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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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     Malicia Nephilim

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    Malicia Nephilim


    PostSubject: Malicia Nephilim   Sun Nov 14, 2010 3:22 pm

    Basic Information

    NEPHILIM Malicia

    She has no interest whatsoever for such a worthless information, but would hazard two or three centuries


    5th Squad Captain

    After her departure from Hueco Mundo, Malicia replaced her number with an “S” with two meanings. Firstly, it stands for her self-proclaimed “S”-rank, secondly for the fact that she now assists “S”eireitei instead of the Espada.


    Hollow Hole:
    Where one’s heart should be.

    Mask Fragment:
    All that remains is the pair of horns brushing the sides of her head.

    Number Tattoo:
    It is be located in her upper back, in the middle of her breast area

    Personal Information

    Strength : C
    Resistance : B
    Endurance : B

    Agility : A
    Speed : A

    Reaitsu : EX
    Spritual Power : EX

    A label, wish you? Alas, such stereotypes don’t really apply to her. Oh no, only a single word can be used to describe her quickly and accurately. A very simple four-letter adjective, bearer of much less simple consequences: Wild. That is her nature, her demeanor; Wildness. However, it’s important not to mistake this adjective with another that can seem very close: Animal. Animals are driven by primal instincts and urges, obeying hard-coded fears and commands in their genes. She is not. The only thing that drives her Storm is the maelstrom of her mind of doubtful sanity.

    In a sense, she is the summit of Hollows’ spirits, as one explained long ago: “In a world drowned and moved by fear, one who fears nothing shine as bright as the pale moon.” But in another, her unpredictable, relatively unreliable behavior balances out height as the bottom, most basal hollow attitude. However, her hunger is not one for Souls but one for unbridled, maddening Chaos. As such, her “basic” attitude is nowhere near what would meet the eyes.

    You don’t want to know. Really, just don’t ask.

    Relationship Status:
    Single with interests

    Resurrecion Information


    Malicia’s resurecion takes the form of the most vicious, heinous and dangerous animal to have ever stained the earth; an impossible to trust fiend that gladly trick, abuse and even massacre their own kin to advance their selves. The Demon of technology: humans.




    Name: Majesty
    State: Both
    Despite her short appearance, frail body and apparent lesser physical strength, she hides a tremendous amount of spiritual pressure that can easily neutralize enemies of lower-tiers. While this is fairly common amongst very powerful members of all races, her spiritual pressure is special. The Essence of Chaos is deeply tainted in her Reaitsu and extensive exposure is dangerous to one’s mental health. The effects to such exposure are completely relevant on the victim.


    Name: Particle of God
    State: Both
    This is not really a technique but rather a short explanation on the core of Malicia’s powers because it can be a bit confusing when you’re not familiar with the concept. In the universe exists a counter to all matter, which is called anti-matter. When this rare substance enter in contact with its opposite, both will cancel out in a powerful deflagration that is called “Annihilation” It has however no effect on other matters until it touches it’s opposite. The core of Malicia’s power is to produce anti-matter just as any character with an elemental affinity summons their element. This includes Anti-Reaitsu.
    Important: For the sake of Fair-play and amusement, the radius of Annihilations is greatly lowered compared to its real life counter-part.


    Name: Annihilation Seed
    State: Both
    This is Malicia’s principal, most trademark weapon. She creates an empty sphere of reaitsu then creates inside its protective isolation a tiny amount of Anti-Oxygen (or another type of anti-atom depending on the context). Upon contact with an opponent’s reaitsu or by releasing it remotely, the layer of reaitsu will vanish, making contact with the Anti-Oxygen and ambient Oxygen, resulting in the principle of physic known as “Annihilation” and triggering a powerful, devouring blast.
    Note: The isolative layer can take a different shape than a sphere; the concept is to simply shelter it from the outside long enough.


