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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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PostSubject: Jushiro Talon   Jushiro Talon EmptySat Dec 04, 2010 1:14 pm

Basic Information

Jushiro Talon Sample_26bd3f3f726cde4180906304d1821116efdde2c0

Jushiro Talon 8e738328403d02b94a3b162eb98a47b72e3109a2

Name: Jushiro Talon Alias: Inzanagi
Actual Age: 792
Appeared Age: Mid 20's

Gender: Male


Talon is 6’3 and his muscular built which shows that he can be a very physical person too. His body looks rather enduring in its build and very suitable for a fighter of his type. His eyes are Dark blue and will look quite cold and demonic at times without him having to put much effort into it. His stare some times is known to send a chill down someone's spine even if he didn't intend to do so. Talon's body is built for physically dominating his opponents with both strength and speed. He has long Black spiky hair which causes him to look rather wild, almost as if his hair was a lion's mane in its own unique way. He wears a black sleeveless kimono and a red and black overcoat with a couple of interesting designs on them. On his hands are a pair of black fingerless gloves that stretches above his wrist, which sit comfortable on his hands. His pants are also black with two eastern type dragon carefully wrapped around both legs. Talon's whole appearance is still Shinigami like and in this case his Red and Black overcoat would be his Captain's Haori in a sense. Talon can be seen at times wearing his Zanapakuto strapped across his back and at other times, it may be strapped diagonally across his lower back. There are also other instances where his Zanapakutos may even be at his side strapped on his belt.

Personal Information

Likes/Dislikes: Likes:Women,Fighting,protecting people he cares for
Dislikes: Losing,being told what to do
Strength/Weaknesses: Strengths: analytical thinking, Fast reflexes Weaknesses: No Sense of honor,hot tempered.


To put it bluntly Talon can be considered a two face which often causes others to be wary of him. His whole personality which is often accompanied by other actions, tend to bring an air of uneasiness around others. He can often be seen with a smile or a smirk form on his face, which at times may turn into a fox grin so to speak. Even with all these quirks Talon is still one of the most intelligent Shinigami to have ever been within the Gotei 13 squads. He can be quite manipulative at times, the type of person that doesn't seem to take anything too seriously. With Talon in the picture even a grim situation can turn out to be something to joke. Or to even make a witty remark about as long as he is breathing. At times others may find it difficult to know what he’s even thinking. Since he may say one thing and then do something else. There is also uncertainty when it comes to his sincerity , his calculative and perceptive persona makes him a force to be reckoned with. Being a two face as they say Talon may at times find himself to be rather moody. An at other times demonstrating traits of someone with a warm heart. Talon can sometimes be a sort of recluse, opting to do things in private rather than out in the open.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Mask Information

Name: Suijin~ God of Water

Jushiro Talon Repute_of_the_Dragon


Suijin is more or less the same as Talon’s Zanapakuto spirit almost like a twin and both Dragons seem to have the same agenda. Which happens to be about gaining more power, where Ryuujin Rikka would aim to help Talon by giving him more power. Suijin would instead hope for a sign of weakness and use that opening to crush Talon and effectively being the king. Suijin is a Black Western type dragon with Wings and sharp claws . However this part of Talon’s soul is a lot more violent and merciless than Ryuujin Rikka and Talon. There is however one distinguishing feature about Suijin and that is the crown that he wears on his head. It’s almost a mockery or a reminder to Talon that there will always be a struggle which will revolve around being the true king on the throne.

Unique Ability:

Suijin ability lies in the manipulation of water and most liquid substances. Using the water produced Talon can flood an area with water. Even going as far as compacting the water with a lot of crushing power. Suijin is also able to use the water for protection purposes and at times will create a dense mist. Currently the limits of Suijin’s ability is currently unknown since Talon is still learning. However Suijin’s ability compliments Ruujin’s own very well, since they can work in conjunction with each other. This is mainly because they use the same set of principles as far as abilities are concerned. With his mask on Talon can cause an very high Volume of water to materialize. Once that it done the water can they be used for his bidding. By doing this Talon can combine his Ice together with the water in order to create a more deadly attack. Currently even though he is still learning more about his Hollow powers. The possibilities may at times seem endless to what he is capable of. The water also Talon to adapt and be fluid in terms of attack and defense. He could manipulate the water and have it surround and trap his opponents. Whether it be in a water prison or by other possible means. Such creating shackles in order to bind on opponent. He seems to have total freedom and absolute control over what he is doing.


