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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Alaster Utsuro

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PostSubject: Alaster Utsuro   Mon Nov 29, 2010 3:03 am

Basic Information

Name: Alaster Utsuro (Robert Sharpe)

Real Age: 890+

Appeared Age: 28

Gender: Male

Rank: Former Espada

Number: Former Segunda Espada

Hollow Hole: Alaster’s hollow hole is located at the center of his left palm

Mask Fragment: Alaster’s mask fragment rests on the bottom half of his face covering it from the nose down and it resembles the guard of a knights helmet.

Number Tattoo: Alaster’s tattoo is located on the back of his left shoulder.

Appearance: Alaster stands tall at six feet three inches and weighs in at 234 pounds. Alaster’s hair is semi long, it reached his shoulders in the front and the back part of his hair reaches to just above the middle of his back. Alaster’s hair is straight and a golden blonde color his eyes are Ice blue.

Alaster has the same look as Sebastian, he stands tall and looks solid. Alaster has broad shoulders, a wide chest and finely toned muscles. Alaster’s body type is more built up giving him a solid appearance. There is one scar that marks Alaster’s face and that’s a scare the runs from the center of his forehead down through his left eye, this is a reminder of Alaster’s childhood spars with Sebastian.

Alaster’s face stays with a serious look nearly all the time, at a first glance someone could tell that Alaster has a rage within him that he wouldn’t mind showing, this said there is a lot of hate in his eyes. There is no facial hair on Alaster’s face and it is always clean shaven, though you wouldn’t be able to tell since the lower half of his face is covered by his hollow mask.

Alaster’s choice of clothing is similar to when he was alive, his clothes are light and allow him to move more freely. He is seen wearing a white shirt, a white pair of pants, black boots, black gloves, and a white jacket with black trim. What many don’t every see of notice is that Alaster’s hollow hole is in the center of his left hand which he keeps hidden with his glove, and his number is tattooed on the back of his left shoulder.

Personal Information

Likes: One § training- Alaster doesn’t differ much from Sebastian in this aspect, Alaster loves training and spends most of his time doing so. It also keeps Alaster’s mind off of his boredom.
Two § revenge- ever since Alaster was banished by his brothers and hunted like an animal, Alaster built up a hatred towards his brothers and vowed to get back at them at all costs. This remains true to the day, Alaster will hold a grudge against someone till he gets his revenge.
Three § Girls- this is one area where Alaster wasn’t always cold hearted, he was engaged to a girl and was ready to marry her but the wedding was canceled when the girl found out who Alaster was. This left Alaster heart broken and made the fire within his heat turn into an inferno.

Dislikes: One § His brother Sebastian- Alaster looks at Sebastian as the reason why he became the person he is today. He blames Sebastian for he death and wants nothing more that to kill him once and for all.
Two § Orders- Alaster hates having to take orders from someone else, especially since he thinks he is greater than everyone else.

1. Alaster is much like his brother in the fact that he pays close attention to everything around him and soaks the information in like a sponge, he is perceptive and analytical letting very little slip past his gaze.
2. Swordsmanship- Alaster is a very skilled and gifted swordsman, often taking on multiple opponents at once without breaking a sweat. Its also been speculated that he is better with a sword that his brother.
3. Immense spiritual pressure
4. Master tactician
5. Hand to hand combat
6. Sonído
7. speed

1. Short temper, this often leads to Alaster getting overly aggressive rather than collected like he should be.
2. Arrogance and Cocky- Alaster is to cocky and arrogant if there ever was such a person, he thinks he is above nearly everyone and often doesn’t take many fights seriously causing him to fall behind or lose the upper hand in a match
3. Physical strength- Alaster isn’t weak but don’t expect him to smash a persons face in with a single punch, he has standard strength and doesn’t usually rely on his strength.

Before: Alaster wasn’t always the cold and ruthless person he is today. There was actually a point in time where Alaster held more favoritism than his other brothers. Alaster was kind, carefree, and always looked out for Sebastian. There wasn’t one thing that Alaster wouldn’t do for his friends and family but as he aged he began to lose his peaceful and child like attitude.

