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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Unosuke Kakaru

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Unosuke Kakaru


PostSubject: Unosuke Kakaru   Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:59 pm

[center]Basic Information

Name: Unosuke Kakaru

Real Age: 450 years

Age of Appearance: Early to mid twenties

Gender: Male

Rank: Rogue Espada

Number: Former Tricera Espada

Hollow Hole: In the lower middle center of the chest.

Mask Fragment: The lower left segment of the jaw

Number Tattoo: Directly to the left of the center of the chest, covering the heart.

Appearance: Kakaru stands at six foot one and weighs approximately 201 lbs. He is very well muscled and is in near perfect peak physical condition. Though he has a relatively thick muscular build, the way in which he trained himself up to that point has made the muscle form in a way that causes him to appear somewhat lean but at the same time still rather stocky in contrast to his size. This does not take away from the fact that he has trained himself very well and is in very good physical condition, the result of this being a high endurance for physical events and a reasonable level of physical strength and speed.

Kakaru has a rather pale skin tone, not because he is unhealthy or gets any lack of sunlight, in fact he gets quite a lot, it is just that his skin has always kept itself to a rather pure white ton, something reminiscent of pure, untarnished white silk. His skin also sports no blemishes and is extremely smooth all over; fitting well with the way his skin is colored. His hair is rather long, stretching down a reasonable length below his ears. His hair is always extremely well groomed and smoothed down, never appearing unkempt or dirty. The style of his hair not tethered or otherwise altered, is simply hanging straight down his forehead exposed, his hair beginning to brush past his shoulders. Due to the length of his hair, Kakaru will often keep it pulled back into a mid length ponytail, leaving two small groupings of strands of hair hanging down in front.

His hair is colored an untarnished pure white, being chalked over with no other colors. His hair is not graying or silvered with age, that would be impossible due to an Arrancar never physically aging, but in fact he was born with the same strange hair color, it is simply a pure silk white, looking slightly like it has been frozen over and left untouched for millennia. His eyes give any who look at them a certain feeling of calm and comfort, but at the same time a rather cold and chilly feeling. They look like within them is a wellspring of infinite experience and wisdom, giving them a very vast and open feeling, as if there is a wide space to explore. His light blue eyes are reminiscent of an infinite plan of nothing but ice and glaciers stretched as far as anyone can see.

It is an oddity as to why but Kakaru is rather cold to the touch, his skin gives off a feeling of one placing their hand against ice, it is not discomforting but for some reason rather calming and soothing. It is unknown as to why his body has taken such a strange nature but it had been that way since birth, even when he had been a human being. It is assumed that due to the nature of hid reiatsu, his body has formed such an odd quirk.

Though Kakaru once belonged to Aizen’s army and was an Espada in this army, he took the opportunity at the beginning of the war with the Shinigami to leave and turn his back on the Arrancar, due to this he has long since shed his uniform that he wore when in service to Aizen and has taken on new apparel. For his clothing Kakaru wears a pure white suit, one of very high quality and make. This suit is formed from rather expensive fibers and though this has no bearing on anything in combat, he simply thought it better to own a good suit opposed to one of cheap and tacky make. He wears a regular white button up and over top of this a three button white suit jacket, which he will generally keep completely buttoned up. To complete this part of his suit he wears a pure white tie over his button up shirt and under his jacket. He wears a pair of white dress pants and a pair of white dress shoes. For his belt, he wears a regular leather dress belt with the exception that it to is white. He wears a pair of leather gloves with the same exception, opposed to regular black leather, they have been dyed white.

On his inner left forearm is a special seal of his own making that he has instituted to help with staying in hiding. Within this seal is stored almost all of his powers and abilities as an Arrancar and as a spiritual being. To such a degree that while sealed (which is all the time unless stated otherwise) he does not even have possession of his Zanpakutou and any and all Arrancar traits are hidden, making him appear as no more than a spiritually aware human. The hollow hole, the mask fragment, and even his hollow type reiatsu all vanish, sealed within, for all intensive purposes he appears as a human. Though the original attempt had been to seal all of his power, as the former Third Espada his power was simply too massive to suppress entirely and as such a small amount of reiatsu is constantly leaking out back in to Kakaru.

The result of this being an immense physical strength when contrasted to humans (roughly fifteen times greater than an average human) though compared to his real power is quite pathetic. When sealed he is also visible to humans, whether spiritually aware or not. The seal takes on the appearance of a five point hexagonal pentagram with a hollow mask stapled in the center that is being entwined by two vines wrapping around it. The release of his seal is marked by pressing his hand against the seal and forcing some of his own reiatsu in to it. Upon release his full power explodes out and he regains his Arrancar traits, his mask fragment, his hollow hole and his hollow type reiatsu, and as such he looses his visibility to non spiritually aware humans.

Personal Information

Personality: As members of the Unosuke family generally were, Kakaru appears as a rather cold and emotionless individual. It was taught in the Unosuke family to calm oneself and to rarely show a sign of outward emotion to anyone, and to be extremely careful in who they choose to have any sort of relationship with, friendship or otherwise, the ideal situation to be able to purge oneself of emotion entirely. The thought behind this practice is that one is to achieve an absolute inner focus and piece and to never let any emotion interfere in battle or the conducting of any aspect of life, even if one is provoked to an extent that most anyone would loose their cool and fly in to rage. By doing this the theory is that emotion will not dull technique, and one will remain in their absolute prime up until their death, no matter the circumstance.

Though the reasoning behind this is quite sound and Unosuke members were all brought up under these rulings, many often had found it difficult to entirely dispel emotion. In life Kakaru had always been a model member of the Unosuke family, at least in his ability and skill. In other aspects he had always had some difficulty, he had found it nigh impossible to live by the code of the Unosuke family and he never was completely able to suppress his emotion. Though his outward appearance would almost never betray any sign of his emotion, once befriended or pushed in a separate situation it would remain impossible for Kakaru to keep his never changing monotone appearance.

Though always quite stern and always putting up a front of little actual emotion, he has always enjoyed a conversation and being friendly with people, just perhaps approaching it the wrong way, a side effect of his already pre existing personality combined with becoming a little bit jaded with age. He has always been sensitive to the needs of others and has always gone out of his way to assist those in need of assistance. He has a strong sense of honor in regards to things like this, and is rather abhorrent to slaying somebody for the sake of killing; Kakaru is a warrior and recognizes the need for killing in battle but is rather opposed to it unless it has proven to be an absolute necessity. It is a similar attitude he has taken towards fighting, he recognizes its need and the need for training but tends to like to avoid a violent conflict.

Though Kakaru is quite stern and somewhat jaded this seems to somewhat soften when you have been on friendly terms with him for an extended time and begin to know him, though never disappearing entirely, he would be if anything a little bit more happy and willing to fraternize. Once he has befriended someone he is rather protective and if threatened to a dangerous extent, would go out of his way and help them to the best of his ability, possibly even taking a blow for them if it came to having to do such a thing.

