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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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PostSubject: Blade W,I,P   Blade W,I,P EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 6:04 pm

Basic Information

Name: Sato Suzuki

Real Age: 2516

Appeared Age: 32

Gender: Male

Division: 3rd

Rank: Captain

Organization: Gotei 13


Blade W,I,P 49534

Sato is about 6"0 with long brown hair, he has a tiny beard which is on his chin, the short beard on his chin represents that he is in the Suzuki Family, a major family in the past. Sato has dark brown eyes and he likes to wear the captain's haori. Sato has 2 earrings which has fur on the end of each pair, the fur was given to Sato by his best friend in the Soul Society. Sato has long dirty brown hair and a he has thick eyebrows, wears a white long scarf that reaches to his feet occasionally, Sato is the lazy type of Shinigami.

Some people says that Sato and Shunsui are blood related due to their similar personality and their reaction towards different things. Though the only thing different about the 2 is that Sato actually trains on a daily bases, Sato can overcome his laziness some times. Though after training Sato drinks a cup of Sake and then begins his lazy schedule.

Personal Information



- Being Lazy
- Training
- Sake
- Fighting
- Being nice


- Cocky People
- People who Swears often
- Hollows
- Non Alcoholic drinks but water
- People telling him who he is.


- Shunpo
- Hand to Hand Combat
- Kendo
- Immense Reiatsu
- Fast Reaction

- Cooking
- Kido
- Healing
- Cute Puppies
- Sakura Petals.

Personality: Sato is a old male who can be mistaken as a weak lazy old coot.Sato isn't the silent type, but rather the out going type, he has many parts to his personality and he is pretty funny. Sato is the type of guy that judges people by how they look and what they do. People say that Sato could be related to Shunsui from the way he talks to the way he acts. Sato is overall a happy guy most of the time but not on a important battle, unlike Shunsui he plays serious.

Sato find that fighting is one of the things a man should take seriously, since your life is on the line. Shunsui likes to wave his head back and forth till his hair gets out of his face. Sato personally hates putting his hair in a pony tail, he thinks that it makes him look less manly. Sato is overall a nice Captain, pretty laid back on Shinigami work but serious during a battles. Sato would help any Shinigami in need, though he would never hate a hollow, no matter who it is. The only time Sato would save a hollow only if he is repaying a favour.

Sexual Orientation: (Whether your character is straight, homosexual, bisexual, etc.)

Relationship Status: (Single and looking, single and not looking, in a relationship, married, engaged.)

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Double Fury [Kaedama Kyouran]

Zanpakuto Looks: The look of Blade's Zanpaktous sealed from is nothing more then 2 ordinary katanas. The only thing that is special about Blade's Katana is the

Blade W,I,P Katana
Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Greet them, Kaedama Kyouran!
Shikai: When releasing Blade uses his release phrase, after using the phrase giant columns of smoke will surround Blade. With a snap of a finger the columns of smoke vanish out of thin air and Blade will be holding 2 twin hooks rather then his 2 katanas. The element of these 2 special hooks is Reiatsu based. What I mean when I say Reaitsu base is either stealing Reiatsu and manipulating it.

Name: Reiatsu Drinker
Description: This is a special ability, what ever Blade's zanpaktou touches it will slowly suck out it's reiatsu dry. The closer to the source of reiatsu the faster Blade's zanpaktou absorbs, for example if Blade's zanpaktou collided with his opponent's zanpaktou it will slowly absorb about 4% of the enemies reiatsu per post, but if Blade has his zanpaktou inside his enemy's body it will absorb 14% of the enemies reiatsu per post.

Name: Reiatsu Manipulation
Description: This special ability gives Blade the power to control the reiatsu that he has stored inside his body and the reiatsu that he had stolen. What I mean by control is that he can take the reiatsu that he has to create giant projectiles or even use them as shields. Blade can take the reiatsu and use it to create a thick layer of armour something similar to a Espada's hierro.

Name: Reiatsu Trade
Description: Blade trades in his reiatsu for more physical attributes (speed and strength.), if Blade feeds his zanpaktou 10% of his reiatsu, he will gain 8% more physical attributes. Every 10% of reiatsu will add 8% for the physical attribute. If Blade feed 90% of his reiatsu he will get 88% speed/strength.