After: the day Alaster was denied the crown is when he gained many of his current personality traits. He became very angry and power hungry. As the years went on that Alaster was alone he became very cunning, sly, deceptive, and very prideful. Alaster isn’t afraid to show is true colors. Alaster is rude, arrogant, cocky, hateful and downright disrespectful. This being said some of Alaster’s old personality will some times find a way to show up.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Resurrecion Information

Name: caballero sádico (sadistic knight)

Represent: A Knight

Family: Shadow, Lightning.

Looks: Alaster’s resurrection is one of the few and rare cases where the thing it represents isn’t an animal. When Alaster enters his resurrection the mask the once only covered the bottom half of his face now grows and encases his head in a bone like knights helmet. Alaster’s forearms and hands are covered in the same bone like armor and his right arm becomes completely armored from the finger tips to his shoulder, giving off the look as if he was wearing partial armor. Alaster’s legs from the knees down are covered in the same armor and when looking at Alaster you immediately see that he looks like a knight. Alaster keeps his regular arrancar clothes on and the armor rests on top of it.

The helmet that Alaster wears in his resurrection looks much like the helmet he was wearing when he attacked his brothers the second time around. There is a line the runs down the middle of the helmet and as it reaches the top back part, a small spike sticks out and a small mane of spiritual energy accents the helmet.

Standard Abilities

Name: Swordsman Ship
Type: combat
Range: mid to close
Description: just like his brothers Alaster was trained as a young boy and eventually became once of the greatest swordsmen of his kingdom, he is even more skilled with a blade than his brother Sebastian, and is capable to staying on par with others using only one hand.

Name: Hierro
Type: Defense
Range: none
Description: is an Arrancar technique in which the user's reiryoku condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Zanpakuto. This also allows them to fight some of the sword-wielding Shinigami barehanded. The strength of Arrancars' Hierro depends on their spiritual power

Name: Garganta
Type: Transport
Range: long
Description: is how Arrancars and Hollows move to and from Hueco Mundo. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

Name: Gemelos Sonído
Type: movement
Range: mid
Description: Since Alaster became an espada he has spent many hours building up his abilities and has mastered Sonido and is able to use the fastest of the Sonido known as Gemelos Sonido which allows him to move so fast that he leaves an after image. Up to five clones can be created using this technique.

Name: Gonzui
Type: soul collection
Range: long
Description: is a supplementary technique used by Arrancar to devour as many souls as possible within a large radius to significantly increase their size, power, force, and spiritual energy, while being content from the devouring of souls.

Name: Pesquisa
Type: detection
Range: long
Description: Alaster has built up his pesquisa to be so acute that he is able to locate people from great distances and is also able to determine their rank.

Name: Perception
Type: detection
Range: none
Description: Alaster is very perceptive of his surroundings and pays close attention to any changes and uses this to detect and sometimes even predict his opponents moves a few split seconds before hand.

Resurrection Techniques

Name: relámpago negro (black lightning)
State: both
Description: Alaster can generate the lighting from within his body and concentrate it in his palm which he will use to throw at his opponent, this has the same accuracy and strength of a normal cero. Now this said Alaster actually has two other versions of this attack, one where the bolt of lightning shoots from his hand(much like force lighting from start wars) and the second is one that Alaster uses on multiple opponents at once, Alaster can target up to 4 people at once and if this ability is used in this way each bolt has the same strength as a bala.
The lightning is black in color and can be fired from Alaster’s finger tips, or the tip of his sword of sickle.

Name: Shadow Cero
State: both
Description: Alaster’s own cero is not a standard color, instead it is gray in color and has a glowing black outline.