    Name: Terror Field
    State: Both
    This is Malicia’s main defensive technique. She forms a barrier of Anti-reaitsu in mid-air between her and her opponent. Upon receiving a spiritual attack such as kido, cero, etc, it both will cancel out in an Annihilation reaction. While this barrier is able to cancel out very powerful spiritual attacks it has consequent flaws. It does not block physical attacks and because of the annihilation it triggers (the greater the attack canceled the greater the blast) it must be set-up at a minimum range from herself to avoid being devoured by the Annihilation. It is therefore useless in close-quarters.


    Name: Reverse Impulse
    State: Both
    This technique is Malicia’s only way to fight in close-quarters, her physical strength not being that great and her Particles of God being far too dangerous for herself for use in melee range. Reverse Impulse consists in very thin claws of anti-reiatsu that can inflict consequent wounds. The main advantage of those claws is “spiritual burn”. While they do not provoke annihilation, they still cancel out in the contact of Reaitsu, which can slowly dry the target’s energy, although it does NOT replenishes hers.


    Name: Hallucination Dance
    State: Resureccion
    Nephilim being frail for her class balances out this weakness by reaching a very high combat speed. When she releases her limits her speed increase even further to the point that any who see her move this way for the first time will have their sight fail them, causing them to see many doubles and fading after-images and creating high confusion. It takes a certain time for the eye to become used to her pattern to find her true self which depends on the wits and own speed of the opponent but is usually still hard to do even for experienced sonido masters


    Name: Absolute Terror Field
    State: Resureccion
    This dreaded technique is one of Malicia’s Jokers. Combining the might of her Spiritual Pressure with a field of Anti-reaitsu similar to the barriers above, she can shelter herself in a triple-layered Sanctuary of Anti-Reaitsu. The first layer triggers Annihilation in contact with whatever attacks with spiritual power but the second and third layers are extremely dense layers of her Anti-reaitsu that shield her from the Annihilations. This technique can stay active as long as desired but its cooldown is calculated as follow: 2 * posts = hours of cooldown


    Name: Cero Nemesis
    State: Resurrección
    Nephilim’s second Joker, the Cero Nemesis is exactly like a normal but very powerful Gran Ray Cero, to the difference it is formed of anti-reaitsu. Shifting from dark red to dark blue, the Cero Nemesis causes devastating damages followed by a shockwave of Annihilation upon impacting on a great enough source of reaitsu. The Annihilation will fail on people who do not have enough spiritual energy or are have exhausted too much of theirs as it takes a very strong reaitsu to “cancel it out”. However, it will still deal strong spiritual damage like any cero if this is to happen. For this Cero, the wings of her Resurrección extend and fold forward, the blast is fired from equidistance between the four tips.


    History and RP Sample


    [ BGM ]

    * *

    • It is easy to seek to establish peace and harmony for those lucky ones who have not yet seen the true nature of humanity. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. Unfortunately, those who looked beyond the mask can cherish this dream no more. Those who seek light and justice, Shinigamis and associates, will smite hollows considering them harmful monsters. In a sense, this is true, but there is more to it. All hollows were once humans and while their thoughts are driven by primal urges, it is still human souls at the core. At such, it can be said that the hunger and hatred are strongly rooted in humanity itself. What hypocrisy…

    • - Aria Nephilim

    * *

    It is under this ideology that the Heir of Nephilim was raised, alone with a bitter mother who was haunted by both the sight of the Masked Souls and of The Haunting of her long-lost husband. Before long, she would learn to sense and understand the giants masked in white. She would also learn that their preys were far from worth trying to save, although she just as quickly grew to have the power to do so. One could then ask, why not? The answer was very simple. Maybe she could have cared if things were different. Maybe she would have cared if it wasn’t from that sad excuse for a father. Maybe she would have cared if it wasn’t from those who discriminated against her and her mother for being foreigners. Maybe she would have cared if it wasn’t from the muggers who tried to take everything from her. Or, just maybe, she would have cared if that group of “men of justice” had not attempted to rape her. Yes… just… maybe…

    However, there was one man she did not loathe and even went as far as to like. He was, like, her, different from the fray. He, too, could see Them. He, too, could fight Them. Although their ways and strengths were different their spirits were not so far away. Whether on their own or together, they both undertook to cleanse their homes from the vermin, hollows or humans alike. It was not a crusade against Them but rather one against all souls that did not deserve existence, n their eyes. What they were was irrelevant, even a Shinigami indulging in cowardice could be their target.