Kakaru has always had an immense hatred for the Arrancar. While he had been a hollow Kakaru had suffered, he had uncontrollably slaughtered and all along could only watch, it was a wretched existence and one he had hated. Upon becoming an Arrancar he had regained all of his self control and his personality, he had become whole once more. What really struck him though was when every other Arrancar was still so blood thirsty, they had regained their minds but still reveled in senseless slaughter. Yet as was his position he had been forced into remaining in his current situation due to having been brought under Aizens control in service as an Espada.

It is the way they conduct themselves why he so passionately hates them and it is why he has always tried to act the opposite. As an opposite he has always held a respect for the Shinigami and it is why upon learning of the war Kakaru had fled and went in to hiding so that he would not be forced to take a Shinigami life.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Resurrecion Information

Sealed: Kakaru’s sealed Zanpakutou looks much like a regular Katana with the exception that the very blade color is a pure silken white along with the tanto of the sword. On the tanto is an intricate pattern of white vines weaving and intertwining around the whole of the tanto and connecting and continuing the pattern. The handle itself is bamboo colored however the handle is wrapped in a pure white silk and the revealed parts of the handle are studded with dark black ruby colored stones. From the bottom of the handle hangs a foot long strip of white silk that is interlaced in with the silk wrapped around the handle.

Name: Aisuu Shoukan
Call Out Phrase: Raise The Silken Blade Aisuu Shoukan
Family: Melee
Resurrección Appearance: Upon releasing his Resurrecion his blade will begin to melt and rush from towards Kakaru, over his arm holding the blade and over the rest of his body, giving the appearance that it is engulfing Kakaru. Once the blade has fully engulfed Kakaru it changes and begins to take a specified form. The form changes and begins to take on a rather demented version of a full suit of samurai armor, a perversion of what it would really look like.

The suit covers every exposed portion of Kakaru forming in one perfectly congruent suit of samurai armor; the only part even partially exposed being two small eye slits so that he can see out of the encasement. Having taken on a rather demonic visage, a reflection of what he had looked like as a Hollow the armor has taken on some additional extremities. The knee and elbow areas of the armor have small but extremely sharp blade like protrusions, capable of cutting most of what they make contact with in to ribbons.
The knuckles of his gauntlets have similar characteristics and each knuckle has short blade like protrusions, which have a very sharp and never dulling edge. In addition the helmet has two half foot long demon horn type protrusions which are coming from the forehead area and are spaced apart. Coming from the back of the helmet is a two foot long crimson pony tail made of extremely sharp bristles, even though at first glance it would give the appearance of nothing more than hair.

The whole of the armor is a strange mixture of pure white color and crimson color mixed in equal proportions all over the armor. The chest plate area being a swirl of crimson and a swirl of pure white mixed together in a perfect 50/50 proportion. The rest of the armor holds a similar ruling as far as its color goes. In addition a pure white Katana of approximately three and a half feet is made from the Resurrecion as well, being formed from the same strange bone like substance the rest of his armor is. As his Resurreccion has taken the form of a large suit of samurai armor, it has granted Kakaru enhanced proportions as far as his size goes, making him larger then normal. His height is raised to 6, 5 and his weight is boosted to about 483 lbs.
As his Ressureccion is essentially a large suit of strange samurai armor, it grants a large amount of additional protection, essentially boosting his Hierro, however as it is somewhat constricting it slows him down a little bit, and causes his Sonido to be slightly slower as well.

Second Ressureccion:(Must already be in first to use)
Full Name: Aisuu Tentei
Release Phrase: Rule over this frozen world Aisuu Tentei

Family: Ice/Snow

Ressureccion Appearance: Having developed a second Resurreccion, which displays Kakaru’s true and full power as an Arrancar, he must already be in his first to use it, as it requires a already heightened sense of Hollow reiatsu within himself to be present. Upon release his armor that has gathered on him from his Zanpakuto in accordance with his first Resurreccion begins to break apart and after a moment explodes off of him, giving the appearance that his Resurreccion has simply shattered.

After this happens an extreme sub zero temperature begins to emanate from Kakaru and the area around him begins to freeze over and become frozen solid in ice. As this occurs frost begins to gather on Kakaru and after a few moments this frost turns to ice and rapidly spreads over his entire being, until Kakaru is entirely encased. This ice begins to thicken and enlarge causing the now fully ice encased Kakaru to grow. Upon reaching the peak of this growth what remains is completely indistinguishable from the original Kakaru, and what remains is a large humanoid ice being, being quite reminiscent of an ice golem. Even when speaking his voice now sounds lower but in some way covering a larger area, booming to a degree, as if it is echoing from every direction at once.

This growth raises Kakaru’s height to about 7, 1 and due to the extreme thickness the ice has covered him in causes his weight to raise to approximately 800 lbs. As such his defensive capabilities sky rocket and his physical strength becomes massive as well, however his speed is cut down quite significantly and his sonido is quite sluggish as well in comparison to its normal capabilities. Everything lacking an internal heating when touched when Kakaru is in this form is frozen completely solid through and through and everything within a close vicinity to him is frozen over as well. Something with an internal heating source is still frozen over, at least on the outside, though rarely solid. Such as brief contact with an opponent could cause freezing on the outside, though dependent on level an exertion of force could cause the frozen area to shatter and the limb or area to regain its use. When making contact with an object for an extended period of time he may freeze it solid no matter the object and may manipulate ice he makes contact with in any way he chooses.


Name: Ice Manipulation

State: True Ressureccion

Description: This is a technique usable only once his true Ressureccion has been released, this allows him to manipulate any ice he makes contact with to be manipulated and controlled, either through changing its shape in to a weapon type structure or simply causing it to move at his will. He may also control ice he has created from a distance though not as easily or to such precision, however the manipulation is possible through movement and willing of the hands.

In addition he may manipulate the shape of ice on his own body, by creating blades from the ice on himself or by any other willing of the imagination. However use of ice on his own body can deplete the ice gathered on himself and weaken his defense if used to an extreme, making mass use of his own body’s ice structure not always a wise choice.

Name: Ice Absorption
State: True Ressureccion
Description: This ability allows the absorption of ice through direct contact only onto his own person, either for protective means or for simply replenishing lost ice from his body. Using this technique he can cause mass growth to occur given enough time to absorb and as such in proportion to his growth, strength and defensive capabilities will rise as well however his speed and precise co ordination will suffer in contrast.

Name: Ice World
State: True Ressureccion
Description: This is a passive ability if anything, not requiring any other activation then simply entering in to his True Ressureccion. The area surrounding Kakarus immediate vicinity by about 100 feet is frozen over simply by his presence in the area, anything with an internal heating source is not frozen over but will certainly feel the effects of the extreme sub zero temperatures. Brief direct contact with Kakaru’s actual being will cause immediate freezing, to objects with an internal heating source it will cause outside freezing though depending on level an exertion of force may break the ice fairly easily.
Extended contact with Kakaru’s person can cause solid freezing if given enough time to take hold and no extra heating source is fighting the freezing. If a part of his person is pressed to an object with no internal heating he may cause his ice to rapidly freeze over this object and anything touching, causing it to “grow” over the area he is touching, this of course excludes beings with internal heating sources and normal rules apply to such instances.

