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A year after Aizen's captured by the shinigami, he escapes! In the human world, people are getting killed by the hundreds. Everyone's in a panic. It IS Aizen doing the killing though, right?
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PostSubject: Atsui Yuki [WIP]   Atsui Yuki [WIP] EmptyFri Mar 18, 2011 10:35 pm

~Basic Information~
Name: Atsui Yuki (Hot Snow) (Last Name First Name)
Alias/Nickname: Yakeato (Burn)
Real Age: 162
Appeared Age: 16
Gender: Female

Description: Yuki has long hair extending down to rest on her shoulder blades in natural, loose curls; it’s a jet black colour that, when the right light hits it, appears almost blue. She normally wears it out of any restraints to allow it to fall loosely around her face, framing it and the colour provides a contrast to her pale skin colour. Due to the fact that she barely above the line that separates average weight from underweight, Yuki’s face is devoid of any fat, creating sharp lines around her jaw and cheekbones, which are emphasised and made more pronounced by the contrast of her skin and hair colours.
Her eyes are deeper set and larger than normal, giving a slightly hollow look and that, combined with the sharp, fatless lines of her face, make her seem gaunt. Also, Yuki’s eyes are a clear sky blue colour with a very crystallised iris, and pupils that seem to be dilated the majority of the time. The largeness of her eyes serves to disconcert a lot of people as most people consider them too blue and intense. If Yuki were to put on a few more kilograms she would be considered quite beautiful, but because of her emaciation most view her as too thin to be very attractive, though most can still appreciate her features and the potential of her beauty.
She has no fat on her body, which isn’t strictly healthy, but the only fat that she did have was converted to muscle mass, rendering her skin tight with muscle. However, because of her thin weight most see her as vulnerable and weak, and so tend to overlook and underestimate her; this is also coupled with her short stature that makes her appear to be a weak, little girl.
Yuki wears the standard shinigami uniform, with the sleeves extending to her wrists, though it is slightly ill-fitting – which she prefers – and so makes her appear thinner than she really is. Around her neck she always wears a twisted gold and white gold fine chain necklace, with miniscule links, and with a deep blue gem hanging down. She also has a gold ring on the middle finger of her right hand, with a small blue stone set into the gold; the stone has two colours swirled in it – the same colours of her eyes and the necklace she always wears. Whenever she wears her hair up, on those rare occasions, she secures it in place with a pale yellow ribbon that is slightly frayed around the edges.
Across her back Yuki has a large tattoo, stretching from the small of her back and moving diagonally over to her left shoulder, curling around her upper forearm and twisting so that it covers only the back of her upper arm, and ending above her elbow. The tattoo is made up of intricate swirls that, while not always connected, appear to just flow across her skin like an inked river of black, which is a stark contrast to her pale skin colour, making the tattoo seem more pronounced and obvious if seen – though it rarely is because she always wears longer sleeved clothing. The purpose of the tattoo, rather than for aesthetic qualities, follows the lines of deep scars left on her skin due to incidences she would much rather forget, with more lines added to make it look nicer and to conceal the true purpose of covering up her past. Under the tattoo, the scars left by previous injuries has made the skin a little rough around the edges of the scars, and the skin is slightly raised making the skin of her back and upper left arm not smooth to the touch.

~Personal Information~
Strengths/Weaknesses: Yuki is very obsessive compulsive and tends to repeat actions twice; most of the time this is completely unconscious and she is unaware that she is doing it. She is also a perfectionist, with everything having to be perfect right down to the last detail.
Personality: Yuki is very shy and timid, not liking to interact with others, and when she does she always feels awkward and unsure of what to say; her mind always knows the right things to say, but her mouth can never seem to get it right. She is extremely nice and polite, and always gives compliments when she can to those around her, even if she does trip over her words sometimes. However, she is also quite negative with herself, always putting herself down and never believing in the worth of her own abilities and person.
She has absolutely no confidence in herself and very poor self-esteem, and so, as a result, she always walks with her head angled down toward the ground so that she wouldn’t have to make eye contact with anyone. Also, because of her poor self-esteem she has managed to convince herself that she is ugly and fat, and so has allowed herself to get thinner than is healthy, and only ever eats healthy things – if she eats anything that has even a single thing which could make her fatter she will abuse herself with insults.
However, despite this, Yuki also has a short temper which is very fiery when it occurs, though it never lasts very long, and after it leaves she usually feels very embarrassed and mortified at her own actions and words – when she’s angry she does and says things that she wouldn’t normally, almost as though she were two people.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Single

~Zanpakuto Information~
Zanpakuto Name:
Zanpakuto Looks:
Zanpakuto Release Phrase:
Name of ability/technique:
Zanpakuto Spirit:
Inner World:
Other Techniques:
Other information: additional weapons, etc

Bankai Information
This applies to captains only.

Do you want your character to have bankai: (Yes or no)

Bankai Description: (What happens when you use your bankai, and what abilities go with it)

Bankai Looks: (What your Zanpakuto looks like in Bankai state.)

~History and RP Sample~
Human life:
Yuki was almost a still birth baby, but due to the amazing efforts of the doctors and nurses she was born safely, if not a little unhealthy. However, despite her slightly less than perfect health her mother, a beautiful woman both inside and outside, loved her with all her heart, viewing her baby girl as a ‘gift from the heavens’. Atsui Ana, Yuki’s mother, took her daughter home from the hospital after three weeks of intensive care, due to the fact that she needed the medical treatment to strengthen her weak body. Unfortunately, after two months Yuki came down with the flu, which proved to be fatal as her weak body was unable to defend itself against any infections that entered her; she died a few days later despite the treatment that she received.
Life as a soul:
Yuki ran down the street, her feet pounding against the uneven dirt of the road, the light quickly fading behind her back indicating the start of night. Her breath came in uneven bursts of expelled air
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Atsui Yuki [WIP]
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