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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Chika the Vizard

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PostSubject: Chika the Vizard   Sun Mar 27, 2011 1:47 pm

Basic Information

Name: Chika

Actual Age: 500

Appeared Age: 25

Gender: Female

Appearance: Before leaving the Soul Society for being a vizard, Chika's hair was long and white, going down to the lower part of her back. Her eyes were wide and trusting and, though they seemed as cold as ice because of their ice blue colour, caring. She was around 5'3" with a tall torso and longer legs. She weighed only 130 to 135 lbs. When she wasn't wearing her lieutenants shinigami uniform, she was wearing a slightly sheer dress, split into gray, brown, and tan. She wore knee high tan leather boots. Around her neck was a heavy necklace of gold and some kind of blue stone. The chain was covered in blue claw shaped shards, between which were tiny golden balls that separated them. At the center front of the golden necklace, a small dark blue ball sat in between the pointed ends of a golden crescent moon that hung on to it.
After she leaves, she cuts her hair short, like a boy's. It remained white and her eyes remained ice blue but they were wild and crazed looking, narrowed so that when she looked at you, it looked like she was calculating something. She no longer wears the sheer dress but a tight tank top that doesn't go below her belly button and a pair of bell bottom black jeans that hug her hips. A white belt helps gird her hips and a pair of red and white converse sit on her feet. She wears a pair of wrist protectors, the kind that runners wear. She is still five three but now she is 115 lbs, having lost some amount of weight on arrival in the human world one hundred years ago, along with the rest of the vizards. Though she doesn't gain any weight, she is known to eat a lot of candy and play a lot of video games, also reading and drawing a lot. She carries around a cell phone, though she hates to talk on it, just in case someone needs to contact her. While back in the SS her voice was sweet and kind, the same alto she has now, it has changed into a dull bored tone, unless she is hyper or angry.

Personal Information

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Cats, Rain, Video Games, Chocolate, Singing, Drawing, Reading, and Dancing.
Dislikes: Dogs, Snow, TV, Peas, Broccoli without cheese, Anger, Tears.

Strength/Weaknesses: Her strengths are her quick moves and her sharp mind, her weaknesses are her fear of dogs, the dark, and the sight of her own blood.

Personality: Chika was originally a smart, humorous, and slightly quiet girl before Aizen used her and her other Vizard friends as experiments. She was easy-going, relaxed, even tempered, and always easy to get along with. Not once did she attack someone without a rational explanation. When she began to live in the WoL, she began to go insane. Without her friends and loving family she lost her way. Chika became hyperactive, loud, and twitchy in nearly a year. She didn't sleep anymore, stopped eating for a while, and kept her zanpakuto unsheathed always. Most vizards stayed away from her, actually all of them did unless they needed someone to talk to. She tends to be better now, more easily spoken to and she spends most of her time with the other vizard, maybe because she has nothign better to do. She is short tempered and you have to be careful what you say to her, otherwise she may explode on you.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single and couldn't care less.

Mask Information

Name: Pesadilla


Unique Ability: Nearly 360 degree knowledge of her surroundings, enhanced senses, and quicker movements.

Hollow Mask Appearance:

Duration: Can stay out for five posts and has a cool down of four.

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Unholy Tiger

Zanpakuto Looks:
Only, with a tiger claw hanging from the hilt.

Released Zanpakuto Description: It has two techniques: first, it produces a map of the surrounding area within a 100-meter radius, but can only be used once a day, and second, it creates the illusion of an exact likeness of the wielder, confusing the opponent as to which is which. The first one lasts for as long as needed and doesn't have any cooldown time. The second lasts for three and cools down for five.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Bring the Darkness, Unholy Tiger!

Released Zanpakuto Looks:

History and RP sample

History: In the beginning, when Chika was only just starting out as a shinigami, she was a quiet young thing, known for her speciality with swordsmanship. She was friendly, easy going, and gentle, something that changed as she went from unseated officer to ranked officer, to lieutenant of Division 12. She developed her shikai easy, always having meditated under the dark sky from dusk until dawn. She was trustworthy and honest, rather stern sometimes when no one listened to her. Or she was until she became fourth seat of Division 12. She started opening up, getting a bit louder and finding it easier to relate to more people. Her captains often used her as a map since her shikai was capable of showing off the area.
When she went on a mission one day, she came back with only one other squad member in a group of ten. The only reason the other one survived was because she saved him. Later, she was uped to Seat three, because the one she had saved was the third member and, before he died of severe wounds, had recommended that she be given the seat. 200 years before Kisuke Urahara became Captain, she began to show more interest in becoming lieutenant, not something she would usually have wanted. She forced her way into the spot by challenging her current lieutenant and beating them.
Becoming a vizard, one of the first, was a painful and long process which she only thought she had dreamt up. Aizen began to experiment on her and forced her to leave Soul Society when she was found by other captains in hollow form. Since then, she has been staying in Karakura town and has welcomed many of her fellow vizards. She remains a lower ranked vizard, though she would belong in the Elite. Secretly, she leads the Vizards, only do they know.

RP Sample: Vanille stood stock still will her sword implanted in the ground, her hands wrapped around the handle. To find the young shinigami at the training field was a bizarre sight at the most but to find her zanpakuto unsheathed was another. She was a peaceful sort of child, not many would expect her to even have a shikai, though she was a seated officer.
Her eyes were a bright, silvery blue, very beautiful when hit by the sunlight. Her pink curls, usually held up in a couple ponytails, were hanging down around her face. Her usual skirt and... well not even a shirt, more like fabric that covered her breasts and a v down her stomach; were replaced by a regular shinigami uniform. She breathed in slowly as the wind blew the hair from her face, making her smile a bit.
Vanille's eyebrow twitched and she opened her eyes, ignoring the spot where he lit the match. Her blue eyes glared at him dangerously as she unstuck her zanpakuto from the ground. "Jagaimo, you should know better then to disturb a shinigami's meditating."
She rolled her eyes at his comment on her shikai and allowed the wind to whip her hair into her face and letting it sting her cheeks. Vanille twirls her sword around in a circle and spits out, "Watch the Stars, Moonlight Mirror."
Her zanpakuto stopped twirling and replaced by the blue hilted blade was a double bladed scyth, glinting sharp and harsh in the sunlight. She grinned slightly, showing off a sharp canine tooth and motioning towards him, "Use your shikai, attack me a bit."
"Advanced? What do you mean by that?" She asked, narrowing her eyes curiously at him. She watched quietly as he awakened his zanpakuto, smiling as it became a scyth as well. "Ah, a fellow scyth wielder. Excellent."
Vanille laughed coldly, "To give my best shot, you must first attack me."
Vanille shook her head and slashed her zanpakuto towards the zombie, leaving enough room for her own abilities to take place. When she'd slashed, another zombie forced its way out of the ground as she defended herself for a moment. She leapt away, flipping backwards and kicking the zombie Jagaimo had summoned in the chest so her own had the chance to attack. She knew that her cool down would piss her off as she defended whatever else she needed to once her abilities were finished.
Her bright eyes watched as her weaker zombie attacked his and she sighed quietly. Vicious powers... right... what vicious powers did the young fourth seat possess?
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PostSubject: Re: Chika the Vizard   Sun Mar 27, 2011 2:16 pm

approved, welcome to vaizard ship ^^

and your rank tier is...

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Chika the Vizard
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