Name: Blade of the Ice Lord
State: Normal and Resurreccion
Description: Tapping into his inner power Kakaru releases the ice power within himself and harnesses it on a significantly lower scale of power than he can in his True Resurreccion. This allows Kakaru to dissolve his blade into thousands of pieces and to move in a large grouping. These released blade shards upon release freeze and become razor sharp pieces of ice, which may be manipulated and moved with movements of the blade handle. These are capable of cutting most any object to ribbons, however as an alternative may make contact with objects and freeze them over, turning them in to ice. Once this technique is over, any objects that were frozen during its duration begin to slowly unthaw, organic objects receiving no lasting damage aside from some severe freeze burn to outside extremities.

Name: Blade of The Ice God
State: Normal and Ressureccion
Description: Essentially a much more powerful version of Blade of The Ice Lord and in contrast much more taxing. The beginning of the technique is marked by Kakaru raising his blade above his head and releasing the blade, causing it to shatter in to thousands of pieces. However opposed to grouping together to form a torrent of frozen shards each pieces flies in all directions and makes contact with the earth, each one spaced out from each other.

As each one makes contact the earth that it touched begins to freeze over and the ice it is being changed in to grows until they all reach a collective distance of about a half mile radius and every growing pool of ice stops once they have all made contact with each other. Once this process is done, Kakaru twists his blade and all of the ice shatters and rises up in to the sky and all flies together until it combines into a massive form of ice of a large humanoid male.

Though this gives the appearance of it having a consciousness, in reality Kakaru is controlling it via the use of his blade and hand. As this being is extremely massive and the energy required to use it is quite extensive, this is generally used as a powerful trump card opposed to a normal technique, one use of this technique tires one out, two uses makes it very difficult to even move and a third would be impossible as it would cause the instant collapse of the user, really no matter how vast ones reiatsu was.

Name: One Thousand Swords of The Titan
State: Normal and Resurreccion
Description: This technique is activated by Kakaru throwing his blade up at the sky, upon doing this Kakaru will clap his hands together, sending a pulse of reiatsu through the air, which is in reality sending the “orders” to the blade in the sky. The blade will appear to shatter, every part included, and in a moment the blade appears to multiply until what looks to be one thousand replicas of his sword have been made and now float in the sky. These blades may be manipulated with urgings from his mind and for mass manipulation or precision Kakaru must also include the use of his hands.

These blades may be manipulated for flying towards a target, fighting someone directly or even grabbed by Kakaru to be used as he would normally use his blade. If any one other than Kakaru tried to grab one of the blades, it simply remains inert and can not be moved from its position. As each blade is only somewhat a shadow of the actual Zanpakuto, extended use of one blade will cause it to break and to disperse, control of it and its existence officially being lost. Once all blades have been used or whenever needed Kakaru can end the technique and upon doing this each blade explodes and flies back towards Kakaru, reforming back into the Zanpaktou. Kakaru may manipulate up to three blades at a time with relative precision using a free hand or send twice as many blades haphazardly flying at an opponent with little control. One blade may be manipulated using the mind alone, any hand occupied by a task may not be used for manipulation (ex. using a sword)

Name: Tri-Fold Power Seal
State: Sealed
Description: A seal of Kakaru’s own devising that he instituted when he went in to hiding. This seal upon his inner left forearm effectively seals away all of his power as a Hollow and an Arrancar and his power as a spiritual being, the result of this being that he becomes entirely visible to human beings, even those that are not spiritually aware, and as such appears to spirit sensitive beings (i.e shinigami, hollow etc.) as no more than a spiritually aware human. While sealed (which is all the time unless stated otherwise) so much of his power is stored that he even looses possession of his Zanpakutou, it having been stored in the seal on his forearm.

Though the initial attempt had been to seal all of his power, as an Espada of such capabilities it was impossible to fully seal his power and as such a small amount of his reiatsu is always leaking out in to Kakaru. The result of this being an immense physical strength when contrasted to normal human beings (roughly twenty times as great). This seal is released by pressing his right hand to the seal and forcing whatever reiatsu he has available to him into the seal, which recognizing his power opens and he regains all of his abilities as a spiritual being, another result of this being he once again becomes invisible to non spiritually aware humans.

Re sealing his power is accomplished by summoning the tri fold seal using the signature permanently branded upon his reiatsu, drawing it on to his zanpakuto and pressing his zanpakuto to the seal tattooed on his inner left forearm, in a burst of reiatsu it is all drawn back in to the seal and he reverts to his sealed form.

History and RP Sample

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Unosuke Kakaru


PostSubject: Re: Unosuke Kakaru   Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:59 pm

Kakaru was born long ago, to a family of upper middle class status. His mother did chores and housework around the home while his father was a relatively successful merchant. As his life progressed and the economy began to fall, his fathers business began to dry up. Soon the family found themselves falling from their comfort and wealth and right into a pool of debt. As time went on and his father continued to sink into this debt, the family began to sink into the waiting arms of poverty. Loosing their home, money and almost all of their possessions they were forced to move into the ghetto area. Life became hard, harder than Kakaru could have ever imagined it to be, until then he had lived a life of comfort. He and his family began to starve and both his mother and father fell ill.

Kakaru was forced into petty criminal acts just too barely scrape by, pick pocketing and stealing food, these became daily routines for the boy. Before long Kakaru became another scruffy child that people paid no attention to as they walked by. As winter began to approach and the bitter cold began to creep in, the petty insulation of their home was not enough. His mother and father already sick, they were not ready for such a harsh winter and soon after they perished to the cold and their illness combined. Kakaru being young and strong was able to take care of himself and just barely survived through the winter. Trying to find places that would take him in, in exchange for work was difficult as most places did not want mere children.

One night when Kakaru was lying in the alleyway he had become accustomed to and was ready to drift off, he heard a women scream in accordance to a howl that resounded through the city streets. Curious and perplexed by this noise, he wanted to know exactly where it had come from and what it was. Slowly creeping from his ally, Kakaru began to rush towards the noise. Arriving at the scene his heart began racing at what he saw. A strange monster almost ten feet tall, wearing a white mask was holding this woman around her waist, obviously preparing to eat her. Seeing this creature caused him to seize up and begin to shake, he did not know what to do. He did not want to see this woman die, but the monster looked so menacing. Swallowing his fear and bringing about some courage, Kakaru picked up a handful of rocks and began pelting the creature with these rocks. The monster obviously amused by this turned around to face Kakaru and began doing something akin to sniffing the air. “So you can see me?”

Not knowing what else to do Kakaru gave a small nod in accordance to the monsters question. “And hear me to? Quite a meal you will make.” Dropping the woman and turning his full attention to Kakaru, it began its full pursuit. Not wanting to die Kakaru turned and ran full speed the opposite direction towards the cliff facing out to sea. Having been running a good five minutes Kakaru backed himself into a corner as he slid to a halt at the edge of the cliff. Turning from the cliff and facing the creature, he knew he had come to the end of the line, it was his time. But who would care? Kakaru was nothing more than a street urchin at this point in his life, a poor petty thief. Nothing mattered anymore, knowing his time was up Kakaru fell to his knee and awaited his impending doom. However he was surprised when it did not come, another few seconds passed and nothing happened.

