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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Mizore shirayuki (done)

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PostSubject: Mizore shirayuki (done)   Mon Mar 21, 2011 7:16 pm

Basic Information

Name: Mizore Shirayuki

Age: 17

Gender: female

Grade: N/A

Rank: Special


Personal Information

*Snow or Rainy days
*cold foods and treats
*fruity drinks
*cold temperatures
*cold baths

*Dry sunny days
*hot foods
*sour candy
*hot temperatures
*people who call her a fairy

*Cold/humid weather
*short/long range attacks
*hand to hand combat

*hot food/objects

Personality: Quiet, and cold. Yuuki has a rather mysterious nature. No one really knows what she is thinking for she disguises her true feelings behind an emotionless mask. she doesnt speak unless spoken to. those who know her instantly realize that her lack of speaking isnt due to being shy.In fact she is far from shy she is actually quite a seductress as well as somewhat a pervert. Towards the people that she doesnt like or care for she waves them off with a cold shoulder. She isnt afraid to get into a fight or show her emotions when needed. she despises heat and loves water and cold temperatures. For foes that get in her way or pose as a threat she simply enjoys freezing them into a solid block of ice or throwing a knife at them as a warning. Despite her cold attitude it is shown that she is capable of being friendly and kind towards others that she cares about. She is also very over protective at times and has a habit of stalking people that she is interested in though she feels the need to investigate. she also likes to hide in strange places that one wouldnt dream of hiding and seems to pop out of no where. She also loves sweets especially small lollipops she is rarely seen without a lollipop or some type of hard candy in her mouth. she dislikes heated foods and enjoys frozen treats such as ice cream, Popsicles, crushed ice curry, anything that she can eat cold.

Sexual Orientation:Straight

Relationship Status: single

Human Special Ability Information

Name: Cryokinesis (ice/snow manipulation)

Description: Koori has the ability to almost complete control over ice at will. Obviously, this means she can freeze and then control any form of water or water based attack. It also means that water attacks are completely useless against her.She is also immune to frost bite or getting sick during cold weather. in fact when it snows, or any other cold weather that surrounds the area it makes her a bit stronger. however her big weakness is heat, for example if a hot object touched her skin it would cause her to scream in horrible pain and freeze the pain away. Her spiritual energy allows the area around her to become quite cold and sometimes frost over which allows her to survive during warm climates. She can also freeze small bodies of water that she is surrounded in.

History and RP Sample

a long time ago there was a young man lost in the frozen mountains of the snow people. his young man was a demon once a fallen angel that was casted from the edge of heaven by god himself. His lean muscular figure was covered by a thick fur lined coat he had stolen from a passing stranger.His jet black shaggy man of hair blew over his blood red eyes as he trudged through the thick snow.The air was filled thick with falling snow and hail. it was hard to see and even breath without catching a mouthful of snow. As he grew nearer to the territory of the snow people. He was immediately discovered and captured. Ice and snow building up around his legs and traveling up until he was captured completely in a block of ice. Weak from Walking without food or water for days he instantly blacked out.

Soon he found himself gasping for air as the ice prison melted away and he fell in a heap in the puddle of water that was once his cage. he coughed and panted while shivering uncontrollably. He looked up to find himself surrounded by neutral featured people starring down at him. Before he could react two eight foot tall yeti with fur as white and thick as the snow that fell grabbed his arms and hoisted him up. dragging him away. The demon fought and struggled against it. But it was hopeless. the creatures were too strong in his weakened state. After minutes of fighting he grew tired and finally went limp. allowing the yeti to continue dragging him towards a magnificent white building that took his breath away. the yeti opened the castle doors and took him down the grand hall. The demon looked around in awe for a moment before finally shaking his head and demanded where the yeti were taking him. One of the Yeti had simply explained in a rather deep, snarling tone that they were taking him to the king so that his fate would be discussed. as they finally made it A deep, cold voice boomed his greeting. The demon looked up to see a middle aged man sit proudly up in an ice sculpted throne. The man was clothed in dark blue robes, his hair mustache and beard was white yet slightly spiked like icicles. His eyes were piercing blue and on his head was an ice made crown. Sitting next to him in a smaller throne was a maiden dressed in a long white hooded kimono with the hood pulled over her face. hiding her features so the demon couldnt get a good look at her.

The King Studied Lucifer for a moment and frowned. Declaring his race and his hidden element of fire yet had the power of ice. that caused everyone in the room to gasp in shock. A fire elemental? the people who were near lucifer instantly backed away in fear and disgust and rather panicked cried out for his execution. for they refused to have a threat among their tribe. The king was all for it. But before he could send out the order a soft cool voice stopped him. Everyone looked next to the king to see that the princess had spoken. She stood up. and removed her hood to reveal her face. Lucifer's eyes widened and his jaw dropped.

She was beautiful. Her hair was long, fell past her waist and was the light color of lavender and styled in a french braid that fell over her shoulder. her skin was pale yet flawless and smooth, her eyes were sky blue with no pupils. her lips were full and light pink. Her figure was a perfect hourglass figure and she stood the height of five foot eight. She walked over to the still stunned Demon and she studied him for a moment before asking him for his name. Lucifer shook his head and told her his name. The princess gave him a small smile that was enough to make his pulse beat a bit faster. The princess then turned to the people and said that they couldn't kill him. For he could serve as useful for their fight against their enemy tribe. murmurs ran through the crowd as they considered that she did have a point. The king must have thought about the idea too for he agreed with his daughter that he could serve as useful in his army. The king then told Lucifer if he managed to defeat the enemy tribe and take the spear of the enemy's king as proof of his victory his life would be sparred, he would become an ally of the snow people and greatly respected and as a bonus he would have the hand in marriage of his daughter Kihone.Lucifer looked at the prize that could be his for a moment. and smiled instantly asking where he would start. Amused the king laughed and had his army come out with Lucifer as his their commander. Lucifer gave his possible fiancee a kiss on her hand and left with the army to fulfill his quest.

