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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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     Katsuji Kuroi

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    PostSubject: Katsuji Kuroi   Sat Dec 04, 2010 9:45 pm

    Basic Information

    Name: Katsuji Kuroi

    Age: Two or three centuries

    Gender: Male.

    Rank: None

    Number: -



    Hollow Hole: In his neck, hidden by his collar.

    Mask Fragment: Fangs around his neck, hiden by his collar.

    Number Tattoo: In the middle of his back, above his waist

    Personal Information


    Strength : EX
    Resistance : A
    Agility : A

    Spiritual Proyection: B
    Reaitsu : B
    Reiryoku: EX

    Personality: Katsuji looks like a harsh-mannered person with a short temperament, unpolite and sometimes unpleasent, this is because deep inside -or not so deep inside- he just doesn't care about such things. Sadic, masochistic, and a bit random Katsuji enjoys playing around with his prey when he is certain about his victory. He has developed a taste for blood and meat, as well as for dismembering his preys with his bare hands just before eating them in a very fashionable way.

    However, he does not like fighting "just for the hell of it" nor enjoys jumping into trouble. He prefers to keep his identity a secret in order to avoid headaches, and hunts whenever he feels hungry enough to do so. Or is about to die of boredom, whatever happens first. Katsuji holds no special loyalties for anyone, except maybe for Malicia.

    He follows his instincts and own concern, altough he is not bounded by them in any way, its just easier to do that than to think about consecuences, possible backstabs, double intentions, the future, and the possible outcome of things. If he feels he should kill someone because said individual could be dangerous or not worthy of being trusted, he will do so without hesitation, in order to save himself some problems and/or headaches.

    In certain aspects, or most of them, he's pretty simple minded.

    Sexual Orientation: Whatever comes. He doesn't really care nor has a tabu for anything in particular.

    Relationship Status: Empty field

    Resurrecion Information

    Name: Cerbero

    Represent: Hellhound

    Family: Nature

    Looks: Both his fangs and claws sharpen and enlarge themselves a little. Both his neck and mouth enhances being able to bite much more than a normal human would, and much more effectively. He then grows a white bone-like layer of armor around his body, specially around his forearms, knees, and hands in a glove-like perfectly fitting shape, wich allows him to block and deflect incoming attacks with them, compensating the lack of a zampakutoh. He also grows short blade-like sharp spikes in certain parts of his body, such as in his elbows, forearms, shoulders, knees and even in the back of his hands, from the very start of his wrist to the beginning of his index, middle and heart fingers, resembling three blades thrusting foward -or lying down- one next to each other. They all work as claws for him, and as such might be retracted if he so desires.

    Name: Strength

    State: Both

    Description: Probably the most notorious characteristic of Katsuji. He posesses an insane ammount of physical strenght, over all other reiatsu-gained abilities or such. He also has problems with breaking the things he gets in his hands, or injuring people unnoticedly. His strenght increases even further during resurrección-

    Name: Skin of the beast

    State: Both

    Description: Katsuji's skin is incredibly hard and armor-like, therefore very difficult to pierce with attacks and highly resilient. The nature of his armor is different than the normal hierro, because it belongs to his skin and is a natural property of it. Naturally, if it weren't he would have long since killed himself with his insane strenght. Nobody would have been able to stand it. His defense increases in resurrección, also generating a thick armor layer.

    Name: Endurance of Cerbero

    State: Both

    Description: As a being used to constant fighting, punishment and injuries, Katsuji has developed an advanced physical regeneration. He is capabable of regenerating any part of his body, and altough it does not regenerates instanty, it does help him to bear his wounds and render them less of a problem that they would be normally. The rate is constant, althought as said previously is not instant, he is able to heal moderate to severe wounds in minutes. He is immune to poison and acids.

    Name: Thrill of the hunt

    State: Both

    Description: Katsuji can learn and read his oponent movements easily, doing so even with more ease the more the battle lasts, as if they were in slow motion. As a strange characteristic, his sense of smell is like of an animal and its able to trace people by their respective smells, and also notice certain kind of feelings if they're close enough. (Such as fear, etc.) Has one could guess, he's an extremely good close-combat fighter, yet, it lacks distance or reiatsu based attacks.