Name: SendoKiri~ Death Mist

Description: While using his mask, Talon is able to create a dense mist that allows for little to no visibility at all for his opponent'(s). While in this mist that covers up a Kilometer wide area in terms of Height and width. Talon is capable of moving while hiding his Reiatsu signature, this means he's capable of traveling in the mist while being quite difficult to detect. And due to the density of the mist his movements can be rather difficult to track down or pinpoint. But perhaps those with keen eyes may get a grasp of his movements. However the mist is not just for show since it also aims to disrupt the Reiatsu of his Opponent(s). This means they may find it difficult controlling their reiatsu and preventing themselves from being detected in the mist. This happens as a result of their Reiatsu flaring and then fluctuating at times, making it difficult for an opponent to use Reiatsu based attacks without it being a double edge sword or even underpowered. The mist itself will only keep its form for a certain amount of time, such as the turns stated before dissipating. At times certain powerful enough elemental attacks such as wind based ones that are logically capable of dissipating the mist will work. Also well thought out and logical attacks may work as well, such as those that create a big enough explosion in the area. While the mist is formed in the area, Talon will operate much like an assassin constantly going for a silent and effective way of killing.

3 tuns active
6 post cool down

Assainami~ Crushing Wave
Description: Using his Manipulation over water Talon will release from his sword a spiraling coned shaped attack. The attack itself is quite swift and compact with a lot of force. The size of the wave is at least 16ft in width and will reach up to 20ft in length. Being hit by this particular wave is like being hit with a miniature Tsunami. Albeit not as powerful, but the force is quite strong as one would expect.

6 post usage
8 post cool down

Hollow Mask Appearance:

Talon’s mask is Black one with red and white patterns on it. It rather unique in its appearance starting at the hairline like most but it also resembles a crown of sorts covering the forehead and up on top of his head. The mask covers the bottom half of Talon’s face but not the eyes since it only stretches up to the nose bridge. This means parts of Talon’s face is still visible, his eyes would have changed to black with a golden tint for his Iris.

Duration: It can stay out for about 7 posts and has a cool down of about 3 posts.

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Ryuujin Rikka~ Dragon God of Ice

Jushiro Talon 0f8e3c68b7fd5df7

Zanpakuto Looks:

Jushiro Talon Swords-samurai-swords-alloy-blade-a-bamboo

Released Zanpakuto Description:

Once both blades take on their Shikai form. Both the Wakazahi and the regular Katana will reach up to 27 inches in length. The blades of the swords will become a black one with silver edges. On the sides of both blades, is a golden Chinese dragon. The dragon head ends close to the tip of the blades. While its tail stretches down towards the cross guard. The width of both blades will be 5 inches wide. The cross guard is also a Golden one made of a dragon’s head. The blades on both Zanapakutos will extend from the dragons mouth. The hilt of the swords will be the general length of a regular Katana blade. They’re also both Black with red trimmings on both of them. And from the end of the hilts will extend, a pair of sash. Both sashes will reach up to at least 12 inches in length and are of a dark red color.

Shikai Abilities:

Upon the release of his Zanapakuto the weather would undergo a few changes, forming what looks like storm clouds. The weather would produce a cold front that will also be noticeable to his opponents. At times the thunder can be heard roaring through the heavens continuously. (Epic Effects Ftw) Ryuujin Rikka’s main ability during its Shikai stage is to create Ice and manipulate it, reconstruct/ reconstitute it using Elemental Spiritual Pressure

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: " The Heavenly Dragon Ascend to the Heavens and the World is Frozen Over!"
Bankai Name: Sei Ryuujin Rikka- The Spirit Of the Ice God

Released Zanpakuto Looks:

