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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Sebastian Sharpe

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PostSubject: Sebastian Sharpe   Sat Nov 27, 2010 7:31 pm

Basic Information

Name: Sebastian Sharpe

Real Age: 887+

Appeared Age: 23

Gender: Male

Division: 8th Division

Rank: Captain

Organization: none

Appearance: Sebastian is about 6feet tall and has a muscular athletic and lean build, Sebastian’s muscles are well toned and defined but he is lean so he doesn’t look overly buff. His shoulders are broad and seems to give him that knightly look about him, its been said that Sebastian looks like a younger version of his father in every way, ranging from the facial features to the body type.

Sebastian seems to have a serious look on his face about 80% of the time, but don’t let this fool you, Sebastian has a sense of humor and is a good person at heart. Sebastian’s face is a perfect example of nobility, his face is clean of any blemishes or markings except for the scar that runs through his left eye (Sebastian says it shows character) his facial hair is almost identical to his fathers when he was that age. His eyes often change color ranging from a dark brown to a lighter shade of brown. Sebastian also keeps his hair at medium length as he has done all his life.

Sebastian wares the standard shinigami robes but his captains haori is slightly different, it is sleeves are narrow and looks much like a coat, the collar is also tailored to matched the rest of the haori.

Personal Information

Likes: One § Training- Sebastian has and always will be a training fanatic, when he was younger he saw it as the only way to show he wasn’t weak and that he was more than capable of protecting himself, this carried on with him into the after life as he strived to become the strongest and continues to train and push his limits every day.
Two § Girls- pretty plain and simple, Sebastian isn’t just all about training, he is of course a guy and cant help but stare at a girl if she captures his interest, hell he was even dating a girl and was going to marry her but he met his untimely death at the hands of his brother.
Three § Books/Knowledge/History- Sebastian has always been fascinated by history and his thirst for knowledge was huge. Aside from spending his time training Sebastian would often spend his days in the library of the castle and read all day long.
Four § friends- Sebastian has always been very social able, he has no problem talking to people and often tried to befriend them if he can. If Sebastian is really close to some one and even when he’s not, he is willing to put his life on the line to protect them.

Dislikes: One § Spineless People- enough said, if there is one thing Sebastian hates more than his brother Robert, its spineless people who cower behind their soldiers and never once bother to get their hands dirty.
Two § Robert Sharpe- Sebastian’s back stabbing and unforgivable brother. Sebastian looks at his older brother as a curse to the family and the number one cause of why their family was torn apart, he was greedy, power hungry, and never once did anything to work for what he received much like their great ancestors. Eventually Robert turned on his brothers and eventually killed Sebastian but not before Sebastian was able to kill him as well.

1. Sebastian has a keen sense for his soundings and pays close attention to detail, he lets very little go unnoticed.
2. Swordsmanship, Sebastian is very skilled with his sword and has been known to often fight with one hand.
3. Kido, though Sebastian prefers to use only his sword for fighting he is also very skilled in kido but hardly uses it.
4. immense spiritual pressure.
5. enhanced strength
6. Sound thinker, Sebastian is smart not super smart but smart enough to make decisions on the fly, his thought process is relatively quick and allows him to react a bit quicker than most weather its for good or bad.
Weaknesses:[/b] Sebastian has been known to have a temper or at least had a temper.

Personality: Sebastian used to be a very prideful person, he loved the fact that he was royalty but rarely let it get to him. he worked hard for what was given to him and never expected anything from anyone. he showed great loyalty to those around him, this was shown when he was given control of the army of his kingdom, he quickly befriended them and even took his time to get to know each of them better. Sebastian took such good care of his soldiers that not one of them ever questioned him nor did they ever doubt him. Sebastian cared deeply for his friends and his brothers, he would go to extreme lengths just to make them happy or to cheer them up. It was no wonder that he was heartbroken when it came time to fight his brother Robert(Alaster) the first time around. Since his death Sebastian has become a more reserved and calm person, he loves to talk and tries to socialize and befriend anyone that he thinks is a good person. Sebastian also loves to joke around, he’s smart and likes to think things through before acting but he has been known to let his skills and pride get the better of him. Sebastian is also an honorable person and actually fights by a code which he has been known to break from time to time, this usually occurs when Sebastian lets his anger overwhelm him, and during such occasions Gabriel will calm Sebastian down.