    Time passing, came one of great battles. Yet another war in the endless cycle waged between souls seeking to devour all and souls self-proclaiming themselves as justice. During those times of great conflict, the number of souls in the human world increased dramatically as well as their strength, burdening further the two Executors who were ruling on the Shades of the city, hammering their own judgment on all. The War waged on and at some point, the sides had no choice but to acknowledge as a pain the pair of mortals slicing their numbers. Before long, a hollow of Greater power was sent to take care of the duo. It was quite a monster and it demonstrated tremendous strength. The beast was severely wounded and retreated to the Hueco Mundo after inflicting similar, soon to be fatal wounds.

    Both had their reasons to continue the fight despite their injuries, hers was very simple: an eye for an eye. She would not die without dragging the monster down to hell with her. The pair crossed the Rip in reality and followed the beast to its world, unaware of the unspeakable horrors of the other side. There, they finished their battle and gave their last breath in victory, but unfortunately, the Nightmare was merely beginning for the Death of the body meant nothing…

    In bitter irony it was when they woke up that the nightmare truly began. As tall as the crystalline trees vertiginously crawling upward and as black as the endless night all around, They were here. Drawn close by the odd reaitsus of freshly “freed” souls, a very large amount of Gillians had gathered and surrounded the pair. Their powers numb, they both knew it was time to retreat to the relative safety of a more remote corner of the forest but in the rush of their escape, they were separated from each other. Far far away from where the other could have gone, the exhausted ones realized that they had lost contact for now. They were all alone amidst the opaque sky and the giant quartz-like trees. Alone? In a sense yes, in another it was quite the opposite. This was the land of hollows, their endless hordes crawling in the shades, spying, waiting, hungering, feeding, devouring, destroying, consuming….

    What awaited was an endless chase, in this jungle of The Dead, Hunter and Hunted could change in an heartbeat so did it. Back and forth, there and again, over and over. It was a pradoxal struggle for the survival of a girl who was already theorically dead. Time’s flow was meant to go on. Hours would become days. Weeks would become months. Moons would become years. In the meanwhile, every single instant of this Time was a hunt. None can ever rest on both eyes here and never will. Sometimes, beasts adventured themselves into her remote hide-out, other times; it was her who went on to kill time. Sometimes it was to fight, others battles were not an option. Before long, she came to be familiar with the Dead world and the animalistic rule of this abyss.

    Despite being a soul, those depths were still full of spiritual energy and the necessity to fight slowly brought back her powers after death, her strength increased, slowly at first, but exponentially later. However, it was already too late. If she was already a girl of a bad temper and of different moralities, living in this constant struggle for mere existence changed her even beyond. She had a mind that was not meant to be for humans and she was in a place that was not meant for souls to reside. Although not too long, her Chain of Faith would shorten at an agonizingly slow pace, as if to torture her into living forever in this state of underpowered danger where every second letting her guard down would mean meeting oblivion. After a while, she began to even use this symbol as a weapon. Her swift and slim body would be grazing the masked ones, using her reaitsu to subdue sharpness to the spiritual steel and behead hollows with the very thing that was her countdown to Turning. As if all the mind-crushing pressure of this “life”-style wasn’t harsh enough, she was very aware that it was all futile and of what would happen once the last bit of this chain were to vanish.

