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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Edward De Leon

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PostSubject: Edward De Leon   Sun Dec 05, 2010 4:24 am

Basic Information

Name: Edward De Leon

Real Age: 250+

Appeared Age: 28

Gender: Male

Rank: Espada

Number: 1

Hollow Hole: Edwards hollow hole is located just below his chest.

Mask Fragment: Edwards mask fragment covers a portion of the left side of his face and resembles a lions jaw bones.

Number Tattoo: Edwards number is tattooed on the right side of his neck.

Appearance: it would be hard to tell that Edward was once a well renowned magician by his physique, his body is lean and accented by toned muscles. Edward is about 5’11” and has lightly tanned skin due to his Spanish heritage, his hair is dark brown and medium length with jagged layers. Edwards emerald green eyes seem to conceal a mysterious quality to the primera espada and also seem to peer into ones soul.

Edwards choice of clothing also stands out from the other espada, in respect to his former profession Edward wears an all white tuxedo jacket with the regular espada pants that is accented with black trim and black buttons. Edward pairs his tux with a pair of black gloves. This elegant attire is also accompanied by a black tie that goes around the espada’s neck and contains an emerald colored pendant in the center.

To add to the primera’s odd appearance a portion of the left side of his face is covered by his hollow mask which oddly resembles a lions jaw, his number is also located on the right side of his neck and his hollow hole is located just below his chest.

Personal Information

*Magic/Tricks- being a magician in his past life, Edward love to sometimes entertain his enemies or allies with a magic act. This being said the sneaky primera also enjoys playing
tricks on his allies and enemies as well.
*Books- Edward was raised well and was always taught the importance of education. Edward would often read books in his spare time and he still does.
*Intelligent people- Edward was an intelligent person while he was alive and often preferred the company of such people.

*Being bothered for no reason- much like the previous primera espada’s before him, Edward doesn’t truly enjoy fighting unless it’s against someone of equal power or skill.
*People of low intellect- this doesn’t necessarily mean that this high class primera espada hates stupid people, but he finds a lack of logic a bit disturbing and when he is surrounded by people whom he is forced to think for he gets frustrated.

*Intellect: during his life as a human and even in death, Edward made it his goal to stay ahead of the game and always used free time to train and study. The primera prides himself on his smarts and often uses them to out smart his opponent. This also leads him to be a skilled tactician and allows him to plan his moves out carefully and effectively.
*Immense Spiritual pressure- from constant years of training and the devouring of countless shinigami and hollows, Edward has managed to push his spiritual pressure to new heights, earning him his glorified title as primera espada.
*Cero expert

*Hand to Hand combat

Personality: in a sense the primera espada is calm, collected and smooth. Unlike most of the espada, he is rather nice and show manners to those around him. Edward is serious and level headed and rarely lets anything catch him off guard, he is even quick to compliment someone if they are doing well in a fight or have managed to injure him, making him seem rather polite.

This said, the primera espada has a less serious side to himself as he is often found performing magic shows for those around him, even now long after his death Edward feels that he always needs to put on a show.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single
Standard Techniques

Name: Cero
State: Both
Description: Edward’s cero is a purple color. Since Edward has spent many years as a hollow and Vasto Lorde he has mastered his cero and can use it at will, allowing him to use it every post.

Name: Gran Rey Cero
State: Both
Description: since becoming an espada, Edward was bestowed with the ability to use the cero reserved only for the espada. his gran rey cero is a force to be reckoned with, a single gran rey cero could inevitably take out about a third of a city or more. He is able to fire a gran rey cero every 3 posts.

Name: Bala
State: Both
Description: Edward’s bala has been compared to Ulquiorra’s, though it is slightly faster and can be fired two ways, either Edward can fire a barrage from one of his finger tips or he could fire a barrage from the palm of his hand, and just like Ulquiorra’s bala Edwards’s bala is capable of blasting large holes in enemies. Edward rarely uses this technique.
Edward is able to fire 4 per post and has no cool down for his bala.

Name: Hierro
Description: is an Arrancar technique in which the user's reiryoku condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Zanpakuto. This also allows them to fight some of the sword-wielding Shinigami barehanded. The strength of Arrancars' Hierro depends on their spiritual power

Name: Garganta
Description: is how Arrancars and Hollows move to and from Hueco Mundo. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

Name: Gemelos Sonído
Description: Since Edward is an avid studier and since he isconstanly looking for ways to improve, it was no wonder that after years of training he was able to master the fastest form of Sonído.

