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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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PostSubject: Suigetsu Cross Done   Suigetsu Cross Done EmptySat Dec 11, 2010 3:11 pm

Basic Information

Name: Suigetsu Cross Aka Rikudou and The Young Assassin

Actual Age: 578

Appeared Age: 16

Gender: Male


Head: Suigetsu has his own unique style as does most when it comes to appearance and attire. The assassin long ago chose to include a mask that would be worn on his face no doubt. The mask is a jet black one; it has an almost glossy black tint to it, making it even more unique. The mask fits closely to Suigetsu’s face as if it were his own skin, an extra layer on top of the actual handsome face which is hidden behind the mask. The mask has eye holes with slight curves which make it appear rather menacing. Jushiro’s crimson orbs or eyes seem to be overshadowed by darkness. This gives the impression that the man has no eyes, and it is only darkness which resides there. The mask doesn't prevent Suigetsu from hearing, seeing, speaking, breathing etc. It was designed by the 12th Division for this specific purpose, to function as if it wasn't there. The only thing special about the mask is that it allows Suigetsu to see Reishi particles and the way that they change.

This can of course give him an advantage in terms of spotting changes in an area. The mask is also equipped with a special substance that performs a unique function. The aforementioned function is to form different expression on the exterior of the mask. A white substance is used, which decorates the mask with black and white patterns. The mask then allows onlookers to see or judge Suigetsu’s feelings. What does this mean? Cross can smile behind the mask and the white substance will manifest that smile. A frown, a look of confusion, emotions of affections will be like pictures drawn on the mask. The mask seems to replace Suigetsu’s face even covering his ears. Behind the mask is a handsome face, which causes others to be curious as to why he chose to wear a mask. It is also said that only Suigetsu is aware of the way in which to remove this mask from his person. As stated the man has a handsome face that could be easily as menacing or welcoming as the mask that he wears. Cross is of a tanned skin color, Latino like in terms of tone. He has long snow white spiky hair, which further generates interest in the mask that is worn. His hair extends long enough to reach his upper back where it comes to a stop.

Upper Body: Suigetsu's appearance remains true to the way of the Shinobi and the assassin in most cases. Cross sports what appears to be a black fishnet string vest type t-shirt, one which fits closely to his body. The string vest is also quite visible as it plays the role of an undershirt of sorts. The assassin wears the traditional black Kimono, his is however essentially without sleeves, which is rather unique to the assassin himself. On the hands of the assassin are a pair of fingerless gloves, those that resemble a Shinobi's own closely. The gloves stretches beyond the wrists of the assassin, before coming to a stop 5 inches below his elbow.

Lower Body: The assassin's trousers seem to fit closely to his body, again like the attire of a Shinobi. Suigetsu has a red obi sash around his waist that also secures his Zanapakuto. Over his clothing he wears a sleeveless Haori, that has red on the inside of it. The Haori of course has the Nibantai symbol at the back of it. The bottom half of the Haori is also tattered, a certain style that the assassin enjoys. It should also be noted that the haori is not that of a Captain, it is instead similar in terms of style. Like most Shinobi, Cross sports a pair of black Ninja Tabi boots that are laced up at the sides. The Tabi boots stops a 5 inches below the knees of the assassin. Based on appearance, Suigetsu stands at 6.0 foot tall exactly.

Personal Information



Food- Because it is also very essential to his survival

Sake/liquor- Suigetsu loves the taste of liquor and will generally have a bottle on him

Reading- Because he deems knowledge as power

Training- Suigetsu likes to keep his skills sharp

Fighting & Killing- Suigetsu cherishes the idea of Assassinating individuals on a daily basis

Smoking- Suigetsu finds weed to be very relaxing


Idiots- There is nothing like an idiot to ruin the mood and one’s day

Loud mouth- Being in the company of a loud mouth individual draws too much attention

Hunger- The idea of being starved of a good meal is unacceptable

Rainy days- Suigetsui doesn't actually outwardly hates a rainy day. But there are times when the rain can make a situation worst.

Lack of excitement- The thought of boredom is enough to make him go even crazier.


