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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Takahiro Nakazawa

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Takahiro Nakazawa


PostSubject: Takahiro Nakazawa   Sun Mar 27, 2011 11:11 am

Basic Information

Name: Takahiro Nakazawa

Age: Nineteen

Gender: Male

Grade: 12th (senior)

Rank: Normal Human Being (in a way)



Takahiro has shoulder length dirty blonde hair, with a matching set of eyes. His skin holds no sign of fighting, though underneath his skin are scars on his muscle, flesh, and bones. He always has a serious facial expression, never flinching. When he walks, he is rather graceful, and he won't give anyone anything but a side glance unless they speak up. Takahiro has a small burn mark around his wrist, he obtained this from an incident in his past. He wears the usual school uniform, but does not tuck his shirt into his pants. When he's out in the city or something, he wears blue jeans, a blue thin jacket, and a white undershirt. Takahiro sometimes has a cap on his head that has big letters, it says in text, "I AM THE ONE".

Personal Information


Avoiding Conversation


Loud Noises
Talking/Anything Social


Up Close Combat


Weak, Spiritual Pressure Wise


Takahiro avoids the public eye. He does not like being stared at, and tries to avoid eye contact. And if it keeps up, he walks away or turns around with his back facing the viewer. He dislikes making friends, and will simply walk away from someone if they won't speak. Like, a girl runs up to him, and he waits a few moments, then turns and leaves because she didn't say anything. Oh, did I mention Takahiro dislikes relationships? From relationships with a dog, to relationships with his parents to relationships with girls.

He also hates animals. And animals seem to love him. They're always wondering around him, brushing his legs with their fur. He hates it. He's allergic to cats. He sneezes, and sneezes. In this case, he runs as far away as possible from the cat, or person who smells like a cat. There are rumors that Takahiro keeps a poster of a cat in his room, and stabs it with a knife when he gets home. His relationship with cats, rivalry.

Takahiro will snap in a heartbeat. Commonly annoyed over the smallest flaw in human conversation. Resulting in what we like to call, unrestrained power. This is where things get complicated.

Did you know all human brains have a restrain on physical power? Limiting it greatly? Why is this, you ask? So then we won't break all of our bones, and hurt ourselves when we throw around our strength. Takahiro, does not have this restraint. He has no restraint to his power. This doesn't mean he's invincible, he can still get hit by a train and die. But what I'm saying is, he's very powerful. Physically. Takahiro drinks a lot of milk. Nearly four quarts a day. And what does milk give you? Calcium. And calcium makes your bones stronger. Takahiro can not pick up a building and throw it at someone, but he can pick up something that weighs three hundred pounds. Like, without breaking a sweat. Such as a...plane, perhaps. Or a car. Yeah, but a car or a plane would require tons of energy, and he probably would sweat. But not picking up a TV, or a computer, or a bed. Also, Takahiro does have a better defense. So if he got hit by a car, he would probably get a large bruise where he was hit.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single and Not Looking

History and RP Sample


When Takahiro was born, he was completely normal. A normal child, named "Takahiro" which means "Valuable". He probably wasn't valuable to anyone but his parents, which quickly turned into parent the day his mother went into a coma, from getting hit by a semi truck driving eighty miles per hour on the interstate. Takahiro was not in the accident, he was at home helping his father do the laundry. Takahiro never shed a tear.

Getting on with life, Takahiro got in trouble a lot in elementary school. Because he began to show his...'problem'. All of the kids made him snap at least three times a day. One time he attempted to pick up one of those cafeteria tables. It resulted in him breaking his arm, and he got sent to the hospital. He lived in the same city all of his life, and he met a scientist from Tokyo, who told him why he was strong. He told him that it was impossible to solve the problem without killing Takahiro in the process. So, he was left with his ability.

A few weeks passed, and Takahiro had to wear a black sling. That was when he met a woman at a flea market, who was selling fresh milk. She gave him a free bottle, and that was how he began to get stronger. He had always wanted to be stronger, and not break a bone every time he tried to pick up something heavy. So, he did become more durable. He had more stamina, and suddenly he didn't break his bones quite as often.

One fine day, Takahiro was in the front seat of a car, his father driving. They were driving down the interstate, reasons unknown. A belief that Takahiro's father was going to a business meeting. Takahiro didn't know why they were on the road (he didn't really care). Then, a car drove out in front of them, Takahiro reacted fast, unbuckling his seatbelt, then leaping in his father's face (it was already too late for him to swerve out of the other car's way), and the result. Not absolute death, but Takahiro's head was cracked, and he was sent into a coma.

When he woke up, he saw things normal people would not see. Spirits, and people called Shinigami. Not only that, but Hollows. He had a weak spiritual pressure, so he was hardly ever noticed by anyone. So, he's not really known by Shinigami, Hollows, or bothered by Spirits much.

Then, High School arrived. He quickly passed through the grades, having more control over breaking his bones, knowing his limits. But. There was one thing he wanted to change about himself. He wanted to change the fact that he couldn't keep control of his attitude. And now, as a senior...

RP Sample:

Takahiro was not feeling up today. He didn't want to get out of bed, or press the alarm button to stop it from making that loud and high pitched noise. Takahiro pulled a pillow toward him, and pressed his face into it, slammed his hands on his ears, causing them to pop. He winced, then sat up. Takahiro disliked school. Everyone was always staring at him, or walking up to him, trying unsuccessfully to start a social activity (conversation). Everyone did it. Absolutely, everyone! Takahiro began his walk for school, striding down the sidewalk, next to an always empty street that had never been busy in all of his life. It wasn't busy today, it wouldn't be tomorrow, or the next day. Normal. Always normal. No chaotic wars, or gangs kidnapping teenage girls. Perfectly normal. Peaceful. Just the way Takahiro liked it. That was his neighborhood.

But, today something was a bit off. A girl was standing in the middle of the road. Just ignore it, Takahiro. It's probably a Spirit or something. So he turned his head to where she couldn't see his eyes. But he gave her a side glance. She was staring at him. Things were getting creepy. Takahiro was feeling that sensation that told him to "RUN!", today he wasn't doing what it was telling him to do. Why? Probably because he woke up on the right side of the bed this morning. Eh, you could call it a devil/angel shoulder thing.

Takahiro closed his eyes, feeling her eyes stab into the side of his head, making him really want to look at her, and ask her what was up. But heck, she was a little girl for crying out loud! What kind of conversation would she tell? Her life story? What she ate for dinner last night? Why the sky was blue? No thank you! Takahiro picked up his pace, not wanting that little girl to stick around any longer, he turned into an alley, only for her to follow him. He growled, growing sick of this.

Takahiro turned on his heels, giving her a sharp glare. "What do you want, little girl?" No answer. He sneered. "Well? Stop following me then!!" Takahiro stared at her, long and hard. He turned back around, and headed out of the alley. What was up with this girl?
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Byakuya Kuchiki

PostSubject: Re: Takahiro Nakazawa   Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:37 pm



If today was your last day
Tomorrow was too late
Could you say good-bye to yesterday?

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Takahiro Nakazawa
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