Name: Gonzui
Description: is a supplementary technique used by Arrancar to devour as many souls as possible within a large radius to significantly increase their size, power, force, and spiritual energy, while being content from the devouring of souls.

Name: Pesquisa
Description: Edward has built up his pesquisa to be so acute that he is able to locate people from great distances and is also able to determine their rank.

Resurrecion Information

Name: león enmascarado (Masked Lion)

Represent: A Lion

Family: Shadow

Looks: the release of the primera espada, what a rare site, a truly remarkable thing to lay ones eyes upon and Edwards release quite the attention grabber.
When releasing his sword, the once fraction of a lions jaw is now nowhere to be seen but, has been replaced by a pair of demonic looking horns that stick out to the sides and upon closer inspection a small thin bone like band can be seen across his hairline.

Adding to this the primera’s upper body is covered in a brownish red fur, except for his pectoral area, his abs and his hands. Covering the skin on his abs and pectoral area is a white bonelike substance. Edwards uncovered hands grow razor sharp black claws and his hair grows into a think mane and his overall appearance is added to with the addition of a lions tail.

Resurrection Techniques

Name: You Dummy
State: Both (though this is mostly used during resurrection)
Description: Edward can create a copy of himself that is actually an illusion however to the person fighting the illusion will seem real and will fight in Edwards place for a short time. during this time however, Edward is unable to move and the fake copy of Edward will only last for five turns and can only be used every ten posts.

Name: Master of Illusion
State: Both
Description: Edward can change the battle field and create the illusion that he and his opponent are fighting somewhere else….this illusion is extremely realistic.
This ability can last up to 8 turns and has a 10 post cool down.

Name: Cero no Cero
State: Both
Description: this is Edwards own form of Cero it is fired like a normal Cero but makes no noise and if it hits, the opponents spiritual pressure takes the damage rather than dishing out any physical damage.
The amount of fatigue brought on by this technique varies on the opponents spiritual pressure and how many times they have been hit with the attack. The effects of this move last the whole topic.
This move can be used every 4 posts.

Name: You’re my puppet
State: Resurrection
Description: if Edward is able to get one of his manes hairs stuck in his opponent, the hair will work its way into the blood stream and Edward can then manipulate the person however he likes this ranges from full control of their body to making their mind believe everything that Edward wants it to(this only works if the person is weaker than Edward) the bond and control will last a life time unless the hair is removed which is pretty hard to do. the take over of ones mind takes roughly 5 posts to complete.
This move can only be used once per topic.

Name: Master Magician and Trickster
State: Both
Description: Edward can perform various “magic acts” that often aid him in battle such as making his sword disappear from one hand and reappear in his other, he can use a top hat to absorb other attacks mostly on a shikai level and then fire them back at the same strength or store it away for another fight. Edward has been known to use this to change his appearance (this will change his looks and voice but not his spiritual pressure) Edward can also make himself disappear and reappear but can only do this every 3 posts.
Cool Downs: sword trick used one post and has a two post cool down, top hat used in one post and has a 4 post cool down, dissappear used in one post and cool down every three posts. The ability to change his appearance lasts up to 4 posts and has a 6 post cool down.

Name: Seven Swords
State: Both
Description: Edward can form a human sized box and try to trap an opponent inside, the box is formed similarly to the black coffin Kido but also forms a slight fraction slower. if it works the person trapped with then be impales by seven swords made of Cero which could kill whoever is trapped within.
Can only be attempted twice per topic

Name: Shuffle the Deck
State: Both
Description: Edward can form his cero in the shape of a playing card which condenses its size making slightly stronger and faster. The playing card type cero is strong and packs either a concussive or explosive force behind it. Edward can throw up to five cards at a time and each one have a concussive explosive force behind it.

Name: House of Cards
State: Normal
Description: four red colored playing cards the size of Edward will appear behind him, he can use these cards to defend and attack, these cards can protect against the attacks from a captain’s bankai or espada’s resurrection, but the cards can only take so much damage only being able to take two to three hits. This technique has a 5 post cool down.

Name: Regeneration
State: Both
Description: This allows Edward to heal any injuries his body receives, small wounds such as cuts heal relatively quick (instantly or 1 post) Larger injuries take up to 3 posts to completely heal.

