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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Seria Katsuki

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Seria Katsuki


PostSubject: Seria Katsuki   Sat Dec 04, 2010 12:35 am

Basic Information

Actual Age:
Appeared Age:

Sexual Orientation:

Relationship Status:
Single; bored

Personal Information
One of Seria's main assets is that her strengths are fairly well-rounded. She fares very well in most fields. What she excels most in, however, is agility. Not to be confused with speed, this is the flexibility of her body and her ability to move, graze and attack extremely smoothly and efficiently. Her other most noteworthy strength is that her link with her Inner Hollow being so strong, she can retain Hollowification for extended amounts of time. She fights entirely from instinct and actively seeks near-death thrills.

Nowadays, most people, especially those who have lived, died and entered the afterlife, all hide their true personalities. Maybe they burrow their sadness and their regrets deep inside, forever tormented, or they seal their rage and thirst for vengeance far away. Seria is no such person. Completely true to herself, she is what she seems and she does not attempt to look or act as someone else. She has nothing to hide lead her life with the pride of having no remorse, never taking a glance back

Forever looking forward, she harbors a very outgoing personality. She is very open-minded and has little to no shame as long as things can prove to be entertaining. Seria is also forever smiling. While hers usually hold no malice, it can very easily still peak in mischief. Although she can be a bit of a tease, she mostly act in a simply light-hearted way and try to avoid conflicts she deem "annoying" over silly things. Despite being very social and open, she believes to be superior to others, partly because of her very personality true to herself and because of her Inner Hollow. While she can be arrogant at times, she will never belittle or mock people for the sheer purpose of being mean. However, she will still do so whenever the circumstances would make her lines funny.

Another thing of importance would be that Seria is a great thrill seeker. She seeks all kind of thrills , adventures and new experiences in all kind of fields and doesn't hesitate one second in the face of danger. If she was to face the avatar of death itself, she would simply keep smiling and take on the challenge. She will also be willing to help others as long as there is promise of interesting events to unfold or things to be seen or done ahead. She truthfully doesn't care about changing the world or marking history, but the process of doing so sounds like a greatly exciting thing for her.

Zanpakuto Information
Zanpakuto Name:

Zanpakuto Looks:
Even in its sealed state, Ryuuketsu differs from normal Zanpakutohs in a few things. Firstly, the sword's hilt has no guard whatsoever. What strikes even more the eyes though is that the pommel seems to be a large ruby which seems to have crimson roots into the grip of the hilt.

Released Zanpakuto Looks:
Once released, Ryuuketsu's hilt shines down into a mirror version of itself, resulting in a double-bladed sword. The Ruby shrinks slightly to be at the same width as the grip but its bright shine amplifies and the roots upon the grip crawl up and down on both blades, slightly looking like blood circulation. The very blade itself seems to tint itself of a very faint reddish shade and lengthens slightly.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase:
Massacre, Ryuuketsu.

Released Zanpakuto Description:
Once released, the wounds inflicted by Ryuuketsu seems to inflict much more bleeding than they normally should and takes much longer to heal even for opponents gifted with regeneration. This ability increases further when the blade gets stained in blood. However, this is not the most scary part of Seria's Shikai. Anyone injured or dodging very closely Ryuuketsu will be haunted by the katana's spirit for a few second, hearing it's threatening voice or the crude sound of broken bones and tearing flesh echoing very loudly in their minds. If the blade is stained in blood, someone dodging closely the blade or being hit by splashe of blood from it will for a few second feel like they were actually injured in the intended way before realizing they are fine. The more times those happen, the more intense and the longer the illusion.

Bankai Looks:
Once Bankai is released, Ryuuketsu spawns a twin. Both Ryuuketsus are similar to their Shikai variant but the blades grow longer and redder while the veins-like lines crawl all the way to the tip and seem to be pulsating softly. The rubies at the centers become of a darker tint. Additionally, Upon Bankai's release, Seria's clothings will to an outfit that offers increased protection from hits and further increase her agility with bare-skin-like freedom of movement.

Bankai Release Phrase:

Kessanbi (Day of Reckoning)

Bankai Description:
During Bankai, Ryuuketsu conserves all of its haunting Shikai property. Seria's Bankai, not much unlike certain characters such as Ichigo, mainly greatly enhances her speed and agility as well as the offensive strength of her attacks. Her toughness, however, is unchanged. It is Ryuuketsu's sheer bloodlust that presents itself through her rapid and violent strikes.