The secret of rage. Though Sebastian doesn’t look it, he actually has a lot of built up anger within him, he has no idea where it came from and when he loses control he usually doesn’t remember what happened. As a trained warrior and heir to the throne Sebastian inherited his Fathers bloodlust, Sebastian was un a where of this side of his father, that is because when James was born their father took an oath to never be cold blooded or ruthless to another soul unless he was provoked or the kingdom was threatened.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: single

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Gabriel
Zanpakuto Looks: Gabriel is a beautifully crafted and decorated broadsword, with a royal blue handle and a guard that resembles angel wings.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Shine your light of judgment upon them.

Shikai: Gabriel’s release gives the sword the ability to manipulate its structure allowing the sword to form any weapon Sebastian wants, the release also allows for the use of Reiatsu manipulation allowing Sebastian to fire waves of energy and perform various attacks using Gabriel.

Shikai Techniques:
Gabriel has quite a few Abilities when in shikai the first is Gabriel’s ability to shape shift, this is made possible due to the fact that when in shikai Gabriel becomes a sword made of pure spiritual energy. Gabriel’s ability to shape shift gives Sebastian the chance to adapt to many battle situations, may they be long range or close quarters.
Sebastian has spent enough time training that he has been able to have Gabriel shape shift into a Bow with arrows made of energy, a scythe, a large broad sword also known as a zwiehander sword, a lance, and a large circular Shield. Once Sebastian was able to master Gabriel’s shape shifting ability, he took the time to become skilled enough to use each of the weapons decently however, Sebastian is most lethal when Gabriel is a regular sword. Gabriel can shape shift at any time to allow Sebastian to adapt to a battle and has no cool down time.

Gabriel’s next ability is one that Sebastian uses the most and is the most skilled with. Since Gabriel is made of pure spiritual energy and has the ability to shape shift there is an attack that Sebastian performs where Gabriel takes the shape of a ball of energy in Sebastian’s palm and is then fired like a blast. The blast has been known to fly up to about 300 feet however due to the range of the attack, the longer it has to travel the weaker it is and the longer Sebastian is vulnerable to attacks. This being said Sebastian tries to only use the attack for close to mid range combat. (usable every post)

The next of Gabriel’s unique abilities is one where Sebastian can throw Gabriel through the air and while in trajectory Gabriel will shatter and burst into a thousand thin razor like bullets that are each four inches long and have a high velocity giving them good piercing power. When thrown Gabriel with fly anywhere from five to ten feet before bursting into the shards. The accuracy of this is attack is relatively high due to the fact that it comes as a surprise attack to many who have never witnessed the move. The is one large downside to this attack and it is the fact that Gabriel takes time to reform in Sebastian’s hand after this attack is used and Sebastian will be weaponless for one post.
This move can only be used every 2 posts and is used sparingly due to the repercussions if used.

The last of Gabriel’s shikai abilities is another interesting ability and doesn’t involve Gabriel’s shape shifting abilities. This attack actually involves the second of Gabriel’s elements, Lightning. Sebastian will hold Gabriel to the sky and from the heavens a large and strong lightning bolt will rain down out of the sky in an attempt to severely damage or paralyze an opponent. Sebastian uses this move sparingly as well, due to the fact that is easy to dodge since the lightning only strikes where the opponent is standing. This attack is usable every 2 posts.

Released Zanpakuto Looks: when released the sword will turn into a sword made of pure energy that is golden in color.

Other Techniques: flash step, kido

Bankai Information
This applies to captains only.

Do you want your character to have bankai: Yes

Bankai Description: In addition to gaining three new attacks Gabriel is able to retain the same attacks as its shikai. Allowing Sebastian to use each of the abilities for shikai at a higher level of strength.

Now for the first of Gabriel’s Bankai moves. Supreme light is a variant of Gabriel’s Lightning attack in shikai. Sebastian still holds Gabriel to the sky however, instead of a bolt of lightning raining down out of the sky, a bright and blinding white circle will appear under the opponent and take up a 10 foot radius, then a giant pillar of light will explode upwards out of the ground and seems to extend to the heavens. This attack is potentially dangerous to those of equal strength to Sebastian and is even worse for those below his rank and power. Since the attack covers a ten foot radius Sebastian can use it to hit a small group of enemies at once. The attack is usable every 3 posts.