Daring a glance up Kakaru looked and saw a man standing before him wearing the red and black samurai armor of the Unosuke clan; a highly prestigious clan of warriors who were well known throughout the lands for exercising demons. The man stood in a combat ready position, his blade drawn and glistening under the moonlight, the metal was strange and it had a crimson hue, it may have been from the blood falling from its tip, whatever it was Kakaru could not tell. The man sheathed his blade before turning to Kakaru and began approaching him. Thinking the man may intend him harm Kakaru cringed at the mans approach, but was surprised once the man offered his hand to Kakaru. “You could see it…couldn’t you?” Kakaru was surprised at this question, who would not have been able to see it? It was a massive ten foot tall monster. Kakaru gazed up into the mans eyes, nodded and gave a faint yes in response to his question. “You…you have the gift, the ability to see the monsters. You should come with me.” After this event Kakaru was brought into the Unosuke clan and raised as if he had been born into their lineage. He was fed, clothed and treated as if he had come from nobility; now that he belonged to the Unosuke clan he had become nobility.

As he aged he was trained in the ways of the blade, learning how to become a successful warrior. On his eighteenth birthday came Kakaru was given his first real trial, the trial that would give him the status of a full fledged warrior of his clan, he needed to slay one of the powerful “Black” creatures. Kakaru held a true despise for these monsters and wanted nothing more than to protect the innocent people from them. He did not like fighting but killing the creatures served a greater purpose. Setting out with four others attempting to complete the trial Kakaru was ready to face his potential death and strike it down without mercy.Upon finding the creature the four young Unoskue clan members became rather unnerved, the creature stood at nearly fifteen feet and its entirety seemed to be covered in a thick black armor, there was no mistaking it, this was what they had set out to kill. Despite having a near crippling fear in his heart, Kakaru knew that he could not fail; if he did all of his training would have been for nothing, he had to succeed.

Drawing his blade in unison with the four others Kakaru sunk into a ready stance, preparing to strike. Kakaru charged at the creature blade above head and as he did so the others did as well. They fought for what seemed like hours against the creature, sustaining injury and seemingly dealing none. Their blades would glance off or do nothing more than tiny incisions upon the beast, they were fighting a loosing battle. With one swing against one of them, it could send them flying, yet some of their mightiest blows did nothing more than a scratch. Kakaru realized the futility of their fight until part way through the battle he glanced at the mask. That was it; he had forgotten the main rule to killing one of the beasts, their mask. It was the weak point of them, the Achilles heel. Seeing a new hope in the battle, Kakaru felt renewed, no longer weary he drew himself up in front of the creature, ready to fight. He began focusing all of his energy and intensifying it and slowly channeling it into his blade, as his sensei had taught him he focused his Chi. Done with his task Kakaru charged the creature and leapt into the air bringing his blade down upon the mask and releasing all of his gathered power into the swing. Unlike any of the previous times the blade sunk in and broke past the armor.

Leaping back from his attack Kakaru was happy to see that a fountain of crimson poured forth from the creatures head. But it seemed not enough, though grievously wounded it had not done the trick and he had only done to further enrage the monster. With one mighty blow the monster brought its hand into Kakarus side and smashed into him. Feeling his armor crack under the creatures’ strength Kakaru knew he was most likely finished. As the blow followed through Kakaru went flying and smashed through the side of a wooden house and into the living area of the home. Kakaru laid there for a moment taking in deep gasping breathes. He slowly brought himself back up and gathered enough courage to inspect the area he had received the blow. The armor covering his left rib cage was shattered but had just absorbed the blow and kept him from death, however it did not change the fact that it had broken several ribs.

Painfully and slowly bringing himself to his feet Kakaru took in a deep breath trying to fill his lungs with as much air as possible after having had all of it knocked out of him. He wiped the creatures’ blood from his eyes as he readied himself to go back and assist his comrades. Bringing his blade back up into the ready position Kakaru charged and leapt through the hole in the building that he had been knocked through. It seemed much had happened in his short time on the ground, the creature lay on the ground in a puddle of its own blood but it seemed that two out of his four comrades did as well. Hurrying to check their vitals Kakaru was dismayed about his discoveries, they had fallen and were beyond saving, he could feel the last throbs of his comrade’s heart before it gave one last pull and just gave up.

He dropped his head for a moment for his comrades’ loss, their goal had been accomplished but it had not come cheap, the death of two great future warriors had been the price and despite his own success he was saddened by the means in which he gained it. Consulting with the other survivors of the battle and mounting their fallen comrade’s bodies on to their shoulders, they set off to go back to the Unosuke estate. From that day on Kakaru grew to be a splendid and renowned warrior among the Unosuke clan. He fought in many battles and reigned victorious on many of these battles. Upon reaching age twenty-four Kakaru rose to the ranks of an officer and gained command over a small regiment of troops. Though highly skilled and an excellent tactician his strong disdain for fighting kept him from rising past the rank of a major.

For years he continued his work until all samurai were to be called upon by the Emperor and shipped off to battle against foreign invaders. The battle went on for months but the fight was not going their way, they were outnumbered from the start and the siege on the Japanese borderlands were beginning to weaken the defense. During combat Kakaru and the other commanding officers were surrounded by an elite attack force specifically designed for killing the general overseeing the battle. The general and his personal guard (one of these guards being Kakaru) fought valiantly but were overwhelmed and slaughtered. As Kakaru lay on the ground and began bleeding to death he knew his time had come, he would not fight it, all he had wanted his whole life was a peaceful existence, and now he would have his wish the ultimate peace…death. Taking one last gasp of air Kakaru did a rare smile as it all faded to a perfect darkness.

Hollow Arc:
Kakaru groggily opened his eyes as the light flooded through and once again filled his existence. He blinked a few times as his eyes adjusted to the light and the stiff effect wore off his body. He wondered if he had reached the afterlife, he knew he had died; he took a grievous wound to his chest and knew for a fact that it had killed him. Kakaru slowly sat up, perplexed and what was happening, the area before him was the same battlefield, people fighting only his troops were in disarray after seeing their general killed. He stood up and wondered or not if he had truly been killed, something just wasn’t right though. All of his wounds were gone and he was fully clad in his armor holding katana and all, he had a strange free sensation gripping him, almost as if he could simply float away. Once his head cleared and he had reclaimed all of his bearings Kakaru noticed a chain hanging from his armor, not only his armor but he realized that the chain was hanging from his chest, it was attached to his chest and he was not sure why.

Then it snapped back to him, he had seen people like this before, people being attacked by the evil spirits, he had always freed them by removing the chain from their chest, it was an ancient ritual performed by the Unosuke warriors. Though he could not do it himself, Kakaru knew that he would be able to have a clan member do it for him. Wasting no time Kakaru went to the Unosuke family estate and began seeking out his mentor that had initially brought him into the Unosuke family. Upon finding him he approached him and at first was greeted by a warm hello until he noticed the chain. A look of horror stretched across his face until soon after was replaced back to his normal calmed appearance.

