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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Let the Games Begin...

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PostSubject: Let the Games Begin...   Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:29 pm

Nishi set in the first chair at the head of the table. His head set in the palm of his right hand as his left hand tapped against the table. The time had now come. Nishi's reiatsu quickly spiked to unimaginable levels causing the table and chairs to shake. This was the call to his Espada, it was now time to finally begin their climb to the top.

OOC: All approved Espadas please make your way to this thread.
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PostSubject: Re: Let the Games Begin...   Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:37 pm

Utaka appeared with a wind of petals following him. This was there first meeting and Utaka wasn't sure if he was gonna like it but he took his seat and looked at Nishi was a slight annoyed looked. Utaka was just in the middle of something. He placed his one hand on the table and waited for the others to come. It better not just be him sitting here they better hurry up he didn't want to be here long.
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PostSubject: Re: Let the Games Begin...   Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:44 pm

A few minutes later a all to familiar presence appeared in the room, most would know who he was merely by what they could not feel from him... a presence. As he walked into the room he closed what appeared to be a cell phone though it looked oddly strange.

Desmond Doyle, the 4th Espada, entered the room with his normal expression looming on his face. He didn't need to look around the room to see that there was not anyone else there other than the 2 present, though he could feel the others slowly on their way. He considered making some comment to Utaka about being early showed himself to be a little to eager though he dismissed the though for he was interested in what their new leader had in store for them. This time around was going to be different for him for he was playing on a different side of the field when compared during the reign of Aizen. What ever the plan was it was going to be... interesting.

Doyle took his seat, knowing that it was the place for the 4th Espada to sit. Not saying a word knowing that the other Espada would be on their way.
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PostSubject: Re: Let the Games Begin...   Thu Mar 24, 2011 5:01 pm

Daniel.. feeling a spike of sprital pressure.. the pressure inimidating to Daniel himself. Daniel look twords the direction of the spike. Daniel standing inside Las Noches.. He stood at the top of his Primera tower looking over Las Noches. Daniel standing.. a swirl of reitsu piked up forming around him in a rapid rate.. the swil lifting up around Daniels body.. it sank into his body.. imploding outwards the Reitsu just turned to Spiritual Pressure sending an explostion of raw power just like the Cero espada himself.. but it couldnt match the Cero himself. But the blast of Spiritual Pressure showed a force to be recond with. Daniels body now swirling with small lightning bolts.. traveling and rifting through the air. Daniel stood motionless.. his face showing no emotion. Daniel resting his left arm down on his blade, he lifted his right foot.. his body turning it a flash of a blur. He appeared within the room.. a table with eleven chairs sourrounding it.. and three Espada already inside. Daniel glared around looking at the Arrancar arround him, and only one could over power Daniel.. Nishi sat.. his fingers tapping the table.. Daniels foot steps echoed as he walked.. his back stood straight up not saying much he sat down in his proper place.

In a time of Darkness the Arrancar shall rise.. but the fact Aizen is not here to lead us.. will this Cero Espada beenough to pay those bastard Shinigami what they deserve. Hmmm.. A time of defeat is over.. a Immediate attack should be planned and improvised into war. These Shinigami.. These Shinigami should know there place in the food chain, they hunted us like we are usless Deer grazing.. waiting to be eatin. It is time for new order.. as the last order couldnt prevail against these Shinigami skum. So now a new line of Arrancar took there place.. a Leauge of Espada different in there own. We are the new line of death,misery,hatred, and anger twords the Shinigami.. Daniel thought to himself as he stepped forard sitting next to Nishi.

Knowing that a time to speak will soon occur.. it will soon be time to plan our attack.. it soon will be time to get our pay back. Daniel sat.. lifting his body back pushing in the chair.. no blood running through his body.. a cold heartless man sat. His vains lit up blue once every 30 seconds.. the lightning within his body pulsated through.. flowing his Reitsu through out his body. His pupils a yellow of impure, his eyes white.. but somthng was wrong about this man. Daniel sat quietly.. awaiting.. not looking at any of the other Espada. Keeping to himself and his thoughts. Daniel leaned forward cuffing his hands.. putting them under his chin he rested his head on them. He awaited the others to arrive.. and waited for the lead Espada to speak.