History and RP Sample

Edward was the only child of Maria De Leon and Augustine De Leon Spanish immigrants who moved to London during the Victorian era. Though his family had nothing Edward was given a good childhood and his father provided for his family by being a magician and a very famous one to so it was no surprise that as Edward grew older he began to follow in his fathers foot steps. Edward started small and was a street performer at first, he began to notice that his magic was real, there were no strings or gimmicks to his work rather than tell anyone Edward kept to himself. It wasn’t until later that Edward found out that this gift of his was passed down to him from his father.

The young and talented man was soon given the spot light after his fathers untimely death, but he did not disappoint, a well educated and well mannered man Edward managed to keep his families name alive and was able to find new and exciting ways to draw in a crowd. All good things are often used as blankets to hide the ugly truth and that’s what the talented magician tried to do, he used his show to gain money which in turn he used to feed his gambling addiction which then lead to him enlisting in underground fights just to gain enough cash to dig himself ever so slightly out of an never ending hole. Time passed and as Edward got into his twenties it seemed his fame had grown to big and was beginning to tick off a few other jealous performers, enough to the point that they eventually did some digging around and came up with proof that Edward was the real deal. Of course the people of the time didn’t know how better to react to such new other than turning into an angry mob and trying to kill the poor young man. Edward was eventually ceased by police and placed in jail where he was sentenced to be executed in the morning; afraid to die the cunning magician pulled a disappearing act and vanished from sight, never to be seen again.

It turned out that all of this magic came with a price and it had taken it’s toll on Edwards body as he soon realized after he used it to disappear, this caused the man to die at an early age and he was doomed to roam the streets of London for a year.
This in turn began a new chapter in his life as his soul was then discovered by a patrolling shinigami who sent the magician to soul society. Excited with the concept of the afterlife and all it had to offer the enthusiastic man decided to enlist in the shinigami academy where he became a class favorite often putting on magic shows in the absence of a teacher and with all this joking aside, the young man proved to be a valuable student and quick thinker. Finally years went by and the young magician had evolved into a hardened yet kindhearted warrior. It was no surprise that once he was placed in a squad that he quickly climbed the ranking seat and found his way into the vice captain’s chair of division five, then headed by the infamous Aizen. Edward looked up to Aizen as a mentor while Aizen looked down at his vice captain as a test subject. The young and energetic vice captain seemed to get along well with his mentor as they both seemed on an even keel on an intellectual level.

Yet again tragedy seemed to slam it’s cruel fist down upon the poor man as a routine sparing session turned into a deadly frenzy. Half way through the exercise the young man began to experience a splitting headache and felt as if he head was being torn open from the inside out, the rest of the squad looked on in horror not knowing what to do, thinking fast and conjuring up a sneaky plan Aizen only ordered for two of the lower seats to go to the fourth division of help; what happened next would shock the soul society, right then and there before the unsuspecting eyes of his squad mates, Edward hollowfied and turned into a monster, his spiritual pressure exploded off the charts and left the poor squad members with no way of defending themselves and the newly hollowfied beast devoured their souls before turning it’s sinister eyes to the captain who surprisingly had seen this far ahead and began to attack the beast but at a low enough level that seemed almost overwhelming to the creature. Backed against the wall by Aizen and his quick thinking, the beasts powers kicked in leaving a fake in it’s place as the real one made it’s way through a Garganta that had conveniently opened right before it.

With no one to stop the hollowfication process, the young man was quickly consumed by his primal needs and went on an feeding rampage devouring any and every hollow or soul that it came in contact with and it wasn’t before long till this beast began to gain intelligence and started to realize that a quicker way to gain power and to feed was to devour the souls of shinigami as well as the souls of other hollows. The sly and devilish creature began to devise tricks and traps meant specifically to lure shinigami to it and before the poor soul reapers could react it was to late. This process went on for years and before long the beastly fiend’s hunger and demands for power were not being met by meerly feasting upon souls, shinigami, or hollows, the beast then turned it’s eyes to bigger game and began to hunt captain’s and vice captains down, by using its unique illusion abilities and soon the process came to an end when the beast managed to achieve it’s ultimate goal.

It seemed that almost by coincidence that once the hollowfied Edward had gained it’s vasto lorde form that he was approached by an all to familiar face, Aizen.

