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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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 Luna Flores

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PostSubject: Luna Flores   Luna Flores EmptySat Mar 19, 2011 11:18 am

Basic Information

Name: Luna Flores

Real Age: 320

Appeared Age: 15

Gender: female

Rank: Espada

Number: third

Hollow Hole: between the navel and burst, its smaller than the average hole.

Mask Fragment: On the side of the head, it represents a half moon with three spikes coming out from the side.

Number Tattoo: Her collarbone



Personal Information


A good cup of tea
Her fellow espada, despite some being violent
Satisfying her curiosity
Killing shinigami for the loneliness they have brought her.

People who harm her family (the espada)
Anything close to an insult towards Aizen.



Enhanced Hierro
Luna is able to fend off a moderate hit from a Captain's Shikai with a single hand. In her resurrecion, she can easily take hits from a captain's Shikai with no damage on her uniform or skin.

Cat's reflexes
From intense training which goes from running to endless fighting, Luna is done training her body so that her agility and reflexes to the maximum, making it very hard if not impossible to land a lucky strike on her.

Sonido master
Luna`s knowledge of sonido is high, which combined with her reflexes, makes her sonido one of the fastest among the espada. In her ressurection, this is improved further.

Combined with all the things above, Luna gets even more deadly when she wields her sword. She can easily mix slashes and strikes with Sonido, making it hard for enemies below, and in some cases, around her own power level, to dodge.


Hand-to-hand combat

Mostly depending on her speed, sword, reaction time and strong defense, she is not the best hakuda fighter around. She knows the basics of hand-to-hand combat, but she sees hand-to-hand combat as a last resort.

With her fear of being alone, Luna has grown an overprotective feeling for her fellow espada. She gets the urge to attack a person who attacks the espada and it dosen`t matter if its an actual attack, or simply an insult.

Very curios
Luna`s large curiosity for new things can alter how she battles. If she meets someone with interesting powers, she tends to hold back to learn as much as she can. If she meets someone with a interesting personality, she often asks a lot of question, again to learn as much as she can.

Losing interest
If Luna loses interest in something, she tends to ignore or simply dispose of it. When facing an opponent that bores her, she uses her strong attacks early on to end the fight quickly. Luna can also flat out refuse to fight or talk to a person if they don`t catch her interest.

Personality: When you first look at Luna, you will think that she dosen`t know the word emotions. Her face is, for the most part, stuck in the same emotionless way, her lips being firmly closed together, her eyes looking uninterested, yet intimidating in a strange way. In truth, she does know what emotions is, in fact she has a lot of them, she just sees it pointless to smile all the time. The only time you will really see her smile is when she`s relaxed and in a good mood. Through it isen`t shown, Luna has a very large interest in new things, often resulting in her spending hours, sometimes days, to try and figure out something new she has found. Her large curiosity makes her more innocent, if you ever see it, but it also leads to people underestimating her. When it comes to fighting, Luna chooses to avoid it if possible. Fighting without a good reason is waist of time and will simply lead to more conflicts. When she does engage in battle, she attacks without mercy, ending most of her fights before they even begun.

Her way of dressing is also unique among the arrancar`s. Were most arrancar females wears revealing clothing, Luna is fully covered up. Her uniform does hug her slender waist and arms, as well as her chest, but its tame compared to what the others wear. Luna`s choice of not revealing much skin, mostly comes from that she dosen`t wanna be judged on the way she dresses or how her body looks. Its also because she simply finds the amount of skin that some arrancar women show, for to much. She is among one of the shorter arrancar, being only 5.2

Sexual Orientation: straight

Relationship Status: single

Resurrecion Information

Standard Techniques~


Name: llorar Quimera (crying chimera)

Represent: chimera

Family: shadow/dark




When summoning the different chimeras Luna herself becomes weaker because each chimera will take a portion of her power. By absorbing them back into her, she will regain half the reaitsu that they consumed.

Name: Highly Improved Sonido

State: released

Description: The normal sonido speed would get doubled if not tripled up. Luna can now travel fast enough to leave after-images which can confuse the opponent, and the movement is indeed so fast that the earth starts cracking under her feet. Very effective when up against an opponent that rivals Luna's strength but wouldn't perhaps be able to keep up with her speed.

