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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Arden Werestain

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PostSubject: Arden Werestain   Arden Werestain EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 7:40 pm

Basic Information

Name: Arden Werestain

Real Age: 942

Appeared Age: Appears to be in his prime, very youthful. Maintains young appearance with his unique abilities.

Gender: Male

Division: 10th

Rank: Captain (I am Lucifer)

Organization: None


Image One, Clothing matches image

Arden is a very tall, handsome man. He is around 6’11” feet tall (six feet eleven inches) and has a rather imposing figure. He looks somewhat slender, but this is an illusion cast by his height; his muscles are large and harder than stones, and there is barely any fat on him. He wears a long blue coat, as shown in the image. Over it he wears an ornate piece of armor made of a strange glossy black metal with white gold trim for the designs and decorations. He also wears a black leather pair of boots with white gold on them as well. Arden wears a belt of smooth copper chains, shown in the picture, with a single link of chains hanging off it. An emerald pendant is attached to the end of the hanging link that has a small black feather attached to it.

Arden typically wears white pants, and a sleeveless black undershirt underneath his coat. He almost never has anything besides his face or hands uncovered and hates wearing short sleeves or shorts, preferring to cover the majority of his tall body. But he always exposes his hands and face. Arden’s skin is extremely white, totally pale, so much so that he looks inhuman. His pupils are small and slit, like a reptile’s, and his irises are grey. When angry or when feeling any strong emotion, his irises change from grey to red. The brighter the red, the stronger he feels.

Arden’s body is without scars, and his skin looks almost like pure white marble. However his skin is not smooth, much unlike marble. It is rough and painful to run one’s hand across. And any blood spilled upon it is quickly absorbed through it. His white hair is long and straight, near shoulder length, and looks clean and healthy. But again it is unpleasant to the touch, and cuts through soft skin easily. His lips are thin and grey, and although charming, there is something uniquely nefarious to Arden.

Personal Information


  • Bloodshed: Being sealed away for so long, with nothing to do but train, has left him full of violent desires. He richly enjoys any combat he can find, and absolutely loves to strike the killing blow. A simple spar with Arden can quickly take a turn for the worse and erupt into a grotesque butchering…

  • Supremacy: After being disrespected so long Arden wants some credit. He doesn’t care what anyone says to him, he doesn’t care whoever it is that tries to keep him down. Arden does whatever the hell he wants, and whoever it is that tries to stop him had better think twice.

  • Sex: Despite his fear of closeness Arden is a slave to his pleasures, and among his greatest desires is lust. He richly enjoys ’intimacy’ with the female gender, but he is by no means a gentlemen when it comes to nightly affairs. He often doesn’t even care about the woman he is with, viewing them as a source of pleasure. Its not important to him whether or not it is a person - it wouldn’t matter if it was a machine. Despite all his smooth talk, Arden is just a promiscuous womanizer.

  • Games: There is something oddly satisfying about games, something about the order and swiftness of them. From the human world’s complex visually stimulating computer games to a simple game of cards, Arden absolutely loves a fun game. He is attracted to the feelings of order, benefit, and positive feelings often found within these pastimes.

  • Trees: Even in his worst moods Arden finds comfort in trees and plants. A nice, green place of nature is very calming and soothing to Arden, easing his violent tendencies. He loves to relax in forests, or other nice places like that.


  • Spirit Fusion: Due to being fused with his Zanpakuto, spiritually and physically, Arden has an extremely easy time with entering his inner world or strengthening his zanpakuto powers. He is also much more skilled with his Zanpakuto than other Shinigami would be with their own thanks to his deeply symbiotic relationship with his weapon.

  • Powerful Reiatsu: This is Arden’s second best specialization, right after his genius mastery of blades. His spiritual pressure is especially powerful, even more so after fusing with his zanpakuto. Although kido is still useless to him any reiatsu based techniques he uses, especially his Zanpakuto powers, are quite powerful. Enemy powers that target his reiatsu will have a difficult time controlling it’s violent rage.

  • Extreme Strength: Arden’s body is very strong. He is capable of hitting hard and his body is very durable. His almost slender appearance betrays the enormous amount of brute power hidden inside his body.

  • Master Sword Specialist: Training in his container for centuries and fusing with his weapon has made Arden a sword master of perhaps unrivaled skill. He knows exactly how to maximize the speed and strength of each swing, while maintaining his stance. He is also especially good at defeating others skilled with swords, having practiced against nothing but swords. As long as he can use his zanpakuto or swing a blade, any foe he faces is in danger.