Gabriel’s next ability involves the three spikes that now rest on Sebastian’s right shoulder. Each spike on Sebastian’s shoulder allows him to boost the power of his attacks by 33% for each spike used meaning that if two spikes were used the attack’s gain a 66% power boost and all three spikes grant a 99% power boost. That being said with each spike uses the duration shortens with one spike active the boost can last for 8 posts, when two of the spikes are active the boosts will only last for 4 posts and when all three pikes are used the affects only last for two posts. If the spikes are used for the duration granted they will not be able to be reused, this gives way to Sebastian only using the spikes when needed and also only using them for short amounts of time. Since Sebastian uses the spike sparingly he is able to boost an attack for a short while and then withdraw the power from his sword and cause the spike to reform.

Gabriel’s last ability while in bankai is the strongest attack Sebastian has been known to use and can only be used when all three spikes are being used. Sebastian will absorb the power of all three spikes including Gabriel into his hand and will either release all of the energy in one massive wave that has a 2 mile range, and is roughly 10 feet in diameter or Sebastian will try to get in close to his opponent and attempt to release all of the power in one very devastating punch.

Bankai Looks: Sebastian is covered in Gabriel’s armor that rests over his clothes, he gains a pair of glowing wings and on his right shoulder three spikes stick up that are used to boost Sebastian’s attacks

History and RP Sample

History: it is said that before the time of knights and kings in the middle ages, that the Sharpe family was a line of great warriors they were a bloodthirsty and power hungry bunch of savages until one of their own rose against them, his name was Gabriel Sharpe. There are many legends saying that Gabriel was in fact the arch angel Gabriel but many played the rumors off as superstition. Gabriel enlisted the help of his two brother who he knew cared for their family as much as he did. Gabriel chose to raise against his family in order to save them from their own destruction and in doing so a war broke out shook the very earth. The great war lasted for 3 years with each side taking major loses looking at the destruction Gabriel had caused brought him great pain, he looked at the destruction and knew he was no better than his power hungry relatives. The next morning Gabriel prayed for the strength to defeat his family and rid the world of their evil.

When Gabriel woke in the morning he found a beautifully crafted and elegant sword the gave off a holy aura, it even sang as it cut through the air. Gabriel marched into battle that day with the sword and won the war that very day. With the war over and his relatives dead Gabriel swore to never raise his sword again, and a few days later Gabriel vanished from the face of the earth and his brothers, continued on and built a kingdom in his honor.
Gabriel’s wife gave birth to a boy a year after the kingdom was constructed. The Sharpe family soon gained a name for themselves and the story of Gabriel was passed down from generation to generation.

Now turn the clock forward about an hundred years and we are met with Warren Sharpe the father of James, Robert, and Sebastian. Warren was known as one of the most powerful and greatest kings around, many even compared him to the legend of his great ancestor Gabriel. Warren wasn’t to found of being referred to as the second coming of Gabriel, he was far from being perfect and he knew it, he was the opposite of Gabriel, he had a bloodlust and a thirst for battle. Warren was as great a warrior as he was a king but his world changed when his wife gave birth to their fist son James, from that day on Warren vowed to be a greater king and to live up to the legend of Gabriel, from that day on Warren never once declared war on another country nor did he raise his sword to harm anyone. Warren was then given the gift of his next son Robert and then again three years later when Sebastian was born. Warren made sure to make the Sharpe name one of the most powerful and respected families. Sebastian was the youngest of the 3 sons, who were each next in line for the throne. While Sebastian’s older brothers got everything they asked for, Sebastian stood out and would not except anything from his father unless he worked for it and earned it, and this was while he was still a kid, his brothers saw this as him sowing off and trying to gain favoritism from their father but, this wasn’t the case, Sebastian preferred to work for what he got and this led Sebastian gain the most respect from his father. As a young child Sebastian was taught the importance of religion from his father who he truly respected and as a result Sebastian would visit the small chapel that was attached to the castle. Seeing that Sebastian was beginning to be a great deal like himself, Warren would often take Sebastian to visit the royal library, while there Warren would often ready Sebastian stories of their families history.