Name: oscura serpiente (dark snake)

State: sealed and unsealed

Sealed state: Her katana will be engulfed in her dark purple reaitsu. Luna will then speak the name of the technique, and a black snake with shoot out of her reaitsu infused sword. The snake itself will be 20 feet long and 12 feet wide, the head being 14 feet wide. The snake is controlled by her left hand, meaning that if the opponent keeps a close look on it, they can predict were the snake will go, in the heat of a battle it will be hard through. The skin of this snake is as hard as her own.

Released state: In the released state, Luna removes the drawback of having to use one of her hands to control it. By speaking the technique, her snake tail will begin to glow purple of her reaitsu. A copy of it will shoot out, growing 30 feet long and 22 feet thick, 24 feet at the head. The snake`s movements can be controlled by her thoughts, meaning the advantage that the opponents had with her hand in the sealed state, is removed.

Name: Pesadilla Cero (nightmare cero)

State: both

Description:sealed: Luna will charge a grand ray cero and infuse it with her own reaitsu, causing it to turn purple. The strentgh of it will be increased, making it as strong as the primera espada`s grand ray. It can be fired from her hands.

Released state: In the released state, Luna will charge a grand ray cero as well and infuse it with her own reaitsu. It will travle twice as fast as her sealed state, making it harder to avoid.

Name: ardiente desesperación (burning despair)

State: both


Sealed: Luna will infuse both of her hands with her purple reaitsu that takes the appearance of purple fire. She will them hold them together, and then place them against her chest. Two lions with snake tails will shoot out from her chest, without damaging her. The chimera`s will have size of normal lions, and their snake tails will be around 8 feet long. The snake tails will be able to fire her normal bala out of their mouths, and the lion heads will be able to fire her normal cero.

Released state: Luna will again infuse both of her hands with the purple reaitsu, that once again takes the apperance of purple fire. This time, she will simply hold out her hands to the side, and 4 chimera`s will shoot out, two from each hand. These Chimera`s will be twice as large, and their tails will be 14 feet long. The snake tails can fire her bala`s 20% faster, and the lion`s will fire her normal cero`s with 20% increased strength

Name: Garras de león (lion claws)

State: both

Sealed: Luna will slide her hand out of her sleeve and speak the name of the technique. Five two foot long claws made out of purple reaitsu will come out of her fingers, one per finger. The claws themselfs has sharp tips and edges, that are sharp enough to cut through captain level defenses

Released: The five claws will shoot out from both of her hands this time. The claws themselfs will grow one foot longer, giving her a slightly increase in range.

Duration: 5 posts in sealed, 8 in released.
Cool Down: 3 in sealed, 4 in released.

Name: Grito de los mejores (Cry of the beast)

State: released

Description:Luna will lay her head back and let out a terrifying scream, resembling a cry of pain or despair. Her hair will grow all the way down to her knees, she will grow to the hight of 5.9 and her black fur will turn into a black, flowing dress. Her eyes will turn complety black, and a aura of her dark purple reaitsu will surround her(the aura dosen`t do anything). She will hold out her left hand, and a black chain will form around her left arm. At the end of the chain, a Chimera that`s the size of a whale will appear, the chain being connected to its neck. The chimera is cable of shooting her released form of nightmare cero`s. It can fire up to 15 blasts before it has to wait 3 post. The cero`s will be fired in a speed that`s three times faster, making it almost impossible to avoid for someone with average shunpo. The chain that connects Luna is around 40 feet long, meaning that she has to stay within that range. The power of the blasts will increase three times as well.

History and RP Sample


Living act:

Luna`s history started out relatively normal. She was born as the youngest of five in a small village near London. Her father spend most of the day in the field harvesting, while her mother was making sheets in order to get some extra money. Luna always wanted to go with her father into the fields, already now her curiosity was large, but her mother always said no, telling her that a woman`s place was in the home. Years went by, and on a hot summer morning, the twelve year old Luna snuck out in order to explore the fields for the first time. As she reached the fields, the scent of flowers mixed with hay filled her nose. The young girl was happy, she could finally satisfy some of her curiosity. She spend hours playing in the fields, chasing a few butterflies and picking some flowers. As the sun went down, so went her energy for the day. On the way home, there was the large stream to cross. When she went into the fields, she had used the bridge, but since her father was on his way home, he would maybe spot her running across it. After a bit of search, she found some flat rocks that she could jump on to get over. When she was almost over, she slipped onto one of the rocks, falling into the water. Luna was lucky, she died the instant that her neck broke against the rocks, feeling nothing....