Cross has the ability to learn new things rather quickly. If he ever puts his mind to figuring how something works or is created. The he will devote sometime to learning and accomplishing new things. This means there is nothing that he couldn't possibly figure out given enough time. He is well versed in the human anatomy, which is necessary for his line of work.

Weakness: One of Suigetsu's weakness is his inability to show mercy to others. This could see him treating friend and foe alike, should they ever cross him. At times, the young assassin is said to lack emotion, and instead will boast a fake smile on his face.

Personality: : Suigetsu’s personality is a multitude of traits, easily being a mixture of different types of personalities. Suigetsu’s openness to different ideas and ideals is perhaps his best and worst trait of all. The young warrior likes and cherishes the idea of learning new things. Suigetsu is often open to the input of others, taking advice that will lead to his success and betterment as a warrior and assassin. Perhaps that is the better part of this particular personality trait of his. Other than that, his openness can lead to him being in dangerous situations. However Suigetsu will often use such experiences as a guide. Suigetsu tries learning as much as possible even through trials and tribulations. The young assassin has learned how to turn a negative into a positive. The general idea behind this is that, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Suigetsu can also be a very conscientious person, always aiming to achieve his goals. This particular trait has made him a little more organized and more than anything easy going too. There is always a plan behind the carelessness that this trait brings also. Suigetsu’s self discipline leads to him constantly strive for more. Whether it be power of knowledge doesn't really matter to the young assassin. Suigetsu also enjoys the idea of training to become stronger. Anything that come way to easy, are not deserved, which means one most work towards their goals. For this reason, the youngster is classed as a genius, based on his ethics and determination.

Suigetsu is easily as lazy as he is a hard worker, which is very ironic when one thinks about it. The youngster's attitude will undergo changes, based on the situation he is placed in. Based on Suigetsu’s way of doing things, the man lives by the saying, there is a time and place for everything. The assassin will often do things when necessary and if not then it wont be done. Apart from all of this, he is very head strong, and can be very stubborn at times. Whenever the situation calls for it, the man doesn't seem to know when to back down. He can be rather cunning and calculating, internally happy even on a rainy day. As a side note, Suigetsu is also a super pervert.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Mask Information

Name: (Name of your inner hollow.)

Manifestation: (What your inner hollow looks like.)

Unique Ability: (The name of your unique ability and its description when your mask is on.)

Hollow Mask Appearance: (Describe what your mask looks like or an image will do.)

Duration: (How long your mask can stay out, and how long until you can use it again. 10 posts is the maximum.)

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Shikaku no Kami~ Assassin of the Gods

Manifestation: Shikaku manifestation is that of a motherly woman, wearing a pair of sandals. The woman has long flowing black hair, seen often wearing a necklace around her neck. The parts of the necklace are made up of Crocodile teeth. The teeth that hang from the necklace are black and white. The teeth of the necklace have a black stripe on the outer edges, making it essentially black and white. The woman wears black lipstick, looking dangerous, mysterious, while being beautiful. Shikaku bust size is an E cup bra size, wearing what seems like a belly top fish net sports bra over them. The woman is also dressed in black three quarter length hipsters. Shikaku is as sexy as she is motherly, but can be very temperamental, switching from calm and gentle.

To being somewhat of an angry parent, that would no doubt punish their child with a smack. Shikaku has short hair, with a pair of golden earrings. The color of her hair is black; she has beautiful hazel eyes, making her seem even more seductive. The woman also wears a black jacket, seemingly dressed in full black. The jacket also has a black hood connected to it, one that is worn on different occasions. Often seen slithering around her hands and around her neck is a snake, a saw-scaled viper to exact. Shikaku stands at 5’8 with a very curvaceous and inviting body. During the stages of Bankai, Shikaku will undergo a slight change based on her dress code. The belly top blouse and hipsters of that Shikaku wears during her Shikai stage will change. Shikaku will now sport a tight fitting leather suit that clings to the curvaceous body of the Assassin. The suit is black with a pair of Pistol holsters that buckles around her waist. The bottom half of the assassin’s face will be covered by a black mask, hiding her face somewhat. The black hooded jack will remain, this time however a Kodachi will be strapped across her back. The sandals that she once wore will be replaced by a pair of black boots.

