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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Roku :: Sound of Death {W.I.P}

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PostSubject: Roku :: Sound of Death {W.I.P}   Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:42 pm

Basic Information

Name: Roku

Actual Age: 122

Appeared Age: 19

Gender: Male


The looks of Roku is very complex but at the same time simple. His skin is extremely smooth. He doesn't care about his appearance but bumps on his face bother him greatly, He have pure white hair, maybe due to his clan but it was normal sized. He have a headband ontop of his head but mainly used to place over his head to blind himself allowing his hearing ablities to come foruth. He have a large cut on the left side of his chin, its unknown how he gained that or what it shows for. He have a scrap from his right shoulder down to his left waist, on it behind him is two swords which he carrys them around almost everywhere. Both of the swords he did not name yet so he just keep them as swords, one is used for his Advanced swordswork and the other for his Elemental ablities, if he put them both together he use them for better attacks. He also sometimes is seen with scrolls on the strap, but no one knows what they intail. Maybe they just make him look better or something of the sorts. His undershirt is black short sleeves, while his shirt over that one is a sort of button up type shirt but he only buttons the bottom and not the top showing his undershirt which is long sleeve which go's alittle over his hands but he is ok with that. He wears black shorts, there pretty long to be specific. Not that specific >_>. Anyway on his right side is where he holds his normal ninja tools. Using that and the specific and good looking sandles or boots unknown what they call them there just shoes to him.

Personal Information

Close Quarter Combat
True Warriors

Unworthy fighters
Horrible Fights

Roku is given the ablity of high speed movement, meaning his body is quick at attacking,reacting, defending as well as techniques. He carries two swords on him, these swords are not simple swords to break, they allow Roku to fight at his fullest power when weilding both of them, his skills are classified when it comes to Swordsmenship. He is also blind but was somehow given the power of enhanced hearing, which allows him to hear even the most slightest things from large distances away. His spiritual engery is alittle higher then above adverage Visards. He carries the most important power of all, his power of conducting Lightning and for some strange reason it comes out White, this power comes from his Zanpakuto.

Roku major weakness is strength, his body is somewhat fragile, and he can't take as much attacks as the next man, henc the reason he is so fast, so he could evade and dodge the opponents attacks. Minor Weakness is the fact that he is blind and if wants to see something he must add spiritual energy to his eyes, he only does that when its actually needed but as far as that he relies on his enhanced Hearing and Spiritual engery sensory.

Quite. More to say is very unusual. He doesn’t strive for the best. He is just the type to be there is all, as a swordsmen he challenges ones who he believe that is worthy to fight him, he isn't cocky or anything he just love great fights. Quiet, waiting and listening. He if often called the odd one of the group due to him not wanting to talk, he would only talk if he was required. Other then that he use his actions to tell someone something to someone. His voice is nice and emotionless at the same time. He can be sweet sometimes but that’s only if no one else is around. He finds himself secretly a pretty good guy but his actions make him seem like a badass who is evil. But all in all he always get what every he have to do done as quickly as possible. He waste no time in what ever he have to do. With that kind of additude in mine he is one gifted warrior. When it comes to dating he doesn't really look for a girl, his standards are "A hot badass girl who can stand up for herself and can kick my ass", is his standards, but as far as that he doesn't really pay most girls attention unless they can fight.

Sexual Orientation: straight

Relationship Status: Single and looking

Mask Information

Name: (Name of your inner hollow.)

Manifestation: (What your inner hollow looks like.)

Unique Ability: (The name of your unique ability and its description when your mask is on.)

Hollow Mask Appearance: (Describe what your mask looks like or an image will do.)

Duration: (How long your mask can stay out, and how long until you can use it again. 10 posts is the maximum.)

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: (The name of your Zanpakuto.)

Zanpakuto Looks: (What your Zanpakuto normally looks like.)

Zanpakuto Description: (A basic description of your Zanpakuto's abilities.)

Released Zanpakuto Description: (A description of your Zanpakuto's abilities are once its been released.)

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: (what you say when you release your Zanpakuto.)

Released Zanpakuto Looks: (What your Zanpakuto looks like once released.)

History and RP sample

History: (Your characters history.)

RP Sample: (An example of the way you RP.)

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Roku :: Sound of Death {W.I.P}
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