Talon appearance during his Bankai release would have also changed. The Shinigami would now have 3 Shuriken Mirrors, which replaced his Zanapakuto. The Shuriken Mirrors will be 4ft wide and dark in appearance. On the back on each Shuriken Mirror will be a Golden Dragon. There will be a handle on the back of each Shuriken Mirros, which of course the man can hold onto. These handles will allow him to use the Shuriken Mirrors as a shield. The Shuriken Mirrors will have a total of 8 blades each on all of them. The blades will be carefully spaced out, with the same calculated gap between each one. As expected the Shuriken will have a mirror, which takes up most of the Shuriken. The Mirrors on the Shuriken will be used to fire off various attacks, on a whim. The Shuriken Mirrors will of course be manipulated by Talon and will be under his control. They’re able to spin at immense speeds and possess great cutting and destructive power as they move. The Shuriken Mirrors themselves carries the same freezing temperatures too. Talon will also have a pair of gauntlets reaching up to his shoulders. The purpose of the Gauntlets will be to parry attacks from even Zanapakutos. The Gauntlets are black with golden swirls around the finger tips. These golden swirls will extend all the way up to the shoulder length Gauntlets.

Fringe Benefits

In addition to his weaponry change, Talon will give a pair of draconic wings. The wings no doubt grant Talon the ability to fly and to even defend against incoming attacks. The Shinigami will also gain a pair of draconic tails. These things are of course made of ice, as most things are. This of course excludes his Shuriken Mirrors that are actually his Zanapakuto at this stage. The Shinigami will also gain a crown made of Ice on his head. Talon’s main attire would still be the same and will only undergo minimal changes.

Bankai Ability:


Name: Soukoyari- Traveling Spear
Level: Shikai

Effect: Soukoyari generally manifest itself as Ice spikes that are formed and controlled by Talon. The Shinigami may choose to have the Ice spikes form around him (materializing). Soukoyari also allows for versatility, allowing Talon to have these Ice spikes rise from the ground. The Shinigami may even release an overwhelming but focused torrent of these Ice spikes at his opponent. The spikes can rise from anywhere between 1 and 15ft long and up to a foot wide. The Ice spikes can of course rise or appear in vertically or even diagonally etc. The purpose of the Ice spikes is to pierce Talon’s opponents (typical). One must not forget that while manipulating this already existing Ice. There is always a chance that the condensation in the area can be used to augment this technique. Damaging power is increased when they are mounted or meshed in any particular way together.

Post usage: 6
Cool down: 7

Name: Touyochi- Frozen World
Level: Shikai/Bankai

Description: Touyochi is a technique which relies on the condensation in the area. Using this ability will generally take some time to prepare. Talon will aim to pull in the condensation thus increasing the mass by at least 35%. This will then go towards strengthening his attacks, or to have them occur on a much larger scale. In this case the volume, strength or even quantity is increased by at least 35%. Touyochi is also generally used as a combination attack, with Talon’s already existing techniques. As one would expect, the condensation which amounts to more liquid, will then be transformed into more ice. This will then allow Talon to set up attacks on a much larger scale. During his Bankai stage however this condensation will go towards another 15% increase. This means Talon is capable of increasing the mass by 50%.

Post Usage: 5
Cool down: 6
Preparation Posts: 3-4
Side note: There will be a preparation post for each time this technique is used as a combination. 3 posts for Shikai and 4 posts for Bankai attacks.

Name: Ryukousei~ Dragon’s Rebirth
Attributes: Damage, Piercing Damage, Increased Damage*.
Class: Control, Reiatsu

Description: Ryukousei summons forth a large 22ft long Dragon that is 10ft wide to the battlefield. The dragon is of course manipulated by Talon and will be under his control. Using elemental spiritual pressure, Talon is able to change the dragon's state from a liquid to a crystallized form at will. The Shinigami will at times break this down and have the dragon reassemble itself into various weapons etc. Ryukousei has the same ability to affect/slow down the opponent's reiatsu as stated in its Bankai state. The dragon has the ability to implode once the prey has been caught. This will then cause seemly countless Ice spikes to pierce the opponent as well as freeze them over. This results is several obelisk being formed where the opponent was caught. As expected the Dragon possess the ability to affect the opponents spiritual pressure.

