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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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     Cordelia Caliban [W.I.P]

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    Cordelia Caliban

    Cordelia Caliban

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    PostSubject: Cordelia Caliban [W.I.P]   Cordelia Caliban [W.I.P] EmptySat Mar 26, 2011 4:39 am

    Basic Information

    Name: Cordelia "Dia" Phoebe Caliban

    Real Age: 675 years old

    Appeared Age: 17 years old

    Gender: looks like a female to me.

    Rank: Sexta Espada's kinda obvious. Just look at the title.

    Hollow Hole: Her Hollow Hole is extremely small, located on her right ear lobe.

    Mask Fragment: Her Mask Fragment takes the form of partial Human skull. It sits on the right side of her forehead, and the eye sockets, teeth, and nose cavity are visible. The only parts missing would be the mandible, occipital, most of the parietal, and temporal sections of the skull. There is one row of long teeth, about 8 in that row. Tufts of pink hair stick out of the eye sockets, cascading around the edges of the skull.

    Number Tattoo: The bold, jet black tattoo of a 6 lies on her stomach, surrounding her bellybutton.

    Aspect of Death: Solitude

    Appearance: Overall, Cordelia is a very beautiful woman. But, i'll go much more in depth, and start at the top. Her hair is bright pink, and appears to be neon in the sunlight. It's somewhat shiny, as if it was coated in lacquer. It is also cut a bit short, ending right around her collar bones. The tips of her hair fan out wildly, as her hair is slightly wavy. A portion of her bangs fall over her left eye, though it is not covered up completely. Her hair is usually kept tied up in one ponytail, placed on the left side of her head. Next topic, her face. It's not too long, nor is her jaw too wide. Calibans' skin tone is a light salmon tone. Her chin descends into a soft point, and doesn't jut out. Although, her features are still slightly sharp and very distinguished. Her nose is smooth and straight, ending in a tiny bump of cartilage like any other humanoid being.

    Her lips are a pale violet red, as she never wears any lipstick or gloss. The upper lip and bottom lip are equal in terms of thickness, although her mouth is a teeny tiny bit smaller than normal. Her teeth are straight and white, complementing her pink lips and red tongue very well. Caliban's cheeks are the same skin tone as the rest of her body. They are not puffy, as she has high cheekbones. Her skin lights up rosy red if she's either A. embarrassed or B. exhausted. Her eyes are a bit wider than normal peoples. She has long, pitch black lashes that are fanned out, along with milky white sclera. Her irises are a soft orange in color. It's rare that she'll put on anything like mascara or eyeshadow. Caliban's eyebrows are a black color, matching her pink hair quite nicely. Her neck is a normal length, with some scars here and there from battles. Caliban's shoulders are a bit tiny for a female, and thin.

    However, it should not be thought that she has a stick thin body. Her arms and legs are long, and slightly lanky. Her limbs have a proper amount of flesh, with well defined muscles and ligaments. Her hips are wide and curvy, while her waist is slender and slim. Caliban's thighs are a healthy balance of fat and muscle. Her ankles are strong, as are her wrists. Her bust is a DD cup, leading to some unfavorable focus from the rather perverted males. Her fingers are a bit long and thin, yet they are not brittle. Cordelia wears a dark black blazer. It ends at just above her belly button, and has a gold lining. The buttons are square and also golden in color. The cuffs are usually folded back up to her elbows. Her collar is kept upturned, framing her neck perfectly. Underneath the jacket, she wears a short, knee-length spaghetti-strap dress. It is also black in color. Her shoes are a pair of white, calf-length boots. Her height is 5'0” and her weight is 100 lb.