    Name: Bloodlust

    State: Resurrección

    Description: His claws and fangs are incredibly sharp, but its not that what makes this ability his trump card. Both his fangs and claws can slip-past reiatsu -or cut through it-. Anything cut by them will lose the ability to regenerate for three days.

    Name: Primal

    State: Both

    Description: Katsuji is immune to mind conditioning and can't be affected by powers such as ilusions or derivates that afect the mind. It is the main reason behind how he can be near Malicia during so much time without consequences. There's a chance that this skill was developed because he spent too much time near her.

    Name: Sharp wind

    State: Resurrección

    Description: This ability increases the range of his claws by several meters, and after a slash, a hurricane-like and sharp wind will follow the same course resembling the movement of his claws, cutting everything in its path as his claws would do normally, just that to a more extended distance.

    History and RP Sample


    [ BGM ]

    Since his early childhood Katsuji was a problematic individual, constantly getting into fights with his peers and frequently paying visits to the hospital due to wounds in either street fights or school ones. Even though he was a Quincy back then, an apprentice yet, he didn't like to keep a low profile or being good at school with high qualifications or whatsoever like most would have with his capacities -or so he thinks-. While most people want to be normal or have something special within them Katsuji didn't care at all about such things. He raged at mortal society for what happened with his older brother, who was murdered by a well-known criminal gang, just like a lot of people before him, since he was unable to defend himself using his Quincy powers. But, justice would just sit, watch and do nothing, failing as usual. Both the human's and Quincy's.

    Due to that incident, he grew violent and with little to no respect for the laws and authority, to the dissapointment of his Quincy teacher, who was an old, retired, and respected Quincy named Shisui, whose might everyone had in high steem. Katsuji was the only apprentice Shisui ever took, making everyone to look up to him as his succesor. However Katsuji did not turn the way Shisui would have wanted him to. Altough very cunning and skilled, having earned the respect of his clan, he still lacked himself the respect for the elders and their orders as well as for any other forms of authority. Eventually, and in time, Katsuji was driven by the vengeance he once so longed for, and ended using his Quincy powers for the sake of his revenge, disobeying his teacher, the laws, and becoming a criminal himself both to the human world and ultimately the Quincy society.

    Yet, he did not regret it, as the end justifies the means and he did make the justice no one else would do, because no one else had the strenght to do what it takes. By doing so he would become a scourge to all scum of the earth, not only judging Hollows as a Quincy, but judging humans as well, getting rid of anyone who were to get in his way.

    Ruthlesy he laid waste to anyone who opposed him and became an outlaw.

    So it was, during his time as an outcast he met a woman who was different than the rest of the sheeps beneath them. Just like him, she longed to exterminate the trash at her feet, Hollows, Human, Shinigamis, it didn't matter as there was no distinction. She became a wolf in order to hunt down other wolves, just like he had done with himself. They both shared goals.

    Since then, whether on their own or together, they both undertook to cleanse their homes from the vermin, hollows or humans alike. It was not a crusade against them but rather one against all souls that did not deserve existence, in their eyes. What they were was irrelevant, even a shinigami indulging in cowardice could be their target.

    By the times the great war started, both executors ruled and forced justice upon the city. No one was spared. As the war between the Hollows, Shinigami and Quincys went on, they both became more and more of a trouble for them, until they all had no choice but to acknowledge as a pain the pair of mortals slicing their numbers. As such, a greater power with monstrous strength was sent from the army of Hueco Mundo to take them out. However, the duo was at pair with the monster and forced it back into retreating to his realm, soon following him despite the several and soon to be lethal wounds it inflicted on them, with the solely intention of finishin him off before dying.

    Deep into the menos forest they finally achieved their goal, yet, dying shortly after but enjoying the last thrill of a hard earned victory. However and ironically, the end was just the beginning of it all.

    Both humans died, only to wake up shortly after and find themselves alone and lost in the menos forest. Alone. Alone was actually a wrong term as soon they would understand while being swarmed by hordes of Gillians, atracted by the sweet fragance of fresh souls and dripping reiatsu.

    With their powers numb, they were forced into fleeing to avoid direct combat, but in the sudden rush of the attack they got separated by the Gillians. Long story short, Katsuji ran through the forest dodging the menos in search for a place where he could hide safely, but such place never existed and therefore was never found. He ran until he was cornered by one of them, moment in wich he used his own chain as a last resort weapon, tying it to his neck without letting go and beheading it by using the strength of the other hollows pulling him when they arrived at the scene.

