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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Tomix Drakeson

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PostSubject: Tomix Drakeson   Mon Nov 15, 2010 12:51 am

Basic Information

Name:Tomix Drakeson (Your characters name.)

Real Age: 25 (Your character's real age)

Appeared Age:17 (The age your character appears to be)

Gender:Male (Male or Female).

Rank:Former Espada (Arrancer or Espada.)

Number:Former #8 (If your character's an Espada.)

Hollow Hole: Shoulder (Where your hollow hole is located.)

Mask Fragment:Snaking around left arm (Where the remains of your mask are located.)

Number Tattoo:On right hand (Where is your number tattoo is on your body.)

Appearance: Tomix is of moderate height. He has jet black hair, which is usually messy, and green eyes. He usually wears a trench coat instead of an Arrancar uniform, and the coat is usually brown or black. He wears dark purple bandages over his hollow hole. He always seems to have dark shadows over his eyes. (Describe your character's appearance in detail. Eye color, hair color, height, weight, clothing, etc. A picture is optional.)

Personal Information

Likes/Dislikes: Like: The colour purple, apples, colour blue, trench coats, birds.
Dislikes: Bright colours, snakes, spiders, Espada.
(What your character likes and dislikes)

Strength/Weaknesses:Ever since he was human, Tomix has had remarkable speed. When he became an Arrancar, his speed was vastly increased. He is also stronger, but still relies on his speed. He also has a habit of focusing on one thing, and lets his feelings get in the way all the time. (Your character's strengths and weaknesses)

Personality: Tomix has a dark past, which has impacted upon his personality. He hates companey, preferring the spend his time wandering the desert. When faced with having to have someones companey, he stays quiet, not letting people know his motives, or feelings. He wishes to find someone who can understand his past, and know ho he feels. (How your character acts alone and with others. What's normal for them.)

Sexual Orientation:Straight (Whether your character is straight, homosexual, bisexual, etc.)

Relationship Status:Single, looking. (Single and looking, single and not looking, in a relationship, married, engaged.)

Resurrecion Information

Name:Giruvargan (The name of your Resurrecion.)

Represent:Raven (When you release your resurrection what animal or insect it represents.)

Family:Wind (Choose one from fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, metal, shadow/dark, light/holy, ice/snow, nature, gravity, poison.)

Looks:Tomix is hidden by gigantic wings as he transforms. When he is revealed, he has two large black wings on his back. His fingers are laced with long claws, and his mouth is somehwhat curved like a beak. His eyes pupil turns gold, and can see further distances. His neck also seems to be extended. (What your character looks like in release state.)


Name: Sonido (Name of your tech)

State:Both (Normal, Ressurrecion, or both)

Description: Tomix's sonido is superior to a normal Arrancars. His whole fighting style is based around his speed. Normally, his sonido has the speed close to a Ressurecion, whilst his Ressurecion form doubles this speed; however, his strength his lower due to focusing on speed. (What your tech is, and what it does)

Name:Alchemic Transmutation


Description:Tomix can use a material, and using the tatoos on his arms, transmutate them into somthing else. There are limits to this technique. For an example, he can only create somthing of equal or less value. He cannot create a human. For an example, he could turn a stick into a short wooden sword. Or turn a leather hat into a leather helmet. He can still fight while preforming the transumutation, but for larger objects, for an example a large rock, he will need to place both hands on it. He can use Alchemy as many times as he can, as long as he has materials for it.

Name: Artifical Intelligence Gamma (Name of your tech)

State:Both (Normal, Ressurrecion, or both)

Description: Gamma is one of the five AIs implanted within various people by Tomix's brother. Gamma is the AI of speed, and when activated, increases Tomix's speed for ten posts. He can be disabled by lightning based attacks. (What your tech is, and what it does)

History and RP Sample

History:The first thirteen years of Tomix's life were normal. He was the youngest in his family, younger then his sister and brother. Well, normal except for the fact that he could always see Arrancar and Shinigami and people like that. He learned to accept that these were beings only he, his brother, and his friends Grif and Sara could see. The four of them had met when they had started school, and were fast friends straight away. Tomix had always seemed nervous around Sara, which was the subject of constant jokes from Grif and Avon, Tomix's brother. The group of friends did everything together, and they were always inseperable. Disaster struck when Avon died from gunshot wounds from an unknown assaliant. The fifteen year old died instantly. The friends were saddened, but became tighter friends from his death. Tomix even plucked up the courage to ask Sara out; he was always believed this was the happiest point of his life. This all came crashing to and end when Tomix turned Thirteen. That night, Tomix died. He was killed by a falling telephone pole.

Quickly, Hollows appeared around him, eating him. He screamed for his friends, for his family, but it seemed that couldn't hear him. Tomix had no memorey after this. The next thing he remembered, he woke up in a room, and a man was telling him he was an Arrancar. This man was Aizen, Aizen explained Tomix was an Arrancar of signifigent power, and was given the title of Octava Espada. When Tomix met the other Espada, he was shocked to see his brother Avon there. Avon in turn, was shocked to see Tomix having a higher rank then him.

Tomix worked for Aizen for a year, following orders. However, he betrayed Aizen one day, a year after he began work for him, after a fateful night. Tomix was on patrol in Karakura Town, searching for souls to become powerful Arrancar. He had a habit of passing his childhood home, and when he did, fire seemed to be lighting it from within. Inside, stood Avon, with an alchemical symbol on the ground. His families corpses stood around him. TOmix screamed, and attacked Avon, wanting to kill his brother. To his even greater horror, Sara's body lay there as well. He slashed at Avon, who vanished in a purple light. A voice echoed, saying : "Meet me at the Forest of Menos..."

Tomix went there, and a climatic battle ensued. Brother against brother clashed there, Tomix's rage being his drive. Avon seemed to match his ressurecion normally, being too arrogant to use his own. He was about to land the killing blow on Tomix, when Tomix used Alchemy on his own non-vital organs, slashing through the stunned Avon. Avon's eyes seemed to flicker, and a deep smile was etched across his face. Avon laughed as his body turned to dust. Tomix, consfused, walked away from the battlefield, never returning to anyone's serviece.

And since that day, he has wandered the desert, searching for a purpose.
(Your characters history.)

RP Sample:They had found him again. Tomix gave a quiter sigh. He was sick and tired of having to hide from Arrancar all the time...He was wanted for the murder of the 9th Espada, rebelling against orders, and forsaking the Espada. He never did want to return, all he wanted to do was just wander the desert.

An Arrancar lept at him from over a sand dune. Tomix pointed at him, firing a purple cero at him. The arrancar was knocked back, barely alive. Tomix valued life, and did not kill him. Two more Arrancar lept at him, trying to suprise him. He gave a swift kick to one, sending him flying a large distance, then pulled out his sword, and switfly stabbed the other.
"Don't get in my hear now?" He spoke to the half dead Arrancar. It gave a terrifed squeak, and closed it eyes.

"Pathetic." Tomix murmued. He walked away, his hands in his pocket, wondering where this road would lead him.
(An example of how you RP)

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Malicia Nephilim


PostSubject: Re: Tomix Drakeson   Mon Nov 22, 2010 10:39 am

I see no particular problem with this. Approved.
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Tomix Drakeson
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