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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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PostSubject: The Mirage Lancer: Matrium Cailus   The Mirage Lancer: Matrium Cailus EmptyMon Mar 28, 2011 5:21 pm

The Mirage Lancer: Matrium Cailus

The Mirage Lancer: Matrium Cailus Matriumsig

”In this world, no one is innocent!”

Name: Matrium "The Mirage Lancer" Calius

Actual Age: 187

Appeared Age: 29

Gender: Male

Appearance: Current

His nationality is Chinese/Irish. Matrium stands about 6'2”, with a tall lean built physique that makes him stand out more often than not. His body build is that of a lean fighter where his muscles don't bulge, but rather stretch and and elongate to fit his form making his muscles stand out even more as though they are always taut and ready for action.

His hair is a jet black that is usually worn loose just off his shoulders setting off his eyes which are a light hazel with more green than brown in them giving him a focused look that distracts from his
  • physical
features and draws the eyes to his own. His face is identifiable through most of the crowds as he will always have a slight smile on his lips following with a well built defined eye definition and nose.

His skin tone is a toned tan complexion complimenting the rest of his physique. His nose is slightly sloped due to a mixed blood of Irish in him following with the Chinese style hair and eyes, there's little questioning where he got his height and where he got his looks from looking at him.

His gigai is generally wearing cargo shorts or pants with a snap on belt of varying lengths and colors, the typical colors are darker hues of red, blue, grey and black; though he has been known to have white shorts from time to time. His sleeveless shirts typically compliment the shorts and have a dragon somewhere on it usually on his right shoulder roaring out of the shirt with the body and tail being finished on the back of the shirt, on his hands he usually wears fingerless gloves that match the shirt color or match his shorts. There are few changes to the regular Shinigami attire that he makes himself, however when he has gotten into fights he has been known to rip off or cut off the sleeves of his shirts as a sign that he is fighting at full potential with nothing holding him back.

Personal Information




He is better known as a ladies’ man, treating them with respect and courtesy all the same, never letting his manners fall before any of them as the age of chivalry died long ago. He tends to be a bit rough around the edges with people, using directness and sarcasm to get his point across, almost to the point of being rude. He attracts the eye as well as attention while he appears to be comfortable with it prefers seclusion and silence whenever he can get it for reading a book or simply enjoying the peace of the moment. He has a calm temperament around his friends simply enjoying being there with them, however his mood changes quickly should something arise, his eyes harden and his smile falters filling the air around him with a deadly charge on all those around him usually causing them to cut off whatever they were saying or doing.

He handles himself with ease and confidence showing great leadership quality and potential as well as a great model. Others have looked up at him with great respect and admiration as he treats everyone he meets with respect and honesty while guiding them should they ask for it or they need it. He does this with surprising ease considering the squad he was in and their reputation towards any help whatsoever. His view towards life is that you make it what you want it to be. He believes in a future or world that is uncertain and can be changed should you want it to as long as you apply the effort to change it. This has effected many of the members in the squad to grow stronger both physically and mentally as they take his version of the world into account and apply it to themselves.

After becoming a Vizard much of his attitude has changed. For the better and for the worse. As above he prefers directness and tends to lean much on sarcasm flavored with being blunt, his eyes never waver when meeting anothers' now. The old chivalry has been replaced with a new age one. This means that instead of doing what should be expected of him he simply does it without looking back whereas the old him would do it and wait for the appropriate response. While keeping himself apart from others he keeps in tune with them through a distance and prefers to only interfere if needed in order to preserve his life.

Sexual Orientation: STRAIGHT

Relationship Status: SINGLE

Mask Information

Name: Lanaya Miralis

Manifestation: She's typically calm and collected. While fighting she takes on a more energetic and tempting role. She teases and taunts her opponents with their flaws trying to draw them out into a rash attack. She excels at hand-to-hand combat, while coupled with Matrium's skill this made her unstoppable, however the tables were turned recently and it is Matrium who draws on her skill rather than she his. She was beaten and conceded defeat saying that he was strong enough to rule, but that if he should falter she would rise again. Not quite what you want to hear from your Inner Hollow but, she puts up little resistance at all with the way things have developed for Matrium, often shooting sarcastic remarks or giving advice to him. She tends to help more often than not, in kinda needle poking ways. Taking and giving at the same time, while she doesn't begrudge Matrium the use of her power, she does give a little fight when she does Lanaya Miralis