As Sebastian aged and grew older his competitive nature was born, his father would teach Sebastian everything he knew ranging from battle tactics to swordsmanship, though Warren cared a lot for each of his sons, he knew Sebastian was something special and wanted to make sure that Sebastian never lost this great quality. During these middle years of Sebastian’s life were some of the best years, he met many friends and since he was older his brothers hung around him more often which made Sebastian happy to know that his older brothers were there to look out for him no matter what. Since his brothers were around him more Sebastian got to spar with them and was able to put the skills he learned from his father to the test, which was usually a one sided afair since his brothers were only trained by the armies leader. James didn’t mind that Sebastian was better than him, he actually embraced it and tried to help Sebastian further by training with him every day, which is where Sebastian’s quest to become stronger was born. Robert on the other hand saw Sebastian’s strength as a threat to his becoming king, if there was one thing Robert wanted the most, it was power, though he would never let this show around anyone. Sebastian loved the fact that he was part of such a great family and built up a great pride due to that.

Teen years- around Sebastian’s early teen years he began to notice things more clearly, his father still continued to teach him and everyday the lessons were harder and harder but Sebastian’s will to be the best pushed him to excel. During this time Sebastian met the first and only love of his life Natalie Shaw, who he became very close with.
With each day the naming of Warren’s successor drew closer and closer and everyone in the kingdom was certain that Warren would name Sebastian the next king, after all Sebastian was like his father in every way, they thought alike, the looked alike, and they even acted alike, so it was no surprise that Sebastian was so close to his father. The day of the ceremony a large feast and festival was held in honor of the occasion and everyone from around the kingdom was involved regardless of their social status. As the festival progressed the people were anxious as to see who would become their future king and it was no surprise at all the Sebastian was named the successor however, what really surprised the guests and damn near the entire kingdom was that Sebastian declined his fathers offer to be king. Warren took to this news with a smile, he was a wise man and knew his son well enough to know what Sebastian was truly interested in, Warren looked at the crowed and nodded his head and then looked to his two remaining sons Robert and James and without hesitation as if Warren had known about Sebastian’s decline ahead of time James was named the successor instead. Robert was infuriated at his fathers decision and stormed out of the castle and was later chased down by Sebastian who convinced him to come back. That night Warren was alone in his study looking over some documents when a knock came on the down, it was Robert baring a try with two cups of tea, he said he was there to apologize for his action earlier and offered to sit with his father and just talk, little did Warren know that the cup of tea he drank was actually poisoned and that night Robert ran away for good. In the morning a scream ripped through the kingdom and a wave of sadness over took its citizens, Warren had died that night in his sleep and left behind a grief stricken wife and a very young king, Sebastian was the only one who noticed that Robert was no where to be found at the time, and it didn’t hit anyone till a day later when Sebastian accused his brother Robert of killing there father.

A months after Warren died, Isabella took a turn for the worst and became ill, and while on her death bed she handed Sebastian a note that had a location somewhere within the kingdom written on it, she told Sebastian that before his father had died, he had planed on giving that piece of paper to Sebastian as a gift. The day after the funeral of their mother Sebastian set out to find the location his father had written down, Sebastian had offered James to accompany him but James kindly declined stating that the note was intended for Sebastian only.
The location on the piece of paper eventually led Sebastian to a tomb that was actually the family tomb, within it Sebastian found something that had been lost for nearly 100 years, it was the legendary sword that their great ancestor Gabriel had apparently acquired from god and used to defeat his evil family, attacked to the sword handle was a note from Sebastian’s father Warren that said that Warren had been searching for the sword for a long time and that when the location was discovered he kept it hidden until the day that one of his sons learned the true meaning of family, the letter went on to state that the sword was in fact Gabriel’s and that Sebastian was the only one who should remove it from the tomb.

While Sebastian had been on his travels a dark cloud was brewing over the kingdom, something evil and wicked was coming and was going to unleash untold destruction upon the people, the storm in question was Robert, who appeared to have managed to acquire a few soldiers from a nearby kingdom by starting a coup de tat which made the soldiers believe in Roberts cause. Within a day Robert marched right up to the castle and waged war on the people of his former home. Unknown to James it seemed as though Robert had managed to gain a few defectors from the kingdom as well and in doing so began to overwhelm the army. About a mile outside of the castle Sebastian could see smoke looming over the tall castle walls, Sebastian stepped it into high gear and hurried home. This was the first meeting between Robert and his brothers in over 5 years and when Sebastian arrived on the scene a quiet rage built up within him, he drew the legendary sword from it sheath and worked his way through Roberts makeshift army with very little effort, eventually leading to Robert and Sebastian coming face to face. Sebastian’s rage over came him and he began to over power his brother not once holding back, he wanted to see his brother pay for the pain he had caused them. Sebastian ultimately beat Robert and kicked him out of the castle and placed a bounty on his head, James and Sebastian did this to ensure that Robert wouldn’t be able to pull a stunt like this again.

