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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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Izuru Kira


PostSubject: stuck[open]   Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:10 pm

Kira sighed slightly as he stared at the paperwork on his desk. He had been working on it for nearly two hours it seemed. Moat of the day had been liked that so, he knew he couldn’t go to far from his office. The blond then looked to the door as his fifth seat come wandering in with a stack and paperwork in his hands. There you go captain some fresh reports the boy told him cheerfully before leaving. Kira kept silent as the door to his office shut with a small snap. When he was sure the guys was gone he leaned back in his chair slightly,

A couple moments later the captain stood up from his desk and made his way over to the window sill. Sighing again he leaned against it and stared outside. Alot of the lower ranked officers seemed to be out and about that afternoon. Kira then wondered if he was the only one working. Kira started curiously at one group of shingami in particular. They seemed to have gotten into an argument of some sort. Kira made a face at that facet and hoped it wouldn’t turn in a physical fight. If that happened he would have to go break it up.
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PostSubject: Re: stuck[open]   Sat Dec 11, 2010 8:03 am

After getting some materials from the first and second divisions for a new experiment, Yayoi smiled as she walked toward her home, the twelfth division. As always, she was humming a light turn while passing the third division's barracks. Her eyes caught sight of a group of bickering men. She kept her grasp on her bags while she walked and ignored the men until something came in contact with her and forced her to fall, as well as drop her groceries everywhere.

The was a loud crashing sound as beakers and other glasses shattered. Yayoi heard this sound and looked over at her bags. The object which hit her was one of the quarreling men. He got right back up and ran at the other man that was standing there victoriously. A pain ran through the young woman's back as she sat up, a light amount of blood could be shown on her haiori as a scalpel fell from her back. She has apparently landed on the blade, thought the cut wasn't too deep.
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Izuru Kira


PostSubject: Re: stuck[open]   Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:29 pm

Kira's eyes widen slightly when he saw one of the men hit a pretty when. Looking back at the paperwork on his desk he deiced to get it done later. Another captain's safety was much more important for now. Getting up from the window sill he headed for the door. Not bothering to shut it behind him he began flash stepping down the hall. Within seconds he arrived at the door were two shingami were talking among themselves. The two women bowed to there captain and the said good morning captain Kira. Izuru looked to the briefly and then exited the building. Looking to his right he spotted the fighting men and the red headed women not to far away from them. Sighing slightly he ran over to the group of people.

Upon see him the men stopped to look at him. " Clean up this mess Immediately" the blond said sternly to the once fighting. Yes captain right away the replied to him before running to some supplies. When the annoying men were gone Kira went over to the twelve squad captain. Upon reaching her he crouched down in front of her. " Are you alright Captain Koe?" he asked kindly in a calm tone. After studying her for a moment he noticed a red spot in her white haori. " Your hurt her let me help you." he continued in the tone as he reached out to to touch her haori. Hoping the women would let him take it off for her so, he could heal her back with a healing kido.
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PostSubject: Re: stuck[open]   Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:54 pm

The young woman's geze scanned her surroundings as she began to slowly sit up but windince from a shard of glass which had entered her leg. She remained sitting but pulled the small shards from her calf and tried to ignore the pain throbbing through her being. As she was about to begin standing once more, the female could hear shouting, causing Yayoi's gaze to look upward. She spotted the haori of the third division. She had placed her hand on the ground to keep herself up but yanked it away with a light wince, having placed her hand on some of the shattered glass which seemed to be slightly scattered. As the third captain spoke sternly to his men then faced her, Yayoi's eyes looked up at him.

"Yes, captain Kira. Thank you very much..." The woman's voice was a bit light due to trying to ignore the light pain that had surged through her being. As she saw the man motion toward her haiori, Yayoi nodded, giving him full permission to help her remove it, not like she wanted to stain it completely with her blood. Her body moved forward slightly as she slowly tried to remove the haiori herself, biting her bottom lip to not let out a wince or show weakness before another captain.
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Izuru Kira


PostSubject: Re: stuck[open]   Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:54 pm

Being careful not to touch anything he helped the women remove her haori. After it was removed he folded it up and placed it to the side of them. As he did so his squad members came running back with brooms and dusts pans. Which they used to clean up the shards of dangerous glass that littering the area. Kira looked to them briefly which caused them to work faster. He had no intention of hurrying them but they seemed scared for some reason. The blond didn’t know what to do about that so, he just ignored and focus on the injured girl. Keeping silent he pushed himself to his feet and went behind the girl before crouching down again.

As the men ran away with the glass in there scoops the captain held his heads out to the other captains back. A short moment later some aura came around his delicate hands. This aura was a healing kido that began to heal the girls wounds. Kira wasn’t part of the fourth division so, he wasn’t as skilled at it. But , he learned some when he used to be before joining squad three. He had also used it to heal his friends back at the winter war events. His bankai even had a healing effect to it that he cool use when he needed to when his bankai was active. As he worked he kept his eyes on her back no bothering to noticed some seated officers were watching.
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PostSubject: Re: stuck[open]   Tue Dec 14, 2010 4:04 pm

As her haiori was removed, the female gave a soft smile toward the third squadron's captain. Her eyes slowly closing as he began the slow healing process, letting her own reiatsu help his in healing her back. Her eyes slowly reopening as she noticed the seated members of Division Three just watching their captain in awe. Yayoi let out a light laugh then smiled as her wound closed. She turned her head back to look at the blond captain and smiled.

"Thank you, Captain Kira." She said with a chipper tone to her voice. She slowly began to stand before turning to face him and bowing her head in gratitude. "This truly means a lot, I am very grateful." Though her words sounded like any other girl, this was Yayoi in work mode, very formal and refined. When more relaxed she might have hugged the male and smiled at him much more than she had at the moment. The female's eyes then looked at her bags realizing most of the supplies were destroyed, causing her to whimper before rubbing her head.
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Izuru Kira


PostSubject: Re: stuck[open]   Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:46 pm

Kira noticed that the other captain had let some of he spiritual out to help , but he said nothing and kept going When the wound closed he heard the fiery read head let out a light laugh before turning to look at him. Kira curious to why she had laughed , but didn’t want to ask and annoy her or something. As the squad members began to walk away the girl thank him for helping her heal her injury. " Your Welcome Captain Koe" he said to her in a respectable tone. As one of the squad members came over a whispered something in his ear. Kira looked at the squad member slightly as the man began to laugh. In the back ground you could also hear some other squad members.

" Don't you have work to do" the blond replied to the man in a bored tone. Upon hearing the captain's tone dark haired male stopped laughing and went over to his friends. As they walked away the began whispering a laughing again. Izuru watched them for a moment wondering what they were talking about now. He decided to ignore it and looked back at the red head girl as she spoke again. This time she told him that his help meant allot to her and she was very grateful for it. " No Problem" he said with a attempt smile but it looked awkward so he made it fade quickly. A second later he got his feet and held his hand out so, the girl could stand up as well.
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PostSubject: Re: stuck[open]   

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