  • High Speed: Arden is very fast, partially due to his levitation technique and partly because much of what he did was just run around his container all day. He is also skilled with flash steps and enjoys combining them with his near flawless swordsmanship. He specializes in dodging attacks.

  • Noble Mind: A man of very superior intelligence and education, Arden is a master of strategy. He is also very well trained in social interactions, easily capable of concealing his thoughts and emotions as well as manipulating those of others. He excels in analyzing people.


  • Picky: Arden was raised as a lord and lived as one. He has experienced fine living, and will settle for no less. If he feels like he isn’t being treated right, he holds grudges. And if he cannot get what he wants, he’ll often blame others.

  • Fearful of Closeness: There is nothing that scares Arden more than a friend. He is so afraid of friendship and emotional attachment to others that he will physically punish himself for having feelings for another, if he cannot silence them. A mix of past betrayal, sensitive feelings, and intense misanthropy combine to form this phobia.

  • Low Defense Skill: He might be tough, he might be fast, he may be skilled, but there are many things he isn’t. One of them is defensively trained. All he practiced was evasion, some blocking and offense. So, while he is durable, he doesn’t really know how to take a hit. If he can’t dodge or block he often becomes confused and doesn’t know what to do. This is a shameful weakness for him and if exposed, it injures his pride especially when ridiculed for it.

  • No Kido: Fusing with his zanpakuto to survive purged him of all kido potential. Not shinigami enough to have them but still shinigami enough to be accepted by Soul Society, he had once been a kido expert. While his current reiatsu based powers serve him well, he can never learn kido spells or use them ever again. An irreparable tradeoff, it is a blessing and a burden at times.

  • Dependence on Weapon: While he isn’t terrible at hand to hand combat Arden feels like he can’t fight without his zanpakuto. When without it he relies on his spiritual powers, but is often terrified if disarmed. This fear and confusion can make him much less effective in combat. He is far too scared to give unarmed combat a try.

  • Nosferatu: Arden has to consume some kind of life to live. Rats, hollows, birds, trees, as long as there is enough of it. But what he really wants is people. Shinigami, Arrancar, humans… they’re painfully tempting to him. Every day he fights the desire to indulge himself on the life-force of others. Were he to be especially vulnerable or weakened, this temptation could take hold of him…


    Arden is complicated, to put it nicely. Many betrayals and going from an esteemed captain, to stuck in the maggot’s nest, to being a captain again has left him with a feeling of fear, paranoia, and chaos. He doesn’t like disorderly things and that what he feels like most things are. While he supports systems and order, he is a perfectionist when it comes to these things, and so in discipline he is often too harsh. This can be on himself or others, but his pride and selfishness usually protects himself from his own rigid beliefs.

    Arden used to be a much more social person but is now a very cold and manipulative freak. He just doesn’t care. He’ll be aware that there are people around him, that they feel and think things. Why, he is even exceptionally talented at guessing how they think and feel. But he always protects himself from everyone, never allowing strong attachments to form, hiding behind facades of politeness and false empathy. And any feelings or thoughts of guilt or desire to be kinder are quickly silenced by fears and darker feelings.

    He always conceals his thoughts and feelings, and strongly refrains from doing anything that could get him in trouble or make him look bad. But when he can get away for sure, when there is nothing to stop him, he’ll kill. And feast. And plunder. His pent up negativity manifests in drives for pleasure and mild ambition. But Arden doesn’t aspire to be some kind of big ruler. Arden is far more parasitic, preferring to latch onto another power and serve it, while seizing as much status as possible and as many rewards as he can.

    But, when he doesn’t feel threatened by friendship, people, or danger, Arden is surprisingly calm. He likes to relax and take a break from the stress and fear. All the negativity bothers him sometimes, and he enjoys a nice release. But even so eventually he’ll want to seek some kind of power or pleasure after a while, addicted to his own habits and pleasures. In summary he is a hurt, somewhat disturbed, but brilliantly intelligent, prideful, and often dangerous man. Not one to hate or fear, but more so to be careful with.

Sexual Orientation:[color=red] Straight

Relationship Status: Single, but fears close one on one relationships. Perhaps with the right girl though, it could happen….?

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Wraske

Zanpakuto Looks:

    Each sword takes the form of an enormous longsword, almost as tall as Arden himself. The hilts of the weapons are made of a twisted dark purple metal, with a handle shaped like a bunch of snakes coiled together. The bottom is a wicked spike with sharp tines poking from it and two bat wing shaped hilt guards extend from the right and left sides of the upper hilt. The blade is long and gradually narrows towards the tip, which is often stained in blood. The blades are high quality and sharp but often covered in blood. Arden always has at least one sword with him.