Sealed Zanpakuto Looks: Shikaku no Kami takes the form of a Kodachi reaching up to 18 inches long and one and a half inches wide. The Sheathe of Shikaku is a black one, with red and while roses carefully decorating the sheath of the blade. The tip or end of the Sheath has a golden ring wrapping around the sheath of the Kodachi. The blade of the Kodachi is slightly more curved compared to that of a Wakazashi blade. The cross guard of Shikaku takes the shape of a circle, with three additional rings inside. The rings that make up the cross guard are dark red, black and golden in color. The hilt that is an additional ten inches long. Is black, with red and white roses wrapping around the hilt. The actual color of the blade is dominantly silver with sharp black and unusual edges. The sealed blade of Shikaku has a viper of both side of the blade. These vipers are black, with their fangs expose at the tip of the blade.

Shikai Description: Shikaku no Kami in its released state takes the form of a simple hilt and cross guard. The Shikai state of Shikaku is essentially without a blade, often tricking one’s enemy. Nothing really changes during its released state, except that the hilt will now have a foot long red sash extending from the hilt. The cross guard remains the same in color and the hilt is the same along with it. The cross guard of Shikaku takes the shape of a circle, with three additional rings inside. The rings that make up the cross guard are dark red, black and golden in color. The hilt that is an additional ten inches long. Is black, with red and while roses wrapping around the hilt. If anything Shikaku’s blade seem to vanish during its released state. This is however a deception of sorts, as upon a whim. Shikaku is able to extend as if the blade was there all along.

Zanpakuto Shikai Abilities Description: Shikaku’s ability comes in the form of manipulating Shadows according to Suigetsu’s will. Cross will use his Spiritual Pressure to manipulate the shadows, thus inducing certain effects. Shikaku which translates to assassin acts just like an assassin would, swift and deadly. The shadows of Shikaku are able to extend and retract within a fraction of a second. The shadow blades are able to extend up to 80 meters, at the same speed. The impact of each strike is also quite powerful. Shikaku is also able to create multiple blades, reaching up to 20 blades. The blades of Shikaku are all connected to the Zanapakuto itself. Suigetsu can manipulate the shadows in such a way, so that they can act like a whip. Or even a snake that seizes its prey and coils around it. Suigetsu will at times use his spiritual pressure in order to increase the width and even change the shape of the blades.

The purpose of this is to allow for defensive maneuvers, as the shadow acts as a strong shield against enemy attacks. The shields can expand themselves enough for a dome, but this will take several blades to perform this little trick. The shadows can of course cut; pierce its target, swiftly and with deadly force to break through strong defenses. Suigetsu is quite capable of manipulating the movements of the blades. This allows the man to do a multitude of things through sheer manipulation alone. These shadow blades are of course as hard as a Zanapakuto and probably even more deadly in Suiget’s hands. Shikaku no Kami’s ability to retract may trick the opponent into thinking, his Shikai form is without a blade. This means the blade can retract completely so that it appears to have vanished. And will manifest again within a fraction of a second, if Suigetsu so wills it to.

Bankai Name: Shikaku no Sengami~ Assassin of a Thousand Gods

Bankai Description:

Suigetsu’s appearance during his bankai stage will undergo very slight changes. The assassin will now have a pair of gauntlets on both arms, those that resembles a Shinobi gauntlets/arm guards. These gauntlets are of course black, which fits in perfect with the darkness that is created by his Bankai release. The gauntlet themselves reaches just 2 inches below both elbows, as to not make them uncomfortable. Other than this slight tweak that has to do with anything fitting close to his Body. Suigetsu only gains a pair of pistols, since there is nothing new about his blade, from the point of its Shikai release. The pair of pistols are however something to be desired. They of course come with a pair of holsters that are carefully secured around Suigetsu’s waist. The guns come as a pair, generally seen in the holster after the initial release of Bankai.