Spirit act:

When she awoke, the moon was up and the starts was shinning from the sky. As she sat up, she noticed a odd looking chain coming out from her chest. As she inspected it further, she noticed that it had broken off, only 4 links remaining. She stood up, dusted herself off and began follow the stream, hoping that she could find a bridge, or something were she could find some people to ask for help. Due to luck, she didn`t see as her dead body flowed through the water. Months passed and summer turned to winter. Luna spend all of her time trying to get contact to people, but all ignored her, as if they could`t see her. One day, a young man walked over to her and pulled her into an ally. "What`s your name?", he asked in a kind voice, whispering as if he was afraid of other hearing him. "S-sofie..", the small girl responded(Sofie was Luna`s living name). The man began to explain to her that she had died and become a spirit. He also explained about the shinigami, he said that they were kind people to led spirits like her to a safe place were she could get new friends. Luna asked were he knew that from, and he responded that he had been able to see shinigami, spirits and hollows for as long as he had lived. Luna asked about hollows, but all he said was that they were evil spirits. The man noticed the chain in her belly, there were only half a link left on it. Without hesitation, he took Luna by her hand and said, that he would help her find a shinigami. Luna was of caused confused over this, but she was glad not to be alone anymore..

Becomming a menos act:

After a few days, a shinigami found the two laying in a grass field were they had spend the night. The shinigami awoken the spiritual aware man, telling him to step away from Luna since the remaining of her link had dissapeared. The man refused, stating that there was still time to preform soul burial onto her. The shinigami simply showed him aside and drew his sword, ready to kill the girl. All of a sudden, Luna opened her eyes, her fully devoured chain turning into a whole in her belly. She slowly stood up, letting out a fierce roar. As the shinigami swung his sword in order to kill her, the human jumped in front of her, getting cut across his chest. Luna, having transformed into a large lion-alike hollow with a snake mask, looked down at the dead human. "...Why?....Why did you kill him!?...I don`t want to be alone!". She opened her jaws and closed them around the torso of the shinigami, eating it without hesitation, the rest of the body following. She felt a sudden power rush through her, it was a wonderful feeling. She looked down at the human, the loneliness returning once more. He was dead, what was she gonna do?

She was brought out of thoughts when she heard a roar coming from behind. A hollow that looked like a rhino was standing a few feet from her, its hungry eyes shinning through its mask. As it charged towards Luna, she jumped out of the way and bit hard into its back leg, eating it in one mouthful. The rhino hollow roared again, but it was soon silenced as Luna ate it as well. Luna ate hollow after hollow, seeing the rush of power as the only way to remove her painful loneliness. Eventually she gathered together with many other hollows of her level in hunger, and they began to eat each other. They "melted", together into a menos gullian at the third night of the "feast". The monos traveled to huecho muncho, using kumon(air gate), in the search for food.

Becoming a Adjushas act:

Luna spend many years as apart of the menos, slowly gaining the control over the other hollows that had made up the menos with her to begin with. Eventually the mask transformed into a lion-alike shape, meaning that Luna had taken full control over it. Now that she had control over her body, her curiosity for how the world above the "roof", looked. She had seen the light of the moon in a few holes of the "roof", and wanted to know what made the light. Even through she regretted it, she knew that the only way to make it to the surface, was to eat her fellow menos. Many more years went by of her eating the mother gullian`s, and eventually she grew into a smaller form. Having transformed to a Adjushas, she began to eat other Adjushas`s so she would`t turn back into a gullian.

After years as an Adjushas, Luna was finally able to crawl onto the surface. she spend the first couple of hours on just watching the moon and the white sand, it had been such a long time since she had seen any form of light. She began to look at herself, and how she really had changed. Luna had the appearance of a lion, her paws, neck and back being covered by bone plates. A pair of purple wings extended from her back, and a long purple mane covered most of her neck. A black tail with a snake head at the end came out from the end of her back, a mask covering the head of the snake as well. Luna and the snake looked at each other for a few moments. Despite the snake shared a body with her, it didn`t talk or think, it simply was there. The hopes of finally having company dissapeared again, and she began to hunt for food on the sand of the hollow world...

Vasto lord act

After many years as a Adjushas, Luna had begun to notice a change in her appearance. She was now walking on two legs, which gave her a massive advantage when it came to fighting other Adjushas`s. Her mane had grown a bit shorter and less wild, making it look more like hair. Her mask had fallen off at some places, her left eye and mouth being visible. The snake tail had grown a little shorter and her wings a little more streamlined. Her front paws had transformed into hands being covered with black fur, her feet remaining bone covered paws. Having become stronger, Luna began to spend her time on looking for any kind of company, that would relive the painful loneliness she had felt all the years.

