinigami outfit, which she has personalised, it is long to the broung and has a cut from just below her right hip, from where the cayt is there aresix pices of balck fabric which (how do I explai this, currently this outfit is on my drawing board, so when it is done, I'll put it in a spoiler) connect the front of the shirt to the back on the right side. The top is normal and has long sleaves.

    Personal Information

    Likes: Mucis, animal, plants, most food are drinks, people, work, her Zanpakuto, art and helping others.
    Dislikes: Those who annoy her anf those how harm innosent people and eating seafood
    Strenght: Her willpower to continue
    Weaknessess: The two scars on her body are ther weaker parts of her body.

    Personality: Inna is a calm person, who can be shy at times, once she gets to know some one, she becomes fun person to be around, she is always helpfull and a bit clumsy. She also has a dark side, which you can meet if you annoy her, but she does not get annoyed very easly. she is normaly in a good mood, that is when she is carefree and happy. Once asleep it is almost impossible to wake her up, she is a deep sleeper that can sleep through almost everything.

    In the world of the living, Inna act the sames os in the Soul Society but she takes up the role a teachers assistant in the local high school, yet she does not really act like one. She will be carfree, but she will be a bit stirct to her students. Most of the time she will try to make the lession funnfor the students so that they will not get bored and enjoy there lession. Also she loves to shop in the world of the living, for one reasion, it is all cheap.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Relationship Status: Single

    Zanpakuto Information

    Zanpakuto Name: Amarante

    Zanpakuto Looks: Amarante takes the fourm of an arick fox, skinny vines across her body. The swored it lives in is a silver kantora that has a blade made of silver and is a meter in lendlth. The handel is white and is fifteen centermertes in lenght. It's total weight is half a kilo.

    Zanpakuto Release Phrase: amarante, the never fading flower

    Shikai: The sivler blade turns into a vine, that has a diameter of five centermeters. the vine can change in lenght. On the vine there are white bladed flowers, each flower hase five petals, which are rotating blades. She can strangle people with it and uses it like a whip.
    Released Zanpakuto Looks:Same us above

    Other Techniques: Inna can use flash step and both Hado and Bakudo.

    Bankai Information
    This applies to captains only.

    Do you want your character to have bankai: Yes

    Bankai Description: Vine cover her body with the white flowers. She can sontrol the vines with her hands. It is simmilar to her Shikai, only there are more then one and they can change there leanght too.
    Bankai Looks: Same us above.

    History and RP Sample

    Life before death: The fourteen year old sat in the chair beside her parents, it was her older brothers funneral. She looked at the trasparent person sitting on his coffin, The exsact same hair, face body, he is dead yet I can still see him.. that was the first time Inna saw a spirt, after that time she saw ghosts and hollows.

    Her family is multi-cultural, with a French father, Russin mother and Italuian granfather and much more. She grew up learning to respect other and there way of life, she had four sibblings, three brother and one sister. The was the second eldeat. Her older brother died at war and she died before her other sibblings. She grew up iaround the 1830's. On her eigthteenth birthad Inna was murded in a robbery. She was walking down the street with her younger sister who was only eleven at the time, when they walked past a friends house she felt that there was something wrong. She told her sister to stay outside and hide behind a bush. When she entered the building she was stabbed in the back, she turned around to see a strange man behind her. He smirked before grabbing his bad with stolen objects and ran out of the house. Inna was left on the floor slowly dying.

    Life before becoming a shinigami: Inna ound her selft in a strange place, she was lying outside on the ground she was no longer wearing normal day dress, but a kimono. She got off the ground and looked around feeling lost. She walked towards a town. She was adopted into a family of five. A few years later she went to search for her brother, she searched for fifty years untill she found out about the shinigami acadamey. She thought of enrolling herself there to search for her brother, so two years later she enroled herself in there, but she did not search for her brother, insead she studyed hard. she now wanted to do this and pass, she set out a goal for herself to one day to be a lieutenant.

    Life as a shinigami: Inna joined the 13th squad after graduating from the shinigami acadamey. She enjoed going down to the world of the living for her assignments. she took up a role of a teachers assistant there. She found her sister great great grandchildren and kept an eye over them. she killed countless amounts of hollows there.

    RP Sample: (Give an example of how you RP.)
    Inna slowly woke up, the first thing she saw was the clock beside her. "I'm late!" she quickly jumped out of bed and got dressed, Stupit alarm didn't work! She grabbed a drikn before closing the door behind her. She ran down the path way before reaching the training grounds, Huh, no ones here? She sat on the ground for a while, before her captian appeared,
    "Your early Inna." He smiled.
    Early... She thought back at the clock in her room, [It's an hour fast!]
    "um yeah." She laughed while rubbing the back of her neck, "Actually I thought I was late, but I'm glade I'm not." She smiled.
    A few minutes later the reat of the squad appeared and the training session begain.
    For Inna it felt like the session went for only a few minutes, yet it was getting closere and closer to the leaving time. When the lession enede and everyone was dissmissed Inna went back to her room. She sighed as dropped on the couch. She looked at the cloack, it was wrong. She got off the couch and picked it up changing it to the correct time, This time I wont be too early, but I sould make just five or ten minutes faster so I wont be too late She walked towards the book case and picked up a book. She had nothing else to do so she thought she might as well sit and read.
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    Inna Jeanna
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