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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Zane Hataro

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PostSubject: Zane Hataro    Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:57 pm

Basic Information

Name: Zane Hataro

Actual Age: 1700

Appeared Age: 29

Gender: Male


Personal Information

Likes/Dislikes: Zane isn't exactly one to like much of anything aside from two main things. Power, and control. He wants to destroy the hollow and most of the shinigami race while turning the rets into Vizards in order to have complete control of all three worlds.

Strength/Weaknesses: Zane's specialty is in two main statistics, speed, and aim. He has been shown able to hit the direct center of a target from up to a mile away with ease using a simple .45 caliber handgun. His natural speed has also been said to match that of the once called fastest in soul society, Yoruichi, though this was never tested and is mainly said. He could be faster or slower, but until then let's just say he's really fucking fast. He only posses strength , endurance and natural spiritual presure far above normal captains,, and at the level of the captain commander with his hollow mask on.
His only real weakness is due to his inner hollow, that being light-based techniques.

Personality: Zane's personallity has never really been determiend. He could alter it to any specifications. The only truely known thing about his personallity is that he is somewhat power-hungry and does whatever will benifit his ideals the most.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Mask Information

Name: The Darkness


Unique Ability: The darkness is a extremely odd inner-hollow with powers to match. It's power is over darkness and other such demonic abilities.
Vectors- The darkness enables two serpent-like vectors to dispurse from the user's body and act like extra limbs. They have twenty thin, but sharp teeth at the top and bottom of their mouths and have the main two powers of the darkness. The first, is that the two serpents are able to devour the hearts of the defeated foes it beats raising the power of the darkness, second, the vectord supply the user a constant supply of power that only raises as they are in the shadows. The weakness of them is that the light hurts them greatly and while active will cause the user to become weak to light as well.

Summonings- In the shadows, the user is able to summon 3 demon-like entitys that appear as what one would imagine a zombie, only instead of being slow and weak with human limitations, they posses strength and speed equivilant to Vice Captains and are able to use guns with the power to shoot bullets that can even puncture most hierro. There can be a total of five of these at once.

Shadow Barrier- While in the shadows, the darkness actually turns them into a invisible solid barrier around the user's skin that can function like hierro even matching that of the Cero espada's, The hierro will also constantly regenerate it self as long as it remains in the dark.

Darkness Guns- This is simply infusing Zane's shikai or bankai with the darknesses power to intensify the overall power by 1.5x while sumultaniously granting the blasts the ability to destroy light.By this, it means the bullets constantly unleash rays of darkness that change light with-in five feet if the hit area for one post.

Demon Arm- The darkness is able to latch the two vectors onto the user's arm to highly enchance their strength to twice of what it was before.

Darkness Control- In the case of an illusion, sense distortion, or any type of danger without the user's awareness, the darkness can take control of the user's mind temporaraly and act accordingly as if not under the effect of the illusion or being aware of what was going on. This only lasts for up to three posts and can't reactivate for ten, though three is usually enough time.

Regeneration- As long as the user stays in shadow or in darkness they will be able to cnstantly regenerate even internal organs. This is easily stopped simply by surrounding the user in light.
Small cutts- Instant
Large gashs- One post
organs- two posts
Limbs- three posts
A large amount of damage such as what Snyzel sustained after being hit by Uruyu's ginto.- 5 posts

Full Hollow State- The darkness is able to take full control of the user in a life-or-death scenario or pre-death scenario. The user's eyes will turn pitch-black and they will gain a ominous black reiatsu. The raw power of the user is multiplied by three in every statistic, however with the darkness in full control the user can easily kill allys or anyone with-in range, The darkness isn't dumb or insane, but just loves to kill relentlessly.

Hollow Mask Appearance: <--- The head portion of this.

Durations: 10 posts
5 posts cooldown

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Raienzo Akuma

Zanpakuto Looks:

Zanpakuto Description: It's sealed, since when do sealed zanpakto have powers?

Released Zanpakuto Description: Zane's zanpakto acts similer to how a quincy's powers work on terms of use. The duel handguns are able to gather reishi and spiritual energy from the world around them at a rather fast pace and then use that reishi as ammo in the guns for spiritual bullets or even miniature beams like cero. The bullets can be rapid-fire or charged up for extra power, though all of them usually can impale beings without any type of defence or a average or lower hierro.. The guns are able to even feed of the spiritual energy emitted by opponents or the user to speed up the rate of fire or suppliment for low reishi in areas such as earth.
Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Shoot away at the pathetic vermin of this hell,

Released Zanpakuto Looks: A duel version of this.