However, it would be unwise to think Ryuuketsu doesn't have any trick to offer. While not as flashy as other bankais, she can let go of the hilt of her blades and extend her palm toward the ruby at the center. This will cause the blade to begin spinning at tremendous speed, always from the same fixed distance from her open palm. This can be used to deflect even very strong incoming attacks or to literally gruesomely sawing something.

Mask Information
Za beasto (The Beast)


Unique Ability:
Once she Turns, Seria's body will change dramatically. She will seem to be in intense pain for a short while as her body's very structure changes. Her arms will become tougher and stronger while her legs will become much more flexible, as much as her arms, even moving in ways legs aren't naturally supposed to. What shows most change, however, is her hands and feet. Her hands will become considerably stronger and resilient enough that she can use them to walk. In the same purpose, her foot will grow much more flexible and shrink slightly. In this state, she can use all four limbs for either the purpose of a leg or an arm and can walk or wield her blades on any limb, changing between either at will.

Hollow Mask Appearance:
Seria's mask posses two demonic horns spiraling around her ears pointing downward. the mask itself is of the usual snow-white color but her eyes are of a bright lime green within the night-black. The grim on her mask seems deviously murderous and the jaw are shark-like. Red stains randomly sattered over it reminds any observer of blood splashes.

Since Seria is NOT actually forcing her Inner hollow to do her bidding but rather tagging in and out with her, Seria can maintain her mask for extended amounts of times. In other words, she does not attempt to control her; she let her hollow comes willingly and in power.

History and RP sample


[ BGM ]

Amidst all tragedies, within all horrors, against all odds, there are two kinds of people: Those who are overwhelmed, crushed by the overpowering, maddening torrent of their pathetic fate, journeying to oblivion and regrets. Then there are those who face the storm, standing proud and strong. stare it down with the defiance of a mighty god about to unleash judgment. While most of all beings are of the first category, there are still a few of the second, gritting their teeth and enduring the punishment of an angered Destiny attempting in vain to cause their fall. Ironically, there is no age or stereotype for those special ones. As if to prove this, a young, cheerful girl stands in the prime example of this way of thinking.

Yes, she stands proud, her feet are on the sides and her right hand brandishes insolently a sword of modest shine at the masked monster facing her. She is not scared; in fact, she was smiling with interest and amusement. It was not the first time that she confronts Them. Despite being a foreigner to this land, she had been taught the Way of the Sword and raised through the Way of the Warrior, obviously there was absolutely no way she could back down and flee from the opponent challenging her. She gripped her weapon tightly, turning the blade's edge forward as the tip leaned frontward, as if to spite and invite the monster to attack. Yes, she was still smiling with confidence and pride, so are the Ryokas.

If it had not been the first, it would not either be the last. Under the dim moonlight, she waged her battles against those enemies of unexplainable source or motive. There was no need for an explanation, however. The Masked Ones had only one goal: kill and devour her; she could feel it boiling inside her. Yes, no matter where they came from, no matter what they were, no matter who sent them and no matter what, they were here to crudely erase her existence. There was no questioning it, there was no arguing about it, it was just it. She would kill or die. She would also continue to kill Them until she died, it was making her whole body heated and sharp, it was when she was truly living the most. And so she believed, so she did.

She was slightly shocked when she woke up slightly after what she thought to be her last breath. Mortally wounded from a mutually fatal battle against a Huge Hollow, she was supposed to be dead, and yet... She didn't understand how nor did she want or need to understand. She may have ignored how, but she knew why. Her battles were far from over and she was to keep on living. She kept on traveling under the blue moon, not paying much attention to the Chain of Fate, until one night. While she was resting on the bare grass of a park She was hooked into her Inner World. It was then, so soon, that her Inner Hollow came too taunt her. Her hollow described in lengthy detail what it planned to do with her, what would happen to her as the chain slowly eroded, draining away her humanity. The hollow was quite shocked when the girl simply smirked defiantly and replied. "Sure, sounds fun."

As the nights passed and the chain eventually came close to its end, she was laying on the very same grass, prey to the pain. Her whole body was hot, contorting from the agonizing pain, however, she was still smiling defiantly, her eyes lit with her insolent arrogance as she looked up into the moon, gritting her teeth and bearing her pain in pure spite to her Inner Hollow. However, what seemed to be meant to happen never did. A passing-by Shinigami noticed her as the process was about to be completed and performed Konso as the very last chain fragment was disappearing. At first it seemed as he succeeded. She had been sent successfully to Soul Society, however, she had not been sent alone...