Post duration: 10
Cool down: 10

Name: Ryuuza Arashi- Dragon’s Tempest

Effect: Ryuuza Arashi relies on the already existing condensation in the area. The condensation will be gathered and sent into the clouds (Touyochi). Once this deed has been done, the resulting effect will call forth what seems to be the eye of a storm. There will be 5 of these things appearing in different locations in the heavens. The idea of Ryuuza Arashi is to have 5 Dragons made of Ice that are 22ft long and 10 ft wide descend from the heavens. The Dragons tend to descend very swiftly at great speed, descending with a high volume of water. The Dragons are of course manipulated by Talon. The purpose of the dragons are to implode once the prey has been caught. This will then cause seemly countless Ice spikes to pierce the opponent as well as freeze them over. This results in several obelisk being formed where the opponent was caught. As expected the Dragons possess the ability to affect the opponents spiritual pressure.

Post Duration: 6
Cool down: 8
Preparation Posts: 3

History and RP sample


Unlike the stories of other Shinigami or some of the inhabitants of Soul Society, Talon doesn't remember living a life as a human. And so telling a tale of his life as a human would be impossible, the man is a pure blood Shinigami so to speak. Untainted by the soul burial technique administered by other Shinigami’s for the departed souls. Growing up in Rukongai Talon had always wanted to join the Gotei 13. His ambitions began with the demonstration of power that the previous Shinigami of the Gotei 13 showed him. Ever so often a squad of Shinigami would come to save the day and exterminate hollows and other low lives. Talon desired the power to do so himself and so he began doing every and everything that he could to be a Shinigami. His journey like most didn’t start with his introduction into the Shinigami Academy. Instead it began with his time spent in Rukongai learning a few things from a man known to him as the hermit. The man was a swordsman that possessed strange abilities, someone Talon suspected to be a former Shinigami. The problem is that Talon didn't have any real proof connecting the man to the Shinigami other than a sword. Talon started off by training his body first and foremost, he needed discipline also if he was to succeed on his mission. The would be Shinigami desired the blade but sadly began his life as a swordsman with a Bokken. Learning the different ways in which to wield the sword or Bokken so to speak. An important lesson was to taught and would be learned in due time. Rukongai was a harsh place to live in, a place where the lives of others doesn't seem to mean anything. Souls from the realm of the humans was promised a better or peaceful life. But once they had arrived in Soul Society everything just seems as if it had gotten worst. Watching the soul after soul fade away before him, the more determine the young man had become. Over time he began learning more and more about Reiatsu and the other abilities that came along with it. Kidou was also an aspect of his training that he rather enjoyed and took a liking to. Over the years of spending time and learning from the Hermit, Talon was finally given the opportunity to wield his very own Zanapakuto. Or rather Zanapakuto’s since the swords given onto him was of a dual type. Talon had a unique style which suited the dual blade style best. He still had a long way to go but he was slowly beginning to discover his inner self. Talon had spent over ten years as a student of the hermit and had learned as much as he could. But it was time for him to move on or rather take the next step towards becoming a Shinigami. Making his way to the Shinigami Academy, Talon found some things to be different according to what he was taught by the hermit. The man decided not to teach him every little thing but rather gave him a few pointers. This way Talon would struggle and overcome, perhaps this way his accomplishments would mean more to him. That however didn't stop him from showing off his prowess which placed him above the rest. The man was dubbed a prodigy being able to grasp things a lot easier than others. Talon indeed had talent but he also had an head start which wasn't fair for some. But never once did he ever purport himself as being better than the other students around him. As a result of his skills set the young warrior was placed in the advance classes of the Academy . The would be Shinigami tried his best to master all forms of combat at his current level at the time. But recognized that this was just the beginning of his journey towards greatness. Shortly after joining the Academy Talon was drafted into the Nibantai. Once there he started to pick up a few habits that remained with him until now. The Shinigami was also an assassin, a very efficient killer if need be. Training in the art of Shyunpo, Hakuda and Kidou mainly. Talon soon came to realize that his beloved skills in swordsmanship was beginning to wane. The Shinigami still managed to progress through the ranks, even becoming a Captain of his own special squad of Assassins. Izanagu seemed happy with his progress but not satisfied in the least and so it was time for him to move on. War broke out and the world was thrown into chaos. Working together with his Zanapakuto and close companion in battle, Talon was able to overcome most of his opponents. But there was a few that reminded him why he couldn't or shouldn't be satisfied with his power. His potential was still untapped at this point, perhaps it was a reflection on the division that he had chosen. Maybe being an Assassin wasn't the correct job for him as a Shinigami at all. Talon was a great tactician and a formidable young warrior but still something was missing. With the war raging a spot soon became available for him. One that would allow him to progress and to even learn more about the sword. A Fuku Taicho had fallen, more specifically the Fuku Taicho of the Sanbantai. Hearing about his battle prowess from the rumors that went around about Talon. The Shinigami was soon approached by the Taicho of the 3rd Division with an offer. The man wanted the Shinigami to take up the spot as Fuku Taicho of the Sanbantai. At first Talon was a little reluctant and ever so defiant but after careful consideration Jushiro had joined the Sanbantai. Once there the Shinigami started working more exclusively on his Swordsmanship. The Captain of the Sanbantai was a strange one since he was the previous Fuku Taicho of the 11th. Such a person could always teach Izanagu a thing or two about the sword and thats what he did indeed. Cross was now a lot happier and more satisfied with himself and his progress and so he began looking forward to the next step. The man had his sights set on becoming a Captain or to at the very least obtain Bankai. Turning over a new leaf another chapter of his life had begun.