“…I see…I see you have perished in combat. I knew you would always die a warrior’s death but I did not think so soon.” Kakaru nodded and began speaking himself. “It was unexpected on my end as well. A group of enemy agents infiltrated our ranks and attacked us and the general. It was by surprise and we had no time to prepare, though most of us took down many with us, I was attacked from behind and left for dead as they progressed onwards to the general.” Kakaru paused for a moment before resuming his speech. “You know why I am here Uncle; the longer I wait the more likely I am to draw one of the dark spirits straight to our estate.” Kakarus Uncle nodded in response to Kakarus words; he was ready for what must be done.“Hurry then, I do not wish to drag this out any more then I have to.” He drew his blade and placed the hilt of the sword on to the area where the chain emerged from; he then began the chant before he performed the final step. “In all my power as a member of the Unosuke clan, lost spirit I give you the ultimate gift, I give you your right to move to the afterlife, now with haste you must go.” Slamming the hilt of his sword into the base of the chain and slowly prying it off, Kakaru felt an incredible pain surge through his body, a pain that felt as if his entire body was being torn apart, and one that felt that his very skin was being stretched.

With one shout of pain it all faded to black and Kakaru lost consciousness.
It was not until much later that Kakaru realized his body had changed, becoming something different. He was now glad in white and black, still holding a relatively human form but being locked inside of a prison of deformed samurai armor and having a strange mask glued to his face, one that could not be removed no matter how hard he tried. His hands were replaced with claws and his flesh with armor similar to the set he wore while still alive, only different and somehow sinister. He remembered trying to remove it for a long time until he could no longer succeed and began to loose all interest in the fact after he began to develop a clawing hunger.

He knew down in his heart what he had become and he tried to resist as he tore through countless innocents and drove off former comrades attempting to slay him, however as time went on he began being pushed further down and instinct began to take over. He began devouring other monsters as his constant lust for power began to grow and he knew that continuing in devouring weak humans would serve him absolutely no good. Years upon years went by as he killed countless humans and monsters alike, doing anything and everything to gain more power. It was not until later that strange warriors garbed in black began to come after him, they were much stronger than his normal prey and put up a fight, however in the end he would always overwhelm them and turn the combatant into a satisfying meal.

As his power grew and more of these warriors with strange powers showed up, many increasing in strength he was forced to move into the safety of Hueco Mundo, a place that he somehow discovered upon transforming into a hollow. It was at some point during his time here that he needed a change, he was not growing fast enough and he needed a way to do it. So having discovered a congregation of Hollow feeding on each other it was seen as a perfect opportunity to devour all of them in one go and attain an even higher level of power, seeing this he dove in to this melee and began eating, devouring hollow after hollow, many attempting to devour him as well. It was during this fray that a change began to happen, he felt his consciousness fade and a cohesive mix of thousands of others combine with his.

For years it felt this way, his thoughts drowned out by others, he hardly even had the power to do anything. Having become tired of such an existence after so many years he needed to fight, he needed to regain what was lost. It took a long time but day by day he felt his thoughts become more clear, he felt his will take more affect upon what this being he was a part of did, and as his consciousness became outstanding and prominent he felt a change.

Finally he felt a strange power grow inside of him, an extreme amount of power burst forth and he felt his mind and personality return, Kakaru was raised up from the murky depths of what had been a clouded existence for much time. He felt much return, even fragments of memories from his time as being human. However his mask burst forth and covered his entirety granting him extreme power as he went through painful evolution, however as this happened he once again had the overwhelming urge to kill, eat and grow more powerful…it was not over.

Adjucas Arc:

As Kakaru, or whatever he had become grew, he began to feel himself rise to a complete other level of power. The same echo of the commanding urge to grow stronger still resided within him and as always he followed the urge, unable to resist its tempting call. As he went through a complete evolution and took on a near complete human form, Kakaru had risen to an Adjucas, he had become a complete other class of hollow, he had become much more powerful than almost any hollow within Hueco Mundo could have every hoped to become. Despite having regained relative free will and a majority of his personality back Kakaru could not loose the ever hounding call to kill and grow more powerful.

For years as an Adjucas he continued to hunt, hunt like he always did, only this time able to dispatch large amounts of the Gillian as if they were ants to be stepped on. Despite the large power that Gillian possess they were soon nothing but light snacks to the Adjucas Kakaru as he devoured more than his share daily. It was not until later during his time as an Adjucas that he heard of a powerful shinigami coming to Hueco Mundo and overthrowing the feared and powerful King of Hollows. He had unthroned what was thought to be the most powerful hollow in all of Hueco Mundo, he knew that this Aizen must be one of incredibly fearsome power. Shrugging this off as he had little interest in such affairs Kakaru began going about his business as usual, hunting en masse and trying to keep his Adjucas form.

However his goal to rise to Vasto Lorde was ever present in his mind during his hunting but if he were to achieve this he would need a stronger foe…another adjucas. One day during his normal routine he felt the presence of a strong opponent, one far stronger than any Gillian he had encountered, one that was near to his power, the only answer would have had to of been another Adjucas. Near shivering with excitement Kakaru set out in search for this Adjucas, leaving no stone unturned. Luckily he did not have to search long as it seemed the other Adjucas was going about the same goal as he, trying to find Kakaru and turn him to a meal. This Adjucas was larger than Kakaru and had the general shape and appearance of a bull, this was definitely who he had been looking for.

After standing at ends for some time, ready for confrontation the mysterious Adjucas spoke. “Another adjucas standing before me, how quaint, now you see I would just love to chat but I have a goal and your next on the menu if I am to achieve this goal.” Kakaru took no action and simply stood at ends with the opposing Adjucas, waiting for it to strike. When it did Kakaru sprung and unsheathed the strange blade that had been a part of him as a hollow but acted as an effective weapon as well. Kakaru struck the adjucas and tore into it deep but it was not enough. In turn it struck Kakaru and dealt out a near equally grievous wound. For what seemed like an eternity the same transpired between the two, dealing out blows between each other until one rained the victor, standing over the body of the fallen Adjucas, Kakaru wasted no time in hesitation before going down and feasting on its power.

Feeling his powerful leap in his energy after destroying the Adjucas, Kakarus recently received wounds healed and he seemed full of energy as if the battle had never transpired. He had gained a massive amount of power from one Adjucas, what would happen if he continued to feast upon them, Kakaru set out a new course of action…he would hunt Adjucas. Though an Adjucas was uncommon Kakaru tirelessly searched for them, wasting little time on rest until one was found, each time he would fight furiously and each time he would rain the champion over the battle and each time feeling his power leap. However after a long time of doing this he felt his power begin to slow in its formerly rapid increase and it began to increase by short crawls, the same thing that had happened during his time killing Gillian.

Despite possessing massive power from his slaughtering of the Adjucas, he would not be happy until he had ascended to that of a Vasto Lorde, he needed more power and he wanted that power sooner rather than later, it was obvious that achieving his goal may take more than the souls of other Adjucas. However since his reiatsu had reached the near pinnacle of Adjucas achievement many hollow and Adjucas hollow alike stayed away from such a reiatsu, having no intent of being devoured or thinking they even could devour it. As such he had problems finding prey and seeing as he had trouble finding prey he had trouble raising his power, his increase slowed to near non existence and soon was finding out that achieving his goal of becoming a Vasto Lorde may never happen. However one day this all changed when a man in white approached him.

