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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Hattori Hanzo, Complete

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Hattori Hanzo

PostSubject: Hattori Hanzo, Complete   Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:14 pm

Basic Information

Name: Hattori Hanzo

Real Age: 210

Appeared Age: 35

Gender: Male

Division: 6th

Rank: 2nd seat, Lieutenant

Organization: N/A


Personal Information

Likes/Dislikes: Writing haikus and novels, training, practicing his Hoho and Hakuda

Strength/Weaknesses: Strengths include a mastery of Hoho and Hakuda due to training with both Yourichi and Soi Fon. Expert swordsman who uses a combination of samurai style with European fencing. His main weakness is kido; while capable of it he is not an expert and can pull off mostly low-to mid ranked kidos.

Personality: Hanzo is normally quiet but always smiling in a very kind and friendly way. When he speaks he is polite to everyone and addresses his superiors with respect and honor. To others he speaks kindly and treats everyone the same. He will always say the words people need to hear and will make sure they hold great meaning. He follows a code of Bushido and acts more like a samurai then a ninja. He tries to teach this code to his men and for this reason they have great faith in him and his leadership. He takes his position as 2rd seat seriously regularly meeting with his taicho. When in charge of his own unit he is stern and commanding but respectful. He does have a romantic side as he is known to be popular with the ladies and is a bit of a flirt. However he does feel that he may never find true love due to having only truly loved his former taicho, Yourichi. To express this love, he writes romantic novels and haikus under the nickname, "Maijima Sasuke." As such his books are very popular among the women of Soul Society. He is known to spend his off time, drinking tea and writing new material for his books, or drinking sake at bars.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single and looking

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Raijin

Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Break the clouds and pierce the skies. Crash Raijin!

Shikai: His shikai is an element style power, specifically lightning. He can generate a lightning current in his sword that is constantly flowing. What he strikes will receive a powerful shock of lightning and his sword can generate lightning into metal objects.

Released Zanpakuto Looks:

Other Techniques: Flash-Step
Locking Bondage Stripes
Crawling Rope
Red fire Cannon
Yellow Fire Flash

Bankai Information
This applies to captains only.

Do you want your character to have bankai: (Yes or no)

Bankai Description: (What happens when you use your bankai, and what abilities go with it)

Bankai Looks: (What your Zanpakuto looks like in Bankai state.)

History and RP Sample

History: Hattori Hanzo was born into the Tokugawa Shogunate in Japan where he was raised in a powerful samurai family. He went on to become a samurai himself, fighting the enemies of the Shogun until his death in battle. He entered Rukongai lost and constantly searching for something that would serve as guidance to him. He lived in and around the Zaraki district and learned quickly to fight, survive and even kill just to make it through the days. One day while facing off against a large group of thieves, he found himself cornered and outnumbered he felt his end had come, until he felt a power resonating inside of him and a voice calling to him. Using his strength and reacting to the voice, Hanzo formed his Zanpakukto in his hands and defeated the thieves, killing them without mercy. Not understanding what happened and feeling the voice guiding him, Hanzo remained in Zaraki becoming stronger with his sword with each fight.

One night while looking for food, he witnessed a group form the 2nd division slay a hallow. Amazed by what he saw, he never knew he was being watched until it was too late. Hanzo was attacked from behind by the leader of the division and although he put up a good fight, he was easily defeated. Ashamed and disarmed the attacker looked down at Hanzo and saw his sword was a Zanpakuto. The black clad warrior explained to Hanzo what his sword was and how he could become stronger. Removing her mask and her hood, she showed off her purple hair, cat like eyes, and cat like grin as she challenged Hanzo to attend the Shinigami academy and become a powerful Shinigami. The warrior said on the day he graduated , she would be waiting for him and vanished in a flash step as she promised they would meet again. Inspired by this and urged on by the voice in his sword, Hanzo accepted the challenge and enrolled into the Shinigami Academy.

His time in the Academy was good and his natural talent was noticed as he quickly excelled at his classes and soon was admitted into the advanced class. Here he was given leadership positions where he led lower students into the real world on training exercises. One night however an exercise was cancelled at the last second due to hallow activity. As he sent the lower-classmen back to the Soul Society, he heard cries for help. Pursuing these cries he found a group of wounded 2nd division shinigami being attacked by a large hallow. Jumping in the way to intercept the creature's claws, Hanzo locked his blade with the hallow. However it started to overpower him and he soon heard the voice again from his sword. Being dragged into Raijin's spiritual world, he met his sword's spirit who offered him power and strength if he fought for the right reasons. Swearing to follow the code of bushido and promising to defend the weak against the strong, and obey his masters; Hanzo learned Raijin's name and unlocked his shikai, destroying the hallow completely and utterly with a powerful lightning slash.

