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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Keiji Meada

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PostSubject: Keiji Meada   Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:31 pm

Basic Information

Name: Keiji Meada

Age: 1835

Age of Death: 45

Visual Age: 45, [In Bankai 27]

Gender: Male

Division: 11th Division

Rank: 11th Division Fuku-Taicho

Organization: N/A


Personal Information

Keiji’s biggest dislike is people that refuse to accept their fate. In battle Keiji like’s to know think that if you lose honorably you will eventual become honorable. Those that lack this though, seem to be more dishonorable than they seem. Keiji is alright with facing a stronger opponent and not coming out the victor. Those that try to hard make Keiji regret valuing the art of battle.

Keiji also dislikes sloppy, inelegant fighting styles. Those that try to use brute strength over finesse and technique would be the people that Keiji dislikes the most. Although some can pull off the strong brutish type battle tactics Keiji doesn’t believe they will ever achieve true elegance with their style.

Keiji likes the art of beauty, the aspect of a beautiful woman or even a beautiful attacks gives Keiji butterflies.Keiji loves women, He needs constant women around him or he will go insane. Keiji is the fighter and lover type. The more he can Woo a woman the better he feels. He likes to flirt and will do so with any woman no matter who she is. Keiji likes to eat. He prefers to eat right before a battle, so if you see him eating he is looking to pick a fight afterward. Keiji likes the elegant ways fighters fight. If you can impress him in battle with fluidity and motion, Keiji is likely to befriend you afterward

Keiji loves honor. The glory of battle is what lives in Keiji’s veins. His saying is, “Without honor, we are no better than common Apes, and even they have some kind of pride…”. He prefers to fight one on one battles and considers double teaming and other forms of combat immoral and wrong.

Keiji has a habit of twitching when he stands still too long. He tends to keep moving but in the two seconds you catch him still you will find him twitching hard. Another bad habit Keiji has is grinding his teeth when he gets angry. Not many people can make him angry but the moment you do he begins to grind his teeth.

Keiji really has no real fears but he does fear the thought of not being number 1. Keiji was raised to be the best he could be, and not being that is a fear to him. His father was really strict on him becoming the best of the clan and so he tries harder than anyone to impress him and his family. Honor and Glory for his family is his life. To disgrace his family would be his fear.

Keiji has vowed to be the best fighter in the world, even on his fathers death bed he swore to uphold his family name and never lose a fight or shame his family. Keiji reveres his father and being the only son of the great Kotaru Fuma, Keiji strives to better his technique his style and his strength. Whether he must win, lose or draw. Keiji’s main goal in life is to become the fighter his father was

Keiji is very strict with his temper. He feels that going over the top and exaggerating is too much. He keeps himself centered and calm at all times. No one has been able to make Keiji angry to the point of striking them. Keiji is the type of person that will allow you to talk until you tire yourself out or your foolish enough to strike at him in which he will defend himself. Keiji is suave and elegant with his words and could turn a bull elephant in musk away with the right words. Not many know why Keiji had this temperment but it is said that only one person could cause Keiji to explode with rage, and that one person was the one to raise him, his father.

Although Keiji likes to be quiet and keeps to himself. Keiji likes to express himself with his martial arts. His friends know how to make him laugh and in exchange he speaks to his friends with much respect. His closest friends are quite familiar with his behavior and he likes it that way. So that others dont know what he is capable of. Keiji refrains from bragging about his exploits and other accomplishments. He hates it when his friends or buddies do for him, because then they give away information that could ultimately end a good battle before it even begins. Keiji feels that the only words that should be spoken before a fight are simple, "I am Keiji Meada, Good Luck."

Fighting Style:
Keiji's fighting style consists of using his prowess in martial arts with the unknown art of Zanjutsu. Keiji likes to use his hands and among his fighting style he likes to continue his slashes and hacks with punches, kicks, and even elbows and knees. Keiji is a skilled combatant that feels that his power lies in his unique ability to see the fight outcome before it even begins. Not through any sort of power of his, but simply by observing his opponent and knowing what he is capable of. Many have the ability to observe their opponent and could know every move of their opponent. But if you are unable to know what you are capable of and know your own limits, You will lose.