This man was extremely powerful; in fact he was more powerful than Kakaru, by far. It was not hard to tell he would be unable to devour him but if he tried he would most likely be killed and cast aside quite easily. Despite this if the man had come to kill him then he would not simply lie down and let his death come easily, he would until his last breath and if he could take a piece of this man with him. Kakaru was taken back a little bit as the man told him to come with him, he told him that he would make him stronger than he could ever imagine, far surpassing the capability of any Adjucas. Eager to gain more power but suspicious of this strange man, Kakaru followed him from a distance and with a great suspicion. The man was walking holding a large grin on his face never dropping this grin, even when he spoke about what was thought should be a serious matter.

After following the man for an extended period of time Kakaru realized that the man was taking him to the large castle like structure, he was being brought to Las Noches. Upon arriving here Kakaru was brought into a chamber filled with a large grand dining table, sitting at this table were ten others all clan in white, at the head of the table sat a man with brown hair, the man that must be Aizen. Aizen spoke to Kakaru with a slight smile on his face the whole time. “Adjucas, we have been watching you for quite some time, your increase in power have been quite impressive to say the least; however we have seen your issues in finding new opponents so that you may increase your abilities further.

We would like to offer you your increase in power we would like to give you a power beyond imagination. Come…and join us.” With these last words Aizen extended his hand out in what seemed like a welcoming motion. Even with his want for more power Kakaru was wary, however how could he say no, the mans reiatsu was crushing and if he refused he knew he may be killed as a result. Seeing no choice in the matter Kakaru gave a slight nod showing his wary agreement. As a strange white cloth enveloped him Kakaru heard Aizens words as they began to fade out. “Excellent, you have made a wise choice Adjucas.” As the cloth enveloped him Kakaru made a valiant effort in fighting, he tore at the strange cloth and made an attempt to shred it but to no avail, and in the end he was overpowered. Kakaru felt his mask begin to loosen and as this happened Kakaru once again felt his consciousness resurface, he felt himself once again boil over a presence he had not felt in a long time.

His personality began to free itself and he felt his will and thoughts of the past begin to come back to the surface, he would not pass this up, his would become a hollow again. Wasting no time Kakaru reached up with both hands and pulled at the mask, he pulled and pulled until with one last great throw of effort the came loose and broke off, leaving only a small portion covering the lower left side of his jaw. When the mask came loose and shattered Kakaru felt complete and utter freedom, he felt…well feelings besides hunger, pain and a desire to get stronger. His primal thoughts were gone altogether, in fact he felt…he felt human once again, a feeling not felt by himself in centuries.

His feelings, his personality his humanity he felt it all rush back he fell everything flood back and he felt something long lost to him…happiness. His body changed in shape and reverted to his shape he held as a human, he recognized it all, nothing had happened to it, his body had stayed the same. Kakaru looked up as he felt himself slip back into existence; he was on his knees sitting in front of the ten and Aizen, completely naked. He held his hands in front of him, beholding what were no longer talons but fingers and hands. He felt his face and everything, feeling no mask but skin, besides the small addition of a remnant of his mask. He had become human, realizing what had happened Kakaru quietly repeated the phrase under his voice. “Not human…but arrancar, welcome to the personal army of Aizen .”

Arrancar Arc:
Kakaru trembled as he felt the immense power coursing through him, it was different from anything he had every felt, it was incredible. As Kakaru slowly looked up towards the man from whom the words had come, he saw that the man was holding out a pair of robes identical to his own. Still in some shock over this new feeling Kakaru reached his arm out towards the robes until they were yanked back as the man known as Aizen raised his hand to tell him to pause. Aizen stared at Kakaru for several moments with a never changing look of disinterest before opening his mouth and speaking.
“I had always had an interest in this former Adjucas, however it seems that the Hougyoku has released a special power within him…making him more valuable then we had originally thought.”

The man who had originally offered him the robes looked down at Kakaru until he came to an understanding as to what Aizen had meant, Kakaru as an Adjucas was already different, but he had had a power within him that was different, something that set him apart, and Aizen saw it as the Hougyoku released it and he had every intention of taking use of it. The man handed Kakaru the robes as he understood what Aizen now wanted. Wasting no time in the process Kakaru got dressed in the provided robes and followed the man at his motioning.

As he followed the man, he told Kakaru of what the Arrancar were, what purpose they served under Aizen and what exactly being an Arrancar meant for him. He was told where things were, who everyone was, the man acted like his own guide to Las Noches. As they walked the man showed them the Numeros quarters, where those in Aizens army lived, however before Kakaru could ask what room he would be given the man turned over his shoulder to speak to him.

“You however will not be staying there, you are…special and Aizen has seen that.”
Kakaru had felt a strange power in side of him self but had thought it normal among Arrancar, it was only later that he had realized it was not. The man stopped Kakaru when they reached the end of the hallway in which stood a pair of tall double doors. The man turned back around to Kakaru before speaking.

“This is where the Espada are tested and given their number…this is your destiny in this room, if you succeed then you will realize this destiny, if you fail then you were useless to Aizen in the first place and you mean nothing…your life will be taken as a result.”
The man walked away leaving Kakaru in the large amphitheater type area, he returned several moments later holding a blade and put it in to Kakaru’s hand. Upon contact with Kakaru the blade began to change and shift, the dull steel colored sword turned pure white, the black wrappings turned white, and a strip of white silk fell from the handle. The man nodded in satisfaction, “The blade has taken to you perfectly, now you will attune yourself with this…Zanpakuto.” The man explained what exactly the blade was and the purpose it served, how its powers affected him and what else it did.
Kakaru looked up at the man before speaking. “So…I now have the powers of a hollow and a shinigami...”

The man nodded in affirmation at Kakaru’s statement “It is the gift Aizen has so graciously given us…now you must know your role here in Las Noches.” The man shifted and glanced around the room before resuming speaking to Kakaru. “You have something Aizen is interested in, something that few Arrancar have…a gift that was unlocked by Aizens power. Now you will spend time attuning yourself with your Zanpakutou and when you emerge you will be assigned a placement in the Espada. Kakaru spent the days after this encounter training and learning the new powers that his new situation now offered to him, he learned to attune himself with his Zanpakutou and he learned to even summon his old powers through a method known as Ressureccion.

Kakaru knew that he was powerful, otherwise Aizen would not have taken an interest in him but he could not understand what both of them had been talking about when they spoke of his special ability. He did not understand and no matter how much contemplation and training he devoted to it he could not grasp what they had meant. After having frustrated him self to no end with that one fact it was when he had finally felt that power once again that he tapped in to it, and he finally knew what they had meant. Feeling the power he grasped on to it and summoned it, emerging from his Ressureccion into a second and “True” Ressureccion, one that tapped in to the abilities that lay deep within, Kakaru, finally understood what had set him apart, he had a second Ressureccion, Kakaru had unlocked his ultimate power.

After leaving the amphitheater he was once again met by the guide that had been with him early, the man hosting a smile on his face. “You have realized your potential…” Kakaru nodded in affirmation to the statement. The guide obviously fairly pleased began to speak once more. “You have done well, now it is time for you to take your place among Aizens army…as the Tricera Espada.”

