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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Amenta, Folemy"Sin-Caster" (Done)

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Folemy Amenta


PostSubject: Amenta, Folemy"Sin-Caster" (Done)   Sat Dec 11, 2010 4:33 pm

Basic Information

Name:Folemy Amenta

Actual Age:2500+

Appeared Age:19


Appearance:A muscular-toned male of about six feet four inches. The weight of one hundred seventy pounds, added to the level headed look of a veteran killer. This describes only a few things about my character. His clothing colors always seem to be violet no matter what he is wearing.(He changes clothing often so there is no one outfit). His hair is the same color as his clothing:violet and this matches his eyes as well. He has three tattoos upon his body, that illustrate different animals on each one. Tiger,Dragon, and Bear.

Personal Information

Likes/Dislikes:Likes/Things that do not annoy him. Dislikes/The latter

Strength/Weaknesses:Strengths/Swordsmanship and Agility. Weaknesses/Spiritual Pressure Sensing

Personality:Uncannily, this character's emotions are based on ulquiorra's own. There is only once in a blue moon when he actually smiles, and he never does for very long. Usually he always has the same bored expression upon his face.

Sexual Orientation:Straight

Relationship Status:Single and looking

Mask Information

Innate Abilities:

Name:Sairento Bakuhatsu


Unique Ability:Enhanced Agility: Reaction time and speed are increased for a short time(3 turns) allowing the user to react more quickly to the enemy attacks. This move is activated as soon as the first attack is launched and can not be used for a little bit longer of a time.(5 turns, twice every topic.) This move uses the brain's motion sensing and slows it down to the user, nothing is slown down outside the user's brain but it seems to for the user and it allows them better reactions.

Hollow Mask Appearance:

Duration:Duration/Five Posts Cooldown/8 posts

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name:Des-Saizu

Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Description:

Name: SinCast/ Anger
Description:Channeling an angering memory or thought into power, the user goes into a berserking state, their strength doubling for a short amount of time. During this, no weapons or other abilities can be used. The user simply rushes the nearest enemy, swinging violently with their fists, doing whatever is needed to kill the target. THe speed of the user is unaffected, but reaction time is lost just a bit.
Cooldown/Duration: Three turn duration and Seven turn cooldown

Name:SinCast/ Greed
Description:The user swallows their pride(not literally) and does whatever is needed to keep themselves from harm's way while regaining lost energy. Once they are in a safe enough place, the user begins to concentrate on pulling energy from the environment around him. While taking energy the environment, the user is more prone to damage(Lowered defense)
Cooldown/Duration: Two turn duration and Seven turn cooldown

Name:SinCast/ Sloth
Description:Concentrating the ability of sloth, the user sends out a wave of energy that causes the target to become slower in movement. It also causes them to become lazier(Not wanting to move as much). Using this subjects the user to slightly lessened speed and less strength than before
Cooldown/Duration: Duration of two turns and Seven turn cooldown

Description:A move that shinigami and vizard use to allow themselves to quickly get to a single destination, with the least amount of steps. There are very few who have mastered this ability.(Expert)
Cooldown/Duration:Duration of one turn cooldown of two turns.

Name:Superficial Cero
Description:This is an enhanced version of the usual cero. Charging twice as fast, instead of one red cero firing, two purple ceros fire. Each of these ceros are half-strength of a regular cero, but can be shot from both hands, or one. They can be shot in different directions as well.
Cooldown/Duration: One turn duration, three turn cooldown

Description:This is the way citizen's of the soul society can travel between human world and soul society.
Cooldown/Duration:One turn duration, three turn cooldown

Released Zanpakuto Description:The blade becomes two gunblades(blade length:Four feet/Guns: About 2 feet long and each weighing one-hundred pounds.)