    Somehow however, she just closed her eyes on the fact and slowly, intoxicatingly, she became used to this “life”. Her fighting style became wilder, more swift and reckless but also more deadly and cunning in a predatorian way. It was then that she learned to use her unique reiatsu as thin claws and countered her relative physical weakness. As time passed and the chain grew shorter, it felt less of a burden, less of a worry, as it was unavoidable anyway. At some point though, the process seemed to become significantly faster, it was after a quite odd event worth of highlights. That night, a particularly starving hollow adventured itself into Malicia’s lair with more than clear intents. She was, however, quite glad to “welcome” it, with claws, that is. However, almost unconsciously, she did it. It was her teeth that bitten the hollow and took a chunk of its shoulder rather than the hollow eating her. The hunter had become the hunted, literally. Ever since this instant, not only did the chain shorten faster but the fatalism became hope. She wasn’t seeing the countdown as a dreaded end but as a welcome beginning, wishing for it to go faster. Until, finally, it happened…

    The night she turned, Malicia entered a state of unbridled frenzy. She realized that there was absolutely nothing burdening her anymore. The laws and morals of humans with their filth and deceit were long gone. The endless hordes of monsters? Why but she was one of them now. Yes, she was one of them, there was absolutely nothing holding her back or annoying her anymore. Then, there was the fact that her powers had not only completely returned but were increasing. With her realization, her recovered strength and the abilities of this new body, she jolted out of her lair and went on rampage to anything nearby, devouring all hollows crossing her path and attacking even Gillians in a frenetic, overwhelming NEED to seed chaos and destruction.

    Soon enough, time had come to make the next step. For once in a blue moon, Malicia surrounded herself with hollows, not quite certain of what she was doing but aware of a subtle instinct telling her what to do. There, she used the hollows to evolve, sacrificial lambs with no other purpose than to serve the greatering of her own existence. There was not a shadow of a doubt as to what would happen. Certainly, her individuality, as messed up as an outside observer would qualify it, was inexorably much much much stronger than any other around. All the hollows were successfully consumed. However, she was not satisfied. Although she had reached the very peak of the ”food chain” of her new world, it was not satisfactory. This body was slow and ugly, it was a burden. She would even say she was better off as a mere hollow than as a Gillian. For the time being, she was unable to use her main abilities anymore. However, her cero was different, very different. Of a dark blue instead of the usual dark red, it held property and power above it of usual Gillians.

    Enraged by the losses of this formed, she once more went off to spur turmoil and wreak havoc, shredding the Mindless Ones in her frustration. Eating was not a concern to her, simply the utter annihilation of Their Existence. Devouring was merely a bonus and, again in the instincts of a whisper, a way to get rid of this curse. She would spend her days exterminating other Menos to vent her anger of her current form and was then feared as “La Grande Azul”, slayer of Menos. It was then that her existence first came to be known for before she was killing indiscriminately any Masked One that came close enough to see. Eventually, the mayhem would come to an end as La Grande Azul would vanish from existence, taking on a much more convenient body and recovering her powers as an Adjuchas.

    Unlike before, Nephilim was now entering an unknown territory. She had never heard of higher levels of Menos Grandes from her mother and the confusion from this event managed to calm her down quite a bit. While she still remained unstable and psychotic, she would not just rip to shred anything that came close anymore. In fact, she simply ignored normal hollows as if they were merely part of the scenery and set out to hunt those of this new unknown race. Her instincts whispered once more than in them she would find answers, as so she did… once dismembered and consumed enough of them… In due time, the answers led her to become something even greater, different and much more satisfying. There was no need to consume anymore and she could focus on Chaos. She had reached the final step at last, Vasto Lorde.

    Shortly after this ascent, something totally unexpected occurred. Something she had long forgotten came back to her or, more accurately, someone. At first all she would smell was the scent of a Vasto Lorde-class Hollow, but soon enough, the approaching Reaitsu began to feel familiar, uncanny. She met with this being, unsure whether to expect a battle but excited about the prospect. In a single sight, she knew. Of course he would have survived, there was no way he wouldn’t have, even though they lost each other so long ago. Yes, definitely it was the only man she had liked. What’s more, he had an idea…

    The only witness left was a small pile of finely grinded white bones from two skull-shaped masks…
    * *

    [ BGM]

    Swift to notice the new Arrancar’s tremendous spiritual power and Reiatsu, the then self-proclaimed leader of Hueco Mundo was quite eager to make use of his new toy. For a while, it was fine. Malicia complied with the man’s schemes by interest, curious to see what he had up his sleeves. While he and one of his comrades, another former captain, proved themselves to be quite interesting individuals, a small grain of salt was there, irritation, annoying, harassing.