Kakaru spent his first while as an Arrancar exploring Las Noches and simply seeing the sights, trying to get his bearing within the vast area that Las Noches covered. It had been a long time since he had occupied boots or even proper clothing for that matter; if anything it felt somewhat awkward at first, after hundreds of years of living the life of a hollow, despite always having felt out of place as a hollow, he had lived longer as one then he had existed as a human, however had always clung to the remainder of it with somewhat of a death grip. Despite all of this he had no intention of returning to being a hollow, and given his new condition he was sure he would never have to, he had regained his humanity and he would fully utilize this.

Kakaru spent a large amount of time in his room simply thinking about Las Noches and his position within it. He was now surrounded by many powerful people, the most powerful being the Espada, which he actually took a leading role in, and the Arrancar that Aizen had personally selected for his army. He however began to see that his new life was not exactly what he had originally though it to be. The Arrancar and Espada, they had regained their minds and humanity just as he had, yet remained full of violence and blood lust, few used little reason and seemed to solve issues through the application of murder. He was disgusted with this and this disgust of them eventually turned to hatred, a hatred that festered through the years he sat in his never changing position as the third Espada.

Despite having been the third Espada he rarely voiced this opinion of them, never thinking it wise to do such a thing, he did not want to stir up conflict with any of them as he knew all of it would simply end in senseless bloodshed. For years he often stayed in his room, training in silence and studying various literatures in his spare time, making himself as much of a recluse as was all possible. He would generally accompany this routine with a stroll around Hueco Mundo, well outside the confines of Las Noches, not wishing to run in to any of its inhabitants.

Having kept up a similar agenda for years, it was shattered when he was called to a meeting of the Espada and informed of the dawn of war with the shinigami. This announcement caused Kakaru to panic to a degree, he hated the Arrancar and knew the shinigami were justified in their slaying of them, he had no intention of killing any of them in the name of Aizen, he had to escape. However just running would do no good, for all of his power he would be hunted and killed if he simply ran, he had to devise a method.

Of all the time leading up to the dawn of the war Kakaru prepared, he studied each night and made preparations, even going as far to obtain clothes from the world of the living. After finally devising a method only day before the invasion would begin, Kakaru instituted it. He branded the tri-fold seal upon his arm and prepared a safe method for entering and exiting the seal if need be. Stashing away the clothes he had prepared for himself, Kakaru stole off in to Hueco Mundo and left through a garganta. Appearing several miles outside of Tokyo, Kakaru shed his clothes as an Espada and destroyed them, he then dressed himself and instituted the seal, and his power had effectively been sealed away.

Making sure it worked Kakaru spoke to several people he met along the way, and pleased that it did Kakaru finally set off, he put his days as an Espada behind him. He was now in a sense human once more.

RP Sample: Kakaru noticed the distinct lack of fatigue in his muscles and core as his eyes opened and stared up at the thick line of foliage overhead with beams of moonlight peeking down in between. Kakaru began to accept what he saw before something about what he had saw did not seem right…foliage? Kakaru sat up as soon as he realized what he had seen and slowly turned his head from left to right, taking in the scenery surrounding him and trying to comprehend it. He was in a large clearing, approximately the size of what he trained in back in Hueco Mundo…Hueco Mundo, he had been there only moments before. But now he was in a clearing that was thickly forested and dimly but pleasantly lit. Kakaru noticed especially the thick beams of light that broke through the overhead cover of the forest’s trees. They were nothing but beams of moon light but they were relaxing and seemed to lure him down to one side of the clearing.

Not sure of what else to do Kakaru pulled himself to his feet with an ease that could be attained only by a full night’s rest, something he was sure he had not had, but that was beside the point. Kakaru walked the way that the beams of light beckoned him, almost as if with no control over him self, it was compelling. Each step he took seemed to resound off the trees of the clearing, despite walking on soft earth. Upon nearing the other side of the clearing Kakaru began hearing a gurgling, the sound of water running over rocks, something only achieved in an uninhabited forest by the current of natural spring. Kakaru felt a strange sense of familiarity began to come back to him, as if he had been here before, it was odd but he was at a loss of words to explain it, even to him self. After a few more steps he saw it, the stream of crystal blue water, clear, clean, and completely untainted.

That’s when a rush of memory struck Kakaru figuratively right on the head. He realized where he was, he had been in this place before, it was where he had come and discovered the bizarre energy and through that the bizarre cero, it was a dream world but one that was so incredibly surreal. Knowing where he was Kakaru continued his pace towards the stream, but if anything with a renewed vigor and a skip in his step. Upon reaching the steam Kakaru fell to his knees at the bank and let his arms fall down to his sides. He stared down into the water that appeared almost cartoonish in nature. It was clear and pure but the strange blue pulsing given off from the river told him it was not what it seemed. Last time Kakaru had encountered this he had simply fallen into the river and in an incredible flash of energy loosed a cero unlike any other he had previously encountered. Maybe it had gone so poorly due to some kind of over exposure, he did not know but this time he would be more cautious.

Kakaru reached out his right hand and touched the surface of the water with the tip of his index finger. The contact was surprising and Kakaru pulled his hand back, it had felt icy but and the same time allowed a warm comfort to wash over in place of the initial shock of it all, it was a feeling of elation if it could summed up in a description, and a feeling of that of complete and utter truth, something that could not possibly offer betrayal, all of this ended in less then the blink of an eye but he could tell what happened from just that one touch at the water. Taking in another breath Kakaru prepared himself and dipped his arm into the water, the pleasant feeling had been amplified from what he felt just a few moments earlier and it took an immense struggle of will power to pull free, but as he did so and fell backwards from the streams current, the entire clearing burst forth with an extremely bright and blinding light, and before he knew it, Kakaru had lost consciousness.

Kakaru awoke laying face down in a pile of sand, he had pushed himself too far in his training, but what he expected to come did not. He expected a feeling of terrible exhaustion and one that would not allow him to even move comfortably, but instead he felt a bizarre rejuvenation of sorts, not one that restored his energy and made him good as new, but a feeling that coursed through him as bright as the world of the livings sun at its highest point in the day, it was a feeling of benevolence, rejuvenation, forgiveness, and life, it was a feeling he had thought long lost, a feeling he had felt over seven hundred years ago, a feeling of not being hollow…no that wasn’t it, Kakaru could still feel the heavy grip of his Arrancar powers coursing through him, as strong as ever, but it was as if they had been made to feel lighter and less…dark, it was as if the energies of hid benevolence and darkness had mixed together and decided to co-exist, it was a bizarre feeling.

Kakaru stopped for a moment as he realized that the energies were not fleeting and trying to escape as they were last time when he had managed that incredible cero, and then was left drained, no it was different, it was as if they had permanently melded. Kakaru held up the palm of his right hand and looked at it for a moment before turning his gaze to the ravaged cliff side he had been attacking earlier. Kakaru exhaled and turned his palm towards the cliff. Following the normal process of his cero preparation Kakaru began to summon forth the energy needed, and instead of what was normally charging the cero, he felt the new energy within him self doing it, a strange fusion of both. As the cero charged in front of him he was disappointed to see that what was coming forth was nothing more than that of his usual dark crimson cero, however almost as soon as he felt this disappointment, he noticed that the core of the cero, normally black as night, was mixed with that strange blue energy, and that the outer layer of the cero had turned a bright glowing blue as well. Feeling the energy in his palm, he released the blast and watched as it travelled at an unprecedented velocity.