Guns: The Pistols comes in the form of modified 44 Magnums, which is a reflection of their power. The nozzles of each pistols takes the shape of a Silver skull, with its mouth wide opened. The mouth of the skull as one would expect leads to the inside chamber of the pistol. The eye of the skull acts as infrared markers emitting a red light, so that the wielder of the Pistols can properly aim. These markers can pinpoint a target from quite a long distance away. The pistols as stated are modified Magnums, however they don't carry the same slim chamber as your regular magnum does. They're instead made to be more rectangular in shape which is 5 inches in length from the top of the nozzle to the bottom of it. The magnums also extend 9 inches long, with your typical round barrels that holds the rounds. The weapons are very durable much like Suigetsu’s own Zanapakuto, granting them the ability to perform melee combat. The guns will be black in color, well most of it for the most part. With the skull shaped nozzle, being silver along with the hammer and the trigger. Along the sides of the each weapon, will have the markings of flame vinyl engraved in it. The handle of the weapons are actually red and black with a rubber grip.

Bankai Abilities Description: Shikaku maintains its Shikai abilities, albeit these abilities will experience a boost as one would expect from Bankai. As such Suigetsu’s Zanapakuto is now able to extend over longer distances even faster than before in terms of speed like in his Shikai stage, but with more devastating force this time. Suigetsu’s blade can cover 870 meters, with enough force to cut through buildings leveling everything in its wake. Suigetsu’s manipulation over his Shadows would have become more versatile. Cross is now able to convert and intertwine his own Reiatsu, so that the Shadows obtain a bullet like effect. They become almost Cero like, albeit they don't actually explode. But rather causes blunt force drama, even lacerating the opponent upon contact.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Kill without mercy.

Level: Shikai and Bankai
Name: Kuroseken- Dark World

Effect: Kuroseken is an area effect technique, that engulfs the area within a mile radius of Suigetsu in total darkness. This means 1 mile within all directions will be overcome by this darkness. The darkness also reigns over the ruling light at the time, thus making the Moon or the Sun obsolete. The point of this is to allow no light to shine. This darkness will effectively take away the eyesight since nothing will be seen. This darkness however doesn't affect Suigetsu's vision. As he is able to see as clear as day in this darkness as if nothing had really changed. Kuroseken is activated by Suigetsu shooting from his blade or pistol what appears to be a black Cero. This fickle bit of energy will mount itself in the air, before dispersing and immediately afterward the darkness will spread. Suigetsu however has control over the darkness. Which means he can cause it to seize at any point during its activation. The point of this technique is that it takes away the eyesight.

Post Duration: 6
Cool Down: 4

Level: Bankai
Name: Myouhoukou- Dark Howl

Effect: Myouhouku takes the Form of black Cero like orb, that is fired from Suigetsu's Pistols. It acts like a Cero and is generally the size of a Cero. However this dark sphere is coated with what seems like Spiritual spikes rotating rapidly. Myouhoukou unlike a Cero doesn't explode it instead cut, slice, dice and even lacerate the victim upon contact. Myouhouku has enough power to blast through buildings with great force, destroying what it comes in contact with. The technique is twice as fast as your regular Arrancar Cero and seems to be quite powerful. Suigetsu will at times manipulate the dark howl as to change the direction in which it moves. This allows Jushiro to guide the Dark Howl, giving him the ability to catch an opponent off guard.

Post Usage: 5
Cool Down: 3

Level: Bankai
Name: Jakenhime- Cruel Princess

Effect: Suigetsu will use Jakenhime to summon forth a representation of his Zanapakuto spirit, Shikaku. Jakenhime acts as a support technique for Suigetsu, making it easier to carry out an assassination. Shikaku's appearance will be that of her Bankai form. However there will actually be a pair on Pistols in the holsters. And the Kodachi sword that she carries, will transform into a replica of Suigetsu's Bankai stage Zanapakuto. Shikaku will be able to move just as fast as Suigetsu, utilizing Shyunpo and other techniques known to Cross. Shikaku also has the ability to wield Suigetsu's weapons and techniques as Cross would. However the only technique that Shikaku can utilize outside of Suigetsu's Zanapakuto's abilities, is Shyunpo. Which means Shikaku cannot use Kido and other attacks of that nature. She can as stated utilize Suigetsu's Zanapakuto techniques and wield his weapon just as well. This makes the Jakenhime technique a very useful one to have in combat.