    Before long, she was just as swift to notice something in the man‘s behavior that did not strike her fancy at all. She had no issue with most of what he was asking her to do, but she could simply feel that the man was intent on attempting to “tame” her. If individuals were displeased by her nature, they could always word out their complaint. She may not care but that was irrelevant. This man had slowly been trying to change her in a more… predictable and controllable demeanor from various subtle means. To her, this was unforgivable. Fueling a fit of insane anger, she challenged and defeated the then current Cero in a gruesome and violent battle. Rising to the highest rank of the Espada, she glared at the former Shinigami in spite and defiance, clearly stating she wouldn’t tolerate any further attempts to mess with her mind. It was pure irony that the one whose soul was raging maelstrom of chaotic madness would take offense to this, but the words had been told.

    A tension rose up between the two, although He could not intimidate her even with his exceptional reaitsu, She would keep obeying her by mere curiosity and interest as to see what would happen next. Most saw this relationship as unhealthy and dangerous, yet romantic in a dark and odd way. However, none dared to mock two of the most powerful beings in Las Noches. While their link was a very confuse and ever-changing one, war waged on. He would not mind her wild, unpredictable and untamable demeanor because of how good an asset she was. She would not mind his manipulating, despising demeanor because of all the havoc she was invited to wreak and of the worthy opponents she would be able to annihilate every now and then…

    Unfortunately, the woman grew tired of the feeling of superiority the man kept harboring no matter how much she proved to him her power. Nothing had changed since the very beginning. At this point, she set up a few fortunate and fateful encounters. Under the veil of a large and hooded white silk cloak, she would seed the chaos of her mind in the ranks of the Soul Reapers. Soon, a captain was dispatched to the real world to investigate. Proving her lack of hostile intents by discarding her sword in front of the Shinigami, she offered her hand to prepare a cunning and unthinkable plan that would benefit the both of her and Soul Society. The man needed a lesson, a good kick in the rear all over his chess board. Yes, something that was completely out of the numerous possibilities he could have calculated, something that would throw even him in the chaotic confusion that was her Right.
    * *

    [ BGM ]

    Before long, the unthinkable occurred. Granted a short stay unharmed in Seireitei, Malicia opened a Garganta directly to the innermost sanctums of Las Noches, right behind Aizen’s door. Few High-ranking Shinigamis and their allies followed the Arrancar and were given a chance to directly capture their most wanted enemy. While the captains scattered to sever contacts and take care of the Espadas and the other renegades, two stayed behind to take care of the Mastermind. In an unprecedented clash three of the most powerful souls engaged in a merciless battle. Due to the difference in fighting-styles, however, they did not fight at once.

    Letting the confusion sink in, Malicia stepped back and let the substitute Shinigami Kurosaki Ichigo initiate the battle. She was for then satisfied with the look on the man’s face, it was delightful to her, his lording smile gone. However, after a while, the Renegade proved stronger than even expected and Malicia tagged out the Shinigami, taking his place for him to rest a bit. Swiftly releasing the Meltdown, a second clash of titans was about to unfold. Holding back there was asking for a swift death, as such, the female Arrancar used her strongest cards since the very beginning, her AT-Field forming up for the whole duration of the battle.

