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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Makoto Fuzen

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PostSubject: Makoto Fuzen    Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:29 pm

Basic Information

Name: Makoto Vinzent Fuzen (Full name meaning: "Sincerety", "To Conquer", "Sin/Imperfection".)

Real Age: 600 Years

Appeared Age: Early to Mid-Twenties

Gender: Male

Division: Fifth Division -- Former

Rank: Former Captain

Organization: Ally of the Espada

Appearance: Makoto has snow white hair which remains combed back. For the most part, it is out of his face, framing the perfect picture that is his face. His skin, as expected to be, is flawless, excusing a tattoo upon his torso. The tattoo is the image of thin, black flames. They are symbolic in burning someone alive. His eye color is that of a faded lavendar. Makoto wears mostly white clothing. His shirt is white, long-sleeved and has french cuffs. Over the shirt, he wears a faded lavender vest that has six buttons that remained buttoned. He wears a white tailcoat with five buttons. This tailcoat normally remains open. To the left, there is a badge, signifying him as a captain. He wears a white cravat around his neck that remains tucked under the vest. For pants, he wears white dress pants. As for shoes, he wears white boots. His body is well-developed, as it is slender, but has a tone of muscle to it. Of course, not many people know this. Makoto stands at 6'6" and weighs 165 pounds. His blood type is AB Positive. As for any added accessories, he has a piercing in his left ear.

Personal Information

Likes --
  • A game of chess
  • Sweets
  • Champaigne

Dislikes --
  • Smoking
  • The taste of Mint
  • Inequality

Strengths --
  • Swordfighting
  • Whip Mastery
  • Fire

Weaknesses --
  • Water
  • Gunfighting
  • Patience

Personality: Makoto is a lewd reaper. He is often caught flirting on the job. Makoto tends to be an aggressive and dominative man. He is known for taking advantage of people and situations at any given moment. He also enjoys foreplay for entertainment. He seems to be calm, cool and collected. Most of the time, he is happy. If one word could describe Makoto, it would be sadistic. He happens to be quite observant as well as intelligent. Makoto takes great honor in working, sometimes placing his work before his very life. After getting to know him, he seems to be extremely caring and attentive, much like an older sibling. He does this because he feels he failed to do so when he had a sibling. He happens to fear spiders for an unknown reason, but it is rather comical to see him scared. Notably, he is morbid and rarely ever smiles. It is rare to see a true smile because most of them are just completely empty attempts of false gusto. When it comes to most things, he is regal, but nonetheless, calm and collected. It takes a lot to anger him. Of course, there is something not quite mentally right about him. Makoto is a bit on the schizophrenic side.

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual (Notably, he prefers women, but if it comes to the point he chooses a male, he is always dominate.)

Relationship Status: Single and Looking

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Kurai Honoo (Lit.: Dark Flame)

Zanpakuto Looks: Makoto carries a gold-handled saber. It is meant for offense. The blade may be thin, but it is extremely sharp and durable. The saber itself is rumored to be carved by saints. It is meant strictly for war, but it can be used for intimidation. The sword, in full, is 60 inches in length.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Incinterate, Kurai Honoo

Shikai: The shikai seems to be harmless, but it is meant for absolute pain. The leather upon the whip is extremely durable, able to lacerate something as solid as titanium. As it is a fire-based shikai, it can be used with fire.

Released Zanpakuto Looks: The weapon is a whip. The whip is purely black. It is made out of fine leather, able to lacerate whatever gets in its way. The weapon, in full, is 30 inches in length. It is able to transmit Alec's own elements. Like the saber, it is extremely durable and flawless.

Other Techniques: Fire Manipulation, Shunko, Flash-Step, Kido Techniques, Hakuda

Bankai Information
This applies to captains only.

Do you want your character to have bankai: Yes

Bankai Description: Upon performing bankai, the shikai disappears completely, leaving the tattoos of flames upon Makoto's chest to come into use. They are a time marker of some sorts, leaving the bankai to be active for ten minutes. (10 posts) While bankai is active, he has the ability of fire manipulation. Simply, he is able to conjour flames and the like to attack his opponents. This is obviously weakened by water.

Bankai Looks: The bankai weapon itself is not revealed until the halfway point. A sword of fire forms from the collected flames he stores during battle. This sword is able to cut and burn. As noted, he can use his reiatsu to fluctuate the power in his fire, allowing the reiatsu to work as a catalyst.

History and RP Sample

History: Unclean. Unnecessary. Unwanted.
Makoto was born in France under the name Dimitri Lafrenze. His parents were french nobles. Alabaster and Julia were too busy to worry about their child, so they had a maid watch over him. He was a normal child as most could see, but he had some issues upon being mentally stable. He would always mutter to himself about things. Upon a raid, his family was assassined, leaving only him. The nobles took him and him alone. They locked him up, saying how he and his family were unclean, unnecessary, and unwanted. They tortured the only Lafrenze survivor constantly. He sat in his chambers, continuously muttering the words unclean, unnecessary, and unwanted. Finally came the day most never wanted to see, the day of their death. He was brought forward before the noble swine that claimed to be cleansed. Dimitri was placed upon a stone table for all to see. As the leader approached, he traced into Dimitri with needle and ink, marking a flame like pattern onto his torso. It was unclean, unnecessary, unwanted. Much like him. This was meant to make him a demon of fire when he was 'reborn'. Finally, down they brought the knife to plunge into his flesh.