Post Duration: 5
Cool Down: 3

History and RP sample


Cross was born to Yuudai and Selena Suigetsu within the walls of the Seireitei. This part of Suigetsu’s lineage made him more or less a natural. The boy genius was born on a cool autumn day, when the leaves had begun falling from the tress. And as a result, the trees became bare and were without leaves. With the fall of the last leaf from a branch that hung over a pond, the cry of the newborn came. Both events had happened almost simultaneously, but not many thought too much of it. Suigetsu grew up with parents that were Shinigami by trade, not to mention being good at their jobs. They were often hailed for their great strength and knowledge of the Shinigami arts. Skipping to a couple of years ahead, the youngster was but 6 years old, when he first picked up a Bokken. The idea was to emulate his father, who was quite the warrior. Towering 6’4 inches over both Suigetsu and his mother. Selena, the mother to Rikudou, was no more than 5’4 at the time, quite the unusual pair. But everything seems to work for them, but Rikudou’s traits replicated his mothers more than anything. Sharing close resemblance to his father, Rikudou was still far more superior in looks and even in personality. The youngster was often seen as, gentle and yet so deadly, a viper of sorts.

The young boy also had a noticeable unusual amount of spiritual pressure. Even able to sit down and not let the overpowering Reiatsu of his parents bother him. The Youngster’s future was then determined, after a quick visit from his grandfather. Perhaps it was by fate that this meeting happened. But a young Rikudou was in attendance at yet another training session. The boy wanted to learn and practice with his father, who was determined to make him even stronger. Rikudou’s elders sensed that he had great potential even at a tender age. They began speaking of the folklores that often surrounded those classified as a genius. And one of the things, that were always true, is that their power is known at a young age. After witnessing Rikudou’s ability to breathe, while in the presence of a Captain level Shinigami. His grandfather instructed his father to take even greater interest in his abilities. However unlike his father that was far more barbaric compared to his mother, Rikudou swayed to his mother’s way of doing things. The motherly love and compassion of his mother helped him to make a decision. The youngster would train, but under the teachings of both parents. That way, the soon to be Shinigami would always have a balance.

The Academy:

Now that his parents had taken a keen interest in him, it was also important that he attended the Shinigami Academy. There he would learn the very basics of being a Shinigamai. This was also done under the tutelage of his parents, while instilling their own values in him. Their own values, was more or less something that they could only hope he’d follow. Rikudou had always been head strong and sometimes set in his ways too. The youngster attended the Academy none that less, where he learned how to wield a blade. Rikudou moved up from wielding a Bokken to a more complex weapon. Which so happened to be the Asauchi, this was a show of his progression as a swordsman. During his time at the Academy, it was only natural, that students would learn the most basic Kidou Arts. Rikudou’s Reiatsu levels were quite strong even at that time, but it was well controlled. This allowed him to properly cast Kido spells, efficiently without causing too much harm to himself. Rikudou would come to know what it means to be more than a simple student. During his time at the Academy, it was only natural that the students would go on exercises. This included engaging designer hollows, for basic simulation purposes. And by doing so, Rikudou was able to learn quite a bit about the creatures. At least the youngster based his theories on the information given and further research. Rikudou’s moment of truth came as his future Zanapakuto, Shikaku embraced him. The students were taking part in an exercise, one that involved the common enemy. The Hollows of course, it was imperative that the newer generation of Shinigami knew that to expect. The recent wars which caused so much pain, was the reason behind all of this. Rikudou was sent out on a trip, deep within the Rukongai district. There he would engage a group of Hollows, with 3 other students. Rikudou was no doubt the youngest of the group, only 12 years of age at the time. The group went deep into the Rukongai district as instructed, while following directions. The students arrived at a make shift Kido constructed town. There they would encounter their enemies, in the form of android Hollows. The exercise was a smooth one, the good ol Hollows appear and you destroy. The objective was to utilize the Kido arts, Hohou, Zanjutsu and even Hakuda if necessary. That way, they would be able to guage their skills. Work on their strong points and weaknesses. However, nothing was ever as simple as it seems with Rikudou involved in the picture. Simplicity was thrown out the window, when the Shinigami started to become a little excited. And by doing so, he began exerting Reiatsu strong enough to attract some attention. Those most interested turned out to be real hollows. It was at that point, that the students soon came to realize, the difference between the real and the fake.