The journey was not easy. Lucifer had to climb over mountains, walk through constant snow storms day and through the night. He and the army was constantly attacked by enemy warriors and yetis and though the army was strong. some of the men died in battle. Finally after two weeks Lucifer made it to the kingdom of the enemy tribe. there he was greeted by the tribe's army. Lucifer looked at them with intense determination. and with the king's beautiful daughter in his thoughts he advanced. The battle seemed to go on for ages. Fire clashed with ice as well as a tangle of weapons. many lives were lost but eventually Lucifer made it to the Throne room of the King that ruled the enemy tribe. Lucifer struck down incoming soldiers with ease and came towards the king. Wiping sweat and blood away from his brow. His weapon in hand. The king and Lucifer clashed viciously. holding back none. The king was powerful as expected but Lucifer was as well. Eventually the King had left himself open and his sword that was heated from fire pierced the king's side. dark blood stained the frozen ground and his blade as the king fell dying. Lucifer claimed his victory trophy and journeyed back to the frozen village.

when he arrived the snow people looked at him. seemingly holding their breaths as they waited with anticipation for what he had brought. a Triumphant grin spread across his face before he held up the crown of the fallen king and the streets were filled with the cheering of the snow people. Two snow men hoisted the demon on their shoulders and took him to the king. who had nodded once in approval and keeping his promise. He placed his daughter's hand in his and in that very spot. The two were wed.

A few years later the princess became pregnant with their first child. a daughter. When the infant was born. small wails came from the baby's mouth as she opened her eyes to the world around her and air filled her little lungs for the first time. The baby looked like her mother. Lavender hair, blue pupilless eyes,and pale flawless skin. though the skin had a faint creamy peach tone.

The baby grew to become a pretty happy toddler. None of her father's fire element came to her though his race and attitude did and her powers were similar to her mother's. She was given the name Mizore Shirayuki and she was trained day by day by her parents. mastering her powers by the time she was ten years old. as she grew older she began to look like her mother. she was beautiful and flawless appearance wise. with a perfect figure and an angelic face though it had some cute elfish features to it that made her more appealing. When she reached the age of eighteen she had stopped aging.due to the fact she was immortal due to her father's race though thats all she had from her father's abilities. As time passed she watched as her mother nad her people aged and died and due to the grief that he felt for his lost wife. Lucifer killed himself leaving Mizore orphaned and on her own to rule the snow kingdom. She became from happy and cheerful to somewhat cold and quiet. she ruled her kingdom strictly yet kindly like her mother once did. Though she one day grew tired of being the queen of a kingdom of people who were scared of her and decided to just leave. Placing the general of the army in charge of the kingdom. She got dressed packed a bag and left the kingdom. wandering into the frozen mountain. while discovering a cave she found a dark Void in front of the entrance. curiosity taking over she stepped into it and she teleported. Leaving everything black.

When she awoke she found herself in a new land. It was frozen anymore it was a bit warmer. Confused, frustrated and angry due to the sudden exposure of hearther rage caused a great burst of light blue energy to shine through. Freezing the nearby trees into blocks of ice. Satisfied with the new cooled down temperature. she walked to a store stole some clothes and instantly put it on as well as stealing a bag of lollipops for her to enjoy. As she wandered around. Mizore grew to more or less enjoy her surroundings and decided to have fun with whatever came her way as well as training each and every day so she could further master her abilities

RP Sample: Kurai giggled softly as she wandered the streets of the soul society. Her long soft black hair pulled back in a loose ponytail with bangs framing her face. her bright sky blue eyes wandering around as she took in the view of the lovely morning. Her pale,peach toned skin seemed to give off a light glow in the sunlight. She wore her usual shinigami uniform with a sleeveless captain's hoari over it and a purple obi tied around her waist with her zanpakuto strapped to her side. She was only four feet and ten inches tall in height with a slender hour glass figure and seemed rather petite compared to the other captains but she was still strong due to her status. She waved kindly to the passing people and flashed them a happy grin. She had finished her paper work and had took patrolling duty three times in the day.

Even though she was the captain commander she took on the CC's and a captains responsibility as well as checking on the well fairs of the souls that wandered the seretei as well as checking on the shinigami. Kurai hummed softly to herself while picking up a child that had run to her. cradling the child for a moment before giving him a small kiss on the forehead before placing the child back down as she continued to walk with her head held high and a kind smile on her face. as passing people waved to her she waved and greeted them back.

Kurai could remember how awkward it was when she first became captain commander. no one would look her in the eye and they would stammer when she spoke to them. now everyone was used to their captain commander's attitude so it was alright. She stared out dreamily into the morning sun and sighed in content as the beauty of the morning allowed her mind to wander into her own dream land for the small moment.
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PostSubject: Re: Mizore shirayuki (done)   Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:23 am

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PostSubject: Re: Mizore shirayuki (done)   Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:46 pm

Power Level: D-3
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Mizore shirayuki (done)
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