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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 The End of Words [Special Human Complete, I believe]

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PostSubject: The End of Words [Special Human Complete, I believe]   Sun Mar 27, 2011 7:19 pm

Basic Information

"The End of Eternity and the Beginning of Infinity"

Name: Todai, Minako [Nickname - Epiphany The End of Words]

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Grade: Junior

Rank: Special


Minako gives off a very childish look thanks to her dangerously small height. She stands at the height of 5'3 and wears a vest over her normal attire she wears on her free time. Her eyes are usually narrowed and only a fox like smile can be seen on her face when noticed. Her eyes are a slight pink hue and her attire consist of a generic Japanese school girl look. Minako wears an all black student uniform with a small red band over her left arm. Her skin is pale and her hair has a light shade of red that hangs over her eyes when wanted.

Minako suffers from an alternate personality, though it is speculated that this is her true way of thought. When she is suffering from this, her smile leaves and her hues dull. She becomes a body without a soul, not showing emotion nor regret for her actions.

Something both the personalities share is the inability to go without a book in hand. They must always have a book at hand as though it is an extent of their body. Without it, they feel as though they don't belong, and thus, must leave to search for one.

Personal Information

Epiphany Likes :: Books, Isolation, a well thought out plan.
Minako Likes :: Smiles, happy times, and good attitudes.
Epiphany Dislikes :: Company, Obstructions, Annoyances
Minako Dislikes :: Hard situations, too much work, chained freedom

Strength/Weaknesses: Epiphany is a well thought out planner, and is very quick on her feet. With her smaller size, she is slightly faster than ones her own tier [by 10%] Her writing is faster than the norm considering she needs this - Her weaknesses is the inability to ignore obstructions in her way. This causes her to have blood lust if one either interrupts her reading or makes her lose the page she was on.


Minako walks in a very heightened manner, bouncing her hips left and right, with her chin held high. She poses as an innocent girl with a smile that can brighten the room. The smile is always fake, but after years of practice it seems as real as a normal, genuine smile. However, as one could guess, this persona is all fabricated.

On the flipside, Minako dawns the name Epiphany, and uses her innocent school girl status to retrieve information on whoever and whatever she wants. She is rather code when needed, and shows little respect to the ones around her. This is, of course, when she is getting down to business. Her pink hue of eyes seem to dull when she become her true persona, and she rarely smiles..also sporting a bland face to keep some away and to keep interaction with man to a minimum.

Sexual Orientation: Oblivious to all forms of Relationships

Relationship Status: Single and Oblivious

Human Special Ability Information

Name: The End of Words

Description: The End of Words is a technique that can only be used when a book is in hand. The user can use this book to rewrite the short term memory of the targeted subject/s, whether it is an opponent or just a passer by. The concept of the book makes it seem as though the user is just a normal person, as they secretly attack the mind behind the safety of their pages. A black pen usually accompanies the book, as the user must rewrite the memories [short term] of the opposition and insert their own add-ins to their favor. Once this occurs, they can either close the book or click the pen to initiate the ability and watch their words at work.

The Pen itself has an interesting ability of forming into weaponry when the user wishes. However, once this occurs, it also means the user can not write the words within their book, meaning they would not be able to use their unique abilities of manipulating ones short term memory.

Techniques Information

Name: The End of Words :: Shatter Point

Description: This technique can only be used when in the 15 meter presence of a target. Once the user opens their book, words will begin to form on the pages containing the memories and thoughts of the specific person they are targeting. Using their pen, they can begin to cross out and eradicate the memories, adding in their own with swift writing. Once complete, they will either click their pen or close the book, and the opposition will suddenly lose their train of thought and be focused on the new short term memories implanted in their mind. This is the most basic technique the End of Words can accomplish.

Name: The End of Words :: Transmogrify

Description: Using the Pen of the book, the user can transform it into a weapon of choice to be used for combat. A single similarity that will be marked on each weapon it transformed too, is the black blade or metal, signifying the ink that was once used to write, is now being used to smite.

History and RP Sample


Born Under the Stars:

Minako was born on a starry night sky, but didn't cry when she was held in her parents arms. It was noticed that she seemed to have misfits, as one moment she will be a happy go lucky child, the next she would seem like she was the spawn of satan. The doctor did not see any problems with her brain, thanks to the constant scans, and figured it was just the child getting use to the environment around her. As she grew older, it would become apparent that they were wrong, as she would show constant signs of struggle within herself. One minute liking a toy, and the next detesting it with all her being. This sent her parents into a realm of confusion on why she was like this. To keep her busy, the parents would give her a book where she could insert her own stories and thoughts and see how they correspond with one another. They would soon find themselves reading two stories coming from the same child. One of bliss and happiness, and the other of eternal doom and despair.

