Bleach Integrity

A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Lotus Blossom (Daichi)

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Shiko Rose Yu

Shiko Rose Yu

PostSubject: Lotus Blossom (Daichi)   Mon Mar 28, 2011 2:26 pm

Shiko was out for walk in attempts of getting some fresh air. He hated the stuffy air of his office. He kept to himself as he walked trying not get notice he hated attention tho it seemed he had been getting it. He wasn't wearing his Shinigami uniform he was wearing a powder blue kimono with pictures of lotus blossom at the bottom of his kimono where his feet were. Unlike his usual tied hair that he tied behind his head he kept it loose and long so that it followed onto his kimono.

Tho he wasn't wearing his uniform he kept his sword at his side in case of emergencies. He wasn't sure if he wanted to talk to anyone but he felt kinda lonely.

OOC: Sorry that took a while.
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PostSubject: Re: Lotus Blossom (Daichi)   Mon Mar 28, 2011 3:42 pm

((OOC: It's okay. As you can see I also took awhile))

The sun gleamed gently off the red, brick rooftops of Soul Society. It was a pleasant day; most likely because it had rain the day before and usually days like so were always nice. Although, the warmth of the sun was normally a good thing, today it was not. At the best of times Daichi couldn’t stand doing paperwork and other Vice-Captain duties and now sense every building was now hot and stuffy, there was no way anyone could reasonably stay inside. To do so to anyone, Shinigami or not was pure cruelty.

Haimei had taken advantage of this nice day and taken his paperwork outside. The hustle and bustle of the Third Division Barracks made him uneasy and nervous so, he debated back and forth leaving his office throughout the day and eventually his more adventurous side decided to go outside. He knew he couldn’t go any usual spot in case any Shinigami that knew him were there. So, he traveled the back roads of Soul Society trying to find a new hiding spot to escape from the world. The sound of cobblestone clicking beneath his feet which he loved so had disappeared. These back roads were not taken care of the same as the normal traveling roads and sense it was a nice day and a lot of people would be traveling those fancy roads he couldn’t possibly walk them. So, he chose to walk along the deserted ones that winded along the outside of Soul Society.

Daichi had chosen to take a seat in between two old trees in one of the many garden like areas of the Seireitei. Both trees were above a hundred feet tall and a foot in diameter. The two trees towered over all the other landscape in the immediate area. The bright sun filtered through the branches and leaves leaving glimpses of light in the shady spot he had chosen to work. He took out a large book full of hundreds of reports, which probably weighed upwards of ten pounds. Haimei opened the book to about midway and started reading whilst he took out a pencil from a pocket on the outside of the book.

The book had encapsulated him as he read through it. Even though he did not enjoy this work he was good a it and once he started it was hard for him to stop. Haimei was no oblivious to the outside world he almost didn’t even notice the Shinigami walking along the path that trailed right beside the garden like area. When he saw something out of the corner of his eye, he moved his head slightly trying not to take his eyes off the book. As soon as he noticed that the movement was not simply a leave but was rather another Shinigami, he immediately closed the book and looked towards the figure. Once he noticed the Shinigami to be a Captain, even worse, his heartbeat increased and his palms calmed up as he began to speak.

“H-h-hello, C-c-captain Shiko. I’m s-s-sorry. I didn’t even n-n-notice you. S-s-sorry,” quietly spoke Daichi.
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Lotus Blossom (Daichi)
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