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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Akegata Tenchi

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PostSubject: Akegata Tenchi   Akegata Tenchi EmptyThu Nov 25, 2010 6:27 pm

Basic Information

Name: Akegata Tenchi
Real Age: 2320
Appeared Age: 20's
Gender: Male
Division: N/A, Ex 0th Division Captain ~Royal Guard~
Rank: Former Captain
Organization: Rogue

Akegata Tenchi 2757463354_small_1
Akegata has silver spiky hair and deep blue eyes. He stands at a tall 6'0 and his build is appropriate for his size.

Personal Information


Likes : Getting the job done, Intellectual Conversation, Mediation, Tea
Dislikes : A sloppy job, Those who think they are stronger than they actual are, those who get in the way

Strength/Weaknesses: Being the Ex Captain of the 0th Division, Akegata is a one of a kind shinigami who has mastered all forms of combat. With his sword he is said to be one of the strongest shinigami that have ever lived. However his greatest strength with is provided by his zanpaktou is also his biggest weakness. Although this flaw is extremely hard to use on him it is probably Akegata's one weakness. When he is bending distance for his advantage, it can also be a disadvantage for him. If he makes distance longer, he would have to shorten it or make it stand for him to be able to attack his enemies, and if distance is to short, his enemies can attack him using the shortened distance to his own advantage. Although Akegata can change the distance near instantly, this little fact is a major weakness. Also because his techniques are fully linked to his reaitsu, if he is unable to use it or if he is weakened, his attacks are also greatly weakened.

Personality: Akegata is quite the interesting indivisual personality wise. He has a strong sense of justice and trust and he doesnt like it when either are broken. He can seen carefree at times and aloof, probably even lazy. However this is all a clever act to hide how he truely is. He is an honest man and he can be respectful and can work with others. However lately hes been playing the role of a villian for some reason. His motives are unknown and his reasons unexplained.

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Tenson Jikuu - Descendant God of Space and Time
Zanpakuto Looks: Due to his massive amount of spiritual pressure, Akegata is always in Shikai. Because of this his zanpaktou look like a normal katana, although it is actual in Shikai. Akegata's zanpaktou spirit, is that of a male, who is constantly changing being effected by time. Every few moments he changes from a baby, to a teenager, to an adult to an old man. However in any form he retains all of his skills and knowlegde.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: None due to constant release

Shikai: In his Shikai, Akegata gains numerous unique abilities, mostly in the field of "space manipluation". One of these skills is known as distance bending. Distance bending, is Akegata's ability to bend space to make distance shorter. By bending space, he can make a mile, an inch, thus making travelling extremely easy for him. So far his maximum potencial is bending 100 into whatever shorter distance he wants, or longer. Mastery of this allows him to make distance not only shorter but longer. This make him seem like his teleporting when he is fighting, travelling distances in instants with no side effects on his body. When attacked, he can make distance longer, making the opponent seem like they are moving slower. Akegata's second ability in his shikai is to enter a type of astral form, making him immune to all attacks seemingly, however when doing this he is unable to attack his opponents. His astral form makes him a ghost, so he is unable to be touched, or effected by matter or anything, allowing for him to walk through solid things, making him intangible completely. Mastery of this, Akegata is capable of only making certain parts of his body astral, and keep it together.

Released Zanpakuto Looks: N/A

Other Techniques:

Enchanced Speed and Strength - Deceptive to his built, Akegata is extremely strong, being able to fight head on with pretty much any person. His speed is also at the master level, mastering moves such as Shunpo and even the Black Ops techniques.

Enormous and Dense Spiritual Pressure - Akegata's reaitsu is many more times that as a captain due to his rank in the 0th Division. When fully released from supression, he can bring most weaker indivusals to their knees easily. The area around will seem dense and it could also seem hard to breathe for anyone under Captain Level. Even captains might find themselves struggling when his reaitsu is fully released.

Advanced Spiritual Awareness and Sensing - Akegata's ability to sense reaitsu and spiritual pressure is on a mastery level. He can tell if an indivisual is masking their true power and he can tell a persons full potencial just by a mere glance at them.