Developing the Gift

As Minako enrolled in school, the teachers were warned of her sudden behavior changes. By this time, she had dawned the name Epiphany for her colder side, while her warmer side stuck with the name Minako. Her body came accustomed with dealing with two minds in one soul, and it became and every day thing for them. As girl grey, she still found herself writing stories in her books, and enjoying her time with such literature that connected both sides of her persona. This would soon develop into a gift of words, and the young female would take full advantage of this in her time of growing. Changing things that she didn't like, from mistakes to embarrassments, and concealing her true natures in the naked eye of all. She is currently enrolled in school and continues her normal life, not really worrying about the qualms of life.

RP Sample:
KnownRadio wrote:
The End of Eternity and the Beginning of Infinity

Minako made her exit from her 'home' she stayed at, when her alternate persona was in charge. It was strange housing two minds within one body, but it was needed with such a profession. The information her scientific mind held would one change the world as one knew it. It's information would change the thoughts of mankind, and pull it away from its fascination with the insipid ideals of time travel and other various expeditions within the fraction of space the mind craved to wander. This would inevitably create a space one could not tread without the proper credentials. A place one could nickname, "Eternity" if you would. A place between time, where the laws of such time didn't not take effect. This would be where humanity could track its own path in the line of their survival. Changing any events that were to happen, and change them so drastically that they would NEVER occur, and lives would be changed forever. However, that would be monitored aswell, since one could not simply make a change. One would need to plot out the lives of the affected and make the change based on that such affection. Dealing with time was something that would leave humanity on a singular path. Not giving them the freedom they once craved when they looked towards the stars.

If one were to think about it, playing with time and creating such an eternity would be like putting a cage around ones own ambitions. Not only one's ambition, but all of humanities. The time spent building such an eternity would take so long, that the time spent building a suitable craft to venture to new planets would become lost. Humanity possibly has the potential to go pass the stars and begin a galactic empire. A series of colonies among other planets that would all have stories for themselves. However, if they were to focus on time, like today, they would only be deluding themselves from such ambitions. By the time Eternity would be mastered, the thoughts of space travel would become too delayed. Humanity would leave the planet, only to be stopped by forces that have left their own planets before them..Not wanting them to tread the reaches of space, and ultimately...locking them on Earth for the rest of their existence. This would ultimately lead to the death of every human. If one couldn't expand their horizons and were forcefully kept in their box, death would become a blessing.

However, to destroy any signs of this occuring, someone from the Eternity itself, would need to stop the round circle of things, and thus end Eternity, and begin Infinity. Infinity, the infinte possibilities mankind has to offer for itself. No life plotting and no reality changes would occur, and everything would occur by chance alone. The chance that humanity may make its mistake. Disasters may occur. Everything was by this chance, which made fate in no one man's hands. Nothing but the gods themselves, would be able to plot the course of humanity as a hole. And with the time spent creating Eternity now put into the creation and expansion of infinity; humanity would spread its seed through the galaxies. No longer would it be just one story of a man on the simple planet called Earth. Now various stories from various planets would come in line. No one would effect the time continuum and life would be ruled strictly by fate alone. The thought alone, made everything so simple and clean. Knowing one had control of their own life and actions..It was empowering. Give them the chance to leave their current life on a current planet to venture out into the far reaches of space before any other life form? That would practically be drool foaming from the mouth of the ambitious.

Minako made her way to the lab, she had college classes today. Science, how funny that was. She was a renown scientist learning about her own theories within class. However, the professor always saw her work as childish, or a waste of time and money. Oh how wrong he was. Everyone would learn sooner or later that this young girl, by the name of Epiphany, would someday change the world. Even though mankind was oblivious to the right of time travel, she had come into contact with plenty of contractors with the gift. She didn't want to know of the future, but one thing was well known between their words. Humanity dies. They don't survive the life on the planet. There would be no way for eternity to avoid such a pandemic to strike the planet as a whole. Even time has its bars. However, in the world of infinity, humanity would not have been cursed to one planet. The numerous..never ending. That was infinity. Endless possibilities one could be affected by. Truly a remarkable thing, and Epiphany knew this. She knew this all too well.