Bankai Look[b]

[b]Bankai abilities[b] The ability of Zane's bankai is much like shikai, but on a far greater scale. There is now two sub-machine guns instead of .45 caliber handguns allowing a MUCH faster fire-rate as well as far stronger bullets able to break through most any hierro with the constant barrages of bullets.. The guns gather reishi at a faster rate as well. The guns both also have a new type of beam that is fired similer to a cero, however the power of it is been shown able to match the cero oscuras, a very powerful cero only able to be used by the strongest of espada in their released state. In this state, the bullets also come in two other types. One is a highly explosive bullet that explodes with force to equal that of several tons of TNT. The other type being a lock-on base bullet that will target the target's reiatsu signature and follow it accordingly.

[b]History and RP sample

History: Zane was born in the capital of Japan, Tokyo, formerly known as Edo during that time period. He was son to one of the emperor Oda's maidens and one of his frontline generals. He had lived with his mother through most of childhood up till age eight. At that time he began his training with his brother to join the Oda army in a later time period. He mainly trained in the arts of Kendo and sukan with the sword and spear. Over a five-year span, his training continue until the time came that he was recruited into the army as a corperal with his brother under the same battalion lead by his father. Zane praticipated in several battles until age 17 where things started to change. It was the battle of mitogawa and his father had been shot down by an ambush unit. He himself stayed to buy his brother,best friend from the army,and allys time to escape from the assault. He was kiled in the process obviously due to being highly out-numbered. ALthough, he did kill over thirty men before he fell and gave the others time to escape.
Zane awoke later attached to the site where he was killed. Everyone was gone now, and he was in some strange form. The form of a dead soul. He was lockied there with some type of chain and couldn't leave. After three months of solitude, he noticed tehc hain was getting smaller and smaller. Zane really didn't know what to think of it, so he just ignored it for the time being. by the fifth month the chain broke and Zane was turned into a demi-hollow.
As a hollow, Zane spent most of his time devouring the lost souls of dead spldiers and occasional ate a few other hollows. After a year in the war-feild, he moved to the Menos Forest to devour more hollows in his thirst for power. During his time as a gillian in the battle feild, he found out devouring hollows gave more power then mear souls. Eventually, Zane and a group of other hollows got in a karge brawl and fused together into a Menos Grande.
Zane's willpower far surpassed that of the other hollows conjoined in the Menos, thus his personality toke over the thing. He then continued to feed and even more hollows and even some Menos for years until he entered the nexts tage of evolution.
Zane became an adjuhace and surpassed the strength of every other hollow in the forest making him the leader of the forest for the time being. He ordered sacrifices brought to him each day, or else he would go on blind rampage sin the forest, killing and devouring every hollow in sight.
After eating his ten thousandth hollow, Zane evoulved yet again into the most powerful of hollows. A vasto Lordes. As a vasto, Zane started to resurface to the living realm more often to devour more human souls. Hollow souls did indeed give more power to him, but the humans tasted far better. He fought many shinigami as well in the world and killed over twenty before he was confronted by one of the Captains. Zane thought it was just another shinigami and proceeded to attack. He was winning gaainst the soul reaper until they user bankai. The shinigami's zanpakto speciality was fire and burned Zane's entire body up to the third degree until teh shinigami finally ended it and decapitated him with their zanpakto. However, the hollow, as a last resort to live used it's special ability to seal itself inside the soul that was being transfered to the soul society because of the purification process
. It remained dorment for the time being.

Zane had lost all his memories of being a hollow once he arrived in the soul society and was rather confused about what had happened. He wondered aimlessly through rukongo, trying to find answers to the many questions he had. He found out quiet a few things, but none that he really cared for. After two months, Zane found his best-friend from the world of the living as a shinigami. From that point on his friend trained Zane into becoming a shinigami. It was a very long process, but by the ending result it was worth it. Zane never did learn anything about kido or care for it, but he learned alot about his zanpakto and shunpo skill. He had developed quickly in the art of shunpo, quickly surpassing his friend, and learned his shikai very quickly as well.

Zane was then assigned as third seat of squad 6 and served loyaly for over two-hundred years, always training to try and gain further power. On a friday afternoon, his friend had came at the door again, it had bene awhile since they spoke to eachother, so they naturally had a long conversation over what went on in the last two hundred years. By the end of the conversation, Zane's best-friend
, Hanzo had mentioned that he had obtained the power of bankai. Zane had always wanted to obtain bankai, but never knew how to obtain it and never thought of asking the captain for training, so he requested his friend to help him achieve bankai. His friend accepted and began the training quickly. There were many life-threatening test involved in trying to obtain his bankai, but after three-hundred years, he had finally unlocked it. The two then parted ways yet again.