    Personal Information

    | Likes |

    || Candy || In her mind, any type of candy goes hand in hand with being lazy. Her “bad habit” of overindulging can take place at any time. She finds any type of candy tasty, whether it be chocolate, or hard sugar, or even gum. If she's ever offered some, Caliban could end up being the most polite person you've ever seen. Much to her enjoyment, her tolerance of sugar is amazingly high.

    || Cursing || Another awkward “bad habit”. She manages to keep cursing down to a minimum in front of other Espada as not to appear rude, but will sometimes display her uhh....”colorful”...vocabulary during average situations. If she happens to be in a bad mood, her use of curse words will severely increase.

    || Napping || Probably her 2nd favorite past time. She finds afternoon naps extremely rejuvenating, and will recommend it as a major stress reliever. Caliban can be found napping at any time of the day, due to her unpredictable and insane sleep schedule.

    || Mornings || Cordelia is a very hyper morning person, often enjoying the sunrise and breakfasts. She frequently re-arranges her already screwed up sleep schedule in order to wake up promptly in the morning.

    || Moving Walkways|| For some odd reason, Caliban has a unique fascination with human technology. Namely, the moving walkway. She absolutely loves them, provided their speed is very high. On numerous occasions has Cordelia declared that Las Noches needs an increase in technology. Why should Humans get all the awesome things?

    | Dislikes |

    || Blind Loyalty || It annoys her to see someone so blindly loyal. Everything has faults, and to not acknowledge them makes someone look foolish in her eyes. Caliban even checks in with her crew to assure that everything is going well and fair. This is the main reason why she is so hostile towards the fools, as she sees them as encouraging that blind loyalty.

    || Losing to someone who uses dirty tactics || One of the most aggravating things she could ever name. On many occasions she has witnessed certain soul creatures use dirty tactics in battles. Every time she would see them, she'd secretly vow to defeat them with her fair methods, just to show them how worthless they were. It was a form of training for her, and something she enjoyed very much. Nowadays, she doesn't immediately go after those who are using dirty tricks. Instead, she'll give them a fair warning, and it works very well.

    || Hot weather || It's so irritating. She hates to get hot and sweaty, unless it's in battle. And at least in battle, she gets a lot of fun out of it. During hot weather and miserable summers, she'll stay indoors as much as she can. If she has to go out, and of course she'll have to go some places, she'll reluctantly wear short skirted kimonos. She'll also use a small pink parasol to block the sunlight, as Caliban will attempt to avoid that damn heat any way she can. Even if it means looking ridiculously girly.

    || Windowless rooms || Alas, Cordelia is a free spirit. Such things like being in windowless rooms and confined places always freak her out a tiny bit. Like anything else, she hides this extensively. It is unknown why she hates windowless rooms so much, that she refuses to even go in one.


    | Strengths |

    || Swordsmanship Expert || As Sexta Espada, her skills in such important areas as Hakuda and swordsmanship should already be considerably impressive. But, out of all her combat techniques, swordsmanship is her most adept area. She can easily mix slashes and strikes with Sonido, along with Hakuda.

    || Sonido Master || She has tended to her Sonido mastery quite extensively, viewing as a very important section of the Arrancars abilities. This is probably her second best area of area as far as skills go.

    || Flexibility || Due to events in her Human Life and the training in the forest, the flexibility of her body is nearly unrivaled. She is capable of bodily feats that most are not.

    || Master in Hand-to-hand combat || Her hand-to-hand combat is sharply executed, clean, and it's safe to say that it's dangerous. Although, the areas above are more refined than her hand-to-hand combat.

    || Physical Strength || Even though Cordelia has a very small frame and stature, her strength is very high. Her resurrecion only heightens this strength of hers. Dias' physical strength backs up her fast Hakuda moves and Sonido expertise.

    | Weaknesses |

    || Quick Temper || The list of temper tantrums that Cordelia has thrown in astounding. Her temper greatly crushes any patience or calm that she has in her mind. However, this temper commonly presents itself when someone, such as an ally, directly insults her. She is smart enough to know that enemies will often taunt and insult, as she does to her own.

    || Rough Sarcasm || On numerous occasions has Dias' sarcastic traits gotten her into danger and occasionally trouble with others. Due to her policy of phrasing her words in anyway, at anyone, anytime, problems have presented themselves with both her fellow Espada and other creatures.

    || Hierro || Compared to the other Espada, Cordelias' Hierro is somewhat below average. It is probably on par with an advanced Octava Espada hierro.

    || Irresponsibility || As for this, Dias' naturally hedonistic and lazy nature go hand in hand with this bad aspect. She will refuse to take responsibility for anything she deems too serious.

    || Cero || Well, her Cero is probably just under average. It's charging time is short, but the power contained within' it is not anything that special. Cordelia intends on training this weakness, in secret of course.