    A while and several tags later, the duo managed to weaken the Mastermind enough for Seireitei to capture him. The final look on Aizen’s face before he was carried away filled her with a heated feeling of victory. It was as if she had been able to defeat the very incarnation of what she had fought centuries ago as a human. A god had been brought down, the loop had been fulfilled. For the very first time in so long, she was able to find a temporary quiet serenity.
    Her nature, however, would be soon to come back, but in the time being, she stayed for a few days in Seireitei, nowhere else left to go. After a few discussion and lots of controversy, she became the first (and probably last) Arrancar wearing the white Haori.

    RP Sample:

    -“Soul Society, what’s the status over there? We can’t hold for much longer

    A young Shinigami in charge of communications was hastily pestering his comrade with a very anxious voice. Clad in the shadows of the night, this Shinigami had come with a large group of students for a wide training in the real world. Unfortunately, the group had attracted the attention of guests far too dangerous to handle. Tall like the jungle of steel and black light the night; three Gillians were staring down the Shinigamis in their stoic mercilessness.

    -“Back-up is already on the way, should be here any minute now.replied the observational Shinigami in Seireitei.Wait, what the hell is that…
    -“What in the world--?

    A subtle but very malicious reaitsu could faintly be felt approaching slowly. Its influence distracted the Gillians for a moment which allowed the students to retreat toward safety while the seated officers covered them. Elsewhere, in Seireitei, a Shinigami was staring down in anguish at the readings of the monitoring device.

    -“Hidenori! Watch out! An Arrancar signal just appeared very close to your group.
    -“Oh great as if Gillians weren’t bad enough… what color is the reading?” the Shinigami quickly inquired.
    -“the man stayed quiet for a few seconds, staring in disbelief at the monitor before replying with nervosity.Espada! It’s Espada-class!
    -“Oh man…
    The young officer cut the communication and unsheathed his sword, joining his comrades, ready to defend the students for as long as they could. Of course, there was a shroud of fear in his mind, no matter what they say, nobody really wants to die. However, this fear was weaker than his sense of duty. The Shinigami took a stance and stared in the same direction as the impassible Gillians. He was about to release his Zanpakutoh but before he could say the word of command of his shikai, something totally unexpected occurred. Ahead, a tiny sphere of light traveled at great speed towards the Gillians. Its size and speed made it hard to notice from the distance but the Shinigami, strong of a bit of experience, did not fail to see it. What followed, however, was bright enough for all, students included, to see.

    A cross of light shone bright before a deafening yet low sound rippled the air, echoing itself as something was growing rapidly up there. What seemed to be a sphere of dark blue sparking energy appeared and grew as if devouring its surroundings. Before long, the sphere of energy reached its maximum size and spiritual energy jolted out as any lightning bolts. It shone bright before dissolving into nothingness. Where use to be the upper third and head of a Menos used to stand, only nothingness remained. Close-by, footsteps could be heard. The Shinigamis stayed sharp as the approaching Reiatsu, although not hostile, was filled to the brim with Hollow malice.

    Emerging from a dark alleyway, a short silhouette slowly presented itself. Its feminine frame was mostly hidden within the large yet open white jacket. Any Shinigami could recognize this white garment at first glance as it bore symbol to leadership and power, although the division insignia on the back could not be seen at the moment. That information, however, was irrelevant. Even the youngest of officers could recognize the person slowly approaching them. Those emerald sharp eyes underlined by subtle blood red tattoos, that wild pink ponytail, those black horns, there was no mistaking it.

    -“Sorry sorry~, it seems someone forgot to mention who was sent to help, I guess I gave you a small fright~

    Former Cero Espada, New captain of the 5th Division and Kidoh Corp: Malicia Nephilim.
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    Kodi Justice


    PostSubject: Re: Malicia Nephilim   Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:05 pm

    It would be impossible for a Arrancar to be allowed in the Soul Society, let alone being a Captain.
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    Malicia Nephilim


    PostSubject: Re: Malicia Nephilim   Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:45 pm

    The idea was already discussed with Byakuya prior to me even me writing this as to make sure it would work, moreso it is explained in much details how it happened to be possible.
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    PostSubject: Re: Malicia Nephilim   

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    Malicia Nephilim
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