Name:SinCast/ Envy
Description:Copying the basics of a kidoh or cero launched at the user, he blasts it back from the barrel of his gunblades. This move is slightly less powerful than the original as it comes from both of the gunblades, but can be fired in two different directions.
Cooldown/Duration: Two turn duration and Five turn cooldown

Name:SinCast/ Pride
Description: Becoming more prideful of himself, the user concentrates their energy into their weapon to make it slightly more powerful. This move gives the user's attack greater speed and accuracy as well. But lowers defense against attacks greatly.
Cooldown/Duration: Two turn duration Eight turn cooldown

Name:Concentration Shot
Description:Harnessing cero energy into the gunblade's Folemy is able to fire multiple ceros from his guns(Up to Four each. They are fourth-power each). They fire incredibly fast but are not as powerful as the regular ceros. Unless charged(One turn), then the user can fire two full-power ceros from his guns at the opponent.
Cooldown/Duration:One turn duration(Or two if charged) Four turn cooldown

Name:Cero Matrella(Folemy Version)
Description:Activating much the same process as Conentration shot, the user concentrates ceros into his guns. When the move is ready(after one turn) Five half-power ceros are shot from each gun. These fire as quickly as a regular cero would. The downside however, is that it will drain the user greatly of their energy.
Cooldown/Duration:Two turn duration and Seven turn cooldown

Zanpakuto Release Phrase:"Burst!"

Released Zanpakuto Looks:

History and RP sample

History:A few thousands of years ago, as a wandering soul, maybe two thousand at the most, before shinigami had recruited him to their cause. Folemy was never very good at much, but he was an excellent student as others would say. So he was enrolled into the shinigami academy, to learn how to become a soul reaper. But he wasn't inducted into the soul society as Folemy Amenta, rather as Grant Origano. Though during his four years studying the art of soul reaping, he became quick friends with a kindred soul named Ptolemy. And after much negotioation, had his own name changed to Folemy to match his friend's. They both chose the last name Amenta, and had planned to try starting their own division with the last name. Unfortunately, after the four years of training were over, Ptolemy was called to the captain commander's side on a mission against the hollows. Folemy had never seen him after this event, killing his dream of the division.
A year or so after, he had discovered his zanpakuto, Des-Saizu. It seemed strange to him, however, that his zanpakuto had no spirit within it, merely, it was his own energy exuding from it. It wouldn't be until he was recruited to the ninth division as a third seat that he'd figure out his zanpakuto spirit would show itself to him only after he had proven himself. This prompted him to train for days on end, trying to learn his shikai. And so, he took many months, to years to learn from his captain the way of shikai. At first, his gunblades had impressed himself as well as a few others but he didn't fully know how to control it. Which landed him into thei infirmary many times. At which, his zanpakuto spirit had appeared, watching over him while he was healing from many days of training.
Years later, he had mastered the art of shikai, and had been promoted to the lieutenant of squad nine, impressing his captain and a few others. But it had been at this time, he heard of a society of vizards within the town of karakura, and he was sent along with a few members of first squad to investigate.
While in karakura, the first sqaud members couldn't find anything but Folemy had found an abandoned warehouse which spiritual energy was coming from. Once the others had left, he investigated it by himself, and was astounded at what he found there. So many former shinigami had become vizards, and were able to use such powers that only hollows had.
Many years of visiting these hollow-users tempted Folemy. And so on a night when he was alone in the barracks, he left his squad a note of goodbye, and departed from the soul society for what would be forever. And upon entering the warehouse, he began training to become a vizard. This had changed his zanpakuto spirit dramatically. Which had called for the now violent spirit of his mask. More training before he could actually manifest the mask and use his hollow-like abilities. He stayed with the vizards for much of fourty years, before leaving them as he left the soul society, running off into the night to escape any captors.

RP Sample:Silently moving his form from the shadows, Des-Saizu in his hand, Folemy glanced between the three vizards that had been following him all day. His bored expressionless face was stuck to the straight-staring of his experience, looking straight into the eyes of the middle vizard. A female vizard raised her sword as the order for an attack and the three rushed forward at once. Tilting his head to the right but slightly, the male shook his head, pulling his body backwards, against a wall, then leaping upwards. One hand coming to his face, pulling reiatsu across it, to form his vizard mask.