She spend close to a 100 years on consuming hollows, growing stronger and stronger for each passing meal. It was no longer enough just eating weak gillians, Adjushas hollows seemed to be the only thing that could satisfy her. Even when she finally found a meal that could satisfy, it died out due to the pressure of her reaitsu. Luna had, without knowing, grown to the rank of a vasto lord. She began to hunt in the human world more and more often, consuming shinigami as well as humans with high reaitsu. One day, when she had returned from the human world, she was approached by a man with brown hair, clad in a black and white uniform. At first she was worried, he did not die under her reaitsu...but then she became happy, was there finally someone who could put an end to her loneliness? Instead of getting killed, the man told her that his name was Aizen souske, and that he wished for her to join his ranks of the espada. Having only heard very little about the espada, she asked him what it was. He told her that the espada was like a family, and that he could see the loneliness in her eyes.

Becoming a espada act

She spend the next few months serving as his personal guard, working in the shadows. She had been introduced to the other espada`s, but she never interacted with them much. Most of her time was spend on taking care of special missions, but she also spend some time on learning to use her reaitsu in various ways. During the attack on las noches and the battle in the human world, she was in the deepest chambers of las noches, having been ordered there in order to protect it. When she emerged up from the chambers, she noticed that Las noches was completely empty, except the few numerous that wandered around. Over the next year, new espada`s emerged and a new leader rose to power. She was made the third espada by this new leader.

Today she is still the third espada and follows the new leader just as loyal as she had followed Aizen. She still sees the rouge shinigami as a god for having ended her loneliness, but she mostly focuses on protecting her new family.

RP Sample:

"Mad at my own sister?...", she slowy spoke while lowering her head a little, looking at the ground. "...Because i was afraid of what she did would take Ulquiorra-sama away..i was afraid of being alone again..". Even through the words were a little weird, it was what she meant. Luna placed a hand onto the left side of her chest, tugging the fabric of her uniform a little. She had almost attacked her own sister..went against Aizen`s order for her. Her loneliness had driven her to such an extend, that she would do anything not to be alone anymore. She was really trash, wasen`t she? Another thing Ulquiorra was right in...then again, he was always right..she had never seen him been wrong before. Luna, having been to lost in thoughts to hear his brief comment to Lucy, heard as said he probably had been playing when he was alive. Did this mean he remembered anything from before his time as a hollow? Luna´s memory was fragmented since she had "reborn", but she still remembered the voice of the kind human whom had been brutally killed by the shinigami, that had been supposed to safe her from becoming a hollow. The human still remained in her mind, but she figured it had all been apart of fate of his death. Had she been killed, she would have become a spirit in soul society...she would have become a shinigami, and maybe even ended as a captain...which would mean she would have taken part in the battle that killed god.

She was broken out of thought when the sounds of the violent began to fill the air, echoing off the walls in the empty rooms. There tones were....well, a lot. She wanted to cry, yet she didn`t feel sad. She wanted to smile, but she wasen`t happy. She observed the movements of his upper body, and the minor...passion in his face? It was hard to spot...but she could see passion in his eyes, something she was cable off since she had trained herself to be observant of even the slightest change in him, whenever or not it was body posture or just were he looked. It would might seem odd to some, but for her, it was a fraccions duty to know their espada in and out, so that they could help them the most. As he stopped playing the first song, Luna slided her hands out of her sleeves and clapped a little, smiling a little. She didn`t saying anything since it would probably just annoy him...he seemed to be happy just by talking with Lucy and playing his violin..she was of no importance in his definition of relaxing or heart, she was just his obeying shadow that followed everywhere, and a thing that god had left behind..

As his second song ended, Luna once again clapped, yet this time she stopped sooner as she noticed him touching his hollow hole again. "Anyone who assumes anything on appearance does not deserve to see..". She walked a little out of the shadows that had consumed her and looked towards Lucy. "Just look at Lucy-sama...she`s so pretty...but she`s more than a beautiful face, she has what most of us have to laugh, how to blush, how to smile..i have not forgotten these emotions myself..but that`s because i found happiness when Ulquiorra-sama took me in when no one else wanted me, picked up my shattered heart and reformed it just by being himself...". She smiled a little again, this time tilting her head a little to the left in a childish manner.

