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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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PostSubject: Ish   Ish EmptyMon Nov 22, 2010 4:23 pm

Basic Information

Name: Ishpaleum Shinnok

Actual Age: He appears to be around 30, but in fact has been around just about forever, or as long as it would have mattered to be around. His age is drastically slowed due to his heritage, allowing him to be effectively immortal, aside from being struck down. If it's any indication, he was around to see the Earth solidify.

Appeared Age: Around 30

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ish Anime-1
Same as above, only he has a rather large scar across his chest, and his eyes will often change color according to his moods.

Personal Information

Likes: Honor, honesty, intelligence, sake, wine, steak, life
Dislikes: anything that goes against his codes and morals, as well as most types of cheese.

Strengths: Genius level intellect
Master tactition
Excells in all forms of combat
Endless sources of wealth
Vast arrays of knowledge
Political expertise
Teaching expertise

Weaknesses: He tends to be blunt about his opinions, not caring for the politics that he born into.
Once he decides on a course of action, he will see it through - no matter the
He will go any distance for someone he grows fond of.
He may come off as a cold teacher.

Personality: Ishpaleum is one of the most complex characters in terms of his personality. He never seems to be quite the same person more than once, always changing. He explains this by saying that it would be terribly boring, being the same man every day, so he reevaluates his life every day. He can be a noble hero one day, or be a cold villain the next. One thing that never changes is his sense of honor. He maintains a high level of dignity and honor in every action that he takes. He is highly manipulative, and every move that he makes is normally to influence the actions of others, most often for their own benefit... even if it simply seems like a cold action. (Killing a family member to prepare a man for an upcoming war.)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single, widowed.

Mask Information

Name: Shinnok

Manifestation: Ish Devil_Jin_1_by_WASIM786

Unique Ability: Reaitsu Control: When this ability is active, Ish is given access to the power known as the Big Will. It grants him access to the energy of the cosmos, an almost infinite supply of reaitsu. Using it, he can bend reality around himself. This can be demonstrated in several ways, from bending the reaitsu around him to being able to establish a single rule that affects the entire world around him for as long as his mask is out. This ability is the closest to his true power, and so is the least used.

In addition to this ability, Ish can use his unique Cero.

Rebirth Cero: Ish's Vizard status has enabled him to use his unique cero. This cero draws spiritual particles in as it moves, effectively turning an opponent's reaitsu against them.

Hollow Mask Appearance: Ish's mask is very distinctive in that it has a long nose attached to it. Otherwise it appears to be a simple Hollow mask with a long scar going down the right eye

Duration: 10 posts

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Jinsei

Zanpakuto Looks: Ish Death_sword

Zanpakuto Description: When unsheathed, Jinsei will immediately begin to siphon the lifeforce of any weak beings nearby. (Normal humans, ants, trees, ect.) It will gather this massive energy within it. When struck with Jinsei, it can either harm you as a normal blade would, or leave no physical damage but instead siphon away portions of your lifeforce. Ish can gain access to certain abilities of those he has taken the lifeforce from. (For Shinigami, if not slain by the blows, he will gain the ability to channel their Shikais. For Humans, he can use a weaker version of their abilities, and so on and so forth.)

On average, it takes about ten hits to completely drain a Shinigami of his lifeforce. When struck in a vital area, where lifeforce tends to congregate, this can result in immediate loss of lifeforce (basically a death-like state)

Lifeforce acts as a direct link between a person and their reaitsu as well, so when it is taken there will almost always be a temporary drop in an opponent's reaitsu

Life force manipulation: Ish can use collected life force in a variety of ways. When released, he can make small structures with it, as well as weapons.

Lifeforce aura: A passive ability, when Ish has collected lifeforce
A. Reduces damage from enemy attacks by 25%
B. Boost his already masterful speeds to nearly twice that of the average Shunpo
C. Allows him to manipulate the life force more directly than normal.

Lifesight: A passive ability, this allows him to see through his soul, and into the souls of his opponents. This allows him to learn about them very quickly, and read them very well. It also makes him impervious to most mind-altering effects.

Lifelike: Ish can divide his own lifeforce, creating as many duplicates of hiimself as he may like. However, when they are slain he will lose a portion of his life, which is an inconvienence. Each clone can only survive one attack.

Released Zanpakuto Description: When Jinsei is released, all beings that are not spiritually aware within a 100 meter radius will lose all of their lifeforce, effectively killing them if it is not returned. Lifeforce will begin to drain steadily from any being that does not have a Captain-level reaitsu or higher, taking about 20 posts to drain completely (when hit subtract 2).

Life Manifestation: Ish can use the blade to manifest a being created with all the stored reitsu in Jinsei. This being will have the abilities of anything used to create it, and it's appearance will be reflected in the same way. If Ish uses this and releases the life force, it will return to its owners. If the being is destroyed, the life force is lost forever. This technique is rarely used, due to the fact that Ish doesn't like to release too much life force into the world.

