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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Adachi Narinori: 11th Div. Captain

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PostSubject: Adachi Narinori: 11th Div. Captain    Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:27 pm

Basic Information

Name: Adachi Narinori

Real Age: 183

Appeared Age: 19

Gender: Male

Division: 11th Division

Rank: Captain

Organization: N/A

Appearance: Adachi is a lean young man standing at about 6"2'. He has spiky raven-black hair which often falls to cover his eyes. He has soft, grey eyes and a small pointy nose. His most notable facial feature is a scar starting at the top right corner of his forehead going down to the bottom left side of his chin. His shinigami outfit consists of the normal black clothing and the captain's haori. The only major difference is he cut off the sleeve of his right arm and his whole right arm is completely bandaged up to his shoulder. As for his Zanpakuto, he prefers to wear it on his left side, as his right hand/arm is his dominant side.

(this, but with said scar XD)

Personal Information

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Adachi enjoys spending time with close friends. He is somewhat shy in front of newer people, but with time and maybe a few drinks, can make friends with just about anybody. He also really enjoys spending time in his office simply reading. Since he is captain of the 11th division, he does spar on a daily basis. He prefers sparring with the younger/newer recruits in order to train them better and see what kind of talent he has within his own division.
Dislikes: Adachi cannot stand arrogant or ignorant people. That is one area of a person's character he cannot be passive about. He also can be annoyed by people who are to loud. Given he himself can get too rowdy from time to time, he is constantly annoyed by people who are non-stop loud.

Strength/Weaknesses: Strengths: One strength of Adachi's is his acute Perception. One reason for his success in combat is because he is in a constant state of observation, making sure he knows his opponent inside and out. This is why he can usually try and adapt to most situations rather quickly. Also, the key to his fighting style is his speed. He lost a lot of sword arm strength when he injured his arm, so he spent some time developing his speed to counteract the lack of strength.
Weaknesses: His biggest weakness comes in the form of dedication to the point of stuborness. This is because once he has his mind made up, it would take a great deal of convincing to change his mind. This is due to an event that happened to him when he was a young seated officer. Another of his major weaknesses is that he is limited in his use of Kido. He is only able to pull off spells in the 30's

Personality: Adachi is a very well-balanced individual. He is a, in general, a happy person, yet he isn't too happy. He chooses to live his life by the saying, "There is a time and place for everything." He enjoys spending time with his friends when he isn't too busy. The one interesting part of his personality is his "mellow-ness." By this I mean, outside of battle, he is laid back and calm, which to him is ironic since he is the Captain of the 11th division. The biggest change in his personality is during a fight. He does not smile during a fight and is in total focus. He will talk during a fight, but don't expect any witty remarks from Adachi. During fights is when he is prone to spikes in anger which can help him or hurt him during a fight. He is most susceptible to losing his temper if his opponent has hurt one of his friends, as he is very protective of his friends.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Single, and maybe looking

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Karite Sokuryoku (Reaper Speed)

Zanpakuto Looks: Adachi's unsealed Zanpakuto resembles that of a normal katana.

Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Sprint! Karite Sokuryoku!

Shikai: Adachi's shikai quite simply increases his speed. Normally he is decently fast, but when he releases his shikai, he is able to keep up with the likes of Yoruichi.

Released Zanpakuto Looks: His katana stays in the same shape but takes a midnight blue hue.

Other Techniques:
-As stated in the shikai description, he becomes a exceptional user of Flash-step.
-In this state, he also has a special move, where he can shoot a white-grayish blast of reiatsu at his opponent. It is not very powerful, but can still pack a punch.

Bankai Information
This applies to captains only.

Do you want your character to have bankai: Yes

Bankai Description: Adachi's bankai is quite different from his Shikai. When he releases his bankai state, he loses his previous speed bonus. What he gets is what he calls, "The right arm of the Reaper." With this, his right, bandaged arm is "replaced" with a pitch black, skeleton's arm. This allows for more powerful strikes. Along with the new appendage, his attack also gets a special new "bite" to it. Upon being slashed by his sword, the victim gets into a sick state, meaning they get woozey, get a fever, slightly weak, etc. The side effects go away when the Bankai goes away. The big catch with his Bankai is he really dislikes using it, as it makes him have strange thoughts. Also, because of lack of use, it only lasts half an hour. (4 posts). Then he can't use it for a month. (20 posts). It is for this purpose that he only uses it as a last resort.

Bankai Looks:

History and RP Sample

History: Adachi's story begins in the Rukongai part of the Soul Society. He was born into a family in the Junrinan District of Rukongai. He grew up with his Father, Mother, and Brother. Early life was quite simple for Adachi. He and his older brother, Junpei, were always spending time together. Whether it was running around town, or sitting at home, they were inseperable at an early age. When Adachi turned twelve, he had his first major encounter with a Shinigami. He of course knew who they were, but he never had any interaction with them. On this particular day, Adachi was bored an walking around the district when suddenly a middle aged man sprinted around a corner and ran into Adachi, pickpocketing him upon contact. Adachi was shocked and chased after him, but to no avail. As he slowed due to exhaustion, he watched as the man ran away until out of nowhere, a man with long black hair appeared right in front of the man and stopped him by grabbing him by the arm. As the man retrieved Adachi's coin sack, he walked toward him and became more visable. He was wearing a captain's haori and a scarf. Adachi heard another man come up from behind him, but this time, it was another shinigami, this one with red hair and sunglasses perched upon his head. "Jeez Captain Byakuya, you shouldn't run off like that..." the man said. At this point Byakuya had reached Adachi to return his money, and then left without saying a single word. "Wh-who is that?" asked Adachi with nervous anticipation. The red-headed shinigami gave him a strange look. "Him? That's Captain Kuchiki. You should be thankful kid..." said the shinigami as he turned to walk with his captain. And so, on that day, Adachi made his goal: That one day he would become strong enough so that Captain Kuchiki would know his name...