3 years later over managing to evade countless bounty hunters and numerous close encounters with death Robert appeared on a hill over looking the castle, his face hidden behind a hood that gave him the appearance of a demonic knight, behind Robert stood an army of a thousand blood thirsty and ruthless mercenaries and former soldiers who left their homes in pursuit of Robert’s dream.

Ever since Robert’s reappearance and his first failed attempt at trying to overthrow and kill his brothers, Sebastian was left to pick up the pieces, he put all his effort into building up that army and instilling a sense of pride in all of them, Sebastian’s leadership and undying kindness had turned the soldiers into efficient fighting machines, they were trained by Sebastian, who taught them the same techniques he had learned from his father. James on the other hand took over the true roll of a king and commanded the love of his people, while Warren had spent his time teaching Sebastian everything there was to know about fighting, Warren also found the time to teach James how to be a great team and as a result, the combination of Sebastian and James only increased the legend and fame behind their family name.

The following morning a scout came riding back into town explaining to Sebastian and James that he had seen an enemy camp just beyond the tree line. Sebastian quickly readied the troops for an invasion and that feeling of rage began to fill Sebastian’s heart once again, he knew exactly who the enemy was and knew that this time he would hold back.
Robert and his army slowly emerged from the surrounding forest and took up point right in front of the castle about a few hundred feet out, Robert turned to his men and a smile came over his face. Robert then began to pace the frontline of his army “three years ago I was banned from paradise, stabbed in the back by my no good brothers and then hunted like some dog.” there was a slight pause in Roberts words “now, today I stand before you. One of the greatest forces known to man. You will all receive paradise for your efforts.” Robert then drew his sword and pointed it at the castle. “ATTACK!!!!!” in a single motion the large mass of men began to rush the castle, quickly getting through the main gate, but the second they made it through, they were met by the Kingdoms army, battles quickly erupted throughout the kingdom, as Robert and a small group of men made their way into the castle. “quickly men follow me to the throne room, my brothers shall no fear and death for what they have done to me. That throne will be MINE!”
With a loud crash, Robert and he group of men burst into the throne room, only to find Sebastian standing in the center of the room alone, “hello brother, back to spill more innocent blood? That wont happen today.”
“oh really Sebastian? Take a look around you my men are making quick work of your so call army” Robert said as he slowly began to approach Sebastian “this ones mine boys” as Robert unsheathed his sword, the Royal guard appeared in the room, and began to engage Roberts small force. Robert turned back to see what the commotion was and then turned back to Sebastian “very sneaky brother, you’ve out done yourself, but its all for no good. Now you will die.”
Sebastian drew his sword and entered battle with his brother, both seemed to be equally matched but Robert knew better, “your soft Sebastian, that is why you wont beat me……on the other hand I am more than willing to kill you” Robert began to attack more heavily and more aggressively, Causing Sebastian to lose his balance at times and eventually Robert found an opening and with a lunge, Stabbed his bbrother in the chest “see brother, it was pointless to hold back. Now you will watch as I kill James just like I killed father and take what is rightfully mine.”
Sebastian was breathing heavily, he was slumped over his brothers sword but refused to die just yet, Sebastian then began to laugh a little as he slowly began to feel something growing within him something that was uncontrollable. “take a look around you brother….your little invasion is over, your men are all but dead and your standing here all alone.” Sebastian said this with such a cold and emotionless tone that it actually struck fear into Robert’s heart, it was mystifying the way Sebastian managed to hang on to life and as Sebastian’s words sunk into Robert’s head, he began to look around and to his surprise the royal guard had defeated his team and the rest of his army was falling back. Before Robert could ever look back at Sebastian, he felt a sharp pain in his chest when he looked down he saw Sebastian’s sword sticking through his chest and backed away slowly, as he did so, Sebastian charged at him with another sword and with no time to react, Robert was decapitated. As Robert’s lifeless body hit the ground Sebastian stood over it and throw his sword on the ground “you were wrong about me being soft, now you will burn in hell for you misdeeds. Sebastian looked down at his brothers corpse and spit on it, he then turned to face his brother and gave a feint smile before collapsing on the floor dead.