Arden’s Zanpakuto is constantly in it’s released state, unable to ever change it back since he merged with it. This is due to the fact that they are merged and attempting to seal it could effect his vital processes disastrously, and the unrestricted flow of reiatsu between him and his zanpakuto would also prevent him from being able to re-seal it even if he could. Merged with him physically and spiritually, the zanpakuto is closer to him than an arm or a leg.

Although the blades don’t stick out of his body or nothing, he can spawn five of his shikai swords which seemingly just float out of his body as though he were a gateway of some kind. They can also merge back into him, seamlessly vanishing. However he loses no mass or energy as the weapons extend from his form, nor does he gain any while absorbing them. It is simply more convenient for him to keep the majority of his swords dormant. See the ‘Powers’ section for details on his shikai abilities.

Released Zanpakuto Looks: Described in Zanpakuto looks

Powers and Abilities

Normal Powers:

  • Levitation: Arden gets around mostly by floating around. His levitation abilities are especially strong, and he can move up to fifty miles per hour in any direction while levitating. However, if hit by a strong blunt impact, he can get knocked down if the attacker is stronger than him. Levitation does not consume energy, but if weakened Arden will move slightly slower while levitating.

  • Blood Drinker: In order to live and survive Arden has to consume life. Its an interesting affliction. The problem isn’t using up too much spiritual energy or something of the like, but rather that without restoring his body’s life force it slowly begins to just die, regardless of how much power Arden attempts to keep it together with. An unfortunate side effect of his Zanpakuto fusion. However he did gain the ability to consume life force and steal it from others, regardless of their species. He does this mostly through fighting, absorbing the opponent’s lost blood as he wounds his enemy. Blood that is outside of the victim’s body can be controlled by Arden, and he can actually make it float towards him to absorb it. He does not have to drink the blood and can absorb it through his skin. Blood that he absorbs is filtered so that any diseases, poisons, or pathogens in the blood are removed. But only fresh blood is good for him.

  • Hell Raiser: One of Arden’s reiatsu based powers. It is used either when facing a large group of enemies, or when he is somehow disarmed. To use this power he pushes some of his reiatsu under the ground, and quickly moves it under an enemy or group of enemies. The reiatsu then manifests as molten hot glass like weapons of energy, stabbing upwards through the ground in twisted sword-like forms. They’re often about ten feet tall and at least a foot or two wide. Needless to say it’s very unpleasant to be struck by one. However to use this ability Arden has to stop moving. It also requires a second or two of focus. The more reiatsu he puts into the attack, the more swords he makes, the longer it takes to use.

  • Spirit Regeneration: As all Zanpakuto regenerate, Arden has also gained the ability to grow back his body parts. However, it is much less effective than Hollow regeneration or his zanpakuto’s rapid regeneration rate. But, he is capable of growing back limbs and organs. It takes about a day for him to fully recover from any gashes, blood loss or non fatal wounds, but it takes three days for him to grow back a limb or an organ. If he doesn’t have some kind of medical care keeping him alive while he is regenerating, however, he will probably die from not having the use of that organ. Minor damage to any of his organs is also fully repaired in around three days. This does restore lost brain cells or heart cells, but only in small quantities at a time. If the damage was enough to kill another person, its enough to kill him. The only difference is he can completely recover from what does not kill him, and in less than a week.

Shikai Abilities:
[*] Five Swords: Arden is currently able to have up to five swords in his Shikai state.

[*] Telekinetic Control: Arden is able to move each sword with his mind. This operates using reiatsu, but is very efficient. He can have all five swords our for weeks and never tire, meaning the rate of spiritual energy regeneration is greater than the cost of moving his swords around within touching them. He can move them very quickly and they hit quite hard, almost as hard as if he had swung them himself with all the strength in his arms. Each sword can be swung or thrusted quickly, although after each action it takes about a second or two for the sword to be ready to attack again. If the swords are far away Arden can still make them return but they move more slowly and cannot attack if they are more than thirty feet away. But otherwise, he can move them in just about any way he pleases with only thoughts, so long as they are less than thirty feet away.