Unique Ability: Telepathy: Telepathy is the psionic specialization that focuses on mental powers that impact the mind of others. Most famously, telepaths can create mental nets with each other, allowing superior communication. As an offensive ability, many mental impairments can be inflicted upon their opponents. While perhaps not as visually spectacular as its sister skill of telekinesis, it is more subtle and silent, making experienced telepaths a much feared foe. Telepathy is a promicin-induced ability that allows its user to read the conscious thoughts of others. To untrained users, this ability causes its user to suffer severe headaches and rage outbursts as the sheer mass of individuals stray or directed thoughts can potentially overwhelm the user, but they can take holiparodol, an anti-psychotic medication, to quieten the "noise" and calm them down, though losing it risks a relapse. With time, the ability can be refined to selectively screen out a specific persons thoughts, while blocking out others, and the thoughts are hears clearly and resounding in the user's own mind. This ability is highly useful, as it can e.g. allow a spy glean information from others without detection, an assassin to track down specific targets without asking a question etc.

Hollow Mask Appearance: Mask

Duration: 9 post

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name:

Shikai: Shinkirou Mori (Mirage Lance)
Bankai: Genmu Akumuyari [Phantasm Nightmare Lance]

Zanpakuto Looks:

Spirit Description: A shimmering dragoon lancer that is wearing a short black vest with trimmed silver lining on the edges. Baggy white pants and soft knee high laced white boots with black lacing. He has a rugged air about him his features are such that you cannot discern his age other than younger middle years. His hair is short spiky black with frosted white tips, his eye brows match the style above brown eyes. The vest has one sleeve down his right arm that is again black with white trimming, however stitched into it is the image of a silver sapphire dragon. On his left wrist is a wrist band white with black trimming. The aura around the lancer is a sapphire blue black.

Inner World: Puts Matrium and his Spirit in a baking hot desert at noon day. The heat here only seems to effect Matrium when he is troubled or in mortal danger, his spirit uses the elements to snap him out of his daze and push him farther. The actual world itself depicts what seems to be an endless desert with rolling dunes that could hide anything with in them in their shimmering heat as a constant breeze passes through swirling the sand around their feet and casting mirages of water. Sometimes the heat swirls turn into physical memories or illusions of people.

Sealed form: Same length and build as a regular Zanpakto, the only obvious difference is his hilt is wrapped in black with a silver dragon threaded into it with shimmering blue eyes

Shikai form: Activated by the words 'Break their false illusions, Shinkirou Mori!' takes in the form of a pole arm weapon with two obvious grip spots in off the center. The grip closest to the front blade has a hooked blade covering the forward hand, continuing up the blade at the top is half the length of a zanpakto, but three times its width. At the tail end is a small jagged blade. The three blades are a shimmering grey, the main cutting blade has a dragon on both sides crawling across it with wings outstretched in silver with again sapphire blue eyes. The haft of the pole arm is pitch black except for the grips which are grey.

His physical appearance changes little other than the forming of scale mail fingerless gloves, bracers, and boots. The scales are flexible and resistant, colors shift and fade between gray and dark blue. The shoes go up to just past his ankles. Gloves are fingerless ones covering up to the first joint on his fingers, the bracers are almost skin-tight on him going from the top of his wrist to a couple inches below his elbow.

Bankai form: Physically, Matrium gains a cloth-looking mask that covers his nose to his neck in black and grey. He has a close fitting cloak that tends to stay around his body rather than flare out around him unless moving at high speeds. This goes to around the backs of his ankles and shifts between grey, dark blue, and black breaking up his body patterns making it harder to see him when he's standing still. His gloves are replaced by cloth or leather looking ones that fit snugly on him and cover his hands completely, but appear loose and indistinct like they're going to fall off at any second in a black and dark blue lining. His boots appear much the same way going up to the middle of his shins, his baggy pants tend to distort it though so it just appears he's wearing soft leather boots. His whole body is now covered with the material except his stomach and chest which, at the moment, remains the white of his original shirt.