Name: auge del grito (howling boom)
State: Both
Description: this attack involves the use of Alaster’s unique weapon. Since the weapon is a sword with a sickle attached to it by a chain, Alaster has spent time figuring out how to utilize the combination into a strong attack and the result was auge del grito. The attack’s strength comes from how long the attack is built up(how many posts Alaster has been swinging the weapon) the longer the attack is charged the stronger the power is for the shock wave that is expelled from the weapon. Alaster can move while charging the attack but he doesn’t need to, the rapid spinning of the sickle or sword cause large and power winds to build up around Alaster and act as a deterrent for any incoming attacks. The shock wave sent out by this attack varies in size relative to the amount of time its been charging, levels 1-3 are as wide as a small car and cause moderate damage, levels 4-and higher are about the size of a bus and cause significantly more damage than the lower level charges.

Name: Oscuridad vacía
State: Ressurrecion
Description: this is Alaster’s most deadly attacks and can be used in a variety of ways, what happens is Alaster will form what looks like a black ball of cero in his hands, the ball with then begin to suck in whatever Reiatsu is in the surrounding air, this in turn feeds Alaster access to a number of options such as releasing the collected energy in the form of a giant explosion or concentrating it into a wave and firing it at the opponent, Alaster can also absorb the energy into his body and experience a brief moment of heightened base stats such as Strength, Speed, Durability ect. Depending on the opponent and the amount of spiritual pressure used by each person Alaster could gain anywhere from a twenty-five percent increase to a fifty percent increase. The stat boosts last no longer than 5 turns no matter the increase.

History and RP Sample

History: it is said that before the time of knights and kings in the middle ages, that the Sharpe family was a line of great warriors they were a bloodthirsty and power hungry bunch of savages until one of their own rose against them, his name was Gabriel Sharpe. There are many legends saying that Gabriel was in fact the arch angel Gabriel but many played the rumors off as superstition. Gabriel enlisted the help of his two brothers who he knew cared for their family as much as he did. Gabriel chose to raise against his family in order to save them from their own destruction and in doing so a war broke out that shook the very earth. The great war lasted for 3 years with each side taking major loses. looking at the destruction Gabriel had caused brought him great pain, he looked at the destruction and knew he was no better than his power hungry relatives. The next morning Gabriel prayed for the strength to defeat his family and rid the world of their evil.

When Gabriel woke in the morning he found a beautifully crafted and elegant sword that gave off a holy aura, it even sang as it cut through the air. Gabriel marched into battle that day with the sword and won the war that very day. With the war over and his relatives dead Gabriel swore to never raise his sword again, and a few days later Gabriel vanished from the face of the earth. Gabriel's brothers continued on and built a kingdom in his honor.
Gabriel’s wife gave birth to a boy a year after the kingdom was constructed. The Sharpe family soon gained a name for themselves and the story of Gabriel was passed down from generation to generation.

Now turn the clock forward about a hundred years and we are met with Warren Sharpe the father of James, Robert, and Sebastian. Warren was known as one of the most powerful and greatest kings around, many even compared him to the legend of his great ancestor Gabriel. Warren wasn’t to fond of being referred to as the second coming of Gabriel, he was far from being perfect and he knew it, he was the opposite of Gabriel, he had a bloodlust and a thirst for battle. Warren was as great a warrior as he was a king but his world changed when his wife gave birth to their fist son James, from that day on Warren vowed to be a greater king and to live up to the legend of Gabriel, from that day on Warren never once declared war on another country nor did he raise his sword to harm anyone. Warren was then given the gift of his next son Robert and then again three years later when Sebastian was born. Warren made sure to make the Sharpe name one of the most powerful and respected families.

As a child Robert showed great promise, there was something about him that his father admired. Robert was a caring child and always looked out for his brothers and even his friends. Robert was still only a child but he received a lot of training from his father, and though Robert never to got to relish the feeling of being the youngest child he still held a place deep within the hearts of his parents, his kind and caring nature was something both Warren and Isabella were proud of, Robert didn’t see his royalty as something to hold over his head, he acted like every other kid, sadly none of these feelings would last much longer. As Robert reached his early teens he began to realize the true importance of power, he saw the respect his father commanded but refused to believe that it was from kindness and not from fear. Robert continued to train with his father but there time together was limited since Sebastian was now stealing the spot light however, Robert always found time to be at his fathers side and often asked him questions as to how their family came to power. Warren tried to avoid telling Robert about the man he once was but Robert was so persistent that Warren eventually broke down and told Robert everything, the stories of the way his father used to act made Robert happy knowing that he came from a line of powerful people, he decided to isolate himself and train by himself, he didn’t see the need to train with his brothers because he saw them as being weak. It didn’t take long for Warren to lose faith in Robert, he could see the kind of person Robert was becoming and knew he couldn’t entrust the crown to such an out of control and power hungry person.