    A sea of hands fell upon the fallen Quincy, who dodged the ones he could, and bitten off the ones that reached him, ironically given the situation, and even getting Gillians to attack each other in dodged attacks, dismembering themselves in the most vicious of them. Eventually and after minutes of struggle seeing how his doom was inevitable, he made a ruthless decision. Quickly, he picked up a broken hollow claw from the blood-blackened soil and began to break his own chain painfully, slash after slash, before the hollows could eat him alive, until with a final and enraged scream his body disappeared in a flash... Only to be reborn elsewhere, this time as one of the creatures he once so longed to destroy and judge; A bloodthirsty and hungry Hollow. Yet, alive...

    Mindlessy at first, thoughtfully later, the fallen executer began then to devour other hollows without mercy, just like he would do with shinigamis and humans in time. His shape changed into that of a cuadruped monster resembling a dog. There was no meaning at all, no moral, no nothing. Devour to survive, devour for pleasure, devour for power, so it was, so its always been. His insatiable hunger and constant starvation became well-known among the other masked inhabitants of Hueco Mundo, fast, ruthless and savage "El insaciable" as he was known, dismembered and ate everything and everyone who ever crossed his ways with him, friend or foe. He first grew bigger and bigger every time he devoured another hollow, past the thousand, past the two thousand, becoming a menos every time bigger turning into a Gillian, and then he began to become smaller and smaller, past the three thousand. His hunger drove him insane, as there was never enough of it. More was all he needed and more was all he wanted.

    He never built any lair, instead, he took over his preys lairs after eating them. He only used them to rest once before hunting again, and so on. He had no need for allies, he had no need for nothing, the only thing he could understand was his eternal famine and would devour anyone to pacify it. Or at least it was, until he became a Gillian. When that happened, he recovered a small part of his mind, altough chaotic and primal, it was enough of a haven to save him from total insanity due to his insatiable starvation, wich he never stopped feeling at all. He continued to grew smaller and smaller from eating other hollows until he evolved again, into an Adjucha, and finally regained most of his former intelligence, altough in a corrupted and perverted way for what he already was and had done, not that he had any regrets for it. His powers grew even further, and so did his hunger, only finding small islands of peace in his sea of chaos after he ate another hollow, or a shinigami. Humans and low-class hollows wouldn't work anymore for him.

    He needed something bigger.

    Soon, he found himself hunting other Adjucha-class menos, out of thrill and hunger. Not only he "needed" it, but he also enjoyed it. Altough minor hollows would not longer suffice him, he would still eat them if they were to be saw. He would hunt every single being in Hueco Mundo just for that purpose. Their deaths were not quick, as he took joy in toying with them before his famine did the rest. But eventually his starvation became less and less painful, until it was just hunger.

    His form changed then once again, more humanoid and yet beast-like, almost with the same size than that of an average human, and he fully regained both most of his older appeareance and his intelect, yet not all of his memories, wich remained deep sunken into the old deep oily sea his mind used to be. Nonetheless, he believed that in order to fully satiate his hunger he must devour a Vasto Lorde... and also he had a perverse desire of finding out how did a Vasto Lorde tasted like. It was during one of his searches that he heard from a tortured hollow about a misterious artifact who could make him evolve even further... of course, afterwards he ate said hollow. That would be the definitve way of getting rid of his hunger. But first, and nevertheless that, he wanted to devour a Vasto Lorde... and so, the search continued althought he was still an Adjucha.

    However, this led to a rather unexpected outcome. Not only he did not eat any Vasto Lordes, but instead the only being he found after his search was someone whose smell was very familiar... She -because it was a she- had a very uncanny resemblance to someone he once liked in the past, or was it a dream? It was really familiar... It was then, and only then, the moment he saw her with his own eyes, when he regained his memory, remembering what happened in the menos forest and before. It was obvious she would have survived, he couldn't have imagined it otherwise but... None of that mattered now. He shaked his face and greeted her as if nothing had happened, aware that he had been recognized too by his old friend, after so many years. Later on, he would tell her how is it that he found her, and why, but for now he had a plan to share with his first comrade.