    Personality: Caliban has a tongue quicker than a whip and sharper than a knife. Her insults are often quickly shot at others and pack a sour punch. The words spoken are frequently brash and rough, tinged with sarcasm. They are peppered with curse words, as she is rather fond of the taboo, 'colorful' words that typically present themselves when one is sparked with rage. She will speak her mind at anytime, loudly, about anyone or anything she desires too. Cordelia refuses to soften her opinions about anyone, regardless of status or age. She is extremely independent, refusing to depend on anyone. Simple acts of generosity or politeness will often be taken as patronization. Her sarcastic nature often gets the best of her when she tries to make friends or allies. When she sees something wrong, she will not hesitate to confront others about it. She doesn't see this as an insult. She wants to make the things around her better and stronger, viewing them as a family. Her extensively carefree and adventurous aspects mixes in well with the blunt aspects of her personality. Cordelia is an easygoing girl, even in combat she retains the laid-back attitude. If she has eaten cookies or is in an especially good mood, she is usually very friendly and happy to others.

    Unlike many, Cordelia is not capable of true evil. She could not relentlessly pursue power that directly harmed those around her, including allies. Even if that power was a god almighty power. It just strikes her as pitiful that someone would do such a thing. Why would you want that much power, if you have already burnt bridges and ruined relationships? However, she is capable of slaying others without remorse or care. There is always motivation behind these killings and views it as redemption for the burden the world has placed upon her. She is hot-headed, bursting out in anger when she is criticized. In battle, Cordelia properly examines her opponent, registering their strengths and weaknesses in her mind. Such things are still a valuable asset in her opinion, and she uses it often. Her fighting style has been called deadly by those in Las Noches who have witnessed her battles. In a combination with her fierce determination, immense power, and quick wit, she could bring cocky foes to their knees. Caliban is aware of this and takes very much pride in it. During battles with creatures like Shinigami, she prefers to have fun with it while sticking with the code instilled in her heart. Caliban refuses to let them win, it directly goes against anything she and her comrades stands for. Another aspect of her personality is her hedonistic ways.

    She'll often seek out pleasure and fun, instead of Shinigami bloodshed and missions. Around Fraccion and lower-ranked Arrancar, she's typically very calm but slightly rude. Especially if a lower ranked Arrancar is cocky. In no way is she responsible and diligent. In fact, she is probably one of the most lazy, childish, and irresponsible Arrancar out there. If she doesn't wanna do anything, she's not gonna do anything. And good luck getting her too. All I can say is that bribing with candies or tea will usually work. Her opinions towards Shinigami, Humans, Quincies, etc. are the same. Cordelia is apathetic towards all of them unless they capture her interest and attention. Her interests are slightly strange, fitting her weird and quirky behavior quite nicely. As for such things like love, it'll take a lot to convince her it exists. She believes that the only reason people fall in love is because they are infatuated with themselves, and therefore search for someone like themselves. Until the right one comes along and charms her, she wouldn't even think of straying into that subject. It's rare to see her flirt with true means of getting 'involved' with another sex. She will flirt, however, simply to see others get flustered and bothered. This part of her personality is very mischievous and naughty.