Aizen approached his old vice captain and offered to give him even more power than what he had just gained, intrigued by this the hollow excepted Aizen’s offer and was turned into an arrancar. Aizen took notice of the massvie jump in power the the beast had received since they had parted ways so long ago and saw it fitting that the man that once served under him as a vice captain, should once again take up that place under Aizen’s lead only with the newly appointed title of primera espada. Edward served at Aizen's side, both pridefully and loyally or so Aizen thought. the Primera always knew deep down that the reason he became a hollow in the first place was because of his highly famed mentor and as such didn't feel to broken harted when Aizen was betrayed by Malicia, instead the primera espada took to this news with a smirk and figured that it was about time that all of Aizen's injustices caught up to him. During Aizen's imprisonment, the primera managed to maintain his status as the top dog and didn't bother to pursue taking leadership of the espada.

RP Sample: A small amount of sunlight trickled through the dusty old blinds and danced across Maxwell’s forehead, he was slightly sweating from the heat in the room but that wasn’t bothering him. Maxwell took a deep breath and let it out as he looked into the mirror there was something that just didn’t feel right to him. Maxwell smiled, shook the feeling from his head and walked out the door.

Today was going to be a great day to train and Maxwell could feel it. As Maxwell took his first few steps outside his mind began to go to work analyzing every little detail around him not letting anything go unnoticed. Maxwell made his way to the park where a hollow had been sighted, looking around at every detail.

There was something odd about this hollow that Maxwell had noticed right away, it was leaking spiritual pressure, something told Maxwell that this was a trap so rather than springing it Maxwell waited for the pray to come along and for the hollow to strike. Sure enough Maxwell’s prediction was true a wondering soul mad it’s way to the park and almost immediately was attacked. Wasting little time Maxwell sprung into action letting his reatsu flare up just enough to gain the hollows attention.

As the hollow turned it began to charge a cero blast in its mouth and Maxwell smirked as the blast formed Maxwell spoke to words “remember, remember” as Maxwell finished speaking the hollow fired the cero, Maxwell flash stepped out of the way and appeared behind the hollow as he appeared he opened his mouth in the same fashion that the hollow had and began to form a blast of spiritual energy, as the hollow turned Maxwell fired the blast and blew off the hollows left arm. A loud roar ripped through the air as the hollow staggered in pain, Maxwell let out a small sigh “I really need to improve my aim” he turned his attention back to the hollow who seemed upset. Maxwell drew his sword and looked at the hollow and smiled again this time the hollow was going down.

As the hollow began to rush at Maxwell, Maxwell brought his arm back and swung it forward as a large blast of flames erupted from the tip of the blade and consumed the hollow, this in fact was a variant of one of Yamamoto-Genryusai’s Ryujin Jakka’s techniques which Maxwell had only seen once. Maxwell sat in silence as the hollow burned away, he then turned around and began to search for another hollow to train against.

As Maxwell made his way to the street he began to stumble and lose his balance, at the same time his head began to hurt so bad it felt like something was smashing his skull in. Maxwell quickly lost consciousness and blacked out. Just a few seconds after Maxwell’s body hit the ground it began to rise but not by the will of Maxwell, instead his inner hollow had awakened and looked around not saying a word, it soon began to pump out a large amount of spiritual pressure to draw out any nearby hollows.

Soon enough Maxwell’s inner hollow was met by two menos grande, one menos, and an Adjuchas. Maxwell’s looked at the group with a blank emotionless gaze as part of his face began to be covered up by a hollow mask. With no warning the group attacked Maxwell and one by one they dropped before him it was an incredible sight Maxwell’s sword had taken on the shape of a scythe that which his inner hollow whiled with elegant skill, when it attacked each hollow it attacked in one fluid and endless motion until all the hollows were dead.

A few minuets after the hollows were killed Maxwell awoke holding his head and squinting his eyes, the headache had giving him a small case of photosensitivity it seemed. As Maxwell stood up he still felt a bit light headed but it wasn’t as bad as before, he looked around and noticed a few blade marks in the ground he studied them well and realized they were caused by a scythe “where the hell did these come from” he thought to himself, puzzled by this Maxwell returned to his home and began to try and figure out just what happened.

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PostSubject: Re: Edward De Leon   Sun Dec 05, 2010 1:52 pm

- You're m puppet: Precise how fast it can take control of a body and how exactly the hair is supposed to be hard to remove.

- Seven Swords: Describe how exactly the box forms itself so we can know how to escape it.

-Regeneration: Mostly fine but no instant-healing everything no matter the gravity during résureccion.

Good but you should add a paragraph or two abotu how your character reacted at Aizen's imprisonment caused by Malicia's betrayal and what he did in the last year while Aizen was jailed.
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PostSubject: Re: Edward De Leon   Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Edward De Leon   

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Edward De Leon
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