The three jumped up as well, swinging their swords at three parts of his body at once. Noticing this, an innate ability of the man's mask, pushing himself to move with better reactions. Blocking one sword, then putting a hand out to catch onto the second blade. He noticed the third blade coming for his head, and allowed his head to tilt back, the sword barely missing his nose.

Pushing the two swords he held back, his legs came from under him, allowing him to fall backwards, toward the ground."Burst!" Was heard as he fell, the sword breaking into two gunblades, with chains coming from the bottom of each gun's handle,wrapping around each of his wrists. His fingers came to the triggers, while the Cero Matrella ability activated. He aimed the guns at the three firing five-half power ceros from each gun at them. Each of them hitting, to reduce each vizard to nothing but spiritual particles. Landing hard on his back, Folemy closed his eyes, sighing to himself."The others should be hear soon, and then what shall I do?" He sighed, sitting up, looking towards the road from which he had came, awaiting any more of his trackers.

Last edited by Folemy Amenta on Mon Dec 13, 2010 6:54 pm; edited 5 times in total
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Malicia Nephilim


PostSubject: Re: Amenta, Folemy"Sin-Caster" (Done)   Sun Dec 12, 2010 4:43 pm

Zan >
- the percents won't mean anything, this is a literary forum not a stat-centered RPG

- Envy: You may only copy skills that are within your character's abilities such as kidohs you have not yet learned or certain custom ceros, elemental attacks have to be of fairly basic elements. You may not copy techs that requires a unique affinity to perform (example: Malicia's Anti-reiatsu/anti-particle techs, someone else's mask's abilities, shikais/bankais releases[you may copy individual shikai/bankai abilities as long as they are not of unique affinity], etc)

- Cero Matrella: They may not move at the speed of a Shumpo, even Stark's Ceros were not this fast.

History >
- You get your zan after you graduate from the academy not before, unless extremely rare special circumstances (See Seria Katsuki's BG)

- Academy usually lasts 4 years, it would be nigh-impossible for someone to not be recruited by a division for a few hundreds.

- You can not have defeated a captain or be promoted to a captain seat before learning your shikai release.

-Captains are not allowed by Soul Society to just retire, you would have had to run away or something.

RP Sample >
- Although this is a RP Sample and you don't have to change it, keep in mind that a few half-power Ceros won't vaporize 3 Vizards.
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Folemy Amenta


PostSubject: Re: Amenta, Folemy"Sin-Caster" (Done)   Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:40 am

Lol okay thank you I shall change it, I rushed the history and the rp sample, but spent more time on thinking up the other stuff ^..^

edited, but not fully done, I shall do the history on a not pad or something then read it over and post it
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Folemy Amenta


PostSubject: Re: Amenta, Folemy"Sin-Caster" (Done)   Mon Dec 13, 2010 12:22 pm

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Malicia Nephilim


PostSubject: Re: Amenta, Folemy"Sin-Caster" (Done)   Mon Dec 13, 2010 1:33 pm

Zan is ok, two last smaller details.

History >
- It starts very abruptly and looks like you erased the beginning accidentally.

- First paragraph: you wouldn't be asked to fight the Espada before even joining a division, that's pretty much asking for suicide.
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Folemy Amenta


PostSubject: Re: Amenta, Folemy"Sin-Caster" (Done)   Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:52 pm

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Malicia Nephilim


PostSubject: Re: Amenta, Folemy"Sin-Caster" (Done)   Mon Dec 13, 2010 7:16 pm

It would still be sending your friend to his death but since it's fairly minor I'll just approve this.
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PostSubject: Re: Amenta, Folemy"Sin-Caster" (Done)   

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Amenta, Folemy"Sin-Caster" (Done)
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