The material that all these new articles of clothing are made of harden under pressure or resistance. It's a nano-titanium fiber weave that is fused with his Reiatsu making it harder to pierce him with attacks and abilities that cut and has partial energy dampening abilities capable of reducing or nullifying energy effects completely depending on the amount of energy used against Matrium and the amount he is exerting into the clothing, usually reducing energy based attacks effectiveness by half. It itself can be cut, it's just more resistant to it the more Reiatsu he's putting out at the time, not into it just in general allowing him to use his hand-to-hand skills with less concern from being cut while he's fighting, takes most attacks and turns them from their regular type of attack and turns into blunt physical damage instead of cutting or piercing etc.

Weapon-wise he gains thirteen altogether, they're longer versions of his Shikai ones. Black hafts with silvery blades and a dragon etched into each one on the primary blade. The blade is another half a foot longer and the jagged blade at the end is another three inches longer and straight instead of jagged. On the main blade there are reverse spikes hooking backwards so that if he drags it backwards he can hook into his opponent. On the front grip of the pole arm another hooked blade protects it arcing over it cover his right hand. It can be used when he has his blade locked or tangled with his opponent to shove into them cutting them. These weapons are controlled via his Reiatsu and mind, similar to Byakuya and his petals, allowing him to fight freely with them or hand-to-hand, this can also be used to guard him while he chants kidou and the like. When flashing they flash with him appearing around him regardless of their previous position never straying more than thirty or so yards away. They are more effective when used in conjunction to hand movements.

Zanpakuto Description:
Shikai: Mirage/Space-bend
Bankai: Mirage/Space-bend

Released Zanpakuto Description:

Shikai Ability

Creates pockets of warps, whenever an object passes through it, it appears wherever the end happens to be. Typically near an enemy allowing him to create and disperse them at his will around his enemy keeping him guessing where he is going to attack. Only capable of maintaining three of these warps and they can be used by his enemy as well if they can figure out where they are; max usage is twenty-four uses and a 25 yard range, after which his Zanpakuto returns to its unreleased state and is capable of being wield without physically touching it up to five feet away from himself.

Name: Mirror's Mirage
Type: Offensive/Support
Description: Matrium uses his Zanapktou's power of mirage to create two other selves of himself. When used the two have ninety percent of his capacity in all respects, except one. If they are hit on their physical being they instantly dissipate in a rush of Reiatsu that can temporarily disorientate visually. When activated Matrium blurs as he uses this ability, seeming to split for a second before he splits into three, himself and his two copies. Once this ability is used he can only use his passive ability of wielding his weapon without physically touching it, the other two abilities are completely locked out. In addition, he can shift his self into either of the mirages given a second to focus on it, line of sight must be active to be able to do this. Once the last image has been dispersed or Matrium recalls them, the count on his first ability is reset. This ability cannot be used back to back as it will cause him to pass out from shifting too many times.

Name: Inner Mirage
Type: Close range/Support
Description: Matrium uses his Shikai's power of mirage to take the user into their own mind temporarily with a touch of his hand, immobilizing them while being used, while here Matrium's Shikai causes the user to mentally see and feel the emotions they felt from their memories. The closer they are to his level the easier it is to use on. Two levels above him it is completely useless. Duration lasts from a split second to shake it off to five seconds, which seems like an eternity to the person feeling and seeing. Several methods can be used to free yourself from this tech; sheer level difference is one, mentally fighting your way out by refusing it, or another person can snap you out, usually by some sort of physical and sometimes vocal motivation. For every second a person is trapped inside the Mirage, it feels to them as if they have lived through 30 minutes of their worst memory, emotions, and feelings. After the target has been freed from their mind they are typically shaken by what they have seen and further delaying their reaction times. While using this technique Matrium himself is also immobilized, he can only move the arm that is not being used, otherwise the rest of his body cannot be moved; his eyes glow grey blue as he uses this technique.

Bankai Ability

Korede Shikaruni Bekki(Here but Elsewhere): Takes a number of his weapons, three or above, and stations them around an area in a circular formation. The more pole arms used the larger the area he can cover with them and the stronger the barrier overall, though it's strength is based on the energies he puts into maintaining them. Once this is done a barrier; so to speak, it separates the dimensions where it forms at as a type of wall, will form locking everything in inside and everything out outside effectively separating the physical spaces. Once the weapons have set up the barrier they no longer need to maintain it. Allowing Matrium to pass through the barrier wherever he chooses and have the weapons active to fight with him.