Academy Days:
Adachi and Junpei applied to the academy as soon as they felt they were ready. Junpei applied first and got in on his first try. It wasn't the same story for Adachi. He failed the test twice, and only got in barely on the third try. It is for this purpose most of his peers looked down upon him. This only gave Adachi more motivation. He worked harder than students his age, and it is for this purpose, after only his first year of the academy, was at the top of his class. As his education went on, he only continued to succeed. In his third year of the academy, he had already discovered his Zanpakuto spirit. Everything was going good for him, but he didn't realize the effect it had on his brother. He was doing well int the academy, but had nowhere near the same success his brother had. Jealousy had replaced love in his heart, and with the newfound emotion, he devised a plan to be back on top. He was going to go after a hollow on his own. One night, he snuck out of his dorm to "summon" a hollow. He knew it would be difficult, but he read up on it and thought it wouldn't be too difficult to bring forth a weak one. He got what he wished when a hollow appeared. He fought with it for a few minutes, and was eventually able to kill it. Just as the fight concluded, Adachi found his brother and was angered to see him out at night. "Brother! What are you doing out after curfew! Do you want to be expelled?!?" he asked. Junpei glared back at him, "It doesn't matter now! I defeated a hollow before you. Now people will actually respect me, not you!" As he said this, he didn't see that one hollow, had actually attracted several. One hollow bit his left shoulder, while the other bit his right leg; he was trapped. "JUNPEI!" shouted Adachi as he unsheathed his zanpakuto and swung it violently at one of the hollows. He was successful in destroying the one on his shoulder, but the other was more powerful. The remaining hollow got off of Junpei and faster then Adachi could react to, warped in front of him and slashed his face. Stunned by the pain, he fell to the ground and clenched his face. He thought he was for when Junpei stabbed the hollow from behind. The hollow screamed in pain, but Junpei made a huge mistake by not going for the mask. So the hollow was able to turn around and cause a vicious wound on Junpei. Adachi was able to barely open his eyes, but when he saw his brother being mauled by the hollow, he acted quickly and gave the death blow to the infernal creature... but the damage was already done. As Adachi made it to his brother, he was close to his last breath. "Don't worry Junpei, I can hear people coming, you're gonna be ok!!!" Adachi said in a desperate voice. "N-no...I'm...n-not gonna..." Junpei whispered as he coughed some blood. "Adachi...I'm so sorry. I... just wanted to show you...that your older brother was able to... protect you..." As he finished the sentence, he smiled and closed his eyes; he was gone. Adachi didn't know how to react. He couldn't scream. As tears streamed down his face, he was taken back to the Academy by his instructors.

The following year went by in a flash. Despite the incident with his brother, he continued his success, and was able to graduate from the academy after five years, a year ahead of schedule. Right out of the academy, many shinigami knew of him and had high expectation, but he didn't care. He was still distraught that he had caused his brother's death. Upon being assigned to a division, he requested the 9th division. He asked for that because it was the one division he knew he would not have to fight on a daily basis for. Ever since the incident, he detested fighting. It only reminded him of his first important fight, so he thought if could avoid it he could. Several decades went by, and he had reached the 4th seat of his division. He was living a normal life, but at this point he felt something was wrong. He felt he had no purpose, but one reminder would change that. One day, as he sat on a bench, he stared into an area filled with cherry blossoms. He was just kinda zoning-out, when he saw Captain Kuchiki wandering amongst the trees. Byakuya was just out on a stroll, and he turned and looked at Adachi. There eyes met for a split-second, but Byakuya turned and walked away. Adachi felt strange. The man who inspired him to become a shinigami didn't even have any recollection to who he was. At this point, he remembered the goal he set for himself a long time ago; that one day, Byakuya would know his name. He clenched his fist as a tear streamed down his face, but this time he smiled. He realized he needed to pursue his goal, and stop living in the past. He got up and went to the 9th division barracks in order to try and be re-assigned to the 11th division. Things worked out and within 30 years, Adachi became the vice-captain of the division, and then another 20 years, the Captain. His goal had been reached. On the day of his inauguration as the new captain, he went up to the man he idolized so much. With a little trepidation, he confronted him, "Excuse me, Capt. Kuchiki. Do you know who I am?" he asked as confidently as he could. Byakuya gave him an indifferent stare and responded with, "I believe once upon a time, I stopped a mugger for you. Considering you're the new 11th division captain, I don't think you'll be needing my help anymore." He turned and walked away. Adachi was stunned and happy. He felt fulfilled, but a knew fire was spawned within him. His new goal: "Maybe...Just maybe...Become Byakuya's friend..."

RP Sample: (Give an example of how you RP.)
It was dark when Adachi walked into the brisk night air. He often walked at this time just to feel alone in the world, a feeling he sometimes enjoyed. As he walked around, he saw a majestic tree and decided to go up to it. He put his bare hand upon the tree, just to feel the coarse texture. As he ran his hand across the silent giant, he thought of what the tree had "experienced" in its long life. If this tree could talk, Oh the things it would say... he thought. He drew his hand away from the tree and placed it upon his Zanpakuto. He closed his eyes and asked, What will my legacy be... His Zanpakuto Spirit answered with, That is for you to decide...

He opened his eyes and stared at the tree once more. He smiled as he reflected upon the word of wisdom given to him. He unsheathed his Zanpakuto and carved something into the tree, then wandered back to his office where he needed to get some rest.

And what was it that he marked onto that tree?
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Adachi Narinori: 11th Div. Captain
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