The Hollows came rushing, towering over the tiny and unfortunately puny students. It was Rikudou’s first and perhaps only time that he felt fear. The dark Reiatsu of the Hollows was enough to make his stomach turn. As expected they came charging in, aiming to devour the poor souls. A young Rikudou soon sprung into action, as did the rest of the students. But perhaps all their efforts were for nothing. Through the use of communication devices, the students were able to send out a distress call. And all they had to do now was hold on until help arrived. Rikudou found himself on the end of a certain hollows vice grip submission. The hollow’s form and reprentation was of a serpentine creature. A python if you will, toying with the youngster. Coiling its body around him, but not too tight for some reason. It was a sign of the hollows overconfidence, its fangs exposed, and moments before attempting to gobble up the youngster. Rikudou was taken away to another world of sorts. One that was littered with darkness and despair; however a woman soon emerged from the darkness. A woman that reminded Rikudou of his mother a woman so tender and yet so scary. A smile was upon the woman’s face as she spoke, her arms opened as she embraced him. But none of her words could actually reach the Shinigami, instead he too drifted off into the darkness. As far as Rikudou was concerned he had died and passed away, but to nowhere he could readily identify. Evenerything was a dream to him, but unbeknownst to Rikudou, his abilities had awakened momentarily. Transforming his Asasuchi into a 18 inches long Kodachi. And with this weapon, the youngster was able to escape the grasp of the hollow.

As far as he was concerned everything was just a blur to him. That was until he woke up to find his parents by his bed in the 4th Division.

What will Tomorrow Bring?

Now that Rikudou had taken a step further to becoming a great Shinigami. The youngster and his newly formed blade, a Kodachi was ready to take on the world. However there was still a lot more to learn. His potential at the moment didn’t mean a thing, since it remained untapped. And that’s exactly what his parents decided to do, remove those restraints and restrictions on him. Rikudou’s training regime became far more intense than usual. Both parents lending a hand to guide Rikudou down the correct path. And with their support, he was able to graduate from the Academy far sooner than he was meant to do. This caused him to be dubbed as a boy genius, being that young and yet he was able to grasp more than others could. It was at the academy that Suigetsu came across a certain other Shinigami at the time. A man who he knows as Kagetsu Fate, a rather peculiar name the man had to say the least. Suigetsu and Kagetsu quickly became aquaintences, partners in crime during their time at the academy. The truth is, most of what they did until this day is still shrouded in mystery. The stories of the youngsters can only be told by a few, what others hear are rumors most of the times. After taking his leave from the Academy, it was time to make a decision. At this point, it was either join his father or his mother, but Rikudou always did want to emulate his mother.

That wasn’t to say that he didn’t like the way his father did things or his ideals. This saw him join the Nibantai, a student directly under his mother’s tutelage. The decision to do so wasn’t at all what Rikudou thought it would be. It wasn’t long before he found out that his father was far gentler compared to his mother. The young warrior was treated like a complete stranger. No favors were given out, but it was all for the best. The youngster had discovered his uncanny ability to assassinate and take down his enemy very effieciently and covertly. Not only that, but Rikudou was now ready to learn more about his Zanapakuto. Everything once again came down to a training session. The session was constructed and supervised by his mother, while using his father as the barbarian. The idea was to back Rikudou into a corner, thus forcing him to seek help from his Zanapakuto. And it did work out as intended, since the youngster was able to call on Shikaku no Kami. The Shinigami was able to learn even more, by simply calling the name of his sword. Mastery and understanding of his Shikai, took a few years. But the Shinigami was able to achieve alot, commanding his Zanapakuto as if he had centuries to train with it. The Youngster was easily on the level of a Fuku Taicho. But his parents would never allow him to believe the “boy genius” hype that surrounds him.