On the inside the barrier is a wall to anyone but Matrium, if Matrium come to the side he passes through it appearing at the exact opposite side 180 degrees from where he had been previously. Anyone else simply hits the wall, the same with their attacks. On the outside, everything hits the barrier and fizzles out negating it's energies. While on the outside Matrium can pass through to the opposite side of his field as well, the same as on the inside except on the outside. Nothing outside can effect the inside and vice-versa. Basically if Matrium is on the outside and passes through the shield he'll appear on the opposite side outside the shield, unless he's touching one of the weapons maintaining the shield then he passes through it into the shielded area.

Maintaining the barrier requires some effort depending on the amount of energy or forces used against it, it's typically easier and requires less energy to defend and hold something as it is than to apply the energies required to siege them. The stronger the force used the greater the drain in Matrium. Should someone release something of a larger scale than what the field is, Matrium can chose to continue holding the barrier draining his energies further or release it. Holding it might end in the users destruction for releasing something so big in such a confined space.

Masayume(A dream that comes true): This is a largely expanded version of Inner Mirage. It starts with Matrium focusing visually on his target before an entire area, fifty yards in diameter; is changed to allow the inner demons and draw out the emotions of a person., the column going skyward similar to Negacion. Within it the sphere/dome realizes its' target and plunges into their mind pulling from it images of their worst fears, emotions, and memories making them walk before them for Matrium and his target to see. This technique cannot be focused on Matrium though the sights might jar him, knowing what it is is half the battle and usually has no effect on himself. The sphere is no longer visible anymore and can project any sense of time of day or color around it from black to transparent to a cityscape to a desolate plain.

This can now effect the target physically, and can no do so permanently under certain conditions. Those within the effects of the sphere see and feel their projected images allowing them to combat their fears once more. These images are now conjured using the spheres ability of insight to draw it fort from the persons memory. While within the sphere/dome reads and picks up on their current mental state, and then once read readies an image to be displayed and projected to them to cause the most mental trauma. No longer can you deny what has happened, you must face them as you are while you are. There is no 'escape' by thinking you are not afraid. It is as real as they are within the sphere.

As mentioned above the things that happen within the dome are real and can effect the persons within them permanently. While within the dome everything suffered becomes real, however if you manage to get out of its' radius of effect then everything fades to memory and all wounds suffered from the sphere within it heal in seconds. That is a way out of having it permanently effect you. It can permanently effect you in two ways. You die within the sphere, or Matrium ends the technique while you are within it making the damage suffered real and true for the rest of the fight and your future.

State of Compression: Because of his new state of Compression Matrium gains the bonuses of having a compressed Bankai being:

Hyper-Speed Combat:
This allows Matrium to fight at raw speeds above which his Shunpo or Sonido is capable of keeping up with. While fighting he can appear to be holding all thirteen weapons at the same time and still have images appearing around his opponent.

Enhanced Strength: Capable of dealing and taking much larger amounts of damage now in this state. Matrium can now handle cut through opponents of same-rank much more easily than before giving himself an edge over those with increased defenses. Even those specializing in increased defenses are susceptible to being cut down in his Compressed state through sheer strength.

Enhanced Bankai Duration: In a state of compression Matrium exerts less energy through activating and using his Bankai increasing the duration that he can remain in it significantly.

Hollow Techniques


Hakuda Techniques


Kidou Techniques


Reiatsu Effect


Zanpakuto Release Phrase:
Shikai: Break their false illusions, Shinkirou Mori!
Bankai: Bankai, Genmu Akumuyari

Released Zanpakuto Looks: above.
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PostSubject: Re: The Mirage Lancer: Matrium Cailus   The Mirage Lancer: Matrium Cailus EmptyMon Mar 28, 2011 5:22 pm

History and RP sample


***Los Angelos 2006 2:04 AM***

Stepping out of the club laughing he waved at his friends as they left to find their respective cars and rides. Still grinning he saw another group emerge after them. Still staring at us huh...? Watching his breath mist in front of him he put his arm around his girlfriend. She stood around 5'6 half a foot short than he was, long blond hair, and a lean body from being a track runner.