It wasn't long before people found out of his abilities in bankai and he was promoted to captain of squad 11 for the time being. Although, after five years of being captain, he started having odd dreams. He dreamed he was a hollow killing shinigami and other hollows. it was indeed odd and he didn't know why he was seeing these things. Ten years later yet another unusual happening occured, he had the dream of being burned alive as a Vasto Lordes and actually felt the burns on his right-arm. The next morning when he awoke, his entire arm was scarred out of no where with third degree burns. He went to the medic area to try and have the arm healed, but it was ireversable by even the most advanced healing techniques.He later had a seal constructed by the 12th squad of Research and Development for his entire right-arm to seal away some of his high spiritual pressure and cover the scars of his arm.

Twenty years later, he heard a rumor that someone with a similer appearance had just been enstated in the sixth squad as ninteenth seat. He went to confrim this and found out it was his brother from back in the world of the living. He barely remembered anything about him since he was in the soul society so long, but he did manage to remember they were brothers, that was about it though. Zane toke his brother to private areas to train him to try and obtain shikai and bankai as well, but, an unfortunate occurance was that once his brotehr unlocked shikai, it was the same as his own. The same zanpakto, He knew it was against shinigami law for two soul reapers to have the same zanpakto, so he tryed to conceal the soul society from knowing of his brother's shikai. No one found out for awhile, but nothing lasts forever. By the time Zane was 700 his brother was found out and a death-match was ordered by the Soul Society. They were both poisoned iwth a type of drug to make eachother think the other was a hollow so that they would fight without holding back. Once the drug woere off and Zane found out what the fuck had happened, he was extremely angered and and left the Soul Society the next night and vowed to destroy it for that incident alone.

After fifty years of hiding, he started having dreams again, and his inner-hollow or previous self had began to awaken from it's long sleep. He moved to a deserted area and had a long internal war with his hollow as he entered full-hollowfication and destroyed the entire area leaving destruction through the entire area. The few shinigami that came during the time were also killed. By the time he finally toke over his hollow alone, a captan was soon to come from the disturbance in spiritual energy. With his remaining strength, Zane moved away to Karakura town to continue his hiding and search for away to destroy the Soul Society.

Years later as time progressed and the old Vizard Leader had died, Zane saw this as his chance to take over their organization and destroy every other possible match for their power. This ment the arrancar, hollows, and soon even the Soul Society. Zane toke the spot as a new leader was needed and he had been the only one with enough power to qualify at the time. Now the rebuilding would begin. Then the destruction.

RP Sample: Dellapero Grance had been walking silently along the hollow-filled forest of Menos that had been his home for the recent generation. Each day had been a dull hell just as it always was since his days as a gillian. It had been a long time since then. Over two thousand years since he first came here. The entire area was familiar to him now. Every mile of it. His thoughts passed through his mind like a bullet-train passed the tracks of history. So, here he was.

Dellapero was an adjuhas-class arrancar. A exceptionally strong one at that matching the power of most Vasto Lordes class arrancars. Though, this was mainly because of his powers. His power was of raw physical power making him a power-house like build. Dellapero had excelled in several arts of combat as well as strategic tactics. He was unaware of any events going on upon the surface as he hadn't returned their for over a millennia. He only stayed in the forest in his eternal solitude with the countless everyday fights of miscellaneous hollows pestering him hourly.

Dellapero stands at a height of 6'5 with a Mesomorhp build. This is shown by his abnormally large muscle mass that is visible along his chest and stomach. Dellapero has a tan, caucasian skin-tone, black hair that covers the entire top of his head as well as even reaching down over the back of his neck and forehead. Dellapero has eyes as black as the darkest midnight and commonly has a very calm, almost to the point of being emotionless, facial expression. He only would show a different expression in a rare case. Dellapero's attire consists of a black leather jacket that covers his entire back, the bottom-back of his neck, and 25% of the sides of his stomach and chest. As well as black pants that go down to his ankles. At the center of his right-hand, the inscription of his his number is shown in a blood-like red color. Dellapero's hollow mask fragment consists of white hollow mask covering a 1 inch radius around his left-eye. The mask material appears to be smooth, and isn't that thick compared to other fragments. His hollow hole is at the center of his back and stomach, allowing one to see the inside of a portion of the jacket through the stomach.

At the moment, his right-hand was covered in the blood of another adjuhas class hollow that had annoyed him only moments ago. Dellapero had sent a rather quick jab at the creatures heart and impaled it straight through, causing instant death to the annoyance. In consequence, the damn thing's insides had coated his skin. Though, he didn't care much.