    Most of her gratification is derived from fucking around and teasing her fellow Espada or Arrancar. Cordelia has an immense appetite for both souls and average human-made food, like burgers and candy. She consumes souls for power, and normal food simply for the taste. She is a clear favoritism over technology, like iPods, computers, and most notably of all, moving walkways. Her mind often wonders what Las Noches would look like reinforced with tons of gadgets and devices. This makes her drool. She tends to flutter between being utterly realistic and ridiculously dreamy. It's more often the latter. There is one race that she does not have her usual apathetic attitude towards. That would be the Vizard race. She views them as utter freaks of nature, and not in the awesome way. Their power is an utter defiance of all that is the natural balance. And for that, she refuses to act civil around them. She wouldn't ally with them if it meant the end of the world. Cordelia is sometimes selfish and rude, especially when in a bad mood. She also has an immensely perverted mind, factoring into her weird sense of humor.

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Relationship Status: Single, not looking.

    Resurrecion Information

    Name: Melodía

    Represent: Unlike most other Arrancar, Cordelia does not represent an animal or insect. Instead, she represents an imp.

    Family: Sound

    Looks: During her Resurreccion, Cordelia represents an imp. Her ears become tiny and pointed. Her eyes widened even more than normal, and are lined in black. Her irises turn dark, navy blue. Under her eyes are red markings shaped like crescent moons, connected to the black lining. Inverted tear drop markings, gray in color, lay below that. In addition to her impish form, it has very many jester features. A small, cream-colored ruff lies around her neck. Replacing her typical Espada outfit is a full body uniform. This uniform is skintight, and is red and black in color. Two golden spheres are attached to the breastbone area of her outfit. White collars are cuffed around her wrist, pinned in place with small skull buttons. She also wears a pair of silky, pure white gloves. Miniature golden hoop earrings are pierced in each ear lobe.

    As for hair and skin, the vibrancy of each seems to drain. Her hair turns shiny, dark brown, growing a slight bit in length. Her skin pales drastically, becoming almost white in color. Her Mask Fragment, the human skull, completely disappears. It is replaced by a floppy, four-pointed hat. Like the uniform, it is black and red. The edges of the hat are lined in golden tinted silk. A small yellow jingling bell hangs from each floppy tip. From her knees to her ankles are striped leg warmers, tan in color. Her weapon becomes a broad sword. The center of the sword is hollowed out, yet pitch black in color. On each side of the sword, over the hollowed part, is three white strings. This means there are six strings in all. These strings are coated in Cordelias' reiatsu, which protect them from being cut or harmed. Asides from the strings and center, the blade is dark grayish-brown in color. The hilt and guard is very dark blood-red, with tints of plain brown. The guard is a narrow rhombus and the corners are upturned ever so slightly.


    Personal Techs:

    Standard Arrancard Techs:

    History and RP Sample


    RP Sample: Akemi sighed as she stared down at her paperwork. Was it her or did every time she look back to it, it seemed to grow in amount? She looked back over her shoulder in disgust, glaring as if it was a person. Akemi groaned and dragged herself back to the brown hued desk, plopping her ass down on the swivel chair. She picked up a pen and leaned forward, furiously scribbling in the empty sections. Akemi answered each question in messy handwriting, along with putting in smarmy comments in the margins. Why the hell didn't the 1st Division update their paperwork? They'd send out the same form each month, and the only thing she could see that was updated was the name of the captains. Her official title was “Kenpachi Ume”, and it was stamped in thick, black script on the corner of each paper. 

    She set each paper into a neat tray when she finished with them, taking sips of tea in between. Akemi reclined her cushioned swivel chair, extending her hand out in front of her for a cookie. She smiled and bit into one, a bit of crumbs falling onto her shihakusho. Akemi sat up a bit, brushing them from her chest. As she scarfed down a few other cookies with no hand, she kept paperwork still while writing in the designated areas. After she had completed most of the papers, she set them in the tray. Akemi stood up, clamping her fingers. As she leaned on it and thrust herself out of the chair, her pen snapped, spilling black ink over the paper and her desk. She scowled and stared out, throwing her hands into the air before letting them fall back to her sides. 