With each day the naming of Warren’s successor drew closer and closer and everyone in the kingdom was certain that Warren would name Sebastian as the successor. Robert was sure that he was going to be named the next king, he felt that he deserved it more than James or Sebastian. The day of the ceremony, a large feast and festival was held in honor of the occasion and everyone from around the kingdom was involved regardless of their social status. As the festival progressed the people were anxious as to see who would become their future king and it was no surprise at all when Sebastian was named the successor however, what really surprised the guests and damn near the entire kingdom was that Sebastian declined his fathers offer to be king. Warren took to this news with a smile, he was a wise man and knew his son well enough to know what Sebastian was truly interested in, Warren looked at the crowed and nodded his head and then looked to his two remaining sons Robert and James and without hesitation as if Warren had known about Sebastian’s decline ahead of time James was named the successor instead. Robert was infuriated at his fathers decision and stormed out of the castle and was later chased down by Sebastian who convinced him to come back.

ENTER THE DECIEVER- That night Warren was alone in his study looking over some documents when a knock came on the door, it was Robert baring a try with two cups of tea, he said he was there to apologize for his action earlier and offered to sit with his father and just talk, little did Warren know that the cup of tea he drank was actually poisoned and that night Robert ran away for good. In the morning a scream ripped through the kingdom and a wave of sadness over took its citizens, Warren had died that night in his sleep and left behind a grief stricken wife and a very young king, Sebastian was the only one who noticed that Robert was no where to be found at the time, and it didn’t hit anyone till a day later when Sebastian accused his brother Robert of killing there father. Now even though Robert had managed to bring down his own father out of jealousy and rage, he knew all to well what would happen if he returned to the castle so instead of going home Robert took shelter in a near by castle. During Robert’s self inflicted exile, he managed to stay low key and took frequent trips to his home to learn about the situation, during these trips Robert managed to trick about a third of the army into rebelling against his brothers and three years latter that work paid off and Robert started a coupe de tat however, as quick as the coupe started it was silenced by Sebastian and his dedicated soldiers who managed to apprehend Robert. Robert was locked away in the dungeon for four days until he was brought before his brothers for judgment. Two guards dragged Robert into the large and intimidating throne room and threw him to the ground, they were ready to kill him on the spot but Sebastian stopped them “it seems you’ve decided to show your face after all these years brother” Sebastian said giving Robert a serious look, Robert simply replied by spiting on the ground of the throne room; Sebastian looked to his brother James, it was up to him to serve their brother a punishment. James let out a sigh and looked at his fallen brother “for your crimes against the king and for betraying your own family. I hereby banish you from this kingdom.” James gave Robert a serious look and waved for the guards to take him away. Robert was thrown from the kingdom, this infuriated him even further, he vowed to kill his brothers if it was the last thing he did.

Over the next five years Robert was on the run, his brothers decided to show him no mercy and had placed a bounty on his head; Robert put all the skills he learned from his father to the test, he in turn went from being the pray to being the hunter. Robert’s show of courage and sheer strength caught the eye of many nearby kingdoms and as Robert heard of his spreading fame a grin game over his face and soon a black cloud seemed to loom over the land. Using his new found fame, Robert began to visit the neighboring kingdoms and began to collect defectors, each soldier was ready to give their life for Robert, he had shown them a courage that none of them had ever seen.