Keiji likes to combine elegant flips and spins to through off his opponent. He keeps his mindset on keeping his opponent on his toes and off balance. That way Keiji can predict what he will do. Keiji doesn’t prefer the run around game, he likes a straight up one on battle between to fighters. But Keiji is great at multiple opponent battles. And has become good at repelling and countering one persons attack on another. His skill in battle could only be rivaled by that of warriors of his time. After being trained by the great Lu Bu, Keiji has learned how to fight through the pain and attack without remorse. His True Might cannot be matched unless by the one man who trained him.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Zanpakuto Information

Name: Fukyuu-Za Ikkitousen


Shikai Release Phrase: [b] Live Forever, Fukyuu Za. (Full power shikai). Die in Peace, Fukyuu-Za (Half Power)

[b]Bankai Release Phrase
- Fukyuu-Za Ikkitousen

Blade Description: Keiji is able to control both light and time with his Zanpaktou. Being one of the oldest Zanpaktou's known to Central 46, Keiji's Zanpaktou allows him to see into the future when not in able and even move between realms on his own accord. (When not in battle). His power over time also allows him to revert back to a stage when he was younger when in Bankai, allowing him full access to his power over Ikkitousen. Fukyaa-Za allows Keiji to use the power over light to make it seem like he is moving beyond his means and with this he is able to strike and power himself with the power of light.



Owner: Keiji Meada

Shikai Techniques:

Technique: Immortal Sun

Description: Keiji’s blade begins to shine as he powers his blade. When he points it to an enemy the blade fires a blast of heated light and reiatsu that is able to blast away opponents. This attack is low powered but is able to give off major damage depending on the power absorbed and the accuracy of the blast.

Disadvantages: Keiji is only able to use this blade when his blade is charged (takes 2 posts to charge to 25%, every 2 post afterward adds 25% to the total power)

Bankai Information
This applies to captains only.

Do you want your character to have bankai: Yes

Bankai Description: Going into Bankai for Keiji makes him revert back to a previous age, mostly in his 20's when he was as strong as he could be. which while in Bankai Keiji's power increases 10 fold like many and his abilities to control light and time at his fullest. Keiji is able to then power his attacks quicker and even even put more power into his attacks making him a lethal opponent.

Bankai Looks:

Bankai Techniques:

Technique: Soul Warping

Description: Keiji is able to take his body and warp it around at super fast speeds. Using this technique to strike his opponents at super sonic speeds. His body becomes like a bubble that is able to pass though solid objects in the real world but not in the spiritual realm.

Disadvantages: Keiji can only use this technique to strike his opponent once and is unable to pass through objects in the real world.

History and RP Sample

Birthplace: Lhasa, China


Chapter 1; Life at War, Death By War

Keiji was born in Lhasa, China. Located on the Brahmapultra River. Keiji was born to a poor mother and father who were farmers to the Han empire. Keiji was born into the age of the Three Kingdom era. Keiji was born by a peasant family. Keiji’s father was a military general under the lead of the great and now warlord Cao Cao. Keiji was bred to be a warrior, his father was 7’2 and Keiji at the age of 6 was already 4 feet tall. Keiji’s father gave Keiji a sword at the age of 8. And with his limited knowledge Keiji was able to fight on a level that of hardened battle veterans. Keiji trained with his sword night and day and when he was ready was able to, by his father, to join the war of the kingdoms at age 17.

Keiji joined the ranks of Cao Cao’s army merely as a peasant fighter. Keiji fought in the battle of Hu Lao Gate, and was a first hand witness to the power of the great Lu Bu. Keiji never really knew about true might until on the battlefield standing across from Lu Bu Keiji was able to make Lu Bu stumble with his attack. Lu Bu recognized power and cut down Keiji. Not killing him but wounding him badly. Lu Bu had his bodyguards carry Keiji to his home when the battle was over. And there Lu Bu trained Keiji in the way of True Might. The two trained for days, engaging in battle after battle. Although the two were not strong enough even with the added strength of Zhang Liao and Gao Shun, The forces could not outmatch pure numbers. Keiji became the bodyguard of Lu Bu at the age of 22 and became lead guard not soon after.