Released Zanpakuto Looks: Blade W,I,P 50129_small

Other Techniques:

Kidō Master
Shunpo Master
Master Strategist & Tactician
Immense Spiritual Power
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability

Bankai Information
This applies to captains only.

Do you want your character to have bankai: Yes

Bankai Description: Blade points both of his hooks at the enemy, as he says Bankai his reiatsu flies around, they fly so fast that his reiatsu turns visible. After the reiatsu pressure finally stops leaking it all flies back into Blade. Though Blade is now much faster, durable, stronger and all of his moves are much stronger. Blade changes his clothes, instead of his Shinigami outfit he wears a long leather jacket that goes up to his heals and he holds a long and big sword as he puts on a metal head band.

Bankai Looks:" border="0" alt="" />

Blade W,I,P War_sword_tonal_large

(The sword is about 4 feet tall and weighs about 5lbs.)


Human World Arc:

Sato was born in one of the poorest villages throughout the world, Sato was part of a tiny Native tribe. Sato was one of the protectors of the native tribe. The tribe was called Unakuk, the kids and adults there were really great people. Sato dedicated his life to protect all of them, every time people try to attack the tribe Sato would try to fight them off, Sato was pretty handy with the wooden spear and the bow. Sato was also in-charge of hunting, even though the tribe thought Sato was doing to much, though Sato insisted that he show the young how to hunt. Sato was a kind young man, he wore a earring which shows that he was the soon to be elect Chieftain of the tribe.

Ten years has gone by, everything has changed. The tribe started to fall apart and Sato didn't know what to do. Every weak the European pirates would take one of their women away and Sato would be chained up underground, Sato's life was ruined, he couldn't save his tribe. Sato was chained up underground, no sun light was being let inside for Sato. A loud crash came through the door as a group of Native people ran in holding a bunch of spears. Sato was free as they fought the Pirates, many have died but they have gotten there woman back.

Sato decided that the group would sail to a different place, Sato and his tribe gathering resources and leaving that tiny Island. Sato led his tribe to Japan; there were many villages as far as the eye can see. They lived in peace so Sato and his tribe lives there for many years, till one Day the Japanese attacked the tribe for land. Sato has fought off them and he decided to give his oldest son the title of Chieftain. Sato left the village and has found himself in a Japanese tribe. He lived there as he changed his name to Sato Suzuki. Sato was in a forest until he heard a group of first nation people chattering, the one he heard was his own son all cut up with another group of boys.

Sato was told that the Tribe was under a massive invasion and his Son ran off from the battle, Sato grabbed a bamboo stick that was conveniently placed beside a tree, Sato went back to the tribe to see everything destroyed, a gust of wind was made as he seen his son fall on his knees with arrow stuck in the boys back. When Sato looked back at his son he was also shot, Sato tried to stand up but he kept getting shot by the arrows. Sato was a strong man but in the end he had died, Sato using his last breath to pray to the sky god as he died a happy death. Sato lying there peacefully on green grass surrounded by flowers, the attackers left Sato's body in the field.

Sato was sure that he was dead, but he was somehow revived by a female, she had supernatural powers that can rapidly heal any wound. Sato woke up beside his son with bloody bandages on the floor and broken pieces of arrows. Sato didn't know that someone had revived him but it was a futile effort, the woman was then killed by a hollow and so was Sato, but Sato's son managed to survive. Sato the man who was revived to see how wonderful life was and then killed by a invisible giant monster.

Soul Society Arc:

Sato felt like a ball of light who entered the poorest part of the Soul Society, he managed to save his son in exchanged for his own life. Sato hasn't realized that the Soul Society was different from the Human World, he felt like they had the same vibe. After a few years he has met up with many Souls and made many friends, some of the souls he had met was people who use to be in his tribe. Sato also met with one particular person he had managed to thank, the woman who healed him. Sato married the woman who saved his life for a few hours and then was ended like a snap. Sato lived happily in Rukogai until he found out that his wife wanted to join the Soul Society.

