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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Raidens personale Training Grounds.

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PostSubject: Raidens personale Training Grounds.   Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:35 pm

Raidens foot planted aganst the ground as his reitsu rose from within.. his reitsu spiking.. he need to become a stronger Arrancar in general for being a Numero uno Arrancar. Raiden holding his hands to the sky flowing his reitsu.. a burst of lightning sparked and swirled around him, the lightning lifting to the sky. The Lightning now bursting into reitsu.. the ground underneath him began to rapidly shake. The clouds above the Primeras tower began to darken and swirl rapidly. The high sprirtual pressure within the air grew wicked. The ground underneath Raidens feet.. his feet sinking down bursting into the ground. Streaks of lightning travled into the ground streaking through it creating the sign of lightning in Japan into the ground. The ground shaking rapidly Raiden looked forward.. his reitsu rising more and more by the second. Raiden pointed his blade to the sky and brought it down slowly.. the Lightning bolt that was connected to the clouds was now a cylander of reitsu connecting to Raidens body. Raidens eyes resting as he just poured Reitsu out of his body.. it soon began to tear shreds off his cloak. The reitsu forming onto his body.. it began to harden.. the reitsu forming lightning streaks off of it. The clouds lifting over Las Noches its self, lightning striking down rapidly.. Raidens face even with his mask peices, the moved back as he grinning relying of taking the energy from the clouds its self would cause Raiden to take the lightning and put it into his self.. making him self the True lightning god. His feet sliding out into the ground he looked forward.. his mind set on what it has been for 2,411 years".. stronger...stronger..".. his muscles began to flex as his immense Reitsu blew up.. his silver/white hair lifting up as his eyes went pure pitch blue. The ground now shaking more rapid.. cracks within the shelf of the concrethe cracks lightning up blue as they break..on his training grounds. The cracks lightning up blue.. the clouds sending bolts of lightning in a rapid rate connecting to the blue reitsu in the cracks. Raidens blade lighting up blue.. as his immense reitsu rushed out of him.. the clouds now swirling quickly due to his reitsu in the clouds.. the clouds spinning.. a tornado began to extened down around Raidens reitsu. Lightning shifting in and out of the tornado itself Raiden only poured more into the cloud.. focusing on drawing the energy and bonding it into his reitsu.. then crash it inside of him.. but he must keep a steady pace of energy withdraw to keep this thing up. Raidens body producing so much reitsu.. the spritual pressure is thick, so thick any normal shinigami would be effected. Stiffining his body straight up, the final burst of reitsu launched out.. releasnging a spritual pressure wave behind it.. the wave follows outwards from the lightning bolt, traveling through the entire Las Noches. Entering into the white sand desert. The tornado did not move.. it only sank over Raidens body.. the inside sending volts of electricity in lightning bolts connecting into the reitsu. Raidens body lifted into the air.. inside the tornado.. he went inside of the clouds. The energy rotating around Raiden.. his reitsu bonded with the lightning inside the clouds down to a molecular level.. taking the power that creates thunder. Rushing the reitsu back inside of his body.. the massive amount Reitsu, spritual pressure. Made his Heirro very thick. His eyes lightning up pitch blue, the reitsu imploded entering into his body once more. The huge wave in a sphere around Raiden was just spiritual Pressure, enough to push the clouds outwards disapating the clouds, destroying the tornado. The sun gleeming down as a thin layer sphere of reitsu formed around Raidens body. Sinking in Raidens body clench up.. his body falling from the sky. He fell going downwards.. hitting the ground. His body lifting up.. he was now way stronger then before. His Reitsu level advancing.. his Heirro grow thicker.. it was now time for agility. Bonding it to the power of lightning. Raidens body lifted up.. he placed his into the gorund he sat looking. His eyes lightning up once more Raiden went into his zone. Stanidng his reitsu went crazy the level rising higher then before. his training ground was huge but he knew it was time for fun. Suddenly dissapearing with a swish sound. he appeared downwards.. already a master.. he desided to say fuck it. It is time for the Espada to know there place.. of whom.. i acually am. I am Raiden Kiyade.. the Master os Speed, The Master of Lightning!! Raidens hands slammed together.. his thumbs pointing outwards.. his Zanpakuto lifted into the air.. hitting the ground. The Zanpakuto its self lighting up blue. Raiden threw his hands into the sky.. As he did his reitsu once more exsurted outwards.. the reitsu lifting into the sky.. it reached tot he cloud limits. The HUGE amount of reitsu flying out of Raiden formed thick, dark, somthing the Las Noches has ever seen before. A storm of this manner came with respect, As Raidens reitsu hit the clouds.. it spirals quickly.. the clouds forming from horizon to horizon.. the dark, black nimbus clouds lightning up blue as huge bolts of lightning flew through the clouds. The deep pitched thuder roaring across the baron waste land. Small hollows hiding into the ground as the rain began to fall slowly, but suddenly it falled into a pouring thunder storm. The dark clouds blocking out all light.. the only light being seen was the massive bolts of lightning hitting the ground across the entire Hucho Mundo.I am..the bringer of light.. ing.. heheheh.. Time to force a world of silence into a world of thunder As Raiden said that a Crackle with a huge bolt hitting the ground infront of Raiden, folled by thunder on a massive level, the sound as loud as a bomb going off rattle the inside of buildings it was massive. Raidens reitsu streaking into the clouds.. he wanted to bond his reitsu into this.. he wanted to take this massive power.. and imbed it into himself. Looking up once more.. his body lifted into the sky.. going into this huge nimbus cloud.. the site of raiden.. was lost. The sound of thuder, crackling lightning, the sound of pure terror within the air. The bolts within the clouds.. lit the clouds up blue.. Raiden inside the middle.. his blue eyes.. now a pure, maybe the purist blue known to man. Raidens reitsu spead out bonding with the entire cloud. Each lightning bolt sending energy into Raidens body. The rain falling conducted more electricity within the air, Each strike of lightning following its own path. Raiden.. inside the clouds his body arch back drawing in the reitsu, the energy, the shure power of nature. His attepmts could only be flawed due to this immense amount of energy.. Raidens reitsu rose.. the power within himself growing higher and higher. He arched back his screams of pain cloaked by the thunder that now went crazy along with the lightning. It sounded like a urban war zone inside the air, the clouds sinking inside of its self.. flowing inwards towrds Raiden. He was taking everything, he was taking the power of nature its self for his advantage. the ground suddenly shaked rapidly underneath the Los Noches.. Raidens body still not seen.. the clouds rushed in.. the lightning spreading out every where it seemed like the world its self was going to end. the storm has came rushing into Raidens body followed by his reitsu... a sound of silence as the sun beat against the hucho mundo. It became time.. for the new power of Raiden to become full true.. fully time. Raidens Hierro.. very thick.. him himself... now stronger then ever..
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PostSubject: Re: Raidens personale Training Grounds.   Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:36 pm

this is for training my level.. do ya need more?
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Raidens personale Training Grounds.
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