Vizard Chapter: The Beginning

Constantly fighting for what he believed in saw Talon going against an opponent that had the opposite ideals as he did. It was during this time that his fate changed and the birth of a new person in the form of Talon was now in existence. The assailant that changed Talon's fate was a sort of mad scientist that believed in strengthening the soul of the Shinigami through the process of hollowification. This crazed individual truly believed that Hollowification of a Shinigami's soul was the new form of evolution and that all Shinigami should undergo this process. However Talon didn't share his beliefs and so a battle took place between both of them. Being a mad scientist and an idealist it should have been evident that this opponent had a plan or way of transforming the soul of a Shinigami. However Talon ignored those little detail and his calculative and perceptive skills failed him in battle.

His opponent managed to corrupt his soul and induced the hollowfication process which caused Talon to rampage for a while and it was during this time, that he defeated his adversary. But it was already too late for him since he was no longer a Shinigami, he was instead an hybrid. Talon found himself going through a state of denial and depression for a while, even going M.I.A for a while to get his hollow side under control. It was by luck that he had someone by his side that had some knowledge of the Hollowfication and process. And although they tried to reverse it, it proved impossible to do so. Still moving among the Gotei 13 as the Captain of the 10th Division, Talon's powers manifested during battle for all his comrades to see. At this point everything started going downhill for Talon and it was now utterly useless to even hide what he truly is.

Surprisingly unlike the treatment most Vaizards got when they underwent the hollowfication Process. Inzanagi faced no ill treatment from his pairs except for their self pity. Thinking that he would now be hunted down by his former comrades due to pass experience. He was instead given the option of Resigning his post and to go into exile, it wasn't even an option to be precise it was an order. Leaving Soul Society and his home behind Talon found himself in the human world where he came across others like himself. During this time his hollow side started becoming more and more difficult to deal with since he didn't have full control over it yet. Talon found himself having to undergo a process that was almost like training for Bankai all over again. This time round it was to defeat his hollow side in which he did. Being the no nonsense warrior that he is, Inzanagi fought and conquered his hollow within 25 minutes of a very difficult battle.