Sebastian’s soul continued to roam the castle till the hollows began to come to the kingdom in search of souls, when a group of soul reapers came to defeat the hollows, they noticed Sebastian’s spiritual pressure and decided to send him to the soul society to become a soul reaper. At fist it was hard to understand all that was going on around him but after a few months he began to get used to things and began to get used to the training. when Sebastian was sent to the shinigami academy the first thing he noticed was his zanpakutou, it was different from the other and as Sebastian looked at it close he noticed something shocking about, his zanpakutou was in fact the very sword that Gabriel had received and the same sword Sebastian has used to kill Robert with. Sebastian didn’t let death stand in his way of becoming strong, instead he continued to display is uncanny work ethic and his thirst for knowledge and before long Sebastian was at the top of his class however, he was being held back from graduating because he had yet to master his zanpakutou. Many of the other students would challenge him and often wanted to spar against him because they could use their shikai and Sebastian was looked at as an easy win, but he wasn’t he suffered the same feeling he felt for his brother each time and was pushed to the verge one day of nearly killing a fellow student but as Sebastian brought back his hand he hear a loud booming voice that sounded like a trumpet. Upon hearing Gabriel’s voice Sebastian entered his spirit world where he encountered Gabriel, who turned out to be the legendary Gabriel that Sebastian’s family was famous for. After what seemed like a long talk was actually mere minuets and as Sebastian snapped back to reality he looked at the student, apologized and then asked the student for another go, the student accepted and the second the fight started Sebastian smirked and spoke “shine your light of judgment upon them…..” there was a pause for a moment and the student looked at him blankly then Sebastian spoke once more “Gabriel” he said in a hushed calm tone, with a massive show of power Gabriel burst into life and reached shikai, the teachers were in awe at Sebastian’s power and the appearance of his shikai, he was then allowed to graduate and was placed in squad 8.

Sebastian’s sheer strength and work ethic caught the captain’s eyes, Sebastian was a hard worker and worked to master his abilities. The captain eventually named Sebastian his vice captain and befriended him. One day a band of hollows had worked their way into soul society and Sebastian’s captain was called to battle, Sebastian knew he was strong enough to take on the hollows but his captain refused to let him go and fight. against his captain's wishes Sebastian showed up and began to help, the odds seemed to be stacked against the group of shinigami and the fact that some of the shingami were losing their lives awoke the rage within Sebastian once again and he destroyed the hollows with a great display of power, Gabriel then had to calm Sebastian down to prevent him from doing something he would regret. Sebastian's captain took note of Sebastian’s amazing talent and voted him to become the captain of the 8th division since there was an opening. Sebastian was put through a bunch of challenging tests including the mastery of his bankai, it was a long and grueling process and the other captain’s took note of Sebastian high spiritual pressure. Sebastian even managed to achieve it slightly a head of the expected time, this was the defining point and conclusion to Sebastian’s training and he was granted the rank of Captain of the 8th division. Sebastian took to his promotion with great action he soon made everyone in the division feel important, that was the kind of person Sebastian had become he realized that his squad was much like his soldiers that he had trained when he was alive. Sebastian took the time to get to know each of his subordinates well and he trains each person in his division every day and looks after them like if there were his family.

RP Sample:

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Malicia Nephilim


PostSubject: Re: Sebastian Sharpe   Sat Nov 27, 2010 8:41 pm

mostly ok but there's a couple problems.

Strength and Weaknesses:
>Your Strenght #2 and your Weakness oppose eachother, Calm mind Vs Hot Temper? does not compute.

3rd to last paragraph:
> Humans do not live with a sword through their head, let alone kill people.

Last paragraph:
>How can you kill hollows that managed to defeat a captain? alternatively, if the Hollows were't that strong why did the captain get caught off guard?

Fix those, get an avatar and we're in business.

Oh and concerning the RP Sample, please -please- do not RP with centered text and use pspaced aragraphs.
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PostSubject: Re: Sebastian Sharpe   Sun Nov 28, 2010 3:03 am

ok i fixed the strengths and weaknesses thing

im not quite sure where you read about someone getting stabbed in the head, so can you be a bit more specific as to what you are asking me to fix.

and i also made the change to the history with his captain that you asked for.
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Malicia Nephilim


PostSubject: Re: Sebastian Sharpe   Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:38 am

's'weird, maybe I misread "word" into "sword" but I don't think so, whichever the case I don't find the sentence to quote anymore. Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Sebastian Sharpe   

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Sebastian Sharpe
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