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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Power Level System

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PostSubject: Power Level System   Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:33 pm

In the past, there has been a problem with accurately measuring a character's power. And even more so with measuring one's gains from fights or training. So after discussing it with Byakuya, this system was produced to accurately measure a character's power without imposing too much upon creativity.

All profiles will now have a power level, whether new or already approved. I will help in the level assignment process and if you have any questions about the system, I would be happy to answer them in messages or on the cbox. Its simple and descriptive, and I hope everyone enjoys it. It is listed below.

It consists of five letter based levels. A, B, C, D, and E. A is the strongest and E is the weakest. Each letter has four sub-levels which are listed as numbers. Like B is captain level, but the four sub levels go from experienced veteran captains to fresh rookie captains. This should allow for a quick understanding of a character's power. The higher you go up the ranks and sub levels, the bigger the difference in power between ranks.

Rank: A

For very powerful characters such as the hollow king, captain commander, and some other extremely powerful characters.

Sub Levels:

  • 1: Incredibly powerful, stronger even than the Hollow King or Spirit King. Also stronger than the Captain Commander. Probably reserved for those who train hard for a very long time, or major plot villains.

  • 2: The rank of the Captain Commander, Spirit King, and Hollow King. Very powerful. At this level the character can knock down or paralyze average B rank characters with just their reiatsu, and are ferociously powerful. Characters with ranks lower than B could now be killed by the character's reiatsu alone, like how Aizen forced Grimmjow to his knees easily with just his spiritual pressure.

  • 3: A unique rank for very powerful characters, even stronger than master captains. Takes a lot of training.

  • 4: Although just the start for the A ranks, this level of power is still much stronger than the highest B rank. Perhaps senior espada and captains who have trained extremely hard for many years can attain this rank.

Rank: B

For powerful characters such as Captains, Espada, and Vasto Lorde, or others of similar power.

Sub Levels:

  • 1: Senior Espada that have trained hard and very experienced captains. This rank implies great strength, and the Spirit King's royal guardians were all of this rank. At this level the character is much stronger than a normal captain or average Espada and can easily defeat them. Also the rank for stronger Vasto Lorde Arrancar.

  • 2: This rank is for strong Espada and veteran captains. Very strong, likely capable of defeating average captains and espada although not exactly easily. Also applies to other characters of similar power and Vasto Lorde hollows.

  • 3: This is the rank for most average captains and standard Espada. Still a strong rank, it carries with it a message of skill and power earned through many years of evolution and combat.

  • 4: A rank for rookie captains and weaker Espada. Although it is still enough to be taken seriously, it is much weaker than the other B ranks. A character of this rank would not stand a chance against an A rank character.

Rank: C

For semi-powerful characters like Fraccion Arrancar, Shinigami Lieutenants, Menos hollows, and others of similar power.

Sub Levels:

  • 1: At this rank the character has begun to attain true power. They can contend with a rookie captain or lesser Espada, and they now show great potential. A fraccion or Lieutenant of this level is almost ready for a higher rank. Also the standard rank for stronger Adjuchas Arrancar.

  • 2: Experienced lieutenants and Fraccion. Somewhat strong, but will be defeated most of the time if they fight a rookie captain or someone of a similar level of power. Still shows potential. Standard rank for Adjuchas Hollows and Gillian Arrancar.

  • 3: A middle of the road rank. Strong enough to be at lieutenant level, not weak enough to be nobody. More likely a third seat or common fraccion rank. Standard rank for Gillian Hollows.

  • 4: Rank for mildly strong seated Shinigami and weak Fraccion. Some very powerful hollows may attain this rank before evolving into a Gillian.

Rank: D

For average strength characters, such as low seated shinigami and Hollows.

Sub Levels:

  • 1: Powerful hollows and low seated Shinigami. At this rank the character begins to show whether or not they have what it takes to be greater.

  • 2: Most hollows and unseated Shinigami. A common rank for the weaker people. Rank for very strong humans.

  • 3: Newborn hollows and new shinigami. Nothing to be proud of. Rank for stronger spiritual humans.

  • 4: Academy students and very weak hollows, perhaps starved or deformed ones. Also rank for spiritual humans.

Rank: E

For very weak characters, humans and mod souls mostly.

Sub Levels:

  • 1: Rookie quincy and humans who are beginning to control their power. Standard mod soul rank.

  • 2: Rank for newly awakened humans and weaker mod souls.

  • 3: Rank for spiritual humans who are unaware of their power.

  • 4: Rank for completely powerless humans. If you got this, you really failed....
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Yokkyu Fuman

PostSubject: Re: Power Level System   Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:48 pm

Could there possibly be a few other members you can appoint to help give out tiers, to ensure that people dont have to wait for just you to get on? There are a few people now needing tiers, and i thought that if it was okay with you, you could appoint people to tier-assigning along with yourself.
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PostSubject: Re: Power Level System   Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:53 pm

I need a new one cause i edited my Character to about a A-3 r an A-4
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PostSubject: Re: Power Level System   Sat Mar 26, 2011 4:46 pm

Raiden: No. You're ridiculous, apps are not based solely on rank but app quality. Your app lacks strongly, and even the Primera would not get A-3 or 4 with a great app. You get B-2, end of story.

Yokkyu: Good idea, tell Bya my internet has been unable to load the cbox. I will consider making you my assistant since you seem capable of hard work. Try to get a good understanding of the power level system, remember to judge apps by both quality and faction rank. If I am offline throughout all of tomorrow, assume that you are now my assistant and start working. No one else as of yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Power Level System   

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Power Level System
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