Enchanced Stamina - Akegata's stamina is much beyond that of the average captain.

Master Tactition - After fighting for years Akegata is a master tactition and strategist when it comes to battle. Ranging from one on ones to even wars.

Kidou Master - Akegata is capable of performing Kidou from Level 1-90 with little trouble or incantation and is also capable of preforming Kidou about level 90.

Precognition - After fighting as a shinigami for over 1000 years, Akegata is able to guess the opponents next move fairly accurately by studying the opponents slightly movement before they actually attack.

Bankai Information
This applies to captains only.

Do you want your character to have bankai: Yes

Bankai Description: In Bankai, Akegata's retains the same skills he has in shikai, except they are three times as strong and covers 3x the amount of distance. He gains two extra ability in this form. He can create a realm, starting off in a grey sphere. In this sphere, Akegata has complete control over space and seemingly time, making him seem like a god. The sphere originates where Akegata is standing and it extends for 100 meters. Akegata can also create wormholes that allow him to travel through the realms, making it like his own personal garganta. However these can be used in combat to absorb and redirect attacks. These wormholes have another ability. Akegata can cause them to collapse of themselves, causing them to turn black and become a black hole, sucking in everything close to it. The black hole rips apart everything near it and sends it to another location of Akegata's choosing. These wormholes can be moved after forming, even the black hole can. Using his space control, when something is absorbed into a black hole or worm hole, he can hold it and fire it whenever needed.

Bankai Looks: In Bankai, Akegata gains a longer sword, with his abilities, it makes his reach longer, aiding his abilities. All of his abilities require no movement from him, its done remotely and mentally, but the sword allows for a better reach on his opponents.

History and RP Sample


~Earlier Years in the Soul Society~
Akegata started off his time in the Soul Society in one of the lowest Districts in the Rugonkai. His family was poor and had to defend itself from the constant theft going around in his particular district. Because of these harsh conditions, Akegata developed a strong sense of justice at a young age and it became his dream to becomes a spirit reaper. He practiced fighting with a sword with a broken piece of bamboo he had found one day and it wasnt long before he was recruited into the Soul Academy. However it wasnt because of him practicing, the shinigami could sense this boys potencial spiritual pressure. It was massive and they knew under the proper training, hed be a fine shinigami within the Seireitei one day.

~Soul Academy~
Akegata entered the Soul Academy and started off as top of his class in terms of fighting with a zanpaktou. Because of his drive to be a shinigami, he studied hard at the principles of being a Soul Reaper and mastered everything he could as soon as he entered the academy. Within a few short months, he was skilled at fighting with a sword, hakuda and a good user of shunpo. Kidou however took a bit longer for him to grasp due to the fact that for some reason he was unable to unlock his full reaitsu. However the longer and harder Akegata worked on it, the more and more he unlocked his full potencial and finally mastered Kidou. Akegata soon had a dream where he spoke with an old man, or so it seemed. The man was constantly changing in age and when Akegata woke up from the strange dream, he had discovered his zanpaktou as well as its name. About 2 years had past and Akegata graduated at the top of his class, mastering all forms of Shinigami combat. He was assigned to the 6th Division as the 7th seat.

~Rising up in the 6th Division~
Akegata has soon discovered that he nevered learned his zanpaktou's release phrase for a good didnt have one. He was always in Shikai, and even since the day he recieved his zanpaktou, he had tremendous spiritual energy. The captain of the 6th Division noticed his strength at an early age and although Akegata didnt quite understand his powers just yet, his skill without his swords ability made him 4th seat material. He sparred the 4th seat of the 6th Division and took his spot. Soon after this Akegata joined the Blacks Ops under the direction of the 2nd Division Captain. Under the supervision and training of these two captains, Akegata became much stronger eventually replacing the captain of the 2nd Division.

~Ranks of a Captain~
Akegata was a unique captain, only being able to use Shikai at the time. However Akegata over the years was slowly understanding what he sword was capable of and its abilities. Using his distance bending, Akegata was one of the fastest and stealthest shinigami within the Seireitei and served as the ideal captain of the 2nd Division. He completely countless missions for the Soul Society and even the Omitsukidou. It wasnt long before achieved Bankai and after the other Captains noticed this young captains strength they relized someday he would serve as either one of the strongest captains out there or a new Captain Commander.