((my appearence is in my sig))
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PostSubject: Re: Let the Games Begin...   Fri Mar 25, 2011 6:32 pm

The tapping of his hand against the table stopped and Nishi's head rose from his palm. He took a quick look around the room and only saw 3 Espadas present. He wanted to go ahead and start the meeting, but he'd give the others a moment more to join them. "Beautiful weather we're having wouldn't you all say"

Sitting in silence was beginning to bore Nishi, so he'd make small talk with current Espadas in the room until the rest finally showed up.
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PostSubject: Re: Let the Games Begin...   Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:08 am

Rai sitting looking forward.. his thoughts were soon inturupted by the man next to him "Beautiful weather we're having wouldn't you all say" Rai lookedto his left.. a serious face at first.. he lowerd his head hitting the table. A gutteral laugh emitting from this old man.. maybe a wire in his head might have shorted.. but he was beligeratly laughing. Why must we be so akward?.. In a time like this.. this?! Rai slamming his hand down against the table.. small streaks of electricity streaming through the table around Rais hand. His vains in his face lighting up blue as the electricity in his blood flowed into his face. Lighting up quickly streaking into the top of his head. We are the last remaining.. If our ego's are so strung high how do you, do we.. expect to even formulate a rational battle stradigy? We should start by introductions.. wouldn't you say? His head turning to the cero.. he lifted his hand from the desk putting it under the table he spoke Forgive me for my... hostility... I am Raiden Kiyade. Im called the Lightning Master.. or some may say the Lightning "God". Rais yellow pupils shifting into a pure blue as his energy slightly calmed its self.. the intense blue resembling the lightning within his blood.. Raiden was.. wise. Being around for 2.411.. he has been through it.. seen it all... if anyone was reliable on information, wisdom, and a Loyal person to trust it would be Raiden.
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PostSubject: Re: Let the Games Begin...   Sun Mar 27, 2011 6:39 pm

"Why must we be so akward?.. In a time like this.. this?!"

Doyle watched as the primera started began getting anoyed, or something around there, with the Cero Espada Nishi. Watched him as he slammed his hand down into the table. Looks like someone has some anger issues to work out. he thought as he made a exaderated movement with his hands as the small streaks of electricity streamed though the table "Phew buddy, i thought that i was going to get zapped to death for a second there."

"We are the last remaining.. If our ego's are so strung high how do you, do we.. expect to even formulate a rational battle stradigy? We should start by introductions.. wouldn't you say?"

"What do you mean last remaining? Last i checked there were new faces popping up every day from under every rock in the desert. With all we know someone could be conjuring up some new devious way to make more." he said with a sense of sarcasm in his voice wile making some movements and expressions with his hands. "Don't throw the rest of us in your lot by saying 'our ego's', so far you are the only one who has demonstrated his .... strung high ego." he said with a smile on his face as he pointed to the dent int he table where Raiden slammed his hand down moments earlier.

"Forgive me for my... hostility... I am Raiden Kiyade. Im called the Lightning Master.. or some may say the Lightning "God"."

"Ah a God it is then, that is what Zeus called himself until a giant mob of angry peasants took him down from his mountain and burned him alive. Only after they got fed up with all the praying and bowing... they got back problems from it you know." he said referring to some human history... well a little tweaked history, highly doubting that any of the Espada would even know what he was talking about. He was probably the only Espada that ever took a interest in human history, it always made him wonder how many times their 'Gods' were mistaken for messily hollows on a ego fuel'd rage.
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PostSubject: Re: Let the Games Begin...   

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Let the Games Begin...
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