After Lu Bu’s death in 198, Keiji took an offer by Cao Cao, along with the famed Zhang Liao, and joined forces under him. Zhang Liao offered Keiji to be his bodyguard and Keiji did so. For years the two fought under which Keiji gained many abilities and titles. Zhang Liao called Keiji the Raging Bull, after the great Dian Wei who died while protecting Cao Cao escape from an ambush battle. Keiji honored the name but honored the name Cao Cao later gave him of, The Elegant Panther. Keiji like the name so much he begin to wear darker clothing and wore a cloak that symbolized a panther on his back. Keiji had close encounters with the great Guan Yu, in which he forced to his knees with his raw strength. He encountered the great Lu Xun in which he outsmarted and outmaneuvered to win in a battle against him. His battle with Lu Meng and Huang Gai is one still remembered in the history books. Keiji refrained from attacking either one and beat the two with a series of counterattacks that wounded Lu Meng so bad he later died and wounding Huang Gai beyond help. Keiji grew as a warrior and a rose through the ranks to later become equal to his master Zhang Liao, as Field General. Keiji loved every moment of his new found rank and obligations. Knowing what to do and knowing how to deal with his men made him feel honored to be serving such a great leader. Cao Cao taught Keiji much, giving him lessons on how to properly lead and how to punish those that disobeyed. Keiji’s mind warped to becoming a leader and so did his army. Keiji’s army became known as The Panthers Pack. Not much was known of why, but Keiji learned to like the name. His soldiers were rarely replaced. His men grew to be into the 10,000’s. An army so big that even Cao Cao had notions to use the army single army and use them to conqueror the lands with.

Keiji was basking in the glory of the people. Being proclaimed a Noble among peasants. Keiji loved being so high on his life. Cao Cao thought otherwise. One morning Keiji was rushed out of bed by his bodyguards to find his home on fire. His own legion surrounding his home. After years of fighting beside his legion they were sent to kill him. Keiji drew his sword on his troops about to show his true might one last time before dying a glorious death by men who knew who he really was. Branded a traitor by his mentor Cao Cao, Keiji was killed and buried a peasants death, as the history books say it. The Panthers Pack, know otherwise. Keiji was given a royal burial and burned upon a tower as his ashes was scattered over the very legion he commanded.

Chapter 2: My True Might After Death

Keiji arrived in Seireitei as a warrior who had not seen a day without fighting in ages. Keiji was known as a great General in his life, but here among these souls Keiji was nothing but a peasant again. Nothing but a single soul among millions of warriors, Strategist and even peasants. Keiji sat staring at the sky for a few days as he lingered on the conundrum of himself being what he had been majority of his life. A nobody. Keiji finally grinned on the 4th day as he realized his life had to start again. He must become what he was, he still knew what he knew, and he still knew how to use it to it’s full potential. Something that made people great was knowing what you were made for. Knowing what you bred for what all you needed to become the greatest in the land.

Keiji found the nearest soul and asked them where he was and how to meet with a noble if it was possible. The lady laughed at Keiji as she explained that the nobles here wouldn’t notice Keiji even if he was the last person dead. Keiji veered off to find another route of becoming noticed. He had to do something. *Ding*

Keiji took a swing at the next guy to come around the corner he was standing at. The man Caught his hand and whipped Keiji’s arm behind his back.

“You would attack a shinigami? You must be a bigger fool than initially thought.” A familiar voice sounded in Keiji’s head. As he felt the body of the person holding him at his will. The man was similar in height and weight to Keiji himself. Keiji let out a bellowing yell as he was thrown to the ground. Keiji was now looking up to his original mentor and master. Lu Bu. Keiji let out a short grunt as he was baffled after seeing his long time mentor Lu Bu alive now, or dead. Standing quickly Keiji wondered how he was here, why? Keiji then knew he was in the land of the dead now, standing face to face with the only man who could test the mettle of Keiji’s Blade. Keiji could not speak…

Lu Bu did so for him. “We are dead my friend. This land we are in is called Rukongai. The land in which all normal souls live. The Soul Society. Hehe. You still are a feisty one I see.” Lu Bu said as he watched Keiji come closer to him. “Now I know your strength… And I know that you are a capable general. So I have already enrolled you into the shinigami academy. So follow me, my friend. You have lots of work to do. Keiji followed his mentor to a great building as several other new recruits also were first finding the place. Lu Bu a Shinigami, Captain of the 10th division waved and directed younger students around as Keiji watched his leadership. Keiji loved that about the man and after the long list of things Lu Bu had to do Keiji was enrolled into class his first class was simply, Kido. The only thing Keiji needed to know was how to use these mysterious things the Shinigami called the demon arts.