Dimitri, or rather, Makoto woke up surrounded by a white light.Was this what Dante rumored to be Purgatorio? It was not. He was surrounded by people in black uniforms. Who were these freaks? They seemed to be holding swords. How pitiful. Bushido wanna-bes... Upon breaking the group away, a silver haired, fox-faced man stepped out, offering his hand out. His name was Gin Ichimaru, the captain of the third division. Makoto took the stranger's hand with no questions. The captain and spirit spoke for what seemed like minutes, but it was hours in reality. Gin saw potential in Makoto, and upon recommendation, was placed in the advanced class of the academy.

Makoto was able to handle the academy life, but his social life was not all that balanced. He remained locked up in his dorm most of the time. During a zanjutsu class, he knocked a sixth-year student right onto the ground. He hated Makoto. "You aren't wanted here." Makoto froze in place. Unclean, Unnecessary, Unwanted. Makoto suddenly began repeating the sentence to himself. He was quite schizophrenic, but the students did not know. They found it revolting. Before anything else could happen, the teacher broke it up. Makoto was an emotional wreck at this point. There were just some things he could not forget.

The years, from there on out, were fast. He was able to pass with no trouble. As he continued on, graduation came. The task was simple, much like the one Renji, Kira, and Momo performed. He was to set things up and guard for any actual hollows. The simulation was going fine until there was an unknown burst of reiatsu. What happened?! It seemed one of the freshmen students got lucky and learned shikai. They were attracting attention... Makoto had to think fast. He simply readied himself for any sudden attacks. Before he knew it, screams came from the headset he wore. Makoto rushed to help. Hollows had broken in. To his dismay, they were huge hollows. Luck was on his side, however. Time froze for him. It was an adrenaline rush. Makoto awoke his zanpakuto after finding its true power.

"Incinerate! Kurai Honoo!"

The saber disappeared and formed into a whip. It was blazing with fire. Makoto moved without hesitation and attacked the hollows, or at least held them off for a while. The feeling he had. It was great. He was at the same level as a beginner with these hollows. Of course, every good thing has to come to an end. One of the hollows attacked him and knocked him unconcious.

Makoto woke up to be in the third division barracks. What happened last night? It seemed everyone was saved. Gin finished what Makoto had done and brought him back to his division. "It seems my third seat's awake." Gin gave a grin. So, that meant...

"I graduated?"

Gin nodded and stretched. It seemed Makoto would need some time to be overjoyed, so he left. Makoto then simply went to train until he collapsed. He wanted to be strong to thank his captain.

Months later, the dreadful day of Aizen's betrayal came. Makoto learned his captain was part of it, and was crushed. He ran after them and began to fight. Of course, he was no match for them. Gin simply slashed him across the chest. "You are unnecessary."

Unclean, unnecessary, unwanted.

Makoto began to say this repeatedly until it came out into a shout. He noticed the same marking from his human years was there. The flames. Was it the key his zanpakuto mentioned about during bankai training? He removed the sullied shihakusho and his reiatsu fluctuated as he shouted out his bankai. The whip he wielded disappeared and flames formed about him. He went to attack. By far, he was fighting on an equal field. The fight came to an end when Kaname stepped in and blocked off Makoto's senses.

Years after the betrayal, Makoto was given a chance to become captain. He accepted with no doubt in his mind. He then became the king and queen's royal guard, even though he has never seen them.

The life of a captain got to him. Maybe it was best to leave? He grinned a bit, thinking of leaving the soul society. It would be much more peaceful. That same night, Makoto betrayed the Soul Society.

RP Sample: Makoto sat leisurely at a table. He seemed to mix his coffee with a stirring rod. He sighed, as today felt like it were never-ending. Sipping his coffee, he opened a book, reading as he waited for his company to arrive. It brought him some time to calm himself while there was a break for him to take. He murmered something about needing some liquor. Of course, once he was done, he would get out of his seat and have a few drinks. As company arrived, he placed his book down and stood up.

"Makoto Fuzen," he greeted.

Makoto sat and shared idle chat with the person, laughing halfheartedly every so often. After a while, the guest stood up, fixing her coat. Makoto smiled, allowing a gloved hand to hover over the female's. He seemed to press himself against his company.

"I'm sure we could get more acquainted," he smirked, "Just lose control, and let your body give in."

Makoto was then slapped across the face. He rubbed his face with a pout, watching as the woman stormed out. He mutted some curse words under his breath, then left as well, making sure he had all of his belongings.

"Playing hard to get," he joked, then left.

Last edited by Makoto on Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:30 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Makoto Fuzen    Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:51 am

I know you ain't done. Just wanted to tell you the 5th division captain has already been reserved before you made this app. And please talk to sarah about being in the RG.
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PostSubject: Re: Makoto Fuzen    Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:31 pm

Thank-you very much for letting me know. I have edited it. ^.^
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Byakuya Kuchiki

PostSubject: Re: Makoto Fuzen    Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:50 pm

I like this a lot, approved! Another Kuroshitsuji char! =)


If today was your last day
Tomorrow was too late
Could you say good-bye to yesterday?

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PostSubject: Re: Makoto Fuzen    Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:53 pm

Power Level: B-2
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PostSubject: Re: Makoto Fuzen    

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Makoto Fuzen
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