"That was pretty fun huh?" He asked her turning to stare into her clear blue eyes as she snuggled closer to him. "Mhm..." She mumbled clearly tired and a little cold. Chuckling to himself he dug out his car keys heading towards the lot where they had parked his car. The gravel under his feet crunching as they moved his ears picked up another group behind them. Why....? He thought to himself searching his pockets. "Hey, babe, I forgot my wallet inside gonna head back for it. Here, warm up the car, I'll be right back." Nodding sleepily she shuffled off, "Oh hey!" He yelled turning she looked up in time to catch his jacket as it was thrown at her. "You look a little cold!" He said smiling, sticking her tongue out at him she smiled back putting it on. Well there's that.... Now to see if they're following me or her.... As he headed back to the club the gravel making footing a little uncertain, he heard it start up again, following his girlfriend. NO! Was his first thought as his head snapped around. His body soon followed sending pieces of gravel skittering everywhere. *Thump thump* *Thump thump* Was all he could hear in his head as he headed back towards his car running into one of the thugs on accident.

"Sorry!" He apologized as he was shoved back. "Just what are you thinkin'?" He asked giving him another shove which he allowed to push him. "Was just going back to my car and girl, relax." Putting his hands up in a mock innocent manner trying to appear harmless the thugs started grinning. I count... Five of them... Maybe six potentially armed with a knife or sidearm... This went through his head as he asked, "What's with the smiles?" Quietly serious, one of the thugs said "She's pretty good lookin', that's what the smiles are for." They grinned even more at this chuckling amongst themselves. *Thump Thump* "Really now... And just what were you going to do about that?" He asked quietly his voice seeming to freeze the air sucking out any mirth that they had been sharing. Hardly even noticing the air anymore or how cold it seemed to have gotten the thugs started chuckling again. "We were just gonna have some fun, you know how it is." His breathing calmed suddenly as he said, "Why don't you just go back to the club and pick up your own dates eh? Make things a lot easier on all of us." The thug didn't like this at all his frown under the street light said as much as he leaned against a nearby fence saying "Ah, but we've been scoping out this girl all night, we think that this is the one for tonight." They all started chuckling again For tonight...? Why hasn't anyone stopped these guys!

Putting his hand into his pocket he found his phone turning it away from the outside of his pocket he fumbled around until he was certain he had found the right buttons before dialing. Keeping his hand there he stated "You guys should just leave, I don't want any trouble and I don't think you want to lose your jobs at the club there." The man behind him didn't like what he said one bit, apparently tired of listening he stepped up behind him gravel crunching. Big mistake... The blood had stopped pounding in his ears and all that was left was an eerie silence broken only by his quick breathing and the crunching of gravel. Sweeping underneath his grip he stepped towards the man who stood a couple inches shorter than him and brought his knee into his chest as hard as he could dropping him with an elbow to his back. The other five stood there stunned to watch one of their own go down so fast.

Slowing his breathing again he said. "You guys really should leave." His eyes had gone cold and calculating as he stared at them. "Get him!" Was all he head before five sets of shoes started moving towards him. Remember your training... Multiple enemies attacking you, draw them back fight them one to one and defeat them as such do not allow yourself to be surrounded or cornered for that shall be your undoing... Saying a brief prayer to any god that was listening Matrium shifted his weight to the balls of his feet ready to move in any direction in an explosion of force and speed. The first one to come to him was a burly guy whose breath smelled of alcohol and again was just under his height. Reaching out towards him it was sidestepped easily before he got a face full of gravel as he was pushed over his equilibrium point. Turning he ran between a few cars before he saw two heading for his girlfriend in his car. No no no no! He thought mentally sprinting towards her getting close-lined in the process. His vision went bright for a second as his head hit the gravel before he saw spots and a fist leveled at his stomach hit him full on forcing him to double over gasping for air.

Not LIKE THIS![/color] He raged fighting through the pain grabbing the thugs head and cutting off his blood circulation. Mentally counting to eight he held of for an extra second to ensure he had blacked out before releasing. That was three, two are going for my girl wheres th-- He cut off in mid thought as he was slammed into a car face first. Panting for air he struggled for any kind of foot or hand hold against the guy. He was pinned tight though and felt himself starting to black out as the man followed his example of what he had just done. I'll play along.... He thought going limp the man held on for another second before releasing him clearly not knowing the amount of time to hold onto a person. Calling out to the others he said "I got him! He knocked out the others though! More time for us!" He said jubilantly waving at them, after hearing them acknowledge this there was a shrill scream that snapped him out of waiting. Springing off the ground the man stared down at him in shock as his fist connected to his face in a quick succession dropping him to the gravel. Rubbing his fist he groaned "That really hurts... Why do people enjoy doing this...." Cracking his knuckles he remembered suddenly why he had gotten up and sprinted towards his girlfriend mist clinging to his arms and legs dewing up giving him a ghostly appearance. "Erika!" He yelled as he turned a corner where he had parked in the last lot before he heard a crack. What the....? He thought before he felt a searing pain in his chest. He shot me...?!? He thought falling to his knees as he heard sirens in the background. Now they show up... Late as usual... Footsteps were heard pounding forward followed quickly by a dropped gun and a released girl. Feeling hands on his face he focused up at her. Smiling he said "Hey you..." Weakly coughing a little.