After a couple of years in schooling Keiji graduated top of his Melee and Combat classes and with the highest shinigami scores ever previously recorded since Lu Bu himself. Keiji did not know what that meant but figured it meant that he had topped his Lord Lu Bu in something. Keiji was nominated by Lu Bu to join the 10th division. Keiji accepted and rose through the ranks to become Lieutenant without a problem. Keiji was a strong fighter and leader. His skill only matched by Bankai wielding captains, Keiji was a force to be reckoned with. Keiji learned and became well known with the shinigami from all Divisions. Making friends and becoming a well- known figure. Keiji was not looked over when the rumors of a new division Captain was being considered for the 9th division. Keiji New he could not become a Captain without the knowledge of Bankai. And so Lu Bu hoped to help with that.

Chapter 3: Learning through Talking

Taking him to the outskirts of the Soul Society, Keiji was given several tests to pass before he was going to be allowed to try and learn the name of his Zanpaktou. Keiji spent everyday in Jinzen. Both learning and communicating with his Zanpaktou. Constant battle after battle allowed him to learn new abilities and to release his weapon into a state known as shikai. His name was Fukyuu-Za, The Immortal. Keiji liked this name as the name also reflected both of them. Living on for such a long time Keiji had become to realize he was now immortal for the time being. Fukyuu was a Kido type blade, which completely contrasted Keiji. It was able to use it’s Kido abilities to reflect and bend light and darkness. Making it impossible to see Keiji. Practically making him invisible to the most keen eye. He learned countless things about his Zanpaktou, his favorite color, what he liked to do on the weekends. How his Zanpaktou became a sword. What his life consisted of. Keiji was astounded to find out so much about a single soul that it made him want to fully unlock the power he had inside of him even more.

One Day Keiji learned of a technique from Fukyuu-Za and with it became a catastrophic failure. Keiji learned a move to capture and bend light to make himself and others invisible. But found that it was not a move to make his allies invisible but instead made his opponent disappear, For good. The technique told to Keiji was about making one invisible. Instead it consisted of taking energy from the sun and reflecting it ten-fold to speed up or decrease the speed of time. Keiji had no idea why his Zanpaktou did not know it would do that but Keiji spent more time inside the realm of his Zanpaktou then he expected. More than 7 years had past since the beginning of the technique making it seem as if Keiji had been killed inside his Zanpaktou realm. Lu Bu didn’t know what to think until one day Keiji begin to move while positioned inside the office of Lu Bu. Keiji awoken to find several strangers around him. Lu Bu arose from his seat and approached him giving him the questions of what happened to him 7 years ago. He didn’t quite know so he let out a grunt of dust and took to standing up. Towering above all the other small shinigami Keiji repositioned his clothing and tried to make since of his situation.

“I must learn this technique.” Keiji said as he looked to Lu Bu who had aged quite a bit since their last encounter. Not many people could tell but Keiji knew what his master should of looked like. And he did not look well. Keiji knew his time was coming up on him quickly. Keiji wondered whether or not he had done so with his technique. Keiji failed to learn of the reason he was kept in his Zanpaktou realm for so long and he only recently learned the true name of his Zanpaktou. Fukyuu-Za Ikkitousen (The Immortal Warrior). Keiji learned that his abilities were not just the bending of light but consisted of bending time. Ikkitousen could only bend time for a length of 7 years when in his inner self. But ranged in times of seconds to minutes when in the real world. Keiji learned his Bankai and later became the new division Captain of the 9th division in which now he is known as the The Watchman.

Lu Bu died several years after Keiji was promoted to Captain, while on a mission to the real world. No investigation was authorized and Keiji has not gotten any answers about who killed his master. Keiji now trains and teaches Shinigami in his division the art of fighting through the old ways and he has not had a prodigy who has not excelled through the ranks of the Gotei 13 without ease. Keiji has many fellow Captains who were his students at some point.

