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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Final Fantasy: Journeys End

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Journey's End is a non canon, Final Fantasy based Roleplay with an ever growing active member base that has been running for more than a year and a half. The main aspect of Journey's End is change. Each choice made by each player reflecting which way the story goes. What if Sephiorth had never went to Niblehiem? Zack would still be alive. Cloud would still be a grunt in the Shirna Security force. What if Yuna had never started her pilgrimidge? What if Squall failed his Seed Exam? All are fundamental questions that could easily warp the fabric of the finalfantasy story line.

In the continental gameplay of Journey's End. Each game is assigned a continent, or perhaps more than one. Allowing each game to exist in this way poses further questions. What would happen if Shinra were to go to war with the Galbadian military?

In Journey's End. Chaos. And change. Are constant factors. Plot Quests allow any character to gain incredible power, such as gaining the black materia. Or completing the warring triad and becoming god of magic. In a site where the plot is determined by the whim of the members. Where do you see yourself?

Final Fantasy: Journeys End JEAd2

::Backstory and current events::
“ And at the end of the world, everything was quiet. I find that strange. Perhaps that in itself is strange. Maybe I thought finally when it was all over we’d have a little breath to ourselves and get on with our lives. But the truth was, when we defeated all the enemies. When we had finally cast down every power hungry monster…what we were left with wasn’t a utopia….we were left with the wasteland. At first we thought things would get better, the wasteland was limited to the Lost continent. But, eventually things began to die in other places, more and more lands were consumed by the desert of the wasteland. Lakes, rivers, even the ocean began to dry up eventually. Civilisations began to die out. That’s when we all began to travel, the usual tales of a land of wonder and plenty that hadn’t been effected by what we were now calling the Solomon Blight. But from land to land, we found nothing. “

“ As time passed our band grew smaller and smaller. People just…gave up. It was only Tzigone and the other remaining members of the old Gaian union that managed to keep the loyal ones together. That’s when he led us back. Back to where this blight had all begun. Back to the Lost continent. There we poured over the old Brotherhood ruins, searching for anything that could help us fight against the Blight. For awhile we lost Tzigone. Days went before we saw him again. And when he returned, he took us all to the place we thought had been buried by the sands. The final Gateway. Gateway 26. The unopened number. That’s when a child stepped forward and said to Tzigone. “ Whats behind the door?”. And that’s when the silence returned. That was the most terrifying moment of my life. “.

Dollet has been destroyed. In an effort to take land in Galbadia. Balamb Garden and Shinra made a joint effort to try and take the port town. However the emergence of a new foe turned an ordinary battle into a catastrophic event. The Manifests. Monsters created from the disease known as the Solomons Blight. Capable of inflicting injury beyond the healing power of magic. When all seemed lost, the remnants emerged. Containing the Manifest. And covering up all traces of its existance. The town and the people who lived there. All gone. The only things that give any indication it was there. The radio tower...and the glass beach that was once the town proper. In light of this the sorceress Blue has vowed to unify the Galbadian continent under her banner.

Meanwhile, on the Veldt continent. Several heroes and villains gather at an abandoned military base. All called by a mysterious letter. Within the building. A mysterious recording continues to play out like a ghost. A man, apologising for the Solomons Blight. Deeper within the facility they face off against another Manifest. This one able to speak. Showing them visages of a future they face. Against creatures known as the Fal'Cie. After defeating the Manifest they are given a choice. Immunise themselves against the Solomons Blight. Eliminating the Manifests power over them. Or infect themselves with the blight. Risking their lives. And sanity in exchange for power.

Few took the safe option. And now multiple Blighted Individuals walk Gaia. Battling their inner demons.

Summoners within Spira continue their pilgrimidge. The current leading summoner Adiona, making her way to obtian her fourth aeon within the icy plains of Macalania. Sephiroth, after the events of Dollet had lost his mind, teaming up with the court mage kefka. Led a slaughter within the shinra building. Leaving Midgar, the decapitated head of Jenova in hand.

Meanwhile the Lucavi warrior Ruien awaits the next appearance of the Solomons Key. Knowing the true origins of the monster. He is determined to see it set to rest.

Final Fantasy: Journeys End JeAD3


Final Fantasy: Journeys End GoodJE

Am I the light in the darkness?
The unsung hero?
A warrior, with a heart of gold?
Or a thief with an eye for it?
Do I do good deeds because I must?
Or is it just orders?

Final Fantasy: Journeys End EvilJourneysEnd

Am I the villain who kills for no reason?
The antihero, the misunderstood warrior who gets the job done, morals or no?
The puppet master, who plays others like they were chess pieces?
A killer of men, a silencer of secrets. An assassin who creeps in the dark?

Which are you?

Many canon characters still avalible. Due to Journey's End's unique story format. Some characters current situations may differ from canon storyline. Check with Admins for details if you are thinking of making a canon.

Custom characters welcome.

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Final Fantasy: Journeys End
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