    And so, the only witnesses left were two small piles of finely grinded white bones from skull-shaped masks…

    Malicia loved the irony of the idea of a fallen Quincy, while Katsuji had already lost preocupation over it, not taking interest in dwelling more into that long forgotten past, for one reason or another, just living the present in Hueco Mundo. Eventually, their existence called the attention of the current ruler of Las Noches, who finally found them and smirked, pleased of having found individuals who matched his standarts.

    Katsuji tagged along with Malicia and the former Shinigami captain, intrigued about what was happening within Las Noches. Days passed by and he learned about the ways of shinigamis how the Arrancar army worked, althought the tasks he was asked to do were boring most of the times, and it became a routine. It was around that time when Malicia defeated the Cero Espada. Katsuji thought it was all about boredom but there were more depth reasons behind her acting. It took him some time to realise the true facts that led to Cero's demise. After the former Cero Espada's gruesome death, Katsuji challenged the Primera Espada in order to support her comrade and defeated him as well, having fun in the process. In the end it was to show the former Captain that he couldn't change their chaotic way of being into a more predictable demeanor. At least that was for Malicia, Katsuji had a very simple impression of himself, and was not prone to think over things during too much time.

    Long story short, inevitably, it was Malicia who led to the demise of the former Captain, and soon, also former ruler of Hueco Mundo. While Malicia became a Captain, Katsuji chose rather not to have any allegiance towards any faction, and when the battle was done he fled to the Desert, often taking small incursions to the human world.

    RP Sample:
    Katsu was lying comfortably on the floor, his legs one on the top of another, and his hands behind his head while contemplating the ceiling, refusing to care about anything else.- Man, this place is so fucking monochromatic... -he said, noticing with a bored look how everything seemed to be white, the ceiling, the floor, the doors, even the column- Seriously, what the hell is this shit... -he complained raising his eyes with half a smile to look at his comrade, who was right besides him leaning on one of the columns, just as overwhelmingly annoyed by the task as he was, along with the wind brushing her skirt and hair at free will. Not that he didn't enjoy the view. Both, his half shut eyes too.

    -They’re really coming this way after all… I can’t believe they’re not even trying to hide their presence. This is insulting. -She said after a few seconds of silence, complaining about the meddling shinigamis. Its not like Katsuji didn't understand her.

    Its highly probable they just got lost or something. Maybe they're just retarded, you know, like lemmings -explained Katsu to his friend while raising his right hand to make a convenient gesture of resemblance. Malice chuckled shortly, and slothfully turned her head away, in the direction the meddling shinigamis where coming. Kat sighed, being phantomly striked by her sloth, and so she did take the first step away from the column when the unseated shinigamis finally arrived at the scene without their captain. Yet, she stood in that place and glared back at him.

    Oh yeah, it’s my turn this time isn’t it? -She asked suddenly.

    I... -Katsuji began to answer while raising his head a little, with a sudden sparkle of wisdom yet soon to be drowned by his unimportance on the matter- ... don't remember. -said finally regaining his lazy look as he dropped his head back on the floor- Who went last time? -he asked her out of his own ignorance while attempting to move around without actually getting up, therefore doing so in a very sluggish way.

    She replied with a sigh and shortly after began walking towards them. Its not like there was anything else to be said, they were just too lazy to keep talking with the shinigamis shouting in the background, and they both knew it. He then began with the difficult proccess of moving into a more comfortable position from where he would be allowed to watch the incoming massacre comfortably. That way the visage and smell of blood might make him want to join in and play a little.

    Without any kind of warning -not like it would have had any effect tough, its not like warnings ever work- Malicia raised her reiatsu pressure, and suddenly it became incredibly hard to breathe for the shinigamis, as well as to make any movement. Katsu was suprised they didn't got crushed by it, he was expecting to see that.

    Roaches should just stay hidden and die… -She declared with disgust as she spat on the floor- Stand up and leave, now -she commanded to the shinigamis, who were close to becoming a stain on the floor. Yet they didn't move, or more likely, they couldn't move, tought Katsuji.- Well well well… looks like the roaches want to stay and play -said Malicia after a few moments, seeing how they didn't run away. That was so cruel, he liked it.

    Anyways, when he saw her growing those thin crimson-pink claws over her left hand, he knew playtime was over. With a smirk, Katsu stood on his elbows for a better watch.
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    PostSubject: Re: Katsuji Kuroi   Sun Dec 05, 2010 1:42 am

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    Katsuji Kuroi
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