Rp Sample:

Keiji lets out a sigh as he has been watching this creature for more than 2 hours now, do nothing but eat grass. For some reason animals did not fear Keiji. A battle hardened General, a discrete and remorseless Killer, a blood hungry Warrior, yet still a gentle soul at heart to animals. Keiji grinned a bit as he knew that the harmful fighting among humans did not matter to these gentle creatures. The lone deer crept closer to Keiji as it nibbled amidst his left leg to get the grass near him. Keiji shook his head as he watched the being release all its defenses as he ate with his head fully in the ground. Keiji found it illusive to himself why he was watching out for the animal. Scanning the area for other predators, and hoping he did not have to take up arms against it…

Keiji’s Captain’s robes blew in the wind as it began to howl in through the trees. Keiji had not had such a peaceful day then today. He had taken off of his normal duties to come out to the real world and examine the wildlife as he put it. Not really a reason to be out he was hassled by his Captain Commander and he eventually got his assignment to come out and locate a hollow. A low classed one Keiji would be able to destroy him quickly and to get down to some real relaxing before anyone could give him another mission. The encounter would force Keiji’s soul phone to break before he could get his next mission. Or so that is what Keiji is going to say.

He grinned a bit as he realized how long it has been since he lied to get out of working hard. It had been a full 17 minutes, since he told his Commander he was feeling ill and would need some alone time in the spiritual world to do some Jinzen. Not many would be able to get away with this excuse, but with Keiji’s credentials, and the lasting peace still going on between the races and realms. The Commander was not critical on fighters to defend the Seireitei. Keiji watched as he the skies clouds soared overhead. He sighed as the deer began to trek away from him to nibble on more grass. He stood up and looked out into the woods as he heard the woodland creature scamper away. Her footsteps were quick and hurried, scared and foreseeing as Keiji released his hands from his pockets to prepare for his so called ‘encounter’.

The hollow was no simple one. He had come from Hueco Mundo simple to eat souls, dead, alive? He didn’t care. Keiji grabbed his zanpaktou and watched as the clawed hollow shot his arms at him, stretching himself to the very limit to get to Keiji. Deflecting them, Keiji rushed the hollow following the arms all the way back to the creature. His blade raised up to attack Keiji sliced through the hollow and allowed it to dissipate as he sheathed his blade. It had been a long time since Keiji had fought something or someone stroing enough to challenge him. Lu Bu being his only true challenger Keiji felt quite alone in the world today as the warriors of today seemed to be more influenced and scared of Keiji than wanting to become better than him.

Keiji had wanted to end the hollow and to start his peaceful day soon, but it would seem Keiji was not in the mood anymore. He was going to have to get out and find something else to get into. Something worth his while… Someone was going to have the battle of their life. Against Keiji Meada, and Fukyuu-Za Ikkitousen.

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PostSubject: Re: Keiji Meada   Tue Mar 22, 2011 9:18 pm

Can you use the template please.
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PostSubject: Re: Keiji Meada   Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:09 pm

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Byakuya Kuchiki

PostSubject: Re: Keiji Meada   Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:13 pm

Thanks for using the template ^.^ Your app looks good, just one thing....

Quote :
Description: Keiji is able to take his body and warp it around at super fast speeds. Using this technique to strike his opponents at super sonic speeds. His body becomes like a bubble that is able to pass though solid objects in the real world but not in the spiritual realm.

Is there a certain amount of time he can sue this for?


If today was your last day
Tomorrow was too late
Could you say good-bye to yesterday?

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PostSubject: Re: Keiji Meada   Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:37 pm

Byakuya Kuchiki wrote:
Thanks for using the template ^.^ Your app looks good, just one thing....

Quote :
Description: Keiji is able to take his body and warp it around at super fast speeds. Using this technique to strike his opponents at super sonic speeds. His body becomes like a bubble that is able to pass though solid objects in the real world but not in the spiritual realm.

Is there a certain amount of time he can sue this for?

Yeah in my disadvantages i wrote he could only use this to attack his opponent once. After that initial strike to his opponent it's over.
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Byakuya Kuchiki

PostSubject: Re: Keiji Meada   Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:47 pm

All right, I really like this character =) Approved.


If today was your last day
Tomorrow was too late
Could you say good-bye to yesterday?

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PostSubject: Re: Keiji Meada   Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:50 pm

Power Level: C-1
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Keiji Meada
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