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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Nekura Tensho; The Bount Leader[W.I.P]

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Nekura Tenshu

PostSubject: Nekura Tensho; The Bount Leader[W.I.P]   Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:41 am

Bount Basic Information

Name:Nekura Tenshu[ Roughly translate to Dark Natured God]
Real Age: 1299
Physical Age: Appears 21
Gender: Male

Physical Information

Blood Type:
Height: 6'3
Weight: 185
Eye Color Dark Teal
Overall Appearance [At Least Two Paragraphs without picture and One paragraph with picture.]

Psychology Information

Sexual Preference: Straight
Status: Single, freely looking
Being infertile[Yes he considers this a flaw]
-Very Sexual active; doesn’t use protection(being infertile has it positives)
-Using see in the Kick-boxing seen
-Deep down Nekura has the slight fear that he can’t restore his bount race
Goals: (Order of importance)
-Restore Bount Race
-Find Allies
-Take revenge on Quincies
-Destroy Soul Society
Overall Personality:

Profession Information

Bount Rank: Leader

Doll Information

Name: Weltkorper[Heavenly Body]
Sealed Manifestation:
Weltkorper takes the appearance of a silver necklace that have small specks of gold meld within it. Attached to the necklace is a two-inched chain with a square silver locket. Opening the square locket one will see a middle-aged lady with black hair and light blue eyes...holding a small child with black hair. It is presumed that the picture is that of Nekura and his mother but that hasn’t be made clear yet. Despite being Weltkorper being sealed, Nekura is shown the ability to manipulate wind to an extent.
Element/Class: Wind/Lightning(element), Speed/Offensive(Type)
Doll Appearance:

Secondary Release: The main thing that stands him apart from the other bounts. Through extreme mediation and building a close bond with his doll...Nekura can use his “Gluttony”[read below] ability to absorb the doll into his body. Once absorb; the bount get an extreme boost in overall power. Veins around his eyes become more pro-announced as a white glowing liquid can be seen pumping through them(this is assumed to be reiryoku.). Within this form he has access to all of the dolls abilities...along with a few new techniques as well. This is by par the tip of a bount’s power.
Overall Ability:

Doll Abilities

Name: Wind Needles
Description: When precision is needed, the bount can create three inch long needles made entire of air. These needles are invisible for the most part, with them only be outlined in a white milky color. The needles are strong enough to pierce through armor covered vechiles...or through the human skull if necessary. He can throw up ten needles before have to wait...
Preperation: --
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: One post

Name: Lightning Bullet
Description: By molding lightning into a small sphere the size of a marble, he flicks it in the desire direction. The lightning sphere is strong enough to temporary paralyze a given body part[one post]. He can fire four spheres before recharging
Preperation: --
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: One post

Name: Lightning Net
Description: A unique technique that is created with his lightning affinity, at first one would think he is firing a rather large lightning ball. But once the ball is released it will expand forming that of a fishing net(20ftby20), it will entrapped those who were unlucky enough to dodge it within the net, lightning will course through one’s body causing their muscles to be unresponsive. At worse it can cause one’s heart to stop or in some cases restart(if dead beforehand)
Duration: Three Post
Cool Down: Two Post

Name: Wind Barrier
Description: When needing to defend himself or those that he considered allies, the bount can a rather powerful barrier that is made entirely out of wind. The circular barrier is strong enough to withstand up to and deflect powerful reiryoku blasts[Ceros, bala, kido, etc.] along with above average melee attacks[kicks, punches, swordsplay, etc.] By controlling the speed and the direction in which the wind circulates the bount can either deflect or redirect reiryoku attacks to a desire attack. Along side the defensives purpose the barrier can also be used for offensive maneuvers. One given case is allowing a melee type fight within a portion of the barrier before cause the wind to accelerate causing lacerations. Another way is to reverse the flow of the wind within the barrier causing the oxygen inside to barrier to be sucked out, which eventually lead those within the barrier to die from suffocation. These are only two ways that this barrier can be used
Duration: Four posts max.
Cool Down: Four posts max.[one for every duration]

Name: Electrocuting Barrier
Description: By combining the principles behind the “Lightning Net” and “Wind Barrier”, the bount is able to create an more potent barrier that is mainly used for offense though still is strong enough to be considered a defensive technique. Instead of creating a lightning ball and allowing it to expand, the lightning is created within the current of the wind barrier...the result is a wind barrier that has a very “shocking” personality to it. The bount has freedom of moment within the barrier and with each step he takes the barrier will follows, always making sure that he is the epic-center of it. Any organic thing that comes in contact with the barrier will have lightning course through various part of their body. Results in muscles not wanting to respond and un-coordinated muscle contractions.[Referring to another anime; this technique is similar to the Hyuuga’s]. What make this barrier unique is that, the bount can fire lightning empowered Air needles[look above] from any part of the dome.
Preperation: One Post[to form the wind barrier]
Duration: Three Posts
Cool Down: Five Post

Name: Speed Burst
Description: Though associated with his doll’s release; this technique is actually stemmed from his special human ability prior to becoming a bount[however it has gotten stronger]. By manipulating the air current around him[to cause less friction], the bount can exceed the speed of that of soifon and evenly match yourichi[when she is not using shunko]. The technique is different then shunpo, for it doesn’t have no after sound and can be used without any forward motion. Basically he can just appear to be standing and then vanish to another point in the area without given any indication that he was about to move. At most the can travel anywhere between 0 to 60ft within on speed burst.
Preperation: --
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: One

Name: Wind Burst
Description: A minor technique that cause a large gust of wind to come out of no-where. Usually use to throw opponents off balance and to see those of a weaker statue flying.
Preperation: --
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: One Post

Name: Lightning Bolt
Description: Causes a bolt of lightning to strike down a single opponent. If directly hit the force is strong enough to kill a B-4 and below individual.
Preperation: --
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: One Post

Name: Tri-Tornado
Description: Causes three tornados to appear in front the bount, besides acting like body guards. These tornadoes will attack anyone or anything that they see as a threat to the bount. This doesn’t mean that they have a mind of their own for they don’t just simply follow the instructions of the one who created them.
Duration: Four
Cool Down: Two Posts[do to the fact he can summon one tornado at a time]

Name: Melody Dance[Also called Devil’s Melody]
Description: An advance version of the “Lightning Bolt”, instead of sending a single lightning bolt and striking a single target.The normal appearance of the doll changes to that of a flute like instrument, by playing the flute the bount causes multiple lightning bolts to strike down in the given area. Depending on the intensity of the music playing determines the strength of the lightning bolts(at full strength it’s strong enough to paralyze a character of equal level along with causing third degree burns to those below his level...death at extremely low levels). The bount doesn’t exactly control the bolts they just seem to follow the melody in which he plays. Thus hint the name “Melody Dance”. Downside to the ability is; he can’t use the other doll abilities.
Preperation: --
Duration: Two Post
Cool Down: Five Posts

Doll Merger Techniques
Overall Abilities:
Though already stated earlier his abilities till revolve around wind/lightning manipulation/creation. He can successful use the techniques in the first release...along with getting additional techniques. Beside that he gets some physical enchantment.

Name: Gluttony Enchantment
Description: Oddly enough, the special human ability that he had before turning into a bount gets an enchantment as well.
Cool Down:

Cool Down:

Cool Down:

Cool Down:

Generic Techniques *Techniques that all bounts have*

Cool Down:

Writing Sample:
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Nekura Tensho; The Bount Leader[W.I.P]
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