Ish's aura abilities will at this point double in their effectiveness with the exception of his speed, allowing him a 50% reduction in all damage and the ability to form large structures from lifeforce.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Live, Jinsei

Released Zanpakuto Looks: The aura appears, and an identical second blade appears in Ish's off hand.

Bankai Information

Do you want your character to have Bankai? Yes.

Bankai Description: When activated, Jinsei will begin to draw lifeforce from even Captain-level opponents and higher, taking about the same amount of time it would take to absorb the lifeforce from a normal Shinigami (20 posts if they are not struck, subtract two posts for each blow landed, unless it would be otherwise fatal, in which case it is treated as such, draining all lifeforce remaining) However, due to the damage that his Bankai can cause to world at large, he will rarely choose to release it at all, and if he does he will almost never leave someone without any lifeforce.)

Bankai Looks: At this point, Ish obtains a set of gold and black armor, which does not hinder his movements but is strong enough to protect from normal blows of an unreleased Zanpakto with ease. His blades remain the same, with the aura around them often coiling along them at this point.

History and RP sample

History: Ishpaleum was born in a time before time, when the Earth was first being created and the laws that would govern it were being established. He was the only son of the chief diety of the Earth, Shinnok. Shinnok had been designated to watch over the Earth as its Guardian, and so had full authority over it and its inhabitants.... which were currently being debated. It had already been decided that humans would roam the Earth, but many were debating that they were too weak to protect themselves entirely. As such, they wanted to establish another race of beings for when they died, to protect and guide them. Shinnok was staunchly opposed to this plan. He disliked humans, and wished to create a "superior" race of beings, whose sole purpose would be to serve him. He would use humans as the primary food source for these beings, and even change them into them if he could. In the end, his adversaries managed to win the debate, and so Shinnok was asked to give a gift of good faith to the new race, the Shinigami. Shinnok decided to send his son, Ishpaleum, to Earth as his gift. He had raised Ishpaleum to think like him, and so assumed that he would work as his spy among them, eventually destroying them. Instead, Ish decided to live among them peacefully, helping to guide them to new heights, even going so far as to establish what would be known as the first Soul Society, which became a safe haven for Shinigami. Ish eventually became the unofficial leader of the Soul Society, directing most of the daily affairs. He became good friends with the man who had been chosen to be the King of the Soul Society, and was tasked with the defense of both their world and the human world. Humans had finally begun to emerge from the primordial ooze from which they had been crafted at this point, and so it seemed that their job was about to begin, To this end, Ish began to organize his military, which eventually consisted of nearly every Shinigami within the ever-growing Soul Society. It was also durung this time that he met the woman that he would eventually marry, Elena. Elena was a fiercely powerful Shinigami woman, who quickly rose throughout the ranks of what Ish had dubbed the "Interworld Defense Force" (I.D.F.).

All was peaceful for many centuries after the S.S. had been established. The Shinigami did their jobs, and the humans lived their short lives uninhibited. Ishpaleum and Elena got married and had a son, who they named Domon. Domon grew up somewhat privileged, due to his father's status within the S.S. He followed his father everywhere, and grew under his tutelege. When Shinnok heard that Ishpaleum had had a child with a Shinigami woman however, he was furious. He swore to tear down the Soul Society and destroy the child. To this end, he finally created the beings that he had wanted on the Earth in the first place, his Hollows. He allowed them to draw directly from his power, allowing each of them to be capable of combating a Captain level opponent.

Ish had heard of the army approaching the S.S., and so had been prepared. He had placed Domon in a Kido-based sleep, then hidden him and the other children far from the Soul Society. He had then begun his preparations for the upcoming war, which lasted only a few weeks. In the end, it was only Ishpaleum himself that stood, holding Elena's corpse as he changed, unleashing his full divine powers upon the Hollows, destroying all present, as well as the remains of that great place. Ish then began to seek a way to destroy his father for what he had done... which is how he found the Reaper. The Reaper was a being that represented death, specifically the deaths of immortal beings, such as Shinnok. Ish struck a deal with him, gaining immense power which he used to combat his father. In the end of the long battle, he found that he still could not kill Shinnok, and so he used a special Kido to seal him within his Zanpakto Konmatsuri, which he would later pass on to another person for safe keeping. It was also during this battle that Ish became a Vizard, after a blow from his father. Fortunately, both his inner Hollow and he saw the benefits of mutual agreements, and so proved to be an effective team.

For many millenia after that, Ish would appear at random intervals in time, causing chaos, beginning and ending wars, shaping both human and Shinigami history as he saw fit. Without Shinnok to sustain them, the Hollows had become little more than mindless beasts, showing no purpose but to fill their bellies. Ish would eventually become the bearer of many dieties, who sought to use him to assert control over the Earth in Shinnok's place. Unfortunately for them, they underestimated Ish's willpower, and he eventually cast them out by unleashing his full power for the second time. However, doing this meant that he had to take up the mantle of Guardian of Earth, which he has done for about ten thousand years now. (Although time is tricky up in the heavens... doesn't work quite the same as on Earth.) Growing bored of this, Ish promoted the Reaper to a higher station, that of Death itself (as per their arrangement) then left.