A New Life

Years went by and Suigetsu grew ever more efficient in his ways as an assassin of the Nibantai. The youngster kept a low profile as a Shinobi or an assassin should. That was until it was time for him to strike, which was more often that he would have liked. The Shinigami found himself undertaking numerous missions, both in and outside of the Soul Society. But a certain mission changed his life and his place in the world forever. There was a disturbance within the Rukongai area, reports of souls disappearing. Suigetsu being one of the stronger Shinigami and more efficient was sent on a covert mission. The mission was a simple one, deal with the threat as soon as possible. It was to be done in a coverted manner, this way it wouldn’t raise too many alarms. Suigetsu was sent this mission with several other members of the second division. The group of assassins arrived in Rukongai, but they can’t say they were quite prepared for what they saw. The assassins met their match in the form of three grotesque figures, those that were hollow like. These grotesque figures brought a certain disease with them. Suigetsu himself was oblivious to all of this, an inconvenience for him. And after fighting and barely surving, the Shinigami soon noticed that the wounds inflicted upon him had taken a turn for the worst.

His flesh and his very soul were then corrupted, lost in the darkness for what seem to be an eternity. Somewhere along the line, a new tenant took up refuge in the man’s soul. A truly troublesome thing, which meant Suigetsu had to leave the Soul Society behind. Though, Suigetsu leaving came at a later time, since the hollow side of him didn’t make an appearance until after the event. The Shinigami now Vizard was confronted by the one responsible for what happened. The Shinigami didn’t take it too well, a betrayal, yes the ultimate betrayal. The person responsible for the way thimgs turned out was none other than his father. . Suigetsu was told what he and the others would become eventually. And as a result the Shinigami chose to flee the Soul Society. A disappearance of sorts, but Suigetsu was curious about a few things. Just how did his father do it and why? The Shinigami spent the next couple of years learning to control his powers. Waiting for the day when he would get his revenge on those that did him wrong. In Suigetsu’s eyes, just about anyone willing to stand in his way shall feel his wrath.

RP Sample:

Like all arrivals in Soul Society a Senkai gate opened and a 5’7 tall figure emerged. The Shinigami had a smile on his face and a glint in his eyes. He was triumphant during his latest mission, warding off the Arrancar. The hollow infestation was more or less starting to become a plague of sorts. It pained the Shinigami to even think about the Arrancar and their disgusting stench. For some reason they always smelt funny which made it even more difficult to fight them. Pulling his black mask over his mouth, it covered up to his nose bridge. It was part of Cross' persona not to let anyone in and hiding behind a mask at times was best. It was however confusing to some since the man was quite handsome in his own right. The Shinigami’s hands soon drifted onto the hilt of his Zanapakuto that was strapped across his lower back. Cross was a dual type sword wielder with one of his swords placed on his back. The hilt of said sword extended just over his shoulder, while the other one was placed across his lower back. Walking past the guards that were stationed at the gates, each and every one of them bowed in respect. It was a good feeling to be respected, then again no ne of them actually wanted to upset the Shinigami. Cross also sports a funky low top hair cut with hair extended down past his shoulder. His hair was also spiky in appearance and was of a red and black colour. It was split in three equal halves with the central halve being black. And the two remaining halves at the sides being red in colour, it was also one of his most notable features. Many would recognize him straight away via the mask on his face and his hair colour. Coming to a stop the Shinigami glanced around the area before vanishing. It seems he was wanted elsewhere at the moment and it had been a while since he checked in. After a while the Shinigami appeared on the grounds of his division. Loyal soldiers flocked to the Shinigami upon his arrival with joyful greetings. Taking the time of acknowledge each and everyone there. Cross moved past the gathering after relaying a message onto them. One that would involve them training and carrying on with the duties as a Shinigami. Stepping into his personal office Cross sat down to have a drink of sake. There was a pile of dreadful paper work on his desk, Cross had only gone an hour at most. And yet there was an unimaginable amount of paper work on his desk. A pile that went stocked together was no more than five pieces of paper put together.

