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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Ignacia 'Nacho Chips' Lloyd

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Nacho Chips

PostSubject: Ignacia 'Nacho Chips' Lloyd   Mon Mar 28, 2011 10:24 pm

Basic Information

Name: Ignacia 'Nacho Chips' Lloyd

Age: 16
Gender: Female

Grade: Junior

Rank: Special

Nacho Chips:
Her head is average sized for a girl, she has a slender chin and peach skin without a blemish in sight. Her hair is blond, long, and straight and is usually kept in check with a couple of red bows and such. Her face is sometimes covered in paint due to her being a painter, because painting can get quite messy. Her eyes are a deep blue color with multiple speckled small lines of black. Her mouth is small, and so is her nose.

Her body is average for a sixteen year old Japanese female, her thighs are thick and her legs are long. Her body is curvy and smooth, her cleavage is small bust there is still enough there to grab. Her arms are thin, and her fingers on her hands are slender and long; the perfect size to handle a paintbrush. She is only five feet, four inches tall. She weights a total of 112 pounds.

She usually wears a school girl's uniform since she is, after all, in school. Otherwise she is wearing a blue colored painter's smock with multiple designs on it, and a white apron over it that has deep pockets to hold paint brushes and what ever other painters tools she may need. She always wears knee high black socks, and blue dress shoes.

Powers Active
When using her powers, a mask, reminiscent to the hollow that her powers seem to have originated from materializes around he neck like a necklace; the beads that goes around the neck look like finger bones.

Personal Information


Likes: Nacho likes people to complement her art. She likes painting, drawing, and secretly enjoys the thrill of fighting.
Dislikes: Nacho dislikes anyone who hates art, or dislikes her art. She hates to eat Nacho Chips (Ironically) or any Mexican food. She hates when her friends fight, and also hates when people have a one track mind.


Strengths: Being an Artist, Nacho has a sort of sixth sense about things. She can easily tell when things are out of place from painting landscapes, and buildings, rooms and a variety or other different places. She also knows the human form well and can tell when something is out of place.
Weaknesses: Nacho's weakness is in her art. If anyone were to insult her art, this will in turn make her mad. Really mad. Art is her whole life, and if anyone were to insult it she' be ready to kill them. This is also very distracting to her.

Personality: Nacho is a very artistic person, but also a complicated person. She is very open about her love of art, and loves to draw and paint people she likes. She is the type to love the little things in life, she likes beautiful sunsets, the moon, the sun, flowers, trees, nature, or the sky. She often trains her artistic abilities and always keeps a sketch pad and paints with her.

Nacho secretly loves violence. She often sneaks away to watch fighting events on TV, or even tries to get a front row seat when a school fight erupts. She loves combat, and thinks of it as a past-time when she isn't creating beautiful art. She even took up karate to learn how to fight herself since she was twelve. She can be very competitive, with anything she does, and strives to be the best.

When using her special abilities, Nacho's personality drastically changes. She has a darker attitude, and much more blood lust. The killing intent can be sensed by all those around her. This is probably because of the hollow reiatsu that her powers originated from. She is ruthless and loses all morals, only aiming to kill those who stands in her way. She still retains all her artistic qualities and visions, but uses it with a more cold dark way.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single, Not looking.

Human Special Ability Information

Name: Artistic Effect (Joushu)

Description: The Artistic Effect - By first meeting certain conditions, the user is able to capture an image on a canvas or in her sketch book. Once the image is captured, the user is able to paint extra items onto the image, or erase them; What ever the user draws on the image then appears on the real area of what the picture was of. This can allows the user to completely change the surroundings to their advantage, or even create items for their own benefit. If a injured person's image is captured, the user can simply erase the injury limb and then redraw it healed to efficiently heal wounds no matter how bad, or even to fix broken items. The user could even disguise a person be paining them to look like another person. Depending on where they are determines what the items created are made out of. If in the Soul society, painted objects are made from spiritons. If in the living world, painted objects are made from atoms.