Finally it seemed Robert was ready for one more showdown, he gathered his men and marched to the front gate of the kingdom walls and prepared his men for the battle of their lives. Robert began to pace back and forth and then his rage became words as he gave a speech to the man that stood behind him and with a single loud yell of the word attack, the massive army moved as one. The black mass of men looked like a plague sent to destroy anything in its path but, that plague was about to meet a brick wall, as the soldiers entered the kingdom grounds they were met with a military force so great that the battle became a standstill. With a small group of men Robert rushed the castle and eventually made his way to the throne room where he was confronted by his brother Sebastian and the royal guard an elite group of soldiers hand picked by Sebastian to defend his brother at all costs. “hello brother, back to finish what we started? I‘ll tell you right now, there is no way you will beat me.”
“oh really Sebastian? Take a look around. my men are making quick work of your so called army” Robert said as he slowly began to approach Sebastian “this ones mine boys” Robert said as he unsheathed his sword. The Royal guard began to engage Roberts small force. Robert turned back to see what the commotion was and then turned back to Sebastian who was half way through a sword swing “very sneaky brother. You’ve out done yourself, but its all for no good. Now you will die.” said Robert as his sword clashed with Sebastian’s. Robert looked at the sword closely and began to laugh “so it was real after all. I guess father wasn’t stupid after all for believing in such a tale.”
Something seemed to click inside Sebastian at the sound of Robert’s words, he lunged at his brother and began to attack him, both seemed to be equally matched but Robert knew better, “your soft Sebastian, that is why you wont beat me. And just because you have that sword doesn’t mean a damn thing……on the other hand I am more than willing to kill you” Robert began to attack more heavily and more aggressively, Causing Sebastian to lose his balance at times and eventually Robert found an opening and with a lunge, Stabbed his brother in the chest “see brother, it was pointless to hold back. Now you will watch as I kill James and take what is rightfully mine”
Sebastian was breathing heavily, he was slumped over his brothers sword but refused to die just yet, Sebastian then began to laugh a little “take a look around you brother….your little invasion is over, your men are all but dead and your standing here all alone.”
Robert began to look around and to his surprise the royal guard had defeated his team and the rest of his army was falling back. Before Robert could ever look back at Sebastian, he felt a sharp pain in his chest when he looked down and saw Sebastian’s sword sticking through his chest and backed away slowly, as he did so, Sebastian charged at him pulling Robert’s sword from his chest, with no time to react, Robert was decapitated by a devastating swing. Robert’s lifeless body hit the cold stone ground and Sebastian stood over it and threw his sword on the ground “you were wrong about me being soft. now you will burn in hell for you misdeeds.” A short time after Robert died, his brother Sebastian died as well.

Now Robert doesn’t remember fully what he did while he was a hollow but it appears that his rage and thirst to become powerful became his primal instincts that drove him to survive. As his mind and personality over took his new hollow body, it took the form of a demonic knight. Robert continued his quest for power for the next 790 years and through the absorption and constant fighting Robert managed to obtain his vasto lorde form. Robert wandered around in this form for some time, he was so powerful that everything seemed to steer clear of him. All but one person saw Robert as a useful tool, Aizen. When Aizen was made witness to Robert’s destructive power it was obvious that Aizen could use someone like him, Aizen approached Robert with the opportunity to gain more power and Robert accepted, it was at this point that Robert disowned his given name and asked Aizen to refer to him as Alaster from then on out. Now even though Alaster possessed great power Aizen knew Alaster would be hard to control and would most likely not follow orders so as incentive to make sure Alaster followed orders, he was made the 5th espada. During this time the segunda espada often nagged and picked at Alaster little by little, until one day the segunda received what he was asking for, a fight with Alaster. There was no denying at the beginning of the fight that Alaster out classed and out powered the segunda but the fight went on and Alaster made everyone of the espada at the time witness to his strength and “dealt” with the segunda and took his spot. Even with the display of power Alaster never chose to go for a higher rank as he knew that his power was made clear and he didn’t need a number to prove it.

When the war between the espada and soul society broke out, Alaster lived up to Aizen’s predictions as he did not take any orders and straight up abandoned the espada during the war and eventually went into hiding. Alaster met his fracion Cassandra during this time.