Sato was nervous to see his love join the Soul Society so he had followed her into the Academy and became a Shinigami himself. Sato was nervous when he first got there; people were trained well but no one at the Academy ever seen Sato's fighting style. Sato learned many things with his love and they managed to spend every day together while in the Academy. Until one dark day where the Academy was attacked by a giant Hollow, she was walking with Hisagi and another unidentified male.The hollow killed his wife and managed to blind Hisagi, when reinforcement came it was to late. Sato lived a life in fear till he met one particular man.

That particular man wore a pink coat over his Captain haori, he also wore a brown bamboo hat. That man was one of the people who cheered up Sato, it was pretty sad to see his wife die but that captain said to Sato, "Though your wife might be dead, that isn't a reason for you to stop living your life." Those words said by that man changed Sato's aspect of life, Sato was grateful for those words. Sato managed to past the academy and had a attitude of a Freedom fighter. Sato managed to be the third seat for the Captain he idolized.

Sato spent his best years drinking with Captain Shunsui, he has spent so much time with Captain Shunsui he even started to inherit Shunsui's personality. Sato was a pretty lazy man but he tries to train his hardest, the last thing Sato's wife said before she died to Sato was that you must train for the sake of the poor souls, though Sato never understood that straight forward statement so all he does now is train and then Drink. When Sato train he would isolate the world from his thought and try to train alone.

Karakura Retrieval Arc: Part 1 the preparations.

Sato was appointed to do a Mission, one where he had to retrieve his missing Lieutenant, the story was that she got into a fight with one of the seated officers and stormed off. Sato was told to stay by the Captain Commander because his lieuteanant has already rebelled. Sato couldn't believe it so instead he snuck out at night to find his Lieutenant. Ruk was Sato's most important person, he had no intention of letting her go that easily.Sato found out from the 12th division Lab that the last person who last exit the Senkai gate was Ruki. Sato hanged up his Haori and left the Soul Society.

Sato in the blistering cold rain, shunpo'd through the streets, he didn't know where his lieutenant was so he went to the Karakura town. There were many Sirens that was sound when Sato left, this was an act of retaliation of the rules. Sato was known as the Soul Society's 156th Rebel. Sato was hunted down by captains and Lieutenants, all this trouble to find Ruki. Ruki was more than a Lieutenant, why? The reason is because Ruki was Sato's sister in law.

Sato fought many captains until he couldn't any more. Sato ran off into a house and hid from the Soul Society, but he was surrounded by Soi Fon and her Shinigami's. The rain poured hard that day, the blood was dripping from Sato's chest onto his Shinigami uniform. Sato exited the unreasonably small house with his Zanpaktou, he was nearly dead. Sato had one foot in his own grave, due to his condition. Something weird happened when a black cat somehow shunpo'd beside Sato, the cat had a really good vocabulary to when it communicated with Sato.

The cat took down all of the second division and distracted Soi Fon, it was weird how Soi fon had reacted towards the cat. Sato never got who that cat was but he was really grateful, Sato was still in bad condition looking for Ruki. Sato felt like he couldn't have made it until Sato had a burst of faith, he kept looking for his Lieutenant with all his strength. Sato was then approached by another Captain this one was a easy Captain though. Shunsui with his pink coat over his Haori asked Sato if he needed a hand.

Sato was grateful as him and Shunsui both rebelled but to be stop by Toshiro, but luckily for them a man with white long hair wearing a Captain Haori helped both Sato and Shunsui out. Sato was told to go first which he did, Sato felt like he caused Chaos all over the Soul Society, Sato wanted this to stop but he made a promise. Sato then approached a tiny warehouse, Sato heard a obnoxious scream.

Karakura Retrieval Arc: Part 2 Staring into death himself.

Sato was in the ware house, he was in no condition to fight. Sato then heard footsteps, Sato couldn't believe what he seen, a woman who looked like Ruki wearing a white suit. Sato didn't know what was going on, but he felt like he was staring at death himself, a stormed rolled in really quick, one which lift up the ware house itself. Sato was still in shock, he found out that his Lieutenant was killed and replaced by a hollow.