"Shhhh, don't talk don't talk..." She said her eyes tearing up. "Hey, how bad is it...?" He asked coughing again as she looked at his bloodstained shirt as a paramedic came by his face grim and telling. "That good eh...? I'm sorry then... I didn't get there soon enough..." Seeing her state of physical being he realized he had gotten there just in time for her, just not him though. She reached over and took his hand as they lifted him onto a stretcher her following the entire way. With his other hand he reached in and grabbed his cell phone giving it to her to show the number he had called. "You didn't lose your wallet inside did you...?" She asked her eyes already starting to cry. Shaking his head no the medics giving him sedatives and saying he was gonna be alright. That's not gonna happen is it....?
Giving her hand a squeeze he sighed contentedly having felt he had done all he could. Glancing at his chest he saw the bullet had probably grazed his heart, already he could sense it struggling just to keep him conscious. "Thanks... I love you babe..." He whispered as he relaxed and drifted off to a keening mourn that was like a torrent of icy air in his ears whipping around his face.

****A few years earlier at the Shinigami Academy****

"And that's the last thing I remember from my real life" He said standing in line for Hadou testing. "Man that's gotta be pretty rough on you." He said putting his hands over his head. "You would think so, but I find it calming, I did the right thing and it worked out. For the most part at least. Obviously I died but at least it was doing the right thing. I have a clear conscious about that at least." He said grinning "Ya thats true!" He said sharing the joke patting him on the back. "So we're supposed to show our most powerful or most advanced skill right?" He asked glancing at him. "That's what I heard, gonna stick to something that I'm comfortable with rather than something complex and hard." He said laughing knowing his true abilities lie in his fighting abilities. "Ya that's true I guess I'll do White Lightening or something." Nodding to himself he drew into his own thoughts. "You got this, it's not like this will determine your future or anything, just your initial squad placement. Or at least a piece of it will go to it." Gripping his shoulder he nodded at him as he went forward for his turn. His name was called in shortly after his friend looking stoic. "That bad huh?" He asked chuckling, "They weren't very impressed with it I think..." Laughing at his nervousness he replied "Well they do see this almost every year so... Not much really impresses them." He perked up significantly as he walked away saying "You better get in there you're up." Nodding he stepped inside the targeting room where they were testing.

Targets had been replaced and and burn marks and scorch marks covered the areas around the clean targets and noticeable misses were evident everywhere. Is it really that hard to hit a target....
He thought as he stared at the five targets starting when he heard a voice.[color=Green] "Name please?" "Matrium Cailus" He said confidently a smile sending his lips up in a slight cocky curve. "Your objective is to hit all five targets as best as you can with a Hadou of your choosing, you may begin." Stepping forward he mentally modified his Reiatsu spread on his spell before forming a diamond with his hand in-canting “Rajin, mighty god of thunder! I call upon thee! Lend thigh thoust hate, fury, and anger! Way of Destruction 26, Red Lightning!” Shooting forth streaks of red Lightning at the targets, his reiatsu spread them thinner giving weaker hits but allowing him to score all five targets as registered hits rather than only a single target.

Panting slightly he relaxed his stance before he heard his dismissal as well as whispering from where the voice had come from. Passing through his other two Kidou tests without incident he walked to his Zanjutsu test, here he would be pitted against against other trainees in a test of skill and competition. The better you did the higher the chance of being put into a combative squad he had heard almost regardless of his other tests, or depending on how he did in them he amended himself. A hand clapped on his shoulder making him turn around to glance at his friend he had been talking to earlier. "How'd the rest of your Hadou tests go?" He asked nonchalantly as his friend came up next to him. "Pretty good, didn't do too well on the Enjodou though..." He finished glumly. Nudging him in the shoulder he grinned, "Like it really matters, not like you wanna run around healing people all the time. It's nice to have around, but that doesn't seem to suit you." He perked up visibly nodding vigorously, "That's true enough, they were really interested in my Bakudou abilities though. Said something about having innate ability in it." Grinning he turned to face Matrium, "See, I told you, you were fine." He said coming up on the listing for the face offs.