Having completing the process successfully Talon accepted the fact that he could no longer pretend to be a Shinigami. Now he had to embrace the fact that he was an hybrid which worked fined for him since he was now stronger than before. Being able to keep his mask on without worrying about his Hollow side interfering at least not for a while. But even so its a challenge he would most welcome since the inner struggles tends to mean more than any other form of combat

RP Sample: ITs well known

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Malicia Nephilim

Malicia Nephilim

Jushiro Talon Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jushiro Talon   Jushiro Talon EmptySun Dec 05, 2010 1:16 pm

- Standards fire do not produce volcanic ash. During a volcanic erruption ash is violently expelled from the volcano by the magma below while fire simply incinerates its fuel produceing leftover ashes on the ground. You're much more likely to have a CO2 cloud.

- x30 is 3 times the maximum increase for a banakai a stated in canon.

- You cannot make plasma as 1) it's temperature is no less than a Blistering 30'000 degrees, five time the temperatures of the sun's core. 2) it instangib anything it touches for the reason I just stated and is undodgeable.

- Sutoraiku: denied as both of plasma and volcanic ashes were pointed as problematic above

-Sekitan:15 posts heavy debuff for 2 posts cooldown is a bit much IMO. Plus, you can NOT have an Infinite amount of undodgeable "locked" projectiles.

- Fire&Lightning blade: Effect must be changed to soemthing besides Plasma.

- Also need to precise the radius of the blast from the mini-sun.

- Funshutsu: From how I read it this skill could easily give you a x5 stats buff so 15 posts is a bit too much for such a huge boost. It's twice your mask's time.

- I have something against you being able to use an Ulti in Shikai.


-Damn, I'm not even sure where to begin. How do you die and reincarnate as a shinigami? how do you reincarnate haunted by yourself? how can you be a Shinigami with a reincarnated spirite and then a bit later have a Chain of Fate that is specific to souls before they turn into either of a hollow or get sent to SS?

-I have no idea how a Shinigami is supposed to turn into a real hollow from the natural non-Hollowification way, even more so how you can maneg to Un-konso(?) back into a normal soul with a chain in wherever you got after being a Kidoh master.

- I also have no idea how that chimera/dragon can use any stealth. Vasto Lordes are too rare to live in groups and what the hell you're an Arrancar now?

-Then you say you get sent to rukongai and becomes a Shinigami for third time? but in the same paragraph you state if you die in the gotei it's "all over" while you died twice in it before? I am so fucking lost. Also, this story does NOT warrant having been Captain Commander at any ponit in time, Vasto either. And then just after that you're back to getting Un-konso'd out of nowhere and gettign a chain again? what the fuck... just no... and you have a Giga-bankai hidden somewhere? FUCK no.

This whole story needs to be rewritten, Sorry Tai.
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Malicia Nephilim

Malicia Nephilim

Jushiro Talon Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jushiro Talon   Jushiro Talon EmptyMon Dec 06, 2010 5:58 pm

-Crushing wave: what exactly do you mean by "6 post usage"?

- More skills seem to have the "x post usage" thing.

>>"Ryukousei has the same ability to affect/slow down the opponent's reiatsu as stated in its Bankai state"
-I don't recall readign that and don't seem to find it stated in your bankai description.

-Ryuuza Arashi: Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is pretty much some kind of bombardment skill, correct? you don't gain FIVE dragon pets alike the one stated just before, right?

-Why is your character suddenly being called Izanagu in the last third of the shinigami life? copy-pasta much? Izanag-i- comes back in the vizard story; your character is supposed to be called "Jushiro Talon"; what?
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PostSubject: Re: Jushiro Talon   Jushiro Talon EmptyWed Dec 08, 2010 8:50 pm

Answer to the first one : he can use it 6 times in a row

answer to question 2: Thats how long things will last before the effects disipate

Question 3 answer: Cause that power is usable in both bankai and shikai ones just stronger then the other

Question4 answer: Yep its like heat seeking missiles that seek out there target and blow up

the other thing was allias that was added to the name area of the app
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Malicia Nephilim

Malicia Nephilim

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PostSubject: Re: Jushiro Talon   Jushiro Talon EmptySun Dec 12, 2010 12:55 am

This as been denied as per the request of the real owner of "Jushiro Talon" and "Ryuujin Rikka" who sent me an explanatory PM containing links to over 1~2 years old applications of this character and Zanpakutoh. Your Moderation rights have also been removed for plagiarism.
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Jushiro Talon
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