Sato was in pain, until he felt something weird; it was a burst of pure Reiatsu. Sato knew that Ruki was alive. Sato fought the arrancar, it was a tough fight no releasing any Reiatsu. Sato fought for hours, it was a battle of who can release greater power. Sato had lost an arm and was near death, the Arrancar had many cut and bruises. Sato was then stabbed; he felt like he failed, Sato remembered the face of Ruki and his wife. Sato released a tear from his eye as he fell helplessly on to the cold hard ground.

The stormed stopped as the battle between Shinigami and Shinigami stopped when many Garganta's opened up. Sato couldn't open his eyes or move his body, the Arrancar opened gargantas. About seven thousand menos have shown up, even Ichigo (a subsitute shinigami shown up to the battle with his group of mortals.) had to get involved. Sato seen a face, one that started right at him. Sato felt no emotion due to the fact that Death was looking down on him.

A long haired orange woman started to heal Sato; the fact that Sato was being healed made Sato feel much better. Sato got up and made sure he killed the Arrancar. Sato kept thinking of that face, the dark black eyes with that burnt flesh holding a giant Scythe. Sato fought with the Arrancar as he dominated the Arrancar. Sato then found Ruki as they ended the battle. What happened to the Menos that day? You may ask, well Ichigo did a Giant Getsuga Tenshou and killed all of them. Sato was forgiven due to all the confusion.

RP Sample:Today was a scorching hot day, Sato's face felt like its on fire. Sato couldn't got for a swim or it will make things worst for Sato. Sato had a limited supply for both food a clothes, and getting wet was not going to help Sato. The sun's rays beamed down on Sato, you can see Sato's ultra white skin starting to change a bit. Sato wasn't really in the mood for some swimming so he decided he is going to hunt for food. Sato picked up his black sword and set off to the city, instead of hunting for food, Sato just hunted for people to rob. A ironic twist but I guess we are going to have to deal with it. Sato seen a man about twice his age and twice his size. Sato went against the man with his sword pointing at the mans neck.

"Thou shall give me all your gold." said Sato, a tiny smirk was made by the man as he said "I have no money." Sato got mad as he slashed the mans pockets as tiny pieces of gold and silver fell out. "Must you look at me so lowly? You are the one that robbed me." said the Man as he pulled out a dagger and jumped at Sato. Sato used his Shadow phantom walk to dodge the dagger and trip the man, Sato smirked as he grabbed all the gold and silver and started to run. Life was hard for Sato, nothing ever came good for Sato. Sato was the definition for dirty luck, the luck he gets are either forced upon him. Sato doesn't really get why he was even put on this Earth, no family, no friends and no money. Things would be better if Sato was a Bender but instead he has to rely on a black sword. Sato was in the forest as he made a downwards slash releasing a bolt of black energy that flew in a straight line. It ripped out the ground and cut through the trees, Sato was a outlaw.

Sato was cast away by hatred of the people and was forced to live in fear with the wild. Sato then walked towards a beat up shop, a tiny bakery you might say. "May I have some muffins." the woman looked at him with no fear about his looks and handed him a miffing. "Thank you.." said Sato in a deep voice handing her 6 silvers. Sato walked to the docks eating a muffin. "Ships?" said Sato as he walked towards a big ship "Maybe I can work as a sailor for a few Gold." said Sato as he went up to a old man sipping down a soda with a straw, "Excuse me? Do you know who owns that ship?" asked Sato in a low and deep voice. "MONSTER!!!" yelled the man whipping the soda in Sato's face

. "I guess I can't blame him.." said Sato as he watched the man run in fear, Sato then looked back wiping his face. Sato walked in a bar called The Devils Arse with a depressing look on his face. "Can I get a Drink?" asked Sato in a calm voice. "What kind of drink sir?" asked the Bartender. "WHY MUST YOU KNOW? YOU FOOLS ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS AND RUN AWAY." said Sato letting out his anger. "I Guess 1 cup of crazy booze for this smart ass." said the Bartender . Sato then looked at a man with 1 eye? Sato then said "Well better being me then him." Sato wasn't usually rude but I guess he is trying to make himself feel better.
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Blade W,I,P
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