Upon his arrival, he saw almost immediately saw that the state of the world he so loved was... lacking. As such, he has devoted himself to setting right the wrongs that he sees in the world, and plans to use the Vizards as the blade with which to cut this new destiny.

RP Sample: It truly was a beautiful day, Domon decided as he walked down the streets of Karakura Town, a plastic bag filled with foods slung haphazardly over his shoulder. He had come to town to pick up groceries for the home that he had recently moved into. He smiled, knowing how futile it might be for him to buy food now that he didn't have to eat. Still, since when has necessity dictated what people do.. I'm trying to be human, and humans eat. He nodded to himself, his smile fading from his face as he felt a familiar tingle in the back of his neck.. a reaitsu that was stronger than a normal Hollow, and was most definitely not human or Shinigami. He sighed, knowing that there were no Shinigami around that would be able to handle such a threat, and no humans that would be wise enough to survive an encounter with it.

He continued walking for a few moments, considering the possibility of allowing it to roam as it liked. After all, what harm would it really do to let one Arrancar roam Karakura? For all I know he could just be a tourist... The image of one of the Espada walking around town in a floral shirt and shorts made Domon chuckle, and he almost decided to ignore it until he came face to face with himself in one of the many reflective surfaces that covered the buildings of Karakura Town like the spots that stained a drunk's liver. He saw himself, with his newly blackened hair, crimson eyes, and school uniform, and knew that he could not risk letting the people around him get hurt if he could stop it. With that thought in mind, he vanished from the sight of those who had been watching him.

He appeared near the source of the reaitsu he had been feeling, approaching it with a confident stride while masking his own pressure, keeping it at the normal human levels. He soon saw what he had been looking for: a man, his feet just touching the ground as the lips of the Garganta he had traveled from closed, the last glimpse of the darkness it held within fading from view as the sky reverted to its normal blue. The man simply stood there, and so Domon stopped about twenty feet from him, speaking in a calm voice. Looking for something?

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Malicia Nephilim

Malicia Nephilim

Ish Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ish   Ish EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 5:10 pm

I don't know for the others but I'm definitely not going to approve a Millions-years-old Demigod.
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PostSubject: Re: Ish   Ish EmptyTue Nov 23, 2010 8:38 pm

Firstly, while I do understand the need for restrictions on a character, I do not believe my character's age or origin really has any place in his bearing for approval... something you of all people should understand, with your rather odd mash-up of race and rank. (and yes, I am well aware that Sarah sanctioned it.) This character has been used on multiple sites, including two of Sarah's. Secondly, it's more like billions, or trillions if you would like.. it really makes no difference. It is simply a creative choice on the part of the player(me), and has very little bearing on his abilities. It does, however, provide me with a fine opportunity to use the character as a guide and teacher, one who has learned from the past and (here's the fun part) actually has grown in wisdom with age (since your average ten year old could preform better than most of the Captains in Bleach in that area). With all things considered, and the fact that his origin does not necessarily permeate the boundries of the Bleach world, owing to both its lack of origin story and its vague description of powerful beings that DO reside outside of the spiritual world, I humbly ask that you overlook these factors, if only to make my life easier and allow me to attempt to enrich whatever topics I may fall into.

- Ish

P.S. Love the pic, did you make it?
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PostSubject: Re: Ish   Ish EmptySat Nov 27, 2010 11:13 pm

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Malicia Nephilim

Malicia Nephilim

Ish Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ish   Ish EmptySun Nov 28, 2010 12:11 am

I'm considering it. However there's several factors interfering ranging from insanity-inducing boredom for any sentient being living billions years to how sickly powerful that being should be want it or not and passing by putting deities (let alone a The Progenitor kind of deity), the fact that you could this is an excuse for knowing literally and utterly every little last thing, and so on.

While you may say it's already been accepted elsewhere, if Byakuya says yes she gets the final word, but I'm still utterly against a character whose story changes/creates the very origins and basis of the world.

Now let's consider for a moment this is not an issue and I completely disregard it or am told to, there is -still- an issue with your Zanpakutoh and Bankai. While they are not instant-kill and have a fair ratio to time/damage, they are unavoidable in a 100-m radius making it impossible to dodge/defend/counter for any and every character who wants to fight in anything that is not relatively long range, which is what, 98% of Bleach canon characters? The only way to even just stay relatively not-too-distant from you I can think of without being drained at the moment is my own technique "AT-Field" which is the ultimate defense of a Cero-Espada in Résureccion-mode and which even I myself consider kind of OP.

oh and also, I don't think many people would like the fact that your not even released Zapakutoh can steal other players' skills just like that from a single basic hit. Besides, if that wasn't enough as is, just standing in a 100-m radius of you, you just have to release your shikai to be able to instantly steal any player in the radius's skills.
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PostSubject: Re: Ish   Ish Empty

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