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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN)

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CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN)   CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN) EmptySat Dec 04, 2010 3:22 am

Karakura town at night was no different than most other cities, though by this hour of the night many people where asleep, there was still the occasional car that rolled down one of the deserted streets. It would seem like the calm and peaceful night that many were accustomed to but, there was something in the air, something heavy and evil.

The street lights below cast an orange glow into the sky above making it seem more like a dark red rather than a dark blue. On the roof of an office building stood a single figure, an arrancar. Alaster peered over the edge of the building and let the cool breeze run through his hair as he watched for any signs of what ever was causing the recent mysterious murders in Karakura town.

In the distance a scream echoed through the deserted streets, the arrancar’s head snapped to the direction of the scream and his eyes narrowed “your not getting away this time.” he said as he disappeared from the rooftop in a single flash. By the time Alaster arrived at the location where he heard the scream come from, he had to feel for an residual spiritual pressure but there was nothing to be found, this left him with a puzzled look on his face as he began to wonder around looking for the exact location of the scream.

Rounding a corner the arrancar came face to face with a low lit alleyway that was covered with blood, he immediately went into defensive mode as he approached the scene. As he drew nearer and nearer the thought of what he would do if a shinigami showed up began to flood into his mind *I’ll deal with that when the time comes* he thought as he began to investigate the scene.
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Unosuke Kakaru

Unosuke Kakaru

CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Re: CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN)   CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN) EmptyMon Dec 06, 2010 11:35 pm

Kakaru sighed as he reflected back to his time in Las Noches. It had been over ten years since his time in that forsaken place, ten long years that he had no wish to rehash, but for some reason whenever he was left to idle though, it all simply came as if it was second nature. He wished as hard as he could that he could just forget, he understood that he would never forget what he was, it was impossible, with the seal branded on his left arm and the spiritual beings that were so clear to him, there would always be a reminder of what he was, but he wished he could just forget.

His time as an Espada was short, but in that time he had realized he could not stay with the foul beings he had found himself housed with indefinitely, they were all an almost mirror opposite of himself, each one he had ever had the "pleasure" a term used loosely; to meet in any depth showed that the gift of having their reasoning and intelligence resuscitated meant nothing, it was simply squandered. From his experience they all remained blood thirsty and brutal, it was not something he could handle.

He had hardly been among them and almost at every encounter he found himself in an argument over the most trivial of matters, whether it related to anything of consequence, his hate for them just burned so passionately he found it difficult to contain himself in any kind of argument against them. Though he was always relatively calm and collected, it just seemed whenever he had the opportunity he would essentially verbally snipe at them, it was not a healthy relationship in any sense of the term. On several occasions he had even found himself in an argument with some of the more bloodthirsty and disagreeable bordering on a full out fight. It always being diffused by the same nonchalant comments coming from Aizen sitting in his throne, as long as Kakaru could remember that man had always sat himself up in that throne.

It only made sense why would he want them not to fight when the war was approaching, he needed as many strong as was all possible, and replacing such a high level Espada would have been difficult. Kakaru had always felt the resent that came from the Arrancar around him, he was almost the youngest of all of them and he had been made an Espada on his entrance into Aizens army, not just any but the Tercera, which was a very high position among even the Espada. It was this crowning that soon spread many words throughout the Arrancar ranks, the reason for his immediate ascension became known among the Espada, his special ability and what made him so valuable, his ability to release a second and Ultimate Ressureccion and how this somehow tempered his Hierro, making it second only to the former Primera Espada, earning him quite a reputation.

It was why upon hearing of the dawn of war with the shinigami Kakaru refused this and contemplated a separate route. He would not fight and kill a shinigami, he had done to much of that in his time as a Hollow and to this very day the memories of such things still haunt him. They had never deserved such a fate and he would not condone ever doing such a thing again, as such Kakaru delved every bit of his being in to finding a way out, an alternative. It was after nights and days of tireless study that Kakaru had finally devised a way, a way to escape. Using this method Kakaru sealed his powers away and having already gathered clothing from the world of the living left disguised as a human.