As commanded by her instincts, she upheld her way of the sword through Rukongai for three years. She was soon to be both feared and loved among the commoners as she was a skilled warrior and a very resourceful and nice person. A slight detail: it was not skill that made her strength with the sword. One would say "skilled" but in all truth she was simply driven by an animalistic instinct in battle, as if her very soul had been designed for this purpose. This was both her demeanor and the influence of the Other Her.

She was quick to be noticed by eyes with interests and long before the last day of the third year, she was "directed" toward the Shinigami academy. She did not mind, even more so, she wondered how stupid she had been for the last three years not to have already applied. Even though she had came here, the Masked Ones were still wreaking havoc down. It was with great eagerness that she completed the academy courses. The first three years seemed to be an eternity as she had nothing to do but spar with swordsmen below her level and listen to endless speeches on the history of the spirit world. She had no cared from the beginning; she had not even cared about her very country why would she care now?

The last year, however, was different. Finally, they were to be sent to the world of the living. For a while, the girl was a bit taken apart by this appellation. World of the living? although she had technically died, twice even in her eyes, she could still see touch and feel. She was still "alive", even more so than before. The simulations went on and the girl left a blaze of destruction in her path. Having already fought many hollows as a Ryoka, she had more then enough experience and with the supplementary powers she received from being a Soul Reaper, it was breeze. Those results impressed even her field supervisors who simply had no idea she had been doing this for quite a while.

However, nothing always happen exactly as planned. In retrospect, much blame could be put on certain shinigamis as what was about to unfold was but one of the many incidents at the academy that seemed to multiply in the last century. Breaking the perimeter, hollows of great strength quickly overwhelmed the students who needed to retreat to far safety. The already graduated Shinigamis who were supervising the group attempted to take on the masked monsters but to no avail, their strength was too much. Flicking her Soul Slayer, the young woman broke off the group and joined them. After ignoring the yells of protestations of the Shinigami, she demonstrated to be just what they needed to bridge the gap between the strengths and numbers.

The ensuing battle was a challenge to all. Truly, this was what she had always sought for. This thrill was what she was living for and what she would die for. The four Shinigamis managed to handle the Huge Hollows for a time, as such, reinforcements were put on standby as there was hope for victory. However, there was stll a slight margin from the sheer number of the Huge Hollows and the advantage was slowly turning; the wind was blowing against them. As if on cue, the woman's Inner Hollow came to tease her and provoke her. However, she was enjoying this way too much for her to give a damn about the taunts. Suddenly, however, as the battle was about to take a turn for the worst, a new, different voice was dawned in her mind: Ryuuketsu.

The lust for combat and bloodshed roaring through her veins had reached and awakened Him. The young woman pulled back from the battle just in time before sinking into her Inner World where the three gathered. It was awfully soon for this too happen, way too soon for most, but Ryyuketsu ws a selfish Zanpakutoh and he cared naught about the ways of Seireitei. He had found her whom he wanted to wield him, there would be no objections and no complaints. He would simply not tolerate any. As the three met and discussed shortly, they all knew. They could feel it, the three were one. They were not meant to fight for dominance like most; they were simply meant for each other, in a sense.

With a flash of bloody red, Ryuuketsu released its form, taking by surprise everyone regardless of species. It was way too soon, and yet... the girl had achieved to received the approbation of her sword before even her graduation? It could not be...impossible... and yet...

This new form was much more complicated to wield. The double-bladed double-edged sword could cut herself at any moment, from any mistaken swing. This was, however, nothing but oil on the fire of her blazing passion and bravado. Excitement rushed once more her blood as this time, the power gap was clearly in the advantage of the Shinigamis. At long last, the combat was resolved in victory. This was not to fall into deaf ears...

Immediately afterward, an early graduation was granted to the woman and a thorough investigation was conducted as to know why a real Zanpkutoh was mixed with the nameless ones used for shinigamis in training. No culprit was ever found, but in retrospect, it was theorized that it was oen of the many schemes of the Traitor Aizen. Following this, she was soon to be accepted with honors as Thirteenth seat of the Eleventh division. There, she continued Upholding her way of the Warrior as she always did, sparring with opponents of a level worlds beyond what was offered to her at the academy. Yes, she was still alive and would continue to be. But who knew what tomorrow had hidden in its sleeves?