    ”Motherfucking....shitty pens...” Akemi hissed, walking over to the sink. She twisted the handle, sighing as water gurgled and shot from the faucet. Akemi stuck her hands under the water, shrieking as it hit her skin. Damn, was it scalding hot. She wrung her hands out, glaring at the steam rising from the basin. Akemi quickly spun the handle back to off, raising her hand to activate the cold water. She smiled in relief and let the water wash over her hands, scrubbing ink from her usually pure almond tinted skin. Pushing the soap pump with one hand, she rubbed it back onto her skin. Most of it came off, leaving a small grayish stain. She gazed back at the desk, the unfinished papers soaked in ink. Taking a small rag from the hanging hook, she slid it under the water briefly. 

    Akemi left a corner of the cloth dry, so she could pat the desk down once she finished wiping up the mess. Akemi turned on her heels and strode back to the desk, her geta sandals clicking against the wooden floor. She leaned over, sweeping ink into the cloth. With the other hand, she picked up the tainted paperwork and threw into the trash can. There was no salvaging it, she might as well pick a couple new copies up later. After the cloth had absorbed any spot of ink, she rubbed the desk down with the dry end. Akemi sighed and turned around, leaning on the front of the desk. Her head turned to the side slightly as a black butterfly flew through the open window, resting on her shoulder. Like always, it carried a message. 

    ”Kenpachi Ume, you are to send 2 seated officers to take care of any Hollows present in Karakura Town for the day. Please have them arrive in front of the 11th Division Barracks, as a Senkaimon is already awaiting.” Akemi sighed and shook her head. Hollows weren't that serious, 1 seated officer would have been enough. But oh well. Akemi tossed the cloth into the sink, peeking into the hallway. Most of her division members were at the training grounds, fighting as usual. She rested a hand on the doorway, leaning against it. Her head suddenly shot up and her eyes widened. Why didn't she just go to Karakura Town? No one would mind, as she was kinda on business, right? She rushed over to her desk and dug her red headband out of a drawer. 

    It doubled as her reiatsu limiter, something every captain needed to wear while in the Human World. Akemi tied it around her white hair, slipping on her tattered Haori. She smiled as she strode out of the office and into the halls, looking mindlessly at her division members. Akemi rested a hand on one of the men, looking at him with piercing blue eyes.”Well hey there, d'ya mind picking up some papers from the 1st Division? I had a fight with a pen, which didn't go so well for the papers. Just pick up the standard work papers and set them on my desk. I'll be back soon.” Akemi ordered, commanding yet calm. She adjusted the nodachi zanpaktou on her back, sliding the red cord into place. Using a few flashsteps through the division hallways and out into the open area, she yawned. 

    Akemi leaned her body forward, looking for those Kido Corps people. They were the ones who opened up Senkaimons for those who ventured into the Human World, and the ones she needed to get to. She finally spotted them, nonchalantly striding over to them. They all bowed shortly, before one of them asked where the seated officers were. ”I decided to take on the job for day, if that's alright.” Akemi stated plainly, her eyes narrowing slightly at the one who spoke. He nodded, opening up the gate. A butterfly followed next to her, leading her way. She yawned as she paced through the Senkaimon, grinning as the door opened up to reveal the lush area of Karakura. The white light shimmered into the area, lighting aglow a group of people. 

    As she scrutinized them, she realized one was familiar. Akemi exited the Senkaimon, and at 6'2”, she towered over the three people. She gave a short wave to the captain, recognizing him as Captain of the Onmitsukido and 2nd Division, Yokkyu Fuman. He had been captain right around the same time as her, maybe a year or two more. Akemi sauntered over to the group, her hands resting on her hips. She gave a slow glance to the female, and the male before looking up. She could see shadows, and feel slight presences. She turned her eyes back to Yokkyu, yawning. ”So, you brought them along with?” Akemi questioned quietly, referencing to the Onmitsukido members. If the Humans seen and heard her, she didn't care. It's not like they would be aware of who she was speaking of. Her own reiatsu was hidden by the limiter.
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