RP Sample:A small amount of sunlight trickled through the dusty old blinds and danced across Maxwell’s forehead, he was slightly sweating from the heat in the room but that wasn’t bothering him. Maxwell took a deep breath and let it out as he looked into the mirror there was something that just didn’t feel right to him. Maxwell smiled, shook the feeling from his head and walked out the door.

Today was going to be a great day to train and Maxwell could feel it. As Maxwell took his first few steps outside his mind began to go to work analyzing every little detail around him not letting anything go unnoticed. Maxwell made his way to the park where a hollow had been sighted, looking around at every detail.

There was something odd about this hollow that Maxwell had noticed right away, it was leaking spiritual pressure, something told Maxwell that this was a trap so rather than springing it Maxwell waited for the pray to come along and for the hollow to strike. Sure enough Maxwell’s prediction was true a wondering soul mad it’s way to the park and almost immediately was attacked. Wasting little time Maxwell sprung into action letting his reatsu flare up just enough to gain the hollows attention.

As the hollow turned it began to charge a cero blast in its mouth and Maxwell smirked as the blast formed Maxwell spoke to words “remember, remember” as Maxwell finished speaking the hollow fired the cero, Maxwell flash stepped out of the way and appeared behind the hollow as he appeared he opened his mouth in the same fashion that the hollow had and began to form a blast of spiritual energy, as the hollow turned Maxwell fired the blast and blew off the hollows left arm. A loud roar ripped through the air as the hollow staggered in pain, Maxwell let out a small sigh “I really need to improve my aim” he turned his attention back to the hollow who seemed upset. Maxwell drew his sword and looked at the hollow and smiled again this time the hollow was going down.

As the hollow began to rush at Maxwell, Maxwell brought his arm back and swung it forward as a large blast of flames erupted from the tip of the blade and consumed the hollow, this in fact was a variant of one of Yamamoto-Genryusai’s Ryujin Jakka’s techniques which Maxwell had only seen once. Maxwell sat in silence as the hollow burned away, he then turned around and began to search for another hollow to train against.

As Maxwell made his way to the street he began to stumble and lose his balance, at the same time his head began to hurt so bad it felt like something was smashing his skull in. Maxwell quickly lost consciousness and blacked out. Just a few seconds after Maxwell’s body hit the ground it began to rise but not by the will of Maxwell, instead his inner hollow had awakened and looked around not saying a word, it soon began to pump out a large amount of spiritual pressure to draw out any nearby hollows.

Soon enough Maxwell’s inner hollow was met by two menos grande, one menos, and an Adjuchas. Maxwell’s looked at the group with a blank emotionless gaze as part of his face began to be covered up by a hollow mask. With no warning the group attacked Maxwell and one by one they dropped before him it was an incredible sight Maxwell’s sword had taken on the shape of a scythe that which his inner hollow whiled with elegant skill, when it attacked each hollow it attacked in one fluid and endless motion until all the hollows were dead.

A few minuets after the hollows were killed Maxwell awoke holding his head and squinting his eyes, the headache had giving him a small case of photosensitivity it seemed. As Maxwell stood up he still felt a bit light headed but it wasn’t as bad as before, he looked around and noticed a few blade marks in the ground he studied them well and realized they were caused by a scythe “where the hell did these come from” he thought to himself, puzzled by this Maxwell returned to his home and began to try and figure out just what happened.

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PostSubject: Re: Alaster Utsuro   Thu Dec 02, 2010 12:49 pm

It seems what you put in the RP sample is a continuation of your history. The RP sample is an example of how you post in the actual RP, I don't think anyone makes posts so huge.

This asides it seems mostly ok.
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PostSubject: Re: Alaster Utsuro   Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:32 pm

changes to Rp sample have been made
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PostSubject: Re: Alaster Utsuro   Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:38 pm


Friendly FYI, be careful with redundancy and find synonyms or replacement to your character's name such as pronouns and "the vizard" or "the man" etc
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Alaster Utsuro
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