Dellapero Grance was originally a Espada serving long ago back under the reign of Barragan. The arrancar was one of the very few people he actually respected and thought had a reason for existing. But later, when the one known as Aizen had emerged, Dellapero was very displeased with the case and left for his own ambitions in search for ways to improve his power. As for earlier he had been a obsolete arrancar. By now, Dellapero had raised his power considerably since those many years ago. Though, he never did return to the surface yet. Maybe it was about time he did? No, not yet. When the time comes there would be a sign. '

Dellapero was the aspect of solitude, but did have a small belief in the ideal called fate/ Fate being the theory of events being predetermined by some all powerful god and that things could never be changed from what they were planned to be. Maybe it was true, maybe it wasn't. It was one of the many questions that had no answer.
There were many questions in this fable existence known as life. There are known answers, Then there are unknown answers. And there are also the unknown unknown. A rare thing where we don't even know what it is we don't know. These things would always be answered in time, but the question was how much time? Even god-like beings such as arrancar and shinigami only live so long.

Dellapero Grance abruptly stopped his slow walk upon reaching the connecting point between the Menos Forest and the Hueco Mundo desert, It was a somewhat large, but empty cave filled with dozens upon dozens of quartz trees. Each was very variant in size, ranging from a few feet to all the way to the desert. It was odd how the trees were so different from each other, yet always the same. They always stay the same shape, color, and derailment, but yet always appear to be in over a million different sizes. Such was a weird event, as was this entire world itself

Dellapero looked around with his common emotionless glance. He scanned the emptiness of the cave and saw the gateway that lead up to the land above. Deciding to just stay here in wait for the sign he had thought of in his infinitely dense cycle of his mind. He merely slouched down next to a 4 foot high smooth rock and laid his back against it in the silence. Dellapero just sat there for awhile to see if anything would happen. The only actual thing happening at the time was a occasional scream or roar from the thousands upon thousands upon millions of hollows fighting in a struggle for survival. Such was the fate of all hollows. As Dellapero would say in his mind, only the strongest will survive in this pathetic economy, if it could even be called such.

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PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro    Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:42 pm

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Malicia Nephilim


PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro    Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:30 pm

His "only weakness" is a personality trait not a weakness.

you can't have that many spawns that are able to do so much damage that they can break "most hierros" because "actual characters" are often blocked by it.

Explain exactly what you mean by "destroying light" you won't be able to just "lolremove" your character's skills' only weakness.

Darkness Control requires an important backlash of some sort if you want to be able to "lolignore" those things completely, a duration or only partial "seeing through" the illusions are also alternatives.

Regeneration: -Large- gashes should take at least a post, whole limbs should take at least three posts as an arm or legs is many times the biomass of an organ, which you stated to take 2

Full Hollow Form: x10 stats is OP unless your base stats are utter shit. You're applying for Vizard Leader so your standard power should be above an average captain's. 10 Advanced captain's worth of strength/speed? get real.


Regarding the zanpakutoh when you refer to "average hierro" do you refer to "average arrancar" or "average espada"? same with bankai.

You cannot just passively drain a lot of reaitsu from everything in a 20-meters radius or passively absorbs such strong attacks as a cero. Besides Even though your powers are similar to a quincy's you still aren't one and -they- still need to use Seele Shreider to be able to steal it from their opponents.


Edo era was the middle age of Japan as far as I recall, if you were born in Edo and your character is 5500 years old that would make the story be in 6000~7000, which it is not.

Souls do not turn into Gillians a soon as they turn hollows. a Gillian is created by some cannibalistic rampage feast between one or more hundreds of hollows, usually in the Menos Forest. it's the "first level" of Menos Grande.


RP sample, same problem as stated above for the years and millenniums. Also, try finding replacements for the name of your character it's used pretty redundantly throughout the first few paragraphs, especially the description one. (No need to do that now, just keep it in mind as a friendly FYI)
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PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro    Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:03 pm

I refer to espada on the zanpakto. This is the VL after all, it is supposed to be at the level of the EL and CC overall.

Rest has been edited.
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Malicia Nephilim


PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro    Thu Dec 02, 2010 5:19 pm

Almost all good., just two things left.

Firstly, I know about what you just said but I'm just concerned about the spamability of attacks that inflicts enough damage to pierce through an Espada hierro. Especially since Espada often have Hierro far more resistant than most characters Arrancars or Shinigami alike. Even more so if you have a SMG that can dish out dozens of it per seconds.

Secondly, you didn't change the reiatsu/energy skills absorption. Again even quincies who are masters at manipulating spirit particles need Seele Schreider to "feed off their opponent's spiritual energy"
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PostSubject: Re: Zane Hataro    

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Zane Hataro
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