Other Shinigamis would be delighted with the idea of having so little work. But for Cross it was one sheet of paper too much for him. Musing over what to do next, Cross took quick sips of his sake after a ten seconds interval. It was frustrating not having anything else to do at the moment. Perhaps sleeping would be the best thing for him to do right now. But that was merely wishful thinking for him now. A Hell butterfly soon floated into the office and before it could even get closer. Cross released a sigh after anticipating the message that it would relay to him. How convenient it was to have a message from the commander? Getting up from his seat Cross yawned and stretched his arms towards the ceiling. For some reason he could never get a break no matter how hard he tried to. Walking outside of his office the soldiers of his Division was going about their everyday lives. Soon enough his head rose towards the heavens, if there is such a thing in Soul Society. Cross listened carefully to the birds chirping on a nearby tree branch. The bumble bee that buzzed, creating a soothing tune landing on a blade of grass. The coy fish in the pond flail after snapping up a meal and an insect that fell in. The Sun was high over Soul Society which was a good sign regardless of the dark cloud. The same cloud that hang over the Shinigami as he once again vanished from his position. He was now heading in the direction of the Captain Commander’s office. Soul Society was on the verge of war, the things that had already gone on was merely the prelude. Still the cunning Shinigami known as Suigetsu Cross was looking forward to it. Reaching the 1st Division grounds Cross stood patiently as the gates opened.

Standing outside of the 1st Division Cross stepped inside as the gates opened up before him. A number of other important Shinigami had began turning up at this meeting of sorts. These important beings so happened to be a bunch of other Captains of the Gotei 13. Only a select few had turned up, since the Sotaicho required something from them. Walking inside Cross stood in line in front of the Sotaicho with the other awaiting orders. It seems there was a disturbance in the Rukongai District, powerful surges of Reiatsu as recorded. Only problem was that it was deep into the Rukongai area where the souls hardly ever inhabited. It was the perfect place for someone to start trouble and go unseen and unchecked. But it seems that all of this was reported to the 10th Division headquarters. Besides the Juubantai was responsible for the needs of the people. And of course the Kyuubanti would get involved in all of this. But why was Cross called to such a meeting in the first place? It wasn’t his job to deal with these things at least not as yet. Then again it wouldn’t hurt to send someone as skilled as himself on such a trip. And so three High Ranking Shinigami was sent off to investigate these strange happenings in the Rukongai area. From the explanation given from the Sotaicho souls have been disappearing without any real trace. At least some of those that was taken left no traces for the Shinigami to follow. Cross had a feeling things would get a little messy should they encounter anything abnormal. It was quite intriguing to think the Shinigami would class anything as abnormal at all. Besides the Humans normally classify them as ghosts and the Hollows as monsters. The beings that haunted the dreams of the young men and woman of such a world. So much so that some would even make up there very own ghost stories. These stories would often become nothing but a folklore for others to fall asleep to. Their orders were very simple go and investigate and terminate anything that they would deem to be a threat. Leaving the grounds of the 1st Division Cross wasn’t looking forward to any of this at all. The man wanted to leave the others to deal with this supposed threat. But realized that he wouldn't be able to run away from his duties as a Shinigami. He had two other Captains there with him who would make sure that he tagged along. Giving a quick nod in response the three warriors the Shinigami disappeared . An ominous wind blew through the area as the Shinigami made his way to the Rukongai districts. Following the coordinates given to them Cross travelled deep into the unknown. He couldn’t honestly remember travelling to this part of land. It was very similar to the stories of Hueco Mundo. The Vasto Lorde was often found dwelling in the deepest and darkness corners of Hueco Mundo.

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Done for now. I think I will add the mask information later, when I think it through properly.
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