[*] Triple Bite: This power is used with three swords, to attack a distant or vulnerable opponent most of the time. Arden covers three of his blades in reiatsu, appearing as deep blue flames that completely cover each sword, and arranges them so that the tip of each blade touches. They thin spin in a rapid, fan like motion, until they move so quickly they can shred apart even stone. Aden then focuses on moving them near an enemy, but not through his telekinetic powers. He actually has the swords use a flash step, similar to shunpo, to quickly appear near an enemy. They then attack the enemy quickly. Their enormous blades can easily swallow smaller enemies or tear the limb of a large foe to scrap, much like how a giant metal fan would if it were sharpened. This can be used on an enemy up to sixty feet away, since more reiatsu is focused into this attack However the long range control of the swords weakens after usage. So the swords strike quickly, but return slowly, if farther than thirty feet away. It takes two posts for them to return if they are more than thirty feet away, and one if less.

[*] Murderous Edge Sentinel: Using this power Arden animates one of his blades with the spirit of his zanpakuto. The weapon bursts into violent deep blue flames and becomes intelligent. It locates an enemy by using a technique similar to sonar by vibrating it’s blade, and can sense nearby life within ten feet. It can distinguish Arden from other creatures however, and will not strike if it means striking him. Otherwise however the possessed weapon will try to kill, hurt, or main the enemy in any way it can; moving quickly and violently. Arden can animate up to two swords with this ability, allowing his zanpakuto to do the fighting for him.

[*] Crimson Hurricane: Arden typically reserves this power for a tight spot in a close combat situation, because after using it, he won’t be able to use his swords for two posts. While using it Arden stops in place, and focuses some of his reiatsu on all his swords, causing them to burst into deep blue flames. While using this power all of his swords move around him in different places, orbiting around him at a very fast speed. The swords will move much faster than usual and likely butcher anything within twenty feet of him. Enemies caught nearby will have a very difficult time escaping without taking serious injury. While using this ability, all one sees is a storm of blurs and blue fire, for the swords move so fast the eye cannot keep up with them. This also temporarily protects Arden from attacks thanks to the motion of the swords and flames totally surrounding him.

[*] Immortal Weapons: It is very difficult to break or destroy one of Arden’s swords, but if somehow damaged or broken, something funny happens; they come back. Very quickly. Every three posts, a damaged sword fully repairs itself, or a new one is produced. Technically Arden could make more than five swords but he can only control five swords, so if he tries to control more he will either strain his reiatsu or sacrifice a large amount of control quality. His zanpakuto is especially good at repairing itself.

[*] Shikai - Deep Blue Flames: Many of Arden’s abilities utilize rich blue flames created by his reiatsu. While they appear like flame, however, they’re not actually fire. They’re just an especially violent form of reiatsu, with two unique effects. Although they will burn you, that is not their intended effect. Touching them actually cuts you as though you had stuck your hand in a box full of rapidly moving razor blades, eagerly slashing at your hand with every millisecond. Arden however is not harmed by this effect. The fires actually act as an additional power source for many of his powers, such as the Triple Bite ability or others. All the abilities that use the deep blue flames have this effect and reiatsu surplus. It is well guarded however, and trying to absorb it will seriously injure the one trying to consume them by slashing them all over their body, as they become covered in the blue flames. Any attempt to control them from someone besides Arden yields the same result. Arden can also create the flames over his body.

Bankai Information[/font]
This applies to captains only.

Do you want your character to have bankai: Yes

Bankai Description:

    When activating bankai Arden merges completely with his zanpakuto. They’re already fused, but not exactly to the maximum. In bankai this changes. He bursts into blue flames that are so dark and rich one can no longer see Arden, and he absorbs all of his five swords. The flames repel anyone near him and slice up anyone who tries to come close, as well as dissolve any spiritual attacks that are sent his way. Similarly objects thrown at him are cut to pieces by the flames. Slowly, the flames disappear, and ten swords spawn from Arden’s body.

    Arden’s appearance does not change much, aside from him being covered in a large amount of flames. The color can change at his will but starts off as deep blue. Each color possesses a different effect, and all the swords are covered in the flames as well. The color he chooses is the same for himself and all his weapons. Arden’s eyes also glow bright red, and his thirst for blood increases. See ‘Bankai Abilities’ for a description of the powers he gains.

Bankai Abilities:

  • Shikai Powers: In bankai, Arden has all his shikai powers as well as bankai powers. However, all of his shikai powers are nearly twice as strong and much more efficient, working better at much less cost due to an increased level of control over his powers and reiatsu.

Bankai Looks: Weapons look the same.

History and RP Sample

History: (Your character's history. The higher your rank the longer your history should be.)

RP Sample: (Give an example of how you RP.)

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Arden Werestain
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