The woman rose quickly in ranks within the Eleventh division which earned her to be antagonized by most as most men within the division could not stand having such a young shinigami rookie, and a female one to top things, gaining those seats. Many challenges were issued but they only resulted in broken prides and forsaken visions. However, this was simply not enough. As the years passed there was no more thrills for simply fellows officers. Before the shocked stare of the Shinigamis, she asked her captain for a match. He quickly discarded this idea as he was aware the difference of strengths between then was worlds apart, but she insisted. She told him that she couldn't have fun in fighting if her very life wasn't on the edge. Kenpachi recognized in her the very same will as his own. He held back as much as he could care to, but this was still much enough. Even a fraction of his strength was so much more than her usual opponents.

From this day on, she kept training with Kenpachi daily. When the Shinigami was too bored to comply or complained of her strength being insufficient, her Bravado pushed her to do the first strike. She downright attacked him, sometimes out of nowhere, seeking more excitement. While she didn't do this all day long, obviously, she would still do it often, needing her fill of thrills. Every single day was scattered with near-death encounters as she fought with the monster of power that was her captain and often got severely injured in the process. However, she did nto care as, like him, she though injuries were simply the cost of the fun. They were normal and she held absolutely no grudge against him.

Ryuuketsu and The Beast were both often to come to her in the meantime and both were pleased with how things were going. Especially Ryuuketsu who downright challenged her to keep doing this. Not one to refuse a dare, she gave her word. it wasn't like she didn't want to do it herself anyway, all three of their minds were as one. And so, her life continued for a few decades, a constant life-or-death time where every passing day could be the last. After roughly 49 years, Ryuuketsu came back to her once more and bestowed to her once more a power she would have been considered far too young to even dream of: Final release, bankai. Ryuuketsu once more did not care, he was as selfish as ever and if he needed to consume his wielder's life to find battles, so would he.

However, shortly after this event, The Beast became jealous of Ryuuketsu's dominance and asked of the Shinigami that she let her have some fun. In the middle of one of her daily battles, so she did. She warned her captain of her intent beforehand as their swords were clashing fiercely. Intrigued and excited by the new Challenge, the Kenpachi simply smiled in excitement and ordered her to "bring it". This was their ultimate and last battle. The gap between their strengths was greatly reduced and just as he ordered her to summon her Hollow she dared order him to remove his eyepatch. Both of them shared the greatest thrill in a long time and were satisfied as they finished their duel, both covered in wounds. However, words of what had happened reached unwilling ears and the woman was exiled to the world of the living...

RP Sample:

[ BGM ]

Unfortunately for the Holy one, the demon had no intention whatsoever than to admit to her identity otherwise than through hints of arguably obviousness.While her tongue was indeed brushing the ice softly, it was also true that the snack was slowly melting and that it would otherwise go to waste. As the Angel continued, Astaroth took a last lap and flicked her wrist, removing the ice from her immediate vicinity; thusly, the delicious refreshment had been safeguarded... for now. Unable to resist the irony, the woman successively looked the ice cream then the man who used to be a child a moment ago. She then proceeded to successively shift her gaze over and over in an exaggerated way. Afterwards, she then brought the cold snack to her nose and took a small sniff.

-"Didn't taste like alcohol... doesn't smell like alcohol..." she took a few more smells and looked one last time successively at the man, the ice cream, the man, then back to the ice cream. "... Don't smell like drugs either and I'm preeeeetty sure I took nothing." Astaroth then left the comfort of the lamppost to walk up to the angel, still holding the soon to resume melting snack. " 'I'' seen a bunch o' weird trick lately, but that really takes th' palm. " the woman stated in an annoyed expression, circling her hand in the air. "And you know what I don't even want to know what just happened."

Astaroth let the stick slid from her hand which was already dangerously close from the man, sliding downward, toward the opening of his red and blacktop. The woman then walked away slowly from the scene as if nothing,seemingly perturbed by what had just happened. Even for the most skeptical ones, she really looked like a perfectly normal human girl at this point. Her back at them, the angels couldn't see her smile as she was off to the nearest vending machine. For her she had won this round by acting "perfectly" like what she was pretending to be.
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Malicia Nephilim


PostSubject: Re: Seria Katsuki   Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:45 am

Flawless. Approved.
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Seria Katsuki
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