News of this incident spread like wild fire and many divisions began to scout Hanzo for his skills. Upon graduating at the head of his class, he was summoned by the taicho of 2nd division. There, at the barracks of the 2nd, he saw her again. The one who had challenged him to go to the academy and become a shinigami. "I told you we would meet again" where the words Yourichi Shihoin spoke to him as she offered him a place in the 2nd division. Hanzo quickly accepted her offer and joined the 2nd division becoming a prominent member. He was quick to become a student of Yourichi and under her, learned Hoho. She taught him well and in time formed a strong friendship with him that soon had him develop romantic feelings for her. He learned Hakuda form Soi Fon whom he developed a brotherly bond, always looking out for her and speaking to her often. Although he never won a spar against her, he always learned and became stronger with each one and soon had become a skilled Hakuda user and even a strong flash-step master. With these skills, Yourichi promoted Hanzo to the rank of 6th seat, and had him serve directly under Kisuke Urahara. Kiskue was quick to befriend Hanzo and helped him develop his sword style to make him a better swordsman. Serving as Kisuke aide in the Detention unit also helped Hattori to develop leadership skills and he soon became a skilled officer under Kisuke's watch. When Kisuke became taicho of the 12th, he offered Hanzo a seat, but Hanzo turned him down due to his feelings for Yourichi and his loyalty to the 2nd, believing he belonged on a battle field, not in a lab.

When Kiskue was betrayed and arrested, he was shocked but felt it wasn't his place to say anything against it. As such, like Soi Fon he was surprised and even betrayed when Yourichi abandoned the 2nd division. Confronting her and furiously demanding to know why after all that had happened between them Yourichi explained her reasons and then asked if Hanzo would betray his code. Hanzo found that he couldn't and that he couldn't be mad at her for following her beliefs. Yourichi left that night and asked Hanzo to pursue his career and to become stronger. Following these orders and making a promise to her, Hanzo has since left the 2nd division and joined the 6th division as its 2nd seat and fuka-taicho. He serves the division well and continues to follow his code, passing it down to his subordinates and continuing to live the lessons Yourichi taught him. He has found an outlet in wiriting and has published many popular romance novels under his nickname, "Maijima Sasuke."

RP Sample: Hattori Hanzo sighed as he laid beneath a tree within the 6th division baracks. The 6th division Lieutenant laid lazily in the sone as he rested his sword next to him. Having finished his exercises for the day and all reports having been turned in, he had some free time to spend before reporting to his Captain. Cracking his neck one final time, he watched the air around him and enjoyed the warmth of the sun, he sat up and took out a pena nd started to write down some notes about his next stories. "These should be good, I know my fan base has been eager for my next release" he said to himself. As he pockted the pen and note pad, he bent down to pick up his sword and as he did, he felt Raijin speak to him. "Why do you write that sappy stuff any way, you should be wirting combat stories, tales of bravery and honor" he said to him as he clipped the sword to his side. Hanzo thoguht for a moment about what Raijin had said, then let out a small chuckle.

"If I wanted to do that I would have joined the heavy Combat diviison under Captain Zaraki, or the 7th under Captain Saijin" he explained silently. Raijin seemed to sigh in communicaiton with Hanzo but continued to talk. "My point is that you seem to use the whole mysertious warrior thing toa fault, why not focus some of that attention on finding yourself a woman. If the Women's Associaiton knew you are Maijima Sasuke, every woman in the Soul society would be throwing themselves at you" Raijin spoke. Hattori forze at this statement and actually blushed a deep red color. The 9th division printed papers reguarly and it was here that Hanzo's novel's where printed. The site of numerous girls literally trying to turn down the doors and screaming passionately to get his next book had surprised him when he dorpped off his last haiku piece last week and it was not a sight he would forget, espically of the 3rd seat being taken out by a woman form the 4th division becasue he tried to calm the girls down. Hanzo shook his head to clear it of the memory and gulped for a moment.

"You know I only felt true love for one woman and she is gone now" Hanzo retored to his sword. Raijin then spoke to Hanzo ina soft and even caring tone. "Look your not getting younger and thier are plenty of women in the Gotei 13 you could go after. What about that busty fukotaicho form the 10th you drink with alot, or the silver haired one form the 4th? You really need to settle down and find someone to come home too everyday my friend. No one lives foever and i would hate to see you die alone." Hanzo lifted his sword and looked at it for a moment, not believeing he was getting daitng advice from his Zanpakuto of all things. He nodded solemnly and scratched his head for a moment before saying, "Maybe your right, I guess I could try and meet someone?" Raijin didn't respond and Hanzo cleared his head for a moment as he looked down at the title he had written for his next book. "The Cat's Fire" was written in dark bold letters on the note pad and he smiled at it as he remember his memories in the 2nd division. pockting the book, Hanzo began to flash step back to his division headquarters and to try come up with a plot for his next story.

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Hattori Hanzo, Complete
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