Luna walked across the stone floor again, her own uniform dancing by each step. Even through it was not as flowing as Ulquiorra`s talons, her uniform still had its own grace to it. She stopped between the two and made a bow towards Ulquiorra. "It was beautiful, Master...truly beautiful", she stood up straight and looked over her shoulder. "Don`t you think Lucy...-san?". Luna lowered her head a little, her eyes still being visible. She remained like that for a few moments, before looking towards Ulquiorra again, her smile having returned. "Truly beau-ti-ful!". She formed the word with her tongue, which once again gave her a somewhat childish, yet also innocent and warm aura around her. She spun around on the spot a single time, which resulted in her falling onto the floor. She rubbed her head a little as she slowly sat up, removing some of the long hair from her face. She then let out a brief but light..giggle?

"Gomen...i`m clumsy aren`t i? I would say sorry. but saying sorry won`t change the fact that i`m a klutz.". She sat up on her knees in order to get up, but stopped at the halfway point to dust herself off.

Last edited by Luna Flores on Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:50 am; edited 6 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Luna Flores   Luna Flores EmptyThu Mar 24, 2011 5:27 am

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PostSubject: Re: Luna Flores   Luna Flores EmptyThu Mar 24, 2011 1:02 pm

~ Oscura Serpiente: Your snakes measurements are kind of very large for both sealed and released bring them down some

~ Pesadilla Cero: 5 times faster is a bit much even for a released attack. You can keep the power up for sealed just remove the speed boost and add that boost to the released attacked.

~ Ardiente Desesperación: The lions can only fire normal cero from their mouth. In order to fire Gran Rey Cero the Espadas blood must be mixed with the regular cero. The released version of this you can have 2 elephant sized chimera. if you wish to keep the four then you have to make them smaller as well as change the cero they fire.

~ Garras de león: Cooldown for released should be changed to 4.

~ Grito de los mejores: 25 is a bit much since it's firing your special cero, lower the number to around 15.

Overall: When summoning the different chimeras Luna herself becomes weaker because each chimera will take a portion of her power. It wouldn't be fair to allow you to summon big creatures to fight with you and you still have full power. Add this effect and change the things above and you should be good to go.

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PostSubject: Re: Luna Flores   Luna Flores EmptyThu Mar 24, 2011 4:50 pm

i made the changes needed, if the snake needs to be made smaller or the edit at the chimera`s is to powerful, just say so.

"When summoning the different chimeras Luna herself becomes weaker because each chimera will take a portion of her power. By absorbing them back into her, she will regain half the reaitsu that they consumed."

I added this so she had a way of at least regaining some reaitsu back. Of cause, after she absorbs them, she has to wait the cooldown in order to use them again.
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PostSubject: Re: Luna Flores   Luna Flores EmptyThu Mar 24, 2011 10:30 pm

One last thing:

~ Grito de los mejores: Change the cooldown to 3 post
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PostSubject: Re: Luna Flores   Luna Flores EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 2:06 pm


will i get the third espada rank or? -sighs-
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PostSubject: Re: Luna Flores   Luna Flores EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 2:26 pm

if you reserved the rank iand it was approved by an admin then you get the rank in lpmy eyes. so this is approved but since im on my phone I can't stamp or move it until i get home.
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PostSubject: Re: Luna Flores   Luna Flores EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 3:02 pm

Nishi, Sarah has not yet brought the topic to a vote. ALL staff members must vote, not just you; please do not trample over them and their rights to make decisions.
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PostSubject: Re: Luna Flores   Luna Flores EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 3:51 pm


Her request for that spot was POSTED AND APPROVED before you app even went up this should not even be a discussion at all.

heres your app

look at the dates -.-
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PostSubject: Re: Luna Flores   Luna Flores EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 4:32 pm

Your comments are irrelevant, Nel. Bya said it would be taken to a vote, and so it shall; your complaints will not sway the order.
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PostSubject: Re: Luna Flores   Luna Flores EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 5:04 pm

I STILL think this should be decided by cannon law. AKA: The two combatants fighting too the death( or if if the winner is generous enough to allow the loser to take a lower rank)
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PostSubject: Re: Luna Flores   Luna Flores EmptyFri Mar 25, 2011 5:12 pm

a voting has been set about this...please stop posting in my application about this matter.
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Luna Flores
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