The conditions that are that first the user has to have their blood shed from anywhere on their body; This causes the user's eye to turn completely black, which signifies that the user has a flash ready (The more bleeding wounds on their body, the more camera flashes they can use. For example if the user cut their hand in two different places, they would have two camera flashes ready for different images.). Then they are able to emit a flash from their eyes like a camera. Anything that the user catches in their vision with the flash is then transferred onto the canvas/sketchbook the user is using via bloodshed (Meaning that once the image is captured, the user has to get blood on the item they want to cast the image onto).

This ability is more Hollow like, and it's reiatsu feels hollowish. With enough practice, the user can even learn Cero.

Techniques Information

Name: Artistic Effect of Creation (Joushu: Souken)

Description: By using the Artistic Effect Ability, the user is able to paint items on the canvas or sketch pad, depending on where the image's picture was captured on. Whatever they paint on the canvas appears in the real location of the field once certain conditions are met. (Meaning that if a picture is took of the battlefield and the user paints a rain cloud in it's sky it will appear in real life in the exact same spot it was painted on the picture. The cloud will take the properties of a real cloud, just like any other item painted onto a Artistic Effect image.)

Name: Artistic Effect of Erasing (Joushu: Shoukyo)

Description: By using the Artistic Effect Ability, the user is able to erase items on the canvas or sketch pad, depending on where the image's picture was captured on. Whatever they erase from the image really disappears in real life. So for example, if there was a door blocking the user's way, they simply could take it's picture, then erase the door off the image, which gets rid of the actual door.

History and RP Sample


Birth Arc

Nacho was actually born in Mexico, to her Japanese father and Latina mother. It was there that she received the name Ignacio Lloyd, but was nicknamed Nacho since that was the appropriate nickname for the name Ignacio (Like Bob is to Robert). Her father took she and her mother to Tokyo where he lived in Karakura Town. Her father just so happened to be a wealthy paranormal investigator who could see ghost, and since it was rumored there was many unnatural happenings that seemed to occur there, He decided it'd be a good place to travel to. Little did he know that his newborn daughter had inherited this trait from him.

Growing Up Arc

Nacho grew up making a lot of friends. She learned about art and such, and loved it. She wanted to become an artist when she grew up, and excelled in school. By the time she was thirteen she realized that she had lived her whole life thinking that seeing random floating spirits about town was natural and everyone could do it, but one day while she was out with her father she pointed one out, which told him that she could see ghosts just like him. Amazed he told her that she could be a paranormal investigator just like him, but she still had her heart set on being a paranormal investigator.

At that time a Hollow was watching them that planned to devour their souls. He got the drop on them and in a time in which no one could react, he ate Nacho whole. Nacho's father thought that she was killed, and in a fury of rage he tried to combat the hollow to no avail as he was killed, but his soul was left alone since this hollow preferred girl's souls. Little did the hollow know, that Nacho was a pure survivor. She knew what she had to do in order to survive. Before she was digested, she cut her way out of the stomach and found herself entangled inside it's innards where she was left for days. The Hollow didn't know this though, since it had rapid regeneration and didn't think anything of the ripping feeling of it's stomach. Having nothing else eat, she began to feed off of the hollow's organs, and drink it's blood for water. Eventually the hollow was killed by a Shinigami, and she was found inside it and was cut out and saved. From being inside the hollow so long and eating him from the inside out she had attained some of it's reiatsu. She came home to her mother who was very happy to see her, buy Nacho knew that something had changed her. The Shinigami often secretly checked on her since they were aware of the presence of the hollows reiatsu inside her. Until this day she is still being watched and a lot of high ranking Shinigami have heard of the human girl who survived being eaten by a hollow. Though no one, not even Shinigami has ever seen her use her abilities as of yet. She returned to school soon, and continued to be a student. She was marked as a possible threat to the Shinigami and is ordered to be took out if the hollow reiatsu within got out of control.

RP Sample:
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Ignacia 'Nacho Chips' Lloyd
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