Upon impact a large shockwave blasted outwards and consumed a large portion of the cliff in its blast. Kakaru let his mouth crack open in disbelief, this cero, it was not a cero with special properties, it was not the cero he had somehow managed before, it was his normal cero, Kakaru had somehow changed the color of his normal cero and through practice its destructive force. Kakaru let his hand fall down to his side and let and extremely rare, although faint smile show. He was content, Kakaru had made a massive leap of progress with his cero and with himself as an individual, it was a good training day. With that Kakaru straightened his robes and made for the clearings exit. [/center]

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[color:181a=B6B6F1][Below Average]
[color:181a=6D6DE2][Above Average]


Mastery: Cero
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level: [color:181a=9292EA][Average]

Details: As a fairly young Arrancar Kakaru though immensely powerful has had very little time to fully attune himself with many of the precise arts that being an Arrancar entails and as such he finds his mastery of such an essential hollow ability standing only at average, from lack of using it to any extreme. The only salvaging value that his recollections of being a Gillian and his immense reiatsu power help him to manifest it.

Mastery: Bala
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level: [color:181a=B6B6F1][Below Average]
From a surplus of even less use in the ability than his Cero combined with his limited years as an Arrancar, his Bala has only really manifested itself at all due to the virtue of his introduction to the Houkyoku.

Mastery: Hierro
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level: [Perfected]
Details: Due to the special and very powerful connection Kakaru has so aptly manifested with his Zanpakutou, he has over the years earned the crowning acheivement of having one of the most powerful Hierro second only to the former Primera Espada. Having perfected it to a fault, Kakaru’s Hierro is by all means about as flawless as a Hierro can get, a rare ability, even among the most powerful of the Arrancar, the Espada.

Mastery: Gargantua
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level: [color:181a=9292EA] Average

The gargantua is an important travelling technique that had become an important staple in Kakaru’s routine while still an Espada in Aizens employ, however even so, he has never learned it to a fault and can only serve to adequately travel.

Mastery: Reiatsu
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level: [color:181a=4949DB][Advanced]
Details: Having even is his days as a human been spiritually able, Kakaru has had time to advance his abilties in reiatsu control and though not mastered in any respect he has very advanced ability in it and is quite able to alter and manipulate his reiatsu quite well.

Mastery: Weapon Skills
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level: [color:181a=2424D4][Mastered][/b]
Details: Having been a samurai in life and to a degree still considering himself one, Kakaru has had years in which to master the blade and has done so quite amiably. Being well versed in many sub styles that were large at the time, Kakaru has also mastered the ancient Unosuke Kumori Taiyou, which was a special style reserved for the direct lineage of the Unosuke clan that promoted powerful, blindingly fast strikes from a sheathed blade, accompanied by a minor reiatsu pulse upon unsheathing the blade for a strike.

Mastery: Ressureccion
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level: [Perfected]rey]
Upon introduction to the Houkyoku a special power awoke within Kakaru, once rarely ever seen among the Arrancar, at first he did not recognize but as he took to his Zanpakutou he understood what it was and as he came to terms with himself as an Arrancar he unlocked this power and learned to manifest it. Kakaru for unknown reasons has unlocked a second stage Ressureccion that taps in to his true power as an Arrancar, it is through years of practice and use in his Ressureccion and this special quirk that he has learned absolute perfection over his Ressureccion, capable of entering and leaving with ease and using its associated techniques as if they were a second nature. Though Kakaru has manifested this powerful ability, as an Adjuchas and a very young Arrancar he has not mastered this ability, being the time he can keep it going very limited.
(Can only keep the True Ressureccion manifested for six of his own posts, if all six are used collapse from exhaustion occurs, ending it early causes heavy fatigue even if ended directly after manifestation)

Mastery: Hollow Techniques
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level: [color:181a=DBDBF8][Unsatisfactory]
Details: The Kido equivalent hollow techniques that so many Arrancar have come to favor have been an ability left un trained and rather un noticed by Kakaru. Though he recognizes their potential, combined with his short time by comparison spent as an Arrancar along with the fact that he could never really get a hang of the techniques, they are left at a level that is almost uncapable of using them, quite comparable to Renji Abarai’s ability with Kido.

Mastery: Hand to Hand
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level: [color:181a=4949DB][Advanced]
Details: Having as a samurai being obligated to learn hand to hand as a doctrine and an obligation along side the abilities with the blade, Kakaru has continued to practice his hand to hand combat even while in his sealed body. Having learned the styles of Shotokan and Aikido to a true advanced black belt level, Kakaru is very proficient in hand to hand combat, though through no means a master.

Mastery: Sonido
Race: Arrancar
Mastery Level:[color:181a=B6B6F1][Below Average]
Details: Though Kakaru is very fast in his natural movements, the problem of having been an arrancar for such a limited time combined with his difficulty attuning to their techniques, has severely limited his power using Sonido and as such it is at a very weak level for a high Espada level being. [/blockquote]

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Malicia Nephilim


PostSubject: Re: Unosuke Kakaru   Mon Dec 06, 2010 8:31 pm

- Blade of the Ice God: 1.3Km radius is huge and the amount of shards produced is equally insane, fairly undodgeable.

-Thousand swords: Just making sure but since your zanpakutoh is shattered into a thousand shadows/replicas, it does make their individual powers vastly nerfed, right?

- Don't forget to add the 6 posts limit to your Segunda Etapa as discussed on the chat.

- It seems you skipped the Gillian stade in the evolutionary chain.

- Although you have a Mastery in Hierro, former Primera Espada and Vasto Lorde Katsuji Kuroi also has a specialization in hierro and precise deffense skills so your Hierro should currently be second to his.
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Unosuke Kakaru


PostSubject: Re: Unosuke Kakaru   Mon Dec 06, 2010 8:46 pm

Blade of the ice god does not control individual shards, they all pull in and form into a gigantic humanoid ice creature that he controls via his mind and hands. They don't go for anybody in the area, they do not move side to side, they simply shatter and immediately rise up into the sky and become the giant.

As I said the thousand sword, each one is much weaker than the real and break quite easily in contrast, and once broken shatter.

"As each blade is only a shadow of the actual Zanpakuto, extended use of one blade will cause it to break and disperse, control of it and its existence officially being lost."

Gillian was in with the hollow I believe just not highlighted in its own section, as when in that state it is all many minds combined together, I went over it and then told of when he felt his consciousness rise and take control and after wards arise anew.

But all is done...and I spaced some things out.
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Malicia Nephilim


PostSubject: Re: Unosuke Kakaru   Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:07 pm

Gillian part >
No actually you skip it altogether and "recover your personality and memories" becoming an Adjuchas pretty much the next paragraph after first seeing them and attacking them.

Thousand Swords >
Just how many can you control at once and with what freedom (by this I mean having multiple swords doing each individual different attacks)
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Unosuke Kakaru
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