Ten years down the road Kakaru has still remained hidden, why would he not still be? He appeared as no more than a spiritually aware human and since he was visible to all of them had even learned to function fairly well as one, having originally posed as a University student and now as a Professor teaching at the local university in Karakura town, Kakaru had carved out a life for himself over the past ten years. Kakaru shook himself back to the time being as he pulled his head from the window he had been leaning against, he glanced around at his surroundings until he remembered he had been taking a cab ride back to his apartment. He was still a while away and as such he settled himself back into his seat.

This was cut short as he felt a spike of reiatsu and heard a shrill scream pierce through the air. Kakaru wasn't sure but it could have been hollow activity, his curiosity getting the better of him, Kakaru signaled for the driver to stop and passed up several notes up to the driver before exiting the cab. His attention focused on the location of the scream and momentary reiatsu spike Kakaru made his way towards the area at a brisk pace. If a spirit was being attacked, Kakaru's heightened "human" reiatsu would more than likely draw it away.

Upon reaching the area it had come from, Kakaru stared across the street into a dark alley, though he couldn't completely tell, he saw what looked to be a severely brutalized corpse and what looked someone standing over it. Kakaru furrowed his brow at this, it could have just been the act of a random killing, though if so why the reiatsu spike, Kakaru needed to know, wasting no time in stopping any further atrocities in happening he shouted out to the shadowed figure.

"Stop right there!" It was as Kakaru shouted this that he began to notice the reiatsu emanating from the shadowed being, it wasn't that of a hollow or a human, though it felt similar to the first. In his sealed state his senses had been severely dulled along with every other spiritual ability, but it was to late when he realized what it was, the reiatsu was that of an Arrancar.
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CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Re: CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN)   CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN) EmptyTue Dec 07, 2010 12:02 am

in the short time that Alaster had arrived at the scene of what was obviously another murder a small breeze picked up, this was just enough to lightly play with the ends of the blonde former espada’s hair. The damage done to the body before him was disgusting and would have been more than enough to make most people sick just by looking at it but, this sort of thing didn’t faze Alaster, hell, he used to do worse when someone crossed him back in the good ole days as he would say, referring to the time when he was alive.

The icy blue eyes peering at the corpse scanned over it for any visible evidence but the body was in such bad shape there was nothing that stood out. Careful to not get any of the blood on his white attire, the former segunda crouched next the body to inspect it further. No sooner did he crouch his attention shifted to the street behind him. There was a feint spiritual pressure headed Alaster’s way *Great….I knew this would happen* he thought to himself as he robbed this forehead. Alaster tracked the spiritual pressure as it got closer and eventually his eyes locked on to the source, standing a few feet away from Alaster was a man.

As the man looked at the former espada, Alaster couldn’t help but think he had seen the man before somewhere, but he couldn’t quite put the face to a time or place. The former Segunda then realized how this whole scene might have looked to the man and went slightly wide eyed “trust me it’s not quite what you think.”

There wasn’t a sense of worry running through the former Segundo’s mind, instead Alaster being the cocky SOB that he was, was simply thinking *even if this guy doesn’t believe me I could just kill him.* at this thought a sly smirk appeared on Alaster’s face though the man before him wouldn’t be able to tell since Alaster’s mouth was covered by the remains of his hollow mask.
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Unosuke Kakaru

Unosuke Kakaru

CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Re: CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN)   CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN) EmptyTue Dec 07, 2010 12:37 am

Kakaru stood across the street staring into the dark alley, contemplating the gruesome scene before him. He had been on his way home in the cab only moments ago but upon feeling the signature of reiatsu accompanied with a scream, he felt he had an obligation to check. Kakaru had lived in Karakura town for almost seven years now and he had grown used to feeling outstanding levels of reiatsu here and there. Humans were in general not even able to see any spiritual beings at all, but as things went it seemed that many of the humans in this one particular place had a higher ratio of being spiritually sensitive and as such this drew many spirits to the town, and through this this drew many hollow, and through this spiritually rich place also drew the attention of Aizen which had been one of the key points in the war, which had been over before Kakaru had come out of his reclusive life in Tokyo.

