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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Feng Long W.I.P.

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Feng Long

PostSubject: Feng Long W.I.P.   Sat Mar 26, 2011 4:26 am

(just putting up the WIP for now, hope to finish sometime tomorrow)
Basic Information

Name: Feng Long ( Feng - the point of a weapon; or, the wind | Long – dragon)

Actual Age: (Your character's actual age.)

Appeared Age: 20-25

Gender: male

Appearance: (Describe your character's appearance in detail. Eye color, hair color, height, weight, clothing, etc. A picture is optional.)

Personal Information

Likes/Dislikes: (What your character likes and dislikes)

Strength/Weaknesses: (Your character's strengths and weaknesses)

Personality: (How your character acts alone and with others. What's normal for them.)

Sexual Orientation: straight

Relationship Status: single and not looking (has been too busy to consider looking in some time)

Mask Information

Name: (Name of your inner hollow.)

Manifestation: (What your inner hollow looks like.)

Unique Ability:
Cero-Fist: While he learned to harness the Hallow power of creating a cero, his distaste for ranged attacks led him to find a different way to incorporate it to his fighting style. Instead of firing a blast he surrounds his fist in the energy, allowing it to be directed into what a punch or strike contacts with.

Explosive Cero-Fist: Along the same concept of his cero-fist, but the energy is less directed, resulting in wide explosion. He is somewhat resistant to the explosion, but not immune to it. Given this he only uses it if he has to deal with lots of opponents, or a quick opponent that is managing to avoid his punches but not expecting an explosive after-effect.

Hollow Mask Appearance: His mask is like a skull helmet over his head, ending after the upper jaw, the eyes are surrounded by large black circles like overly large eye sockets.

Duration: (How long your mask can stay out, and how long until you can use it again. 10 posts is the maximum.)

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Kai Douzhi ( Chinese: iron, will to fight/fighting spirit, so iron will to fight or iron fighting spirit) (there are some accented characters in the word, but rather than figure out to type them going to keep it simplified, though different accents can change the meaning)

Zanpakuto Looks: (What your Zanpakuto normally looks like.)

Zanpakuto Description: (A basic description of your Zanpakuto's abilities.)

Released Zanpakuto Description: (A description of your Zanpakuto's abilities are once its been released.)

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Smash all in our path! Kai Douzhi

Released Zanpakuto Looks: Armor plates, going from the shoulders to the hands. The knuckles of each gauntlet have small spikes.

History and RP sample

History: Feng was a member of the 11th Division of the Gotei 13. It was a perfect fit for him, given the nature of his Zanpakuto. He trained hard to be the best that he could, but the thought of rank was secondary to him. He reached a point were many were certain he could challenge for a seat, but he wanted to train till there would be no doubt of an outcome in the match.
Then came the imprisonment and escape of Kisuke Urahara. There were members from several divisions sent out in an attempt to find him. By chance alone Feng had happened upon him, alone. When he approached he interrupted the process Urahara was using to turn the hallowfied soul reapers into vizards. His interference led to his own hallowfication, and then Urahara assisted him after the others.
Feng was told of Urahara’s side of events, added to by the words of captains and lieutenants. He accepted it all as truth, especially given that they could have slain him rather than assist him in becoming a vizard. Returning to the soul society was out of the question though, as not only would it be hard to make everyone believe this story, but Aizen would likely capture Feng before he could speak a word and use him to find Urahara.
Restlessness showed on Feng quickly, with his inability to assist in the situation or fight any enemies, be they traitors within the soul society or simple hallows. This may have been part of what led to his next problem. His hallow side attempted to overtake Feng a second time. None of the other vizards experienced this problem, and it gnawed at Feng, making him question himself and if he would end up only being a danger.
Feng left from Japan against the advice he was given from the other vizards, but Urahara felt it was better than letting him sit around feeling caged, and made sure he was prepared for the journey. He has stayed in China for many years since, training at various places. He knows nothing of events that have transpired since and only focused and training and mastering his powers. Only recently has he felt certain that he could return and be calm in knowing he was prepared for whatever storm would surely come.

RP Sample: (An example of the way you RP.)

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Feng Long W.I.P.
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