"Excuse me, Professor.." The young Minako would raise her small arm in class to get the professor's attention. Not many would raise their hands in the middle of his lectures. Hell, some would rather sit there and let him go on, while drifting off into a sleep and praising the hour when he would finally shut up and let them escape into the freedom of the world. The reaping hues of the professor seemed to pull and yank at her soul, as he knew her for being the student that questioned his every lecture. She couldn't help it. He was almost always false in every single thing he spoke on. Feeling this other students with such false lies would hurt Epiphany's profession. "Professor, you must admit that if humanity only focused on the equations involving time travel it would only hinder its growth as a whole, correct? For example, if one were to truly step out of time, they could successfully rewrite and plot out the lives of people specifically. No accidents would befall humanity. There would be no reason to grow. To learn from mistakes. We'd focus all our time on such a thing, so when we finally looked towards the stars above, traveling amongst them would seem like an obsolete thought." The class was staring at the young Minako at this point. The girl that pretended to be such a clutz. Such a slow person that they didn't pay her any mind..Where was this sudden intellect coming from? Even the professor dropped his utensils when he heard such knowledge coming from the young female.

The bell would ring just in time, as the class would remain seated, staring at the young female. She would slide from out of her row and take off towards the doors, already breaking her persona. Oh how troublesome. The girl would make her way through the hallways of the institution, knowing just how foolish she was to go into such a nerd sensation. She surely would need to transfer classes now. Ugh, the fact that she needed to take classes like a normal college student did nothing but annoy her. She knew much more than any of the simpletons on the campus, though she would not be able to show off such knowledge around them. Instead this "Minako" persona was forced to be her ruse and it was sickening by far. The day she could return back to her home country would be the day she would start smiling once again. Germany had many different customs when compared to Japan. That was for certain. But these customs weren't anything major at all. Infact, it was pretty simple..Either way, this was not the time to go on about that. Epiphany would make her escape to the edge of the campus and go to the library where she would surely find something to take her mind off what had just occurred.

Skimming the books of the library wasn't the most enjoyable task one could do in their free time, but to keep their minds off other "events" that had occurred alittle time before, it seemed like a blessing in the least. She hated to admit it, but this was true. It was a blessing. It took her mind off of everything around her, and kept her at ease. It was close to blowing her cover, but she didn't care. Someone in college should have the ability to read, right? The young girl would slide her finger upon the smooth covers of literature. Science Fiction, stories that could some day occur, that caught her attention the most. To be honest, she read these stories simply because they would definitely help her one day in the future. Everything written was completely possible and that was for a fact.

Grabbing a book from the shelf, she would drop it on the ground on accident and smack herself on the forehead. However, she would see another student come beside her and pick up the book. Minako's pink hues focused on the student, as the student's own indigo eyes focused back. She was a female and though she didn't look familiar. However, those purple hues of her's were very hypnotizing. Minako would shake her head a few times to get back to her senses, as the girl would press her hand forward to give her the book. "Hi! Nice to meet you! My name is Soki..I'm here!" The tanned girl spoke in a playful tone as Minako couldn't help but reciprocate with a surprised expression. "O-Oh yeah? Nice to meet you Soki, I'm Minako. I'm sorta new here hehe.." She gave a nervous laugh while Soki continued to stare at her lines would appear over her nose in a form of a blush.."Um, Can I he-." "Your breast are really small." Soki would speak with a monotone, while putting her hands on Minako's breast, giving them both a squeeze respectively. The young Minako would pull away and cover her chest with her book in an instant. "Th-that's incredibly rude of you! My breast size is just fine, thank you..!"

With this said, Minako would begin to storm away, while the young Soki would put both hands on her hips and give a sly smile. "How dare her..Like she can truly understand my charm! It's isn't all about the bust, but the brains and figure too!" Minako yelled out into the hallways, while the students would stop to look at her. She wasn't even aware she was causing such a scene. She was too angry, and one certainly couldn't blame her. To be ridiculed about one's bust size was one of the more disrespectful insults a person could be hit by. Oh how she wished to scorn at the moment, but she didn't. She was right about that, correct?

Either way, she would take a sharp turn into the women's bathroom, and make her way to the mirror. It reflected her innocent face, and all she saw was her pink hues staring into their own reaped souls. Her pouty expression would ease away as she would sigh and cross her arms, deep in thought. Who would have thought such a woman could infuriate her so easily. She came off nice, even introduced herself. Said she was new and whatnot, but then she comes out and just ridicule's breast size? What kind of sick world was this? Minako couldn't help but put her hands to her breast and begin to fondle them herself. Was she truly lacking in such a department? She didn't think so..Her small innocent frame was a part of her charm. Alot of people enjoyed it, so why would she need to change now of all times? Surely the girl was kidding and she was just jealous..Though that tan skin..and that name. She surely wasn't from Japan. Maybe she was a foreign exchange student..This would definitely need some looking into, but for now, Minako would let a large sigh escape her lips. She had to reclaim the composure she had recently lost. After the much needed time alone, Minako straightened herself, and headed back out the door. A smile was on her face, how fake it was, and she continued down the hallway humming a song.
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The End of Words [Special Human Complete, I believe]
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