~A new Commander~
Several centuries had past and Akegata had honed all of his skills and mastered each one. It wasnt long before the Captain Commander has past and he was promoted to the New Captain Commander. He served in this position for one century before he was called by the royal court to serve as a member of the 0th Division. Akegata accepted this honor, picked his successor and then left the Soul Society, several centuries before Aizen ever appeared.

~The Royal Guard~
Akegata spent centuries in the royal guard and worked his way up to its Captain, serving under the Spirit King directly. During his time here, Aizen had done everything he had done. Akegata was well aware of Aizen and the threat he posed, however he had to serve his king. Akegata was furious at all the deaths that occured because he had to stay in the Kings realm and his personality seemed to change that day...He began creating a plan and he knew one day hed have to put it into motion.

After Aizen was defeated and captured Akegata began to bring his own plans into motion. He slowly began to seperate himself from the Spirit King and when the time was right he departed from the realm, appearing in the Soul Society. Once there, he freed Aizen from his prison then returned to the world of the living, sporting a black cloak which kept him hidden from anyone that could sense reaitsu.

Akegata remains hidden in the Human World, waiting for something to occur...
RP Sample: (Give an example of how you RP.)

A man with dark blue hair and golden eyes walked into a roor, his captain garments blowing slightly. "Report", he said to a man who was dressed in a black overall. "Captain...Theres a disturbance in the Rukongai districts..It could be an unrising. We're going to go make sure the riots dont spread and to see if anyone is causing know this isnt the 1st time that this has happened recently", he said. Shinko narrowed his eyes and he thought about it. "Yes this would be the 6th time within the past month. Stand down Ill go look into this myself", he said as he walked out the room. "But captain-", the man in black was saying before he heard a swishing sound. When he looked outside Shinko was gone.

Shinko appeared in one of the lower districts of the Rukongai, his hands in his pockets. He looked up at the nighttime sky and sighed, "Shame...its such a beautiful night", he said. He stood on a building and looked around. He noticed an orange glow in the distance and slightly luminated the darkness. He jumped of the building and in an instant and he was gone now on another building. He saw a huge fire and several beaten bodies. A riot was occuring and Shinko looked as another man seemed to be overwatching the events. Shinko stared at him and then looked back down...this riot needed to end but Shinko decided to take care of the "ringleader" first. He turned to the man who noticed him and then began to run. Shinko was well known and this man knew hed be killed for what he did. Shinko disappeared and appeared next to the man. "Are you responsible for what has happened here as well as the other occurances in the past month?", he asked calmly. The man drew his zanpakuto and nodded, "So what if I am...You cant stop me..I have an army". Shinko noticed this man was wearing a unique brand on his kimono, probably one the man created himself for his "army".

Shinko then glanced down and noticed several men who were fighting below had this brand...Shinko now knew who his opponent was and he placed his hand on his zanpakuto. He looked at the enemy ringleader, "Excuse me", he said and his thumb pushed his zanpakuto out of its hilt slightly. Shinko then disappeared and appeared in the middle of the riot quickly slicing through multiple men killing them. In a minute Shinko appeared back on the building staring at the man...his zanpakuto bloody. He flicked his wrist, removing the blood off of his sword before looking at the man. "You can either give up and be placed in the Maggots Nest...Or be slain here with your men", he said. The man didnt speak, "Tsk", was all that Shinko heard before he noticed the man charging at him. The man slashed and suddenly he went right through Shinko. Shinko appeared behind the man..."I'm here..", he said and the man turned around trying to slash Shinko again. Before the man could finish turning around Shinko quickly turned and sliced upwards, cutting the man into two halves. "Shame..You should have chose to go to the Maggots least you would of have a future", Shinko said as he once again sheathed his sword and headed back to his quarters..
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Moved to abandoned profiles because even though it's complete it was discussed on the Chat and no changes were done to the powers.
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Akegata Tenchi
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