As Karakura town was a hot bed of spiritual activity, Kakaru had grown used to investigating strange spiritual signatures here and there, but what was before him this very moment was something in his ten years in hiding he had not encountered, and it was something he had never hoped to see again. First of all there was a horrendously mangled body laying in the alley, something he could now see in specific detail now that his night vision had more or less adjusted to what lay before him. He observed the body for a moment trying to gather details on how the person could have died, it seemed ripped open rather than cut, and as far as he could tell the man in the alley was not splattered in gore, making it improbable he was the culprit, though not something to rule out entirely, Kakaru knew for a fact Arrancar had many abilities at their personal disposal to use any which way they pleased.

In addition the soul of the human was not there, otherwise he would have seen it, so whatever had killed the poor being laying in a gory mess had most likely devoured the soul as well. Which led his suspicions once again back to the Arrancar before him, though at such a stage of evolution the Arrancar had no need for sustenance, and if so then the being before him was even more sick and sadistic then he had initially thought. Kakaru clenched his fist in frustration at how disgusting some beings could be, though Kakaru had let it ease and rest over the past years, he felt old hate for the Arrancar well up and everything he had left for become entirely apparent in the forefront of his mind once more.

Kakaru felt himself taking action but once again remembered that he was sealed and this was Arrancar. It would be one thing if this was just simply one of the monstrous half breed ones, incomplete Arrancar, with his immense physical strength, Kakaru had actually dispatched several hollow in the past years, so at least stopping an incomplete Arrancar seemed like a possibility to a degree. But what stood before him was a complete Arrancar, at least of an unseated officer level complete Arrancar were, and that was something he could not directly handle sealed. But he would not release himself, there was no one to save, the spirit here was already devoured and gone, and if this man had killed and eaten the person, fighting him would do nothing to bring the person back.

In addition releasing such a power would certainly be felt in both Las Noches and Soul Society and that was not something he wanted, he had lived in peace for years and he wanted to continue that. But if Arrancar still prowled Karakura town, how could he ever be at peace, Kakaru clenched his teeth at the frustrating concept. He would somehow need to play this out, the Arrancar already knew he could see him, there was no just leaving at this point.

He heard as the Arrancar made an excuse about the situation, however even so Kakaru didn't believe him, he needed to somehow press the situation, make it seem he was just a passer by. Kakaru took a few steps towards the man and began to speak before stopping in surprise.

"I am just wondering what-..." Kakaru felt his heart skip a beat as he recognized the face of the man that was looking at him, it was the face of the Espada who had sat next to him during his time in Las Noches, "You....Alaster..." Kakaru immediately took a step back as he realized what he had just said, he had made a mistake in even talking to the man in the first place after discovering he was an Arrancar, but he would have never thought that the man in the alley would have been the Segunda Espada that had sat next to Kakaru during his time in Hueco Mundo, things were getting bad.
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CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Re: CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN)   CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN) EmptyTue Dec 07, 2010 12:57 am

The former segunda stared at the man before him, his mind still racing to bring up where Alaster had seen this man before. While Alaster’s mind tried to match up the man’s face, it was also taking note of the man’s posture and actions and it was made apparent that he seemed to have a hatred towards the espada, or at least that’s what Alaster had deducted after seeing the man clinch his fist a few times.

Alaster was the rocked a bit when the man had begun to approach him but immediately back off and actually stated Alaster’s name. *just who the he….* the former segunda arched a brow slightly intrigued and then his mind finally retrieved the information he was looking for. It was finally made clear to Alaster that the man before him was no ordinary human but rather the former Tercera espada, or at least that's what Alaster thought, after all the man before him should no signs of a mask fragment and his spiritual pressure seemed off as well. “Kakaru Unosuke….so this is where you’ve been hiding.” there was no denying it though, the man standing before Alaster was the former tercera the question was *what happened to him?*

Another smirk seemed to creep back on to Alaster face as his memory was getting a nice little work out. Alaster could see some fear in Kakaru’s eyes and began to piece two and two together *that’s right…he left before I did*. Alaster’s icy blue eyes locked with Kakaru’s “don’t worry. I’m not an espada any more.” that sentence was hopefully enough, Alaster didn’t want to have to go in depth as to why he left and instead he decided to ask the for tercera a question “Is this the first body you have seen like this?”
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CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Re: CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN)   CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN) Empty

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CSI: Karakura Town (OPEN)
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