"Looks like I'm up soon, you too, we're on the opposite sides of the match up so we might not end up facing each other." He commented laughing. "What? You think I'll be defeated that easily?" His friend asked pushing him a little. Laughing again he shrugged, "Who knows with the way these go." Drifting off into a quiet focus his friend sensed this and left him to it finding another person to talk to in the process.

RP Sample:

The earliest knowledge Alisa was her birth. Being born to a very loving family Alisa was given her name after her mother who was a very beautiful women. Alisa’s father, had passed before her birth due to his health being poor. His name was unknown. Alisa was a newborn who lived with her mother and her grandmother in the town of Karakura. They where as happy as any family could be. After about a year, Alisa’s grandmother passed on of old age, and was left with her mother. During this time, Alisa was now a toddler and was walking anywhere and which way she could.

Having everything her mother was able to get her, Alisa was a very care after child. Her mother loved her very much and showed it by doing everything that was possible for her. Learning to talk, Alisa became a very talkative toddler. However, after a few months of acting as a child, Alisa had developed a strange ability. She was able to see spirits at the young age or four. Since she was able to obviously talk to her mother, she would tell her mother about the “people” she see’s, but her mother was as any other and brushed it off as if Alisa was playing.

Her spiritual pressure seemed relatively high at the young age, or best said, for her age. She began to see spirits frequently and seemed to be able to communicate with them. Off on her own, she would seem to be playing with herself, or talking to “imaginary friends”, but in fact she was talking to spirits. Her mother began to worry, and decided to keep away from the outdoors, where she seemed to spend most of her time talking to herself. Her mother decided to take some action and found a doctor who treated her as someone who was suffering from a mental disorder. The doctor told her mother to give her a prescription pill, every day in order to “cure” her. Now six years of age, Alisa is still taking the pills by having them put into her food by her mother. However, the side affect from the pill was obvious. There was nothing wrong with her. After a few months of taking the unnecessary drug, Alisa died.

New Spark
After her death, Alisa was found a day later, as a spirit, by a Shinigami who sent her to the Soul Society. Being found was lucky, a hollow was chasing after her, and would of ate her soul if she wasn’t found by the Shinigami. Being reborn in the fourth district of the Rukongai, she woke up feeling tired and afraid of the unknown. Finding herself alone for the first day upon arrival, she was scared. Soon after her rebirth, Alisa was found and taken in by a man who seemed rather cold hearted.

The mans name was Kenkuro. He took Alisa in and gave her a place to stay, warm food, and water. What he didn’t give her was any sort of caring. He simply took her in, seeing Alisa as a helpless young girl, he knew she was weak, and felt a sense of pity about her. In fact, he had her work for her place in his home. Doing menial chores around his home, she did all that was told. After a while things seemed to be going, well, good for Alisa. The only thing that she hated, was the way Kenkuro treated her. Slowly her reiatsu level began to rise. It was beginning to show throughout the years that she lived in the Rukongai. Kenkuro noticed that, but he knew it was common throughout the Soul Society.

“And So it begins…”

During her years, she seemed to develop a quality control over her reiatsu, making her noticed by some, but so far unnoticed by the Gotei 13. He knew what was going to happen, and felt it from the beginning. He picked her as she was a young girl, in order to prepare her. He was going to prepare her for the Shinigami Academy. Kenkuro decided to speak out to her, and tell her what would happen soon if she didn’t prepare.

“Alisa, when I first found you, alone, scared. I thought, let me leave this little girl. Someone else can decide your fate. But…then I felt a strong reiatsu emanating from you. Your reiatsu level is high, surprisingly higher than others. Soon, those gates that lie in the center of the Soul Society will open and they will come. The Gotei 13. If they feel strong reiatsu in the area, they will search the origin of it and take them to become